Mar 6th, 2017
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  1. This is a busy time of year, which includes speedrun activity. It's been fun being more active again, but has yet to culminate into getting the times I'd like to achieve. It's not a problem, just a long effort.
  3. Two marathon runs coming up. I don't plan on doing many online marathons into the future, but these two are important to me:
  4. Star Ocean (Tri-Ace Marathon ) March 19th 3:10PM EST
  5. Dragon Quest IX (Dragon Quest Marathon ) April 1st 1:45PM EST
  7. Otherwise, I'm working on Galaxy 2 IL's for awhile. Over 50% of the way on my goal times for each stage. Then I'll go back to RTA.
  9. The Collaborative Routing Challenge is in its final selection stage, and based on community input, cha0s and I will pick a game in 2 weeks among one of "Magical Starsign", "7th Dragon 2020 - II", or "Luminous Arc". Race is in June, details
  11. I've been officially added to RPG Limit Break's staff as a coordinator for partnerships & stream presentation. I'm going to work on helping speedrun community members, viewers & other parties gain a concise, better understanding of the influence of the charity effort, and why it's important. Specifically, mental illness affects all walks of life, and helping communities understand NAMI & the systems set in accommodate needs is similarly important. I'll be managing a small team of interviewers as well, which will be a minor part of the RPGLB event's downtime. (As a side note, I've formally left the GDQ interview squad to pursue this & due to my questionable availability and commitment during those events. I may do a few very minor things here & there for them.) Any suggestions & ideas are welcome, and I feel like joining RPGLB is the correct choice of annual commitment to a growing speedrun event for me.
  13. I have 2 to 3 submissions for SGDQ, which I'll submit later this week.
  15. Finally, there's a race event I'm announcing later, so stay tuned.
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