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  1. In a split second, Amon already saw the gray fog and the ancient and magnificent palace above.
  3. As long as he reaches out his hand and passes through the final obstacle, he can truly touch the "source fort" and directly enter there, essentially stealing it.
  5. But at this moment, a huge black palm suddenly appeared above the shadow of Amun, blocking his way into the "source castle".
  7. Amon virtual shadow subconsciously turned his head, looked down the palm of his hand in the past, saw the already dead, rotting and festering cyclops.
  9. Known as the "God of Honor," Braddell's exaggerated vertical eyes are still not the slightest angry, and the fog of gray and yellow curses is constantly emanating from his body.
  11. However, unlike just now, there are many black thin tubes that are almost unreal behind him, which extend to infinity and do not know where they are connected.
  13. Bang!
  15. The dozens of meters high black giant instantly condensed a big sword composed of orange dusk light, one hand holding, suddenly split to the stand on the edge of the deep and quiet ravines amon ontology.
  17. After wandering unconsciously for thousands of years, this cursed giant Wang Youzi suddenly burst into unimaginable power.
  18. The "Dusk Sword" penetrated the void and jumped out directly from the position where the "Time Angel" Amon stood, tearing everything around and turning into a storm that could destroy this wasteland.
  20. Amon did not move, but remained standing there, and no matter how stormy the orange "Blade" storm was, it did not harm him.
  21. He seems to have taken advantage of some kind of "mistake" in the world.
  23. However, Amon, who has reached this state, can no longer transfer his own gibberish into Klein's mind, which finally gives Klein a little peace.
  25. Klein didn't care about the state that he was going out of control. He found some lucidity in the clear and real prayers around him. Then he immediately turned his mind and resonated with the crimson "figure" in the "fool" position above the fog, re-establishing contact.
  27. He did not hesitate to return to "Yuanbao"!
  29. But this time, Amon tried to sneak into the shadow above the fog and was blocked by the blue and black palm of Braddell, the "God of Honor", unable to break through the huge obstacle in a flash.
  31. The king of angels wearing a crystal monocle, busy and ontology opened his mouth at the same time, spit out a word:
  32. "Night." Yes, this is the help from the "goddess of night", but it is by no means without reason!
  34. Although Klein is not sure about this, he has always regarded it as one of his cards. He just thinks that it may not work and the probability is very low. He can only look forward to it as a ray of light when he is in despair.
  36. After truly entering the abandoned land and gaining independent thinking space, he tried hard to find the "resources" available, and then he remembered one thing.
  38. The former chief of Baiyin City!
  40. The "demon hunter" tried to turn to "ferry man" in sequence 3 of the "death" route, but the result was different and turned into a monster in the mausoleum built by himself.
  42. This variation is related to imaginary black tubules, and Klein has seen the same thing in the Order of Spirits' artificial death.
  43. In other words, the change of former chief of Baiyin City is probably related to artificial death.
  45. This indirectly illustrates a problem, that is, I do not know for what reason, can exert influence on the abandoned land of god, in addition to the "real creator", there are also the man-made god of death that has come to life initially.
  47. And now the artificial death, to some extent, can be equal to the "goddess of the night"!
  49. Based on this reasoning, Klein suspects that the goddess can exert a lower-level influence on some things in the land abandoned by god through the "uniqueness" approach of "death".
  51. In addition, there are only three people directly involved in the former chief of Baiyin City. One is the current chief Colin Iliad, the other is Waite Hilmon, the demigod elder, and the other is Lowiya, the "shepherd" elder. They are either the Holy One of Sequence 4 or the important believer of the "true Creator" and cannot be "parasitized" by Amon without notice.
  53. As for the only Dairic Berg who received feedback afterwards, he was not the target of Amon's "parasitism" because he was under the gaze of "fools".
  55. In other words, Amon did not know that the former chief variation of Baiyin City involved the key point of black illusory tubules.
  56. Therefore, even if he can guess the "goddess of the night" has obtained the "uniqueness" of the "god of death" path through grasping the external situation, making the "god of war" react violently, he has no way of knowing that this can bring certain variables to the land abandoned by god.
  58. After having such cognition, Klein did something consciously in this respect without much confidence:
  59. In the city-state that believed in the undead bird, he did not take away the special features of the residual "death" path, hoping to leave a signpost.
  61. After calling for the historical aperture images of Zarathustra, he did not take the time to commit suicide. On the one hand, he was afraid that Amon still had the ability to stop it at that time, but delayed the rest of the arrangements. On the other hand, he wanted to inform the "Goddess of the Night" of the specific situation by calling for the projection of "Secret Servant" arianna.
  62. After doing these two things, Klein also did not know what the final result would be, but focused more on the fact that Amon's doppelganger had already been replaced by ontology.
  64. After arriving at the final destination and seeing the wandering angel's body, Klein just moved in his heart and was diverted by Amon's introduction. It was not until this time that he realized that the goddess had already grasped the cursed giant Wang Youzi who had died for thousands of years through the "uniqueness" of the "death" approach and waited patiently for the opportunity.
  66. The hidden power full of God's abandoned land helped him hide the illusory black tubules.
  68. In Huo Ran, the top of the mottled long table in the ancient palace above the fog belongs to the position of "fool", and the crimson "figure" which is twisted and scattered from time to time finally takes shape, revealing Klein's appearance with black hair and brown pupil and book spirit.
  70. Klein's consciousness and spirit returned to the "source castle" just as one thought!
  72. He immediately took advantage of Yuan Bao's close contact with his body and the resonance amplification brought about by the prayers of members of the Tarot Society. He directly saw his eyes losing focus and losing control, and saw Amon's shadow that had just been blocked by "mistakes" and bypassed the black and blue palm.
  74. Amon's head, which was wearing a crystal monocle, was lifted, making eye contact with Klein, who was sitting in the "fool" position.
  75. Crane beckoned to take the "Neptune scepter" and lifted it up.
  77. The whole piece of fog boiled with it and the whole "Yuanbao" was shaken.
  79. Mighty terrorist forces gathered up and turned into a raging torrent of lightning, pouring down frantically in the bright blue gem at the same time, flooding Amon's two places at once and Klein's own body.
  81. The rumble of low thunder shook, and the horror of silvery white lightning tore apart everything it covered.
  82. Amon's shadow disintegrated and Klein's body was destroyed.
  84. He finally succeeded in killing himself.
  86. After finishing the blow, crane, perched on top of the fog, immediately disconnected the "source castle" from the real world, lest amon itself create a new accident.
  88. Then he began to wait for "miracle" and "resurrection".
  90. At the bottom is a deep and quiet ravine with thick gray buildings. Amon's body is under a monocle carved out of crystal, stealing the curse of maintaining the "existence" of ancient god's youngest son Braddell.
  92. The black-and-blue giant quickly rotted away and quickly turned into bones. The illusory black tubules did not stick to them and retracted directly into the darkness.
  94. Amon, wearing a peaked bonnet and a classic black robe, stood there, raised his head and looked at the air silently for several seconds, as if looking out at the "source castle" through the fog of history.
  96. Finally, he pinched pinch crystal carved monocle, in the corners of the mouth a little outline in a low voice said to himself:
  97. "Interesting."
  99. …………
  101. In the ancient palace, the mottled long table is the top. Klein sits in the position belonging to the "fool" and carefully looks at the gray fog below.
  103. He found that the extraordinary features contained in his destroyed body had unconsciously entered the pores of history, and combined with the projections of "spirit worms" from the past, giving them substance.
  105. As long as Klein's consciousness on the "source castle" is willing, these "spirit worms" can immediately drill out of the fog of history and reorganize his body in the real world.
  107. The "miracle" of "coming back from the dead" is essentially a deep utilization of the power of the past.
  109. Is "miracle" realized by means of past and future?  Klein frowned slightly and tried to analyze how the "miracle" of the "miracle master" came about.  After thinking for a few seconds, he quickly pulled back his attention and tried to resurrect himself on the "source castle". then he found a problem.
  111. That is the resurrection of the body can only be in the real world, and must be within a certain range of remains. As for the spiritual body, it can be directly reborn on the fog, but Klein's spiritual body has not been destroyed and is sitting on the high chair of "fools".
  113. "It is effective to get help from the past. The number of resurrection times I consume now is after I have been advanced to become a" miracle worker ".At present, it seems that there is only one time. Hiss ... Amon should be guarding my" corpse "now and have to find a way to get rid of this dilemma. His view of time is different from others. He is a very patient" prank god ".Well, this state can only last for three days now. After that, he cannot borrow strength from the past to be resurrected … He really can't do it. He should not be a body, but a dead spirit!"  Klein's mind is still a little upset, but he has been in the most relaxed state in recent days.
  115. He finally got rid of the desperate situation.
  117. In turn, he looked at the high-backed chairs with flashing symbols behind them and the crimson stars in the expansion and contraction. Klein breathed a sigh of relief and leaned back against the back of the chair relaxed, unconsciously revealing a little smile: "This is my anchor."
  119. PS: The plot has finally come to an end. The origin of the whole story is actually when I read the myth of Kesulu and saw the relevant stars returning to their original positions, I suddenly thought, I always said that I was going to wake up soon. What if I had already woken up?  .  It doesn't matter if you don't know Kesulu, just replace these three words with evil gods. Anyway, the corresponding gods are all my own settings.
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