IEA - The Fourth Wall

Jul 22nd, 2015
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  1. >If you wanted to get home, you were going to have to sneak into the other half of this cartoon, and she was probably going to be your best bet.
  2. >You had been watching all 6 of them, and looking out for Twilight Sparkle but she hadn’t appeared yet.
  3. >In about one hour school would be let out, and then they would go practice in the band room for about an hour after that since it was Friday.
  4. >But before then it was time for Vice Principal Luna to check the bathroom for skippers.
  5. >You pretended to clean outside her office, changing some garbage can liners.
  6. >Right on time she walked out of her classroom and closed the door behind her.
  7. >“What a waste.” you said looking away from her into the trash can.
  8. >“How are you today Mr. Anonymous. What have you found in there?”
  9. >“It’s a real shame. Seems somebody just threw away this beautiful assortment of lilies and tulips.”
  10. >You turned to her with the bouquet in your hand made up of white lilies and purple tulips.
  11. >You could see the rare glimpse of joy for a moment before she returned to her normal serious self.
  12. >“Mr. Anonymous who do you think would throw away such a thing?”
  13. >You could hear the slight sarcasm in her voice.
  14. >“I really don’t know. This must have cost a kid his whole allowance. Maybe we shouldn’t let these flowers go to waste?”
  15. >You moved them towards her and she grabbed them slowly from your hand. Her finger grazed yours slightly.
  16. >“I think I have a vase that Rarity graciously gave me earlier today. Seems like perfect timing to me.”
  17. >“I wouldn’t know anything about that. Guessing it’s a beautiful vase if Rarity picked it out.”
  18. >“It is. Thank you for bringing these flowers to my attention.”
  19. >She turns and walks away from you, unlocking her office and returning inside.
  20. >“Mr. Anonymous. Can I see you over here.”
  22. >That was def Celestia.
  23. >You turn with a face of complete seriousness and walk towards the principal who is standing by the entrance to one of the other hallways.
  24. >“Anything I can do for your Principal Celestia?”
  25. >“My sister and I are having drinks with Superintendent Discord later tonight. I was wondering if you might want to come with us. You’ve def impressed myself and the rest of the staff. He wants to meet you.”
  26. >“Sure no problem. Just tell me when and where. And thanks for praise. This job has been great so far.”
  27. >You wrote the address in your phone and went back to your job.
  28. >This was def something that you were going to make happen.
  29. >You screwed around for the rest of the day and finished up your work.
  30. >Everything was going smooth and you loved it. You started to wonder what Luna would be wearing.
  31. >“Probably the same outfit she wears everyday” you muttered to yourself smiling.
  32. >The school day ended and you watched from a distance as the girls gathered and went into the band room.
  33. >For the next hour or so you could them playing their songs through the school as you watched random videos on your phone.
  34. >No matter what parallel universe you were in you could probably always find Fail videos on the web.
  35. >Once you heard the band room doors opening and closing you put your phone back in your pocket and left your janitor office and locked up.
  37. >“Rarity!”
  38. >She, along with the Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack, and Sunset Shimmer looked your way.
  39. >“I think it worked.” you said with a big smile on your face.
  40. >“Oh off course it was going to work, Darling!”
  41. >“What worked?” asked Sunset.
  42. >“Mr. Anonymous here, with my help off course, bought the most beautiful bouquet for Vice Principal Luna.”
  43. >You got mixed expressions from the girls. Rainbow Dash started to laugh.
  44. >“Vice Principal Luna!?” she laughed again.
  45. >“Yeah Rainbow Dash. Vice Principal Luna. Jealous?”
  46. >“What? No way. Flowers are stupid”
  47. >“No your stupid Rainbow Dash.” you said back at her. She was your least favorite one.
  48. >Of all the people, Winona probably deserved element of Loyalty more then this annoying kid.
  49. >Your comment put a smirk on Sunset and Rarity’s faces, but Applejack laughed out loud.
  50. >“Sugar leave Anon alone. Everybody is allowed to like whoever they like. Your just acting jealous.”
  51. >“Please.” she responded, crossing her arms.
  52. >“Yeah your greener then Applejacks thumb Rainbow Dash.”
  53. >Applejack giggled.
  54. >“Where are Pinkie and Fluttershy?” you asked.
  55. >“Fluttershy is helping Pinkie put her drums away I think.” replied Sunset looking back towards the band room.
  56. >“I’ll go see if they need any help. Thanks again Rarity. If you need help with anything let me know.”
  57. >“I got an invitation from Celestia to join her Luna, and the superintendent for drinks later.”
  58. >Rarity’s eyes lit up and her smile got cartoonish in size.
  59. >“Wonderful Darling! You have to let me know how it all goes on Monday!”
  60. >“I def will. Thanks again.”
  61. >You turned to leave them and went to help Pinkie and Fluttershy in the gym.
  62. >Sunset Shimmer had been staying at Pinkies house the last you heard so you knew she wouldn’t be leaving.
  64. >You passed through the band doors to see Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie finishing up with the drums.
  65. >“Fluttershy all your pets are fed and ready to go in my office. Anytime your ready to pick them up.”
  66. >She smiled and came up to give you a small Fluttershy hug.
  67. >“Thank you so much Mr. Anonymous for taking care of them for me.”
  68. >“As long as Pinkie Pie keeps on baking desserts they have a safe place in my office while your in class.”
  69. >“And here are your cupcakes!” said Pinkie Pie almost yelling at you.
  70. >You grabbed one and ate in quickly. She was def your favorite. Back in your world you loved Starbursts.
  71. >You had described the candy to her one day and she instantly knew what you were talking about.
  72. >The next day you came to school there was a part size bag of the Equestrian version on your desk.
  73. >When you looked inside you noticed that the wrappers had been peeled off of everyone of them with a note by the bag.
  74. >Me and my sister Maud peeled off all the wrappers for you because we knew how much you wanted to eat these again since you hadn’t had them in such a long time and I knew and she agreed that you probably didn’t want to take off the wrappers from each one of them if you didn’t have too so we started to do it at like 8pm but then we had to get dinner….
  75. >You remember it being like 3 more pages like that and you smiled wide at the memory.
  76. >You also remember buying Maud this big geode you found at a gem store and seeing the single tear drop down her eye at the sight of it.
  77. >“Pinkie can you give me a second a couple minutes with Sunset Shimmer. Its about the thing.”
  78. >She looked at you strangely and then her eyes went wide.
  79. >“Sunset Shimmer! Sunset Shimmer.”
  80. >Sunset Shimmer walked into the band room with a look of confusion.
  81. >“What is it?”
  82. >“Nothing!” she said almost bouncing out of the room dragging Fluttershy behind her.
  84. >Sunset watched them leave, shaking her head in slight annoyance.
  85. >“Sunset I need to talk to you about something before you guys all leave for the day.”
  86. >She turned back to face you. You had a serious look on your face.
  87. >“Ok. What is the matter.”
  88. >You grabbed one of the several chairs in the room and pushed it towards her, facing it so that it would face you.
  89. >You sat down followed by her.
  90. >“I’m just going to come out and say this because of all the girls here I think you’re the only one other the Twilight Sparkle that will have any idea what I’m talking about.”
  91. >“Twilight? How do you know about her?”
  92. >“I know everything about her. I know everything about the girls and the “other girls”. I know everything about the portal and most importantly I know everything about what has happened to you and everything about your past.”
  93. >She looked at you wide eyed, and slightly embarrassed at the mention of her past.
  94. >“I know about the magic that is in this world, even if its only in this vicinity and basically only inside of you six. I also know that where you come from is literally a world built on magic.”
  95. >She started to get defensive and her eyes went from shock to almost anger.
  96. >“If you’re here from Equestria to try and steal the magic from this world…”
  97. >“I’m not from Equestria. I know of it and honestly more about it then you do since you haven’t been there in so long. I’m from somewhere else. Somewhere where Equestria and CHS exists but is completely fiction.”
  98. >She started to mellow out and stayed seated.
  99. >“What do you mean fiction?”
  100. >“I mean fiction. Like something that was created by my kind.”
  101. >“So your saying your some kind of god?” she said almost scoffing.
  104. >“I don’t know. I’ve read some books from my “universe” where people have the idea that if you can think of something, and there is enough belief in it, that it its literally real somewhere in a different parallel universe.”
  105. >“I mean maybe I can believe that. I am in a different reality. I know Celestia has been to a different mirror world herself. But they are all mirrors of a world that is resembling Equestria. Is there a CHS in your reality?”
  106. >“I know a lot of people that would like there to be, but sadly no.”
  107. >“Well why are you even telling me this? What do you want from me?”
  108. >“I need you to take me back to your reality. This world resembles mine in a lot of ways but I’m pretty sure I’m going to need some kind of magic to get back to my world.”
  109. >Sunset looked away from you.
  110. >“I can write Twilight to come and get you…”
  111. >“Why don’t you want to go back?”
  112. >She just shook her head defeated.
  113. >“I cant go back and face Princess Celestia after what I did. That isn’t my world anymore.”
  114. >“Why did Celestia stop going to her version of the mirror world?”
  115. >Sunset got quiet. You weren’t pulling any punches here. You knew 100% she couldn’t go there and you knew Sunset def knew by now.
  116. >“I all ready located both the other Twilight Sparkle and the other Sunset Shimmer from this world.”
  117. >A few tears rolled down her eyes, especially after you mentioned the other Sunset Shimmer.
  118. >“This isn’t your world. This isn’t Twilight’s world. You know sooner or later your going to have to go somewhere else. Unless…”
  119. >She looked at you as you racked an imaginary shotgun.
  120. >She started to smile and laughed a little.
  121. >“You know I almost did that myself once I came to this world…”
  122. >You looked at her eyes wide, a huge mischievous grin on your face.
  123. >“No you didn’t.” you laughed. You know you weren’t the only person that loved the She-Demon.
  125. >“You know if I was here a year ago I’d probably would have followed you into the other side and stole the Element with you. Those two losers Snips and Snails are morons.”
  126. >“Who is the bigger moron. Them or the person who hires them on?”
  127. >You laughed hard after she said that. Tears coming out of your eyes hard.
  128. >“I mean seriously they weren’t that bad. They did everything right mostly.”
  129. >She shrugged and became a little more serious.
  130. >“If you want to go you have to wait till Sunday night.”
  131. >“I want us to go. I really think your going to need someone there that isn’t Twilight. She is cool but she aint Sunset Shimmer cool.”
  132. >-Several minutes later-
  133. >You both leave out of the band room and go your separate ways. You have to get ready to go out with Luna and her sister.
  134. >You gave your phone number to Sunset and told her that you would meet her tomorrow night in front of the school.
  135. >Only two more days till you went to the other side. You all ready had paid off your apartment for a full year incase something went wrong.
  136. >You didn’t want to think about something going wrong but you always liked having a couple back up plans.
  137. >You then started to think about how you wanted to play it with Luna tonight and if you even wanted to go in that direction.
  138. >The way things were going now you’d probably have to quit this job as is.
  139. >But forget it. Its almost 430 and you got to get ready for tonight. You have 3 hours before you have to head out to the restaurant.
  140. >You hit up a clothing store, buy some snazzy new clothes, and some cologne.
  141. >You don’t normally wear the stuff but Luna and Celestia def wear some ridiculously nice perfume.
  142. >You head back to your place in your car and take a shower and get ready.
  144. >-9pm-
  145. >Once you get to the place they told you to meet them at you smile wide and let out a laugh.
  146. >You lock your car and walk towards what in your world would have probably been a dive bar.
  147. >You open the door and hear nothing but loud rock music and loud talking.
  148. >It’s a decent size place, but dark with reddish lightning.
  149. >[YouTube] Saxon - Princess of the Night
  150. >“I am the Princess of the Night!”
  151. >You turn to your left and catch Luna dancing away from the jukebox.
  152. >Celestia, and a tall, stringy guy in a untucked dress shirt with his tie hanging loose around his neck are by a pool table, about to set up.
  153. >You catch his eyes and he was def Discord.
  154. >Celestia is sipping on her drink while Luna, with a big half empty glass of beer, is lightly dancing to the song back to the pool table.
  155. >“Ahh Anon. You look so nice.”
  156. >“He does seem to be a little too dressed up for a place like this, my dear Principal.” says Discord.
  157. >He obviously squeezes her ass and she doesn’t even react. That was hot.
  158. >A waitress walks by you and you catch her attention so you can order.
  159. “They need another round of drinks.” you say pointing to the three.
  161. “Also I’m going to need the biggest beer you got and a roll of quarters for that juke box.” you say finishing your order.
  162. >Luna cheers and Celestia gives you an amused smile.
  163. >“Does our dear janitor play pool as good as he orders?”
  164. >You laugh and untuck your dress shirt and roll up your sleeves.
  165. “Don’t worry about me Superintendent. I always clean up at pool.”
  166. >He lets out a short, loud laugh. “Genius.”
  167. >“Have you eaten any good books recently superintendent?”
  168. >Celestia laughs at that one and he smiles.
  169. >“Lets just get this game going.” he says racking up the balls.
  170. >It had been a long time since you had played pool but he was obviously at least 3 or 4 drinks in.
  171. >Celestia grabbed her pool cue with some authority so she was probably a shark.
  172. >Luna was still drinking and dancing to her song. You looked her way and she dodged your gaze slightly.
  173. >Discord broke, and the game went on. You were right. Celestia was def a shark.
  174. >All the drinks arrive and you order another round of drinks for you three, and a coffee for Luna.
  175. “How long have you guys been here?”
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