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  1. >you are anon
  2. >a student in Crystal Prep High School
  3. >but despite being in a fancy school you only got in with your grades
  4. >other than that you're just a regular commoner among a sea of rich kids
  5. >you went out during the night to do some grocery shopping for your parents
  6. >quart of milk, loaf of bread, stick of butter
  7. >walking on the way home you notice someone
  8. >it's a girl
  9. >she's wearing the Crystal Prep uniform
  10. >hold on
  11. >that silver hair
  12. >those pigtails
  13. >it's that girl from that one group
  14. >you remember she was named Sugarcoat
  15. >why is she out here this late?
  16. >something is up
  17. >you decide to follow her still holding your bag of groceries
  18. >quietly
  20. >you follow her to a shady area outside of the city
  21. >every inch of you is telling you this is bad idea
  22. >but your curiosity overruled and you continued to follow as quietly as possible
  23. >you followed her to a hotel
  24. >you hid behind a dumpster across the hotel
  25. >Sugarcoat is waiting at the entrance and then two men approached her
  26. >they look older but not that old
  27. >early 20s you assume
  28. >what is going on here?
  29. >you moved in closer trying not to get the attention of Sugarcoat or the two men
  30. >you grabbed your phone and turned on the video camera
  31. >you hid in the bushes and started to hear things
  32. >you kept your phone out recording the meeting
  33. >"Enough with the small talk already." said Sugarcoat, "I don't have all night."
  34. >"Aww don't be like that Sugar." said one of the men, "I just wanted to see you again."
  35. >"I love it when you stare at us like that." said the other guy
  36. >"I don't. And besides I'm not in the mood for sex."
  37. >Sex?!
  38. >"Aww c'mon! I'll pay you double this time!"
  39. >Pay?!
  40. >no way
  41. >is she-
  42. >"I said no. Why don't you go to your /loving/ girlfriend?"
  43. >"That's the thing, she broke up with me after finding out I cheated on her."
  44. >"Can't say you deserved that."
  45. >ouch.
  46. >"C'mon Sugar I really need to let the stress out."
  47. >"And what's he here for?"
  48. >Sugarcoat points to the other guy
  49. >"I told him you were the best and we can have some fun with you."
  50. >Sugarcoat looks at the other guy then back at the first one
  51. >"No."
  52. >"What?! Why not?!"
  53. >"Like I said, I'm not in the mood. I have things to do."
  54. >"Seriously?! I lost my girlfriend because of you!"
  55. >"No one to blame but yourself."
  57. >"Why you little-!!"
  59. >the man raised his arm
  60. >he's gonna hit her!
  61. >you gotta do something
  62. >and by some random Force, your arm grabbed the quart of milk from the bag and threw it at the guy
  63. >aaaaaaaand smacked him on the head
  64. >then tumbled to the ground
  65. >nice shot.
  66. >Sugarcoat started to run
  67. >the other guy was checking on his fallen friend
  68. >you decide to take this moment and get away as well
  69. >after leaving the hotel you ran back to the city as fast as you could
  70. >you stopped running and gasped for air
  71. >after catching your breath you looked around to see where you are
  72. >you somehow made it back to the store
  73. >...the store
  74. >oh crap the milk
  75. >your parents aren't gonna be happy
  76. >well you can still buy it since you're here
  77. >you spent some time at the store and got another quart of milk
  78. >you stepped out of the store only to find Sugarcoat standing in the parking lot, texting
  79. >she looks up and sees you
  80. >she stares at you and suddenly a cold chill went up your spine
  81. >she walked towards you still looking at you
  82. >almost as she was deadlocked
  83. >she comes up to you and grabs your hand
  84. >"Come with me." she said in an upset tone as she started to pull you with her
  85. "Wait wha-?!"
  86. >Sugarcoat dragged you to the nearby park and threw you into a bench
  87. >you sat on the bench with a sore arm and butt looking at a girl from school looking down at you with her arms crossed as if she's the authority
  88. >the moon shines bright behind her
  89. >"You know if you're going to follow me, you could at least try and hide."
  90. "What?"
  91. >"You were following me to the hotel."
  92. >oh shit.
  93. "No I wasn't."
  94. >she looks at you as you give a weak smile
  95. >she sighs
  96. >"You're really bad at this."
  97. "Bad at what?"
  98. >"Lying. You tried not to make noise but forgot to actually hide. I saw your shoe or your grocery bag every time I looked back."
  99. >oh..
  100. "I-I didn't know.."
  101. >"Of course you didn't. If you plan on joining an agency, you'll probably get fired on the first day. Consider yourself lucky those idiots didn't see you."
  102. >oh man..
  104. >that would've been trouble
  105. >"But still. Thank you."
  106. "For what?"
  107. >"You saved me from those idiots."
  108. "What makes yo-?"
  109. >she points to the plastic bag with the milk you bought
  110. >"That's clearly the same brand of milk that hit the idiot's head."
  111. >you stay silent
  112. >"And because you've been following me, it had to have been you. No other person outside of the city goes grocery shopping this late."
  113. >oh.
  114. >...
  115. >hold on
  116. "Sugarcoat.. is it true?"
  117. >"What is true?"
  118. "That guy said he was going to pay you for sex."
  119. >she looks at me, eyebrow raised
  120. >"And?"
  121. "Does that mean you're..?"
  122. >"Getting paid to have sex with guys?"
  123. >she sits down next to you
  124. >"Yes."
  125. >...what
  126. "What?"
  127. >"What?"
  128. "But why?"
  129. >"It's none of your business." she said coldly
  130. >doesn't look like she wants to say why
  131. >perhaps it's a financial situation?
  132. "What caused you sell your body? I mean isn't your family rich or something?"
  133. >"We are good in financial standings so I had nothing to worry about."
  134. "Then why?"
  135. >she looks at me and she's clearly annoyed
  136. >"You're starting to irritate me."
  137. "I'm sorry but I can't let this go after what I saw."
  138. >she sighs
  139. >"Consider it like a part time job."
  140. "A.. part time job?"
  141. >"Yeah, I do my schoolwork most of the day and get paid to have sex at night."
  142. >....
  143. "Hold on, is it a stress thing?"
  144. >"...Hmm, I guess you're not totally clueless."
  145. "Hold on, so you're telling me that you sell your body to have sex with guys just so you can take the stress out?"
  146. >"You got a problem with that?"
  147. "Uh no but.. does anyone know?"
  148. >"No one knows. Not even my parents."
  149. >That much could be obvious
  150. >you laugh a bit
  151. "It'd be pretty bad if someone found out."
  152. >"No duh Sherlock."
  153. >...
  154. >hold the phone
  155. >you get your cellphone and check your recorded videos
  156. >you go to the video with Sugarcoat and the two men
  157. >you decide to play the video and turned up the volume
  158. >Sugarcoat began to hear the conversation
  159. >she turns to you with an upset face
  160. >you quickly put your phone behind while still playing the video
  161. >"So you DID record me."
  162. >oh man oh man o h m a n
  163. "Y-yeah, I did."
  164. >...
  165. >Sugarcoat takes a big sigh
  166. >"Alright, what do you want? A freebie?"
  167. >what
  168. "What?"
  169. >Don't play stupid. You're going to use that to blackmail me unless I follow your orders or something."
  170. >wow she's smart
  171. >but I guess this is your chance
  172. >should you do it though? Taking advantage of this seems wrong
  174. "I won't tell anyone."
  175. >she raises an eyebrow
  176. "I-I won't tell anyone. I promise."
  177. >"Wow, you're either stupid or actually kind. Any person would've done the blackmail."
  178. >sure that's the right way but what about Sugarcoat? She can't keep up this lifestyle.
  179. >...
  180. >you're taking this chance
  181. "On one condition."
  182. >"Ah, knew it."
  183. "You need to stop selling yourself."
  184. >...
  185. >"Excuse me?"
  186. "There are other ways to relieve stress than sex, you know. Your health is important."
  187. >"I appreciate the concern but no." she says sitting back with her arms crossed, "Besides I'm okay."
  188. >what
  189. "How do you know that?"
  190. >"My family has good doctors and don't worry they don't tell my parents either."
  191. >you wonder if she done anything to make sure they didn't tell them.
  192. "Uh, have you ever-?"
  193. >"I use contraceptives."
  194. "Oh."
  195. >doesn't look like she's giving up on this
  196. >hold on
  197. "What if I was your only customer?"
  198. >"...what?"
  199. "Like if you don't want to stop, how about just having me to relive your stress?"
  200. >"I highly doubt someone like you could even satisfy me."
  201. >ouch.
  202. >she slouches and parts her head over her hands
  203. >"Then again my customers weren't that great either. Just a bunch of horny guys who have no idea how to please a girl. Just thrusting and they'd be done."
  204. "And I guess you think I wouldn't be any different?"
  205. >she side eyes you
  206. >"Yes."
  207. >...geez
  208. "Well, why don't you give it a try? I mean it wouldn't hurt to."
  209. >...
  210. >...
  211. >"...Alright."
  213. "Wait what?!"
  214. >Sugarcoat sits up
  215. >"When you think about it, it's quite convenient. If I'm stressed I can call you at any time and I don't have to travel out of the city. However, this will only stand if you are capable. If not, then we are done."
  216. >she stands up and goes in front of you
  217. >picks her leg up and stomps on the bench
  218. >she leans close to you
  219. >"And when we are done, I expect you to not talk to me at school and forget everything, understand?"
  220. >Sugarcoat gives an intense stare into you
  221. "...Yes, I understand."
  222. >Good."
  223. >she puts her leg down and gets on her knees
  224. >She reaches your your pants zipper
  225. "Uh, what are you doing?"
  226. >"Testing your capabilities."
  227. "WAIT HERE AND NOW?!"
  228. >Sugarcoat looks annoyed
  229. >"You need to relax, we can't do it unless you're relaxed."
  230. "But what if-?!"
  231. >"No one comes here at this hour."
  232. >...
  233. "You've done it here didn't you?"
  234. >"Behind the bushes, yes. Now stay still."
  235. >you followed her orders but decided to continue talking
  236. >"How many men have you done this with?"
  237. >"Only 4." she said while undoing your pants, "Only one of them I kept seeing while the others just left."
  238. "Never saw them again?"
  239. >"Nope turns out they were just traveling businessmen."
  240. >you assume the one that kept coming was that guy you threw the milk at
  241. >she pulls your underwear down enough for it to stay in place but also reveal your genitals
  242. >she looks at it
  243. >for quite a while
  244. >...
  245. "Um, are you going to-?"
  246. >"I'm disappointed with its current shape."
  247. >what?
  248. "What?"
  249. >"Why is it not erect?"
  250. "Um, well. This is all sudden. So.."
  251. >"You want to warm up. Is that it?"
  252. >you nod
  253. >she gets up and brings her face close to yours
  254. >"You're quite different from the others. Normally they'd just get on with it. What do you want me to do?"
  255. "Um, well.."
  256. >"And it better not be anything weird!"
  258. "Kissing.."
  259. >"What?"
  260. "I like kissing."
  261. >Sugarcoat sits moves in sits on your lap
  262. >she puts her hands on your cheeks
  263. >"You never kissed a girl before have you?"
  264. "N-no I haven't."
  265. >she gives a small smile
  266. >"You're such a virgin."
  267. "Well sorry for being one."
  268. >her lips got in closer and on to yours
  269. >you closed your eyes
  270. >you kept kissing but your mouth remained closed the whole time
  271. >the sensation of lips left you and you opened your eyes
  272. >A disappointed Sugarcoat looks at you
  273. >still holding on to you
  274. >"You don't even know how to kiss?"
  275. >geez this girl just likes to punch you down..
  276. "Well sorry. I'm not experienced with this like you."
  277. >"Just shut up and let me do it."
  278. >she grabbed your head and put both your lips and hers together quickly
  279. >except this time both your mouths were open
  280. >hold on
  281. >is she using her tongue?!
  282. >she swirling yours around with hers
  283. >she let's go of that and starts to do small quick kisses at your mouth, cheeks and neck
  284. >she started moving down your neck moving your shirt up and kissing your chest as well
  285. >you were still flustered over the tongue part you didn't realize you were being sugarcoated with kisses as she made her way down to your genitals
  286. >"Well, that was a lot easy." she said looking at your erection, "And quite nice."
  287. "N-nice?"
  288. >"The shape of your penis. It's not big, but not small either."
  289. >you're not sure if you should be offended or not
  290. >"So does that mean you'll like this?"
  291. >she starts kissing your dick on every side
  292. >you start feeling a sensation you've never felt before
  293. >it's really soft and moist
  295. >you breathe heavy trying to fight the sensations
  296. >and from the looks of it, Sugarcoat knows about it
  297. >she begins to kiss the tip of the head and closes her eyes
  298. >she kept that kiss for a few seconds then slowly moved her head down as her mouth slowly opened up
  299. >she started bobbing her head up and down and held on to your legs
  300. >this sensation is nothing like you've ever felt before
  301. >you kept fighting it
  302. >you can feel something moving under your penis
  303. >something very moist moving side to side
  304. >you realize she's moving her tongue as she is bobbing back and forth
  305. >she started moving faster and her pigtails started to get on her face
  306. >you managed to move her hair back and put your hands on the sides of her head
  307. >you didn't push or pull her
  308. >you just held on while she was moving
  309. >you kept fighting as she keep up her intense movements but you couldn't hold it anymore
  310. >you were going to announce your orgasm
  311. >but it was too late
  312. >you only let out a grunt as your shot your semen in Sugarcoat's mouth while she was still moving
  313. >she stopped after the orgasm was finished
  314. >you let go of her head and your arms flopped to the side
  315. >you were breathing heavy, keeping eye on Sugarcoat
  316. >she moved away and released your dick
  317. >you can only see Sugarcoat with an open mouth with semen all around her mouth and her hand on her cheek
  318. >she looked right at you
  319. >closed her mouth and made gulping sounds
  320. >"That wasn't too bad." she said during her breaths, "You lasted a bit longer than the others. Normally they'd cum as soon as I move my tongue."
  321. "Haha, I guess I passed?"
  322. >"Your stamina isn't that great."
  323. >ouch
  324. >"But its passable."
  325. "So what now?"
  326. >Sugarcoat looks at your semen glazed dick, still erect."
  327. >"Another test."
  328. >she gets on your lap and brings her face close to yours
  329. >"I hope you're ready."
  331. >your eyes widen
  332. >she lifts her skirt
  333. >you can't tell since the moon is shining behind her that but it seems she's wearing white panties
  334. >she moves them to the side
  335. >revealing her vagina
  336. >she looks down getting herself ready to go down on you
  337. >you grab her arms
  338. "Wait."
  339. >"What?"
  340. "Can you unbutton your shirt first?"
  341. >she raises her eyebrow
  342. >"you want to see my breasts?"
  343. >you nod
  344. >"Men, all the same."
  345. >she unbuttons her jacket and undershirt revealing a white bra
  346. >oh
  347. "Ohh."
  348. >"What?"
  349. "I thought you were flat chested but you seem to have some volume on you."
  350. >"Please, I'm not like Indigo."
  351. "But Indigo-"
  352. >"Is a B-cup. I'm at C. In those terms, I'm better than her."
  353. >you snicker
  354. "You don't like Indigo?"
  355. >"I do. I'm just better than her in breast size."
  356. "That's it? Aren't there other things yo-
  357. >"Are you going to touch me or not?"
  358. >oh right
  359. >you bring your hands to her stomach and slid them up to her breasts
  360. >bringing the bra up at the same moment
  361. >you squeezed them
  362. "Wow, they're soft."
  363. >"That's how breasts are supposed to feel, you virgin."
  364. >geez trying to kill the mood here?
  365. >you kept massaging her breasts and kissing her nipples
  366. >you were kissing all the way up from her breasts to her neck
  367. >then finally to her mouth
  368. >you kept kissing her but with no tongue
  369. >you kissed her cheeks after that
  370. >"You kissed me despite having my mouth around your penis. Doesn't that disgust you?"
  371. "I could care less."
  372. >"You're an animal."
  373. >you hug Sugarcoat as you returned to kissing her breasts
  374. >suddenly you can feel a huge sensation around your dick
  375. >as if something was swallowing everything
  376. >you heard a sound from Sugarcoat and realized you are having sex with her
  377. >having sex
  378. >you're no longer a virgin
  379. >but is this okay?
  380. >she sold her body to-
  381. >HNNG!?
  382. >you had no time to think because Sugarcoat started moving
  383. >you kept hugging her and switched from kissing her breasts to sucking her nipples
  384. >"You-you're not that bad.. for a virgin."
  385. "Ex-virgin."
  386. >"Don't get cocky."
  388. >she started moving faster
  389. >oh
  390. >oh shit
  391. >this is feels really intense
  392. >the feeling her her warm folds holding on you tightly as it slips up and down
  393. >you never thought you'd lose your virginity like this
  394. >on a bench in the open park, late at night
  395. >you couldn't hold it any longer
  396. >you closed your eyes and held her tighter
  397. >"Wha-?!"
  398. >you began to move as hard as you can
  399. >you began to hear Sugarcoat try to tell you to something with words like stop and deep
  400. >unfortunately you were too immersed with pleasure that you just kept going
  401. >the words went all muffled
  402. >suddenly you felt the walls around your dick moving around
  403. >you also felt a quick stream of liquid hit the base of your dick
  404. >but you just kept going
  405. >until
  406. >you came
  407. >but you still kept moving
  408. >after the orgasm was done so were you and you finally stopped
  409. >you let go of Sugarcoat and slumped backwards on the bench, breathing heavily
  410. >you brought your head up to see Sugarcoat holding onto your chest also breathing heavily
  411. >"Y-you idiot. I told you to stop."
  412. "Sorry, it just felt really good."
  413. >"You're lucky I'm using contraceptives."
  414. >you chuckle
  415. >the moon is shining bright
  416. >you feel a vibration
  417. >it's your phone
  418. >you look and find a few missed calls from your parents
  419. >...
  420. >...
  422. >you move Sugarcoat off you and quickly fix your pants
  423. "ohmanohmanohmanohman!"
  424. >"Let me guess, you're supposed to be home already."
  426. >you're about to run with the groceries but you suddenly got pulled by the back of the shirt which almost chocked you
  427. "ACHK!!"
  428. >"Your parents can wait a few more minutes."
  429. >turned around to see Sugarcoat holding on to your shirt
  430. >geez almost killed me there
  431. "So what is it?"
  432. >"You passed."
  433. "What?"
  434. >"You passed."
  435. "Meaning?"
  436. >Sugarcoat suddenly got irritated
  437. >"Did your dick also shoot out your brain too?" she said as she crossed her arms, "You passed and that means I'll keep my promise."
  439. "So you'll stop selling your body?"
  440. >"In terms of other men, yes."
  441. "Other men?"
  442. >oh wait you suddenly remembered what you said before
  443. >"Yes, that means you are my only customer."
  444. >you gulp
  445. >uh oh
  446. "I-I mean I appreciate it but what does being your customer mean?"
  447. >she walks in front of you
  448. >"It means you'll be paying for my services from now on, consider what just happened as a free sample."
  449. "Uh, just to make sure. How much do you charge?"
  450. >she mumbles some numbers then says every 10 minutes
  452. >"I know."
  453. > what
  454. "What? What do you mean 'You Know'?"
  455. >"Most of the school knows you, you're one of the few non-rich kids that attend this school. To my friends you're a commoner. A street rat. Hobo."
  456. "Hey I'm not that poor."
  457. >"I'm just repeating what my classmates say and besides I'm giving you a special discount."
  458. >a.. discount?
  459. "Discount?"
  460. >"You heard me, discount. After you saved me and giving me a good performance, you deserve one."
  461. "Ho-how much am I going to pay?"
  462. >she turns around and chuckles
  463. >"You'll find out tomorrow. Have a good night, ex-virgin." She said as she walks away
  465. >you made it back home with the groceries in one piece
  466. >your parents got really worried and asked where you have been the whole time
  467. >you told them you met up with a classmate and talked with them while shopping and the conversation got really long
  468. >you took a cold shower
  469. >dried yourself up and got ready for bed
  470. >the events of what happened between you and Sugarcoat went on in your head over and over
  471. >you couldn't forget the softness of her chest and how warm she was inside
  472. >you started to get really tired thinking of it and what Sugarcoat meant when she left
  473. >you were so in thought you tried to masturbate but it didn't feel as good as the real thing
  474. >you slept in despair
  475. >...
  476. >it was the next day back in school
  477. >you had a long morning but now it's lunchtime
  478. >you were walking around the rich-kid filled hall heading to the cafeteria
  479. >hopefully something good is there to eat
  480. >suddenly your shirt was grabbed by the side and pulled out of the hallway and into a dark corner
  481. >you got placed against a wall and a hand covered your mouth
  482. >you heard a "Shh!"
  483. >you opened your eyes to see...
  484. >Sugarcoat??
  485. >you tried to say something but your mouth was still covered
  486. >"Anon, I need your dick right now."
  487. >what
  488. "Hmmmph??"
  489. >"One of my classmates got on my case this morning and I need to relieve myself."
  490. >HERE?!
  491. "HMMPH?!"
  492. >NOW?!
  493. "NMPH?!"
  494. >"Don't worry, it'll be quick."
  495. >she opens up your pants with one hand while still having the other covering your mouth
  496. >"Try and keep it down while I do this, alright?"
  497. >she takes her hand away from your mouth and begins to kiss you
  498. >as she is kissing you, she begins stroke your dick with both her hands
  499. >dear lord, even her hands are soft
  500. >she kept swirling her tongue and she continued to stroke your penis
  501. >she suddenly stopped and moved back
  502. >"Alright, pick me up."
  503. "What?"
  504. >"Pick me up then place me on the wall."
  505. "O-okay."
  506. >you pick her up from her thighs and placed her back on the wall
  508. >Sugarcoat lifted her legs up along with her skirt revealing her panties
  509. >it's kind of dark but it looks like it's silver colored
  510. >she moved her panties and spread her vagina
  511. >the same one you did yesterday
  512. >"We don't have much time so stick it in alrea-"
  513. >you plunged in before she could finish
  514. >"-DEE?!"
  515. >the same warmth you felt last night
  516. >it felt amazing
  517. >You started thrusting
  518. >"Wh-wait. Slow d-oowwwn!"
  519. >you wanted to keep going as you mounted her on the wall
  520. >she started to wrap her legs around you
  521. >you buried your face in her chest despite not being open
  522. >you heard Sugarcoat making some noises
  523. >it'd be hard not hear the both of you from the hallways but it seems it was pretty crowded outside and very noisy
  524. >still you don't want to risk getting caught
  525. >you brought your head up and began to kiss her
  526. >you moved your tongue and mimicked the movements she did before
  527. >you kept going while the both of you were kissing
  528. >you felt it
  529. >you're about to cum
  530. >but this time is going to be different
  531. >you gave three slow powerful thrusts
  532. >1.
  533. >2.
  534. >3!!
  535. >on the third thrust you pushed in as hard as you could and came inside
  536. >you can tell even with her mouth closed by her she's making noises during the whole orgasm
  537. >you released the kiss and just hugged her and she was breathing heavily hugging you was well
  538. >maybe this isn't so bad
  539. >you gently lowered her back to the ground
  540. "Can you stand?"
  541. >"Y-yeah." She replied still breathing heavily as her feet made it to the floor
  542. >you fixed your pants while Sugarcoat was adjusting her hair and outfit
  543. >you decided to help with her hair
  544. >she notices and stops holding her hair and adjusted her jacket
  545. >"I appreciate the assistance but you're still paying me."
  546. >you figured
  547. "Might as well, right?"
  548. >she side eyes you
  549. >"Whatever. Come on."
  550. "Wha-?!"
  551. >she grabs your hand and pulls you out of the dark corner and back into the hallway
  553. >she drags you back into the hallway and then to the cafeteria
  554. >she finds a free table and sits down on a chair
  555. >you decide to sit down as well
  556. >...
  557. "So, what now?"
  558. >"You're about to pay me."
  559. >what
  560. "Here? Now?"
  561. >she side eyes you
  562. >"You've been saying that a lot lately. It's starting to annoy me."
  563. "Sorry but in the open like this?"
  564. >"Yes."
  565. >she crosses her legs and arms
  566. >"Now go get me lunch."
  567. >what
  568. "What?"
  569. >"I won't repeat myself."
  570. >you turn your head to see the line for the food forming up
  571. >"You better hurry before they take the good stuff."
  572. >you turn your head back to her
  573. "Wait, you didn't even tell me what you wanted."
  574. >suddenly a folded piece of paper flung to your face
  575. >you grabbed it quickly
  576. >"That's what I want."
  577. >you open up the paper to see a very detailed list of food and drinks
  578. >you look back at her
  579. "You want all this?"
  580. >"Are you just going to keep standing there and just ask questions?"
  581. >her eyes scrunched
  582. >okay she's mad
  583. >time to leave
  584. >you went as quick as you could and formed into the food line
  585. >you made to the lunch lady and gave her the paper
  586. >"Huh, I know this." said the lunch lady
  587. "You do?"
  588. >"Yeah, that girl tends to request this." she points at Sugarcoat, "She used to do it a lot."
  589. "You mean eat the same lunch?"
  590. >"No, giving these specific orders. Though this one is quite a big order. I can get this done quick."
  591. >you waited 5 minutes at the same spot which made the rest of the line mad at you
  592. >the lunch lady finally came with two trays of the food that was on the list
  593. >"And here's something for ya."
  594. >she puts a parfait with a topping that's shaped like a puppy's head
  595. "Uh, thanks."
  596. >you brought the food to the cashier
  597. >the total came up at
  598. >...
  599. >...
  600. >OH
  601. >that's pricey
  602. >that's almost your whole wallet
  603. >you looked at Sugarcoat and then back at the food
  604. >you suddenly feel regret all over
  605. >you reluctantly paid for the food and carried the two trays to your table
  606. >and by the time you got there, you see it's full of girls
  608. >hang on
  609. >you recognize these girls
  610. >it's the same group of friends Sugarcoat hangs with
  611. >you notice Sugarcoat is looking straight at you
  612. >"Are you just going to stand there or are you coming over?"
  613. >is probably what she would say
  614. >best not find out
  615. >you hurry over to her side of the table and the girls notice your presence
  616. "Hey, sorry I'm late. The lunch lady had to get everything ready."
  617. >"So uh, who's this guy?" said a green haired girl
  618. >oh hey that's Lemon Zest
  619. >you remember she's the wild one of the group
  620. >she got in trouble for doing air guitar all over the cafeteria one time
  621. >surprised they even let her keep the headphones on
  622. >she is sitting next to Sour Sweet
  623. >bipolar is probably the word to explain her
  624. >it's like she's one person then another
  625. >and that's when she speaks one sentence
  626. >you're surprised she isn't in the drama club
  627. >next to Sour is Indigo Zap
  628. >the athlete of the group
  629. >well more into athletics than the rest of them..
  630. >she's always busy with her team
  631. >and so obsessed with winning
  632. >finally next to Sugarcoat is Sunny Flare
  633. >she's
  634. >...
  635. >oh right
  636. >she's the snob
  637. >you always wonder what those things on her wrists are
  638. >you place the trays on the table and noticed there's no seat for you
  639. >well that's nice..
  640. "Well I guess there's no seat for me then. I'll be going now."
  641. >"There's an empty seat in the table next to us." Sugarcoat says tilting her head in the direction of the empty table, "You can sit there."
  642. "Oh.. okay."
  643. >you quickly grab the puppy parfait and moved to the nearby table
  644. >man this is your lunch?
  645. >what a discount this is..
  647. >as you pass by their table, you can hear them talking
  648. >"You haven't told us!" said Lemon, banging her hands on the table, "Who is that guy?"
  649. >"A servant, perhaps?" said Sunny, "It'd be fitting for a commoner like him."
  650. >you sat down just looking at the puppy's face
  651. >this feeling
  652. >it sucks
  653. >maybe all that sex wasn't worth it?
  654. >"Or maybe he's your boyfriend!" Indigo said in a sarcastic manner
  655. >no, you're just a customer to her
  656. >"Is he?" asked Sour and Lemon
  657. >....
  658. >...
  659. >Sugarcoat responds
  660. >"He is."
  661. >All four got closer to her and you sprung up from your seat and turned your head >yelling "WHAT?!" altogether
  662. >you couldn't believe it
  663. >and neither could they
  664. >you all grabbed the attention of the cafeteria and all quickly sat back in your seats
  665. >however you turned your seat around just to hear what they were talking about
  666. >you were behind Sour and Sunny
  667. >but it looks like they didn't care
  668. >"He's been very good to me so we decided to go out."
  669. >"Wow, Sugar you actually got a boyfriend?" said Sour
  670. >Sugarcoat got upset hearing that
  671. >"What she means is, its nice you got yourself a boyfriend." said Indigo, "Though we didn't expect him to be so..."
  672. >Indigo looks at you
  673. >then back at Sugarcoat
  674. >"Dorky."
  675. >Ouch
  676. (authors note: I guess he got ZAPPED HA HAA..)
  677. >"How long have you been together?" asked Sour
  678. >"Since yesterday." Sour responds while drinking this fancy iced tea you got for her, "We were at the park and he asked me out."
  679. >well she got the park portion of it right..
  680. >"And you just accepted it?" asked Lemon
  681. >she nods
  682. >"Wow, it feels so sudden." said Indigo
  683. >"But when you think about it, that does explain why you've been leaving us lately." said Sunny
  684. >"Hey, yeah." said Lemon, "You've been leaving us a lot for a while. Normally we'd be hanging after school."
  685. >she nods again
  686. >"We've been talking with each other for a while and I enjoyed hanging out with him."
  687. >way to cover up the prostitution
  688. >it's almost convenient
  690. >"Aww that's adorable." said Sour, "Just don't go all lovey dovey in front of us."
  691. >Sugarcoat smirks
  692. >"Jealous?"
  693. >Sour got a bit more sour
  694. >she huffs
  695. >"Whatever, I can get a boyfriend whenever I want."
  696. >you try not to snicker or else things will get even more sour
  697. >you quickly turned your chair and faced your table
  698. >you look down at your puppy parfait
  699. >you smiled
  700. "I guess it's not so bad after all."
  701. >you grabbed a spoon and was ready to eat
  702. >you heard a voice behind you
  703. >"What is that?"
  704. >you turn around and see it's Sugarcoat
  705. >she's looking at the parfait
  706. "Oh that's my lunch."
  707. >"You're joking, right?"
  708. >You shake your head
  709. >she looks at you and sighs
  710. >she brings out one of the sandwiches and sparkle waters you bought
  711. >"These were for you."
  712. >what?
  713. >she places them on the table and sits down next to you
  714. "But I thought-"
  715. >"You didn't read the whole paper, did you?"
  716. >you luckily still had the list of orders
  717. >you looked around to see-
  718. >oh
  719. >there's your name
  720. >in the upper corner
  721. >pointing to two of the items you got
  722. >you looked at her with disbelief
  723. >she was looking at you with her elbow on the table and her face on her hand
  724. >"What? You thought I was a heartless monster ready to control you?" she said, "Some boyfriend."
  725. "Oh no. I was just surprised you went that far."
  726. >"What are you talking about? You're the one that paid for it. You got lunch for both of us."
  727. >you just kept looking at her
  728. >she gave a small smile
  729. >you smiled back
  730. >this isn't so bad after all
  731. >"Can I have some of that?"
  732. >she's pointing at the parfait
  733. >you move it to her
  734. "You can have it."
  735. >she looks at it then at you
  736. >"But-"
  737. "I'm okay with what I have here. Consider this sweetened compensation."
  739. >you spent the rest of the lunch period with Sugarcoat
  740. >after that, the rest of the school day passed quickly
  741. >you were ready to leave until someone tapped your shoulder
  742. >you turned to see it was Sugarcoat
  743. "Oh hey Sugarcoat, you heading out?"
  744. >"I'm going to the mall with my friends. But I want you to come to my place for a bit. I need to relieve some stress again."
  745. >oh
  746. >she walks past you
  747. >"Let's hurry so I won't be late."
  748. >you began to walk home with Sugarcoat
  749. >your girlfriend
  750. >...
  751. >you see her hand is free
  752. >you slowly moved yours to grab it
  753. >as soon as you touched her hand, swipes it away
  754. >"What are you doing?" she said as she stopped walking
  755. "...I wanted to hold your hand?"
  756. >"What makes you think you can do that?"
  757. >she crosses her arms and raises her eyebrow
  758. >wait what?
  759. "But said I was you-"
  760. >"Your boyfriend?"
  761. "Well, yeah."
  762. >"That's just a cover up in case anyone asks why we are together. You're still just a customer. That's what we agreed on."
  763. >...
  764. >you can't believe it
  765. >she never liked you at all
  766. >she just wanted your sex
  767. >though to be fair you did put yourself in that situation
  768. >but still..
  769. >you look at her with disbelief and a feeling being played and broken
  770. >she continues to look at you and sighs
  771. >"However.."
  772. >she walks to you and holds your hand
  773. >"After what happened, I'm starting to see you more as a boyfriend than a customer."
  774. >your eyes widen
  775. >"You better work hard if you want to reach that or else you'll be paying for more than my lunch."
  776. >you smile
  777. "I-I won't disappoint you!"
  778. >"You haven't done that." she said while twirling her pigtails and then looks at you, "Yet."
  779. >you both continued the walk to Sugarcoat's house
  780. >the soft, warm feeling of her hand kept you happy
  781. >...a bit too happy
  782. >"Oh my goodness, are you seriously having an erection from holding my hand?"
  783. >you blush
  784. >"You virgin."
  785. "Ex-virgin."
  786. >you both give a light chuckle
  787. >you both continued the walk back to her house
  788. >holding her hand as her boyfriend
  789. >in the end, things weren't so bad after all
  790. [END]
  793. [Bonus 1]
  794. >you were in the park sitting with Sugarcoat
  795. >the same park where it all began
  796. >no wait it actually began outside the city
  797. >hang on
  798. >...
  799. >what happened to the guy that she was with?
  800. >you about to ask until
  801. >"Hey remember that guy you threw milk at?"
  802. "Uh yeah?"
  803. >"He's back together with his girlfriend."
  804. "O-oh is he?"
  805. >"What's more is that he forgot what happened."
  806. >well that's... convenient
  807. >too convenient
  808. "And what did he say about you?"
  809. >"His friend told him he was trying to break up with me so he can work on fixing his relationship."
  810. "He told him that? Where did you even find out about this?"
  811. >"He's staying at the hospital in the city. It's a few blocks away from here. His girlfriend was crying so hard after hearing the news that he got hurt. His friend told her the story and she forgave him like that. I was delivering some homework for a classmate and just bumped into his friend. He told us it's better off not to mention this and we'll leave it alone."
  812. "I guess alls well ends well right?"
  813. >you lay back on the bench, closed your eyes and relaxed
  814. >"You didn't delete the video did you?"
  815. >your eyes open wide
  816. "Oh uh, right I forgot.."
  817. >she looks at you
  818. >almost as if she's looking through you
  819. >you take your phone out
  820. "Alright, alright. I'll delete the video."
  821. >you show her the video getting deleted from your phone album
  822. >"Be sure to clear your Deleted Folder too."
  823. >ah right.
  824. >of course she'd say that
  825. >you deleted the Deleted Folder
  826. >you laugh sheepishly
  827. "Sorry about that."
  828. >"Buy me dinner and I'll forgive you."
  829. >...
  830. "Okay."
  833. [Bonus 2]
  834. >it was after school
  835. >you had to stay because Sugarcoat was studying with Lemon Zest in the library
  836. >you decided to study as well
  837. >it's quite relaxing, reading in such a quiet place
  838. >...
  839. >you started to get tired
  840. >you've been studying for quite a while
  841. >time for a break
  842. >you got out of your seat and stretched your legs
  843. >you felt something tugging your shirt
  844. >you turn the direction you were being tugged at and found Sugarcoat holding on to you
  845. "Hey." You whispered, "Taking a break too?"
  846. >"I need you give me some relief."
  847. >...
  848. >...
  849. >you just looked at her
  850. >...
  851. >she hasn't stopped using sex as her stress relief
  852. >but you couldn't complain
  853. >every time you two did it was enjoyable
  854. "Alright. Let's head out for a bit."
  855. >you both went out of the library and walk among the empty halls of crystal prep
  856. "Wow, feels weird seeing it so empty."
  857. >"I actually like it way." she responded
  858. >...
  859. >you couldn't tell if she was serious or being sarcastic
  860. >and that's the scary part
  861. >she grabbed your hand
  862. >"Follow me."
  863. >she started to pull you and move you around
  864. >"Hurry up!"
  865. >you were dragged from one corner to another until you found an empty room
  866. >huh, never saw this room before
  867. >there's some desks and a billboard on it
  868. >looks like a good spot for some peace and quiet
  869. >"This place was Twilight's study room." sugarcoat said when closing the door, "She did nothing but do research here."
  870. >Twilight?
  871. >oh right it's that nerd girl that switched schools after the Friendship Games
  872. >she had her own room?
  873. >lucky her
  874. "I wonder if-MRRHMPH?!"
  875. >you turn around to see Sugarcoat jump you
  876. >it took you by surprise since she never did that
  877. >you both went down but Sugarcoat started kissing your neck as she opened up your shirt
  879. >if there's one thing you can say about your relationship is that you're glad she's not doing other men
  880. >however, she been wanting sex more and more
  881. >you wondered how you were able to handle all this since you started
  882. >especially that one Saturday where she fucked you five times, morning to night..
  883. >but at least your stamina has improved thanks to that
  884. >you decide to hold her head by the sides and have her face you
  885. >you began kissing as you opened her shirt and pulled down he- oh.
  886. >she's not wearing a bra
  887. >she must be really eager
  888. >she puts her arms around you and she pulls you back down to the floor and your on top of her
  889. >the sight of her looking at you with her toppled glasses, lustful expression and hair spread across the floor
  890. >you were about to indulge
  891. >but then the door opened
  892. >you heard a scream
  894. >you pick your head up finding Lemon Zest sliding from the door and into the room with her eyes closed and her head way up like she's in a concert
  895. >she brings her head back down and opens her eyes
  896. >what a sight huh
  897. >one her friends and her boyfriend nearly undressed and on top of each other
  898. >"I guess someone was using this room." Lemon said with her hand in her face
  899. >she put her hand down and said, "I knew it."
  900. >what
  901. >"You've been having sex with her. That explains it."
  902. >explains what exactly
  903. >hold on
  904. "Sugarcoat, I thought you locked the door."
  905. >"I did." she said in an upset manner
  906. >Lemon pulls out a key and wiggles it
  907. >"I had an extra key with me. I use this room so I can listen to my music in peace."
  908. "Where'd you get it?"
  909. >"Twilight gave it to me after she left. She thought I'd have fun with the room."
  910. >well that's nice and all but..
  911. >"So, like, can I join you guys?" Lemon asks, putting her head on her hands and crossing her legs
  912. >WHAT
  913. "WHAT?"
  914. >"I mean, I don't have a boyfriend so I don't have much experience with sex."
  915. >you were flustered at the idea of it and said
  916. "Why don't you go ask the other guys from the school? I'm Sugarcoat's boyfriend!"
  917. >Sugarcoat crawls out under you and sits up while fixing her shirt
  918. >"Nah, none of them are my type. All snobby." Lemon said with a shrug
  919. >"Besides, I wanna see what made Sugar go all over you. It can't be because of your personality."
  920. >ouch.
  921. >Lemon moves up to Sugarcoat
  922. >"So Sugar, wanna do it?"
  923. >you look at Sugarcoat who's actually thinking about
  924. >she picks her head up and looks at Lemon
  925. >"Just don't steal him from me, okay?" she said, "He's MY boyfriend."
  926. >"Alright!"
  927. >...
  928. >you're not sure how to respond to that.
  929. >you had no time because Lemon started to grab you and threw you on the floor
  930. >"Sugar! Go here!"
  931. >you were recovering from being thrown to see Sugarcoat and Lemon Zest, who was starting to take her shirt off, on top of you
  933. "H-hey! Hold on!" you said trying to wiggle yourself out, "Don't I get a say in this?!"
  934. >"Hey, relax dude." said Lemon while booping your nose, "While I don't really get why, I know Sugarcoat really likes you. I wouldn't do that her. And besides.."
  935. >she takes off her bra and throw it to the side
  936. >"I'm gonna have to learn this stuff sooner or later, right? Think of it as hands on sex ed."
  937. "But shouldn't you learn it with-?"
  938. >"Are you just going to keep talking or are we starting?" said Sugarcoat
  939. >she starts grabbing Lemon's breasts
  940. >she massages them gently
  941. >Lemon starts giving some squeaks
  942. >"Ooh, you're pretty good at this, Sugar."
  943. >from the way Sugar is holding them, you assume Lemon is also a C-cup
  944. >you can feel Lemon sliding her pelvis onto yours
  945. >looks like you don't much of a choice..
  946. >you picked yourself up and started on kissing on Lemon's neck while fondling her breasts
  947. >you fingers keep sliding with Sugarcoat and so both played with Lemon's breasts
  948. >you looked over her shoulder to see Sugarcoat kissing the back of her neck
  949. >she noticed you were looking at her and started to kiss you
  950. >you moved your hands off Lemon's breasts and onto Sugarcoat's
  951. >you can feel the heat off Lemon's moist body and softness of Sugarcoat's breasts
  952. >you started moving your hips despite the limited movement as Lemon kept grinding on you
  953. >this went on for a few seconds but Lemon started to get impatient
  954. >"Hey are we gonna start? I'm getting really hot right now."
  955. >"About time." said Sugarcoat who got off you
  956. >Lemon followed
  957. >they both unzipped your pants and pulled it down
  958. >thanks to that warm up session your dick was ready to go
  959. >Lemon and Sugarcoat brought themselves closer and leaned down on prone to your crotch
  960. >"Whoa." said Lemon, "So that's what a dick looks like."
  961. >she puts her fingertip on the head and wiggles your dick around
  962. >"It's so warm and hard."
  963. >"You should've seen seen him when we first did it." said Sugarcoat, "It's a bit smaller than it was before."
  965. >oh really
  966. >seems like she doesn't want to mention getting an orgasm from that small dick..
  967. >"Seriously?! It can get bigger?"
  968. >"With enough 'exercise' it can. Wanna touch it?"
  969. >Lemon looked unsure but she slowly gripped on your shaft
  970. >wow her hand feels nice
  971. >and she hasn't even moved it
  972. >"So what do I do now?" she asks
  973. >"Do whatever." said Sugarcoat, "You said you want to learn, right?"
  974. >Lemon looked at your dick and suddenly put her face closer to it
  975. >she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out
  976. >she started licking the sides
  977. >"It's so tangy." she said, "I suddenly feel like I want more."
  978. >Sugarcoat was holding your hand as she watched Lemon licking your dick like it was ice cream
  979. >you used to think Lemon was a wild girl who's liked to have sex but now you're here teaching her how to do it
  980. >what a weird situation you put yourself in
  981. >Lemon was starting to lick a lot faster and suddenly gobbled on your dick
  983. >she's now sucking on it like it's candy
  984. >you grabbed the sides on her head and tried to pull her out
  985. >the feeling of suction as she moved was very powerful
  986. >it's almost like she was a vacuum or something
  987. >you put her head back down
  988. >you slowly repeated the motions and suddenly just moved your hips and while holding Lemon's head
  989. >Sugarcoat was also supporting Lemon's head to avoid hurting her
  990. >you just kept bucking your hips rapidly until Sugarcoat pulled her away
  991. >dang you were close to orgasm..
  992. >"Hey!" yelled Lemon
  993. >"It's my turn." said Sugarcoat, who kisses your dick, "Let me show you how it's done."
  995. >she looks at you, all upset
  996. >she looks serious
  997. >...wait
  998. >is she jealous?
  999. >wasn't this her idea?
  1000. >you wanted to laugh at the hypocrisy but that wouldn't make things better
  1001. >she rubs her cheek on your dick before kissing it again
  1002. >her expression went from serious to soft
  1003. >she starts licking from the bottom to the top
  1004. >she holds a kiss on the tip of the head before opening her mouth and going down
  1005. >whoa she hasn't done that in a long while
  1006. >in fact she only did it when you lost your virginity
  1007. >she slowly moves up and down as Lemon comes over next to her with an eager face
  1008. >suddenly you feel something wiggling under your penis
  1009. >Sugarcoat is moving her tongue around as she's blowing you
  1010. >just like before, she hasn't done this in a while
  1011. >it's as if..
  1012. >she's really serious about this
  1013. >...
  1014. >you suddenly had the thought
  1015. >even though she wanted to do this
  1016. >she really doesn't want to lose you
  1017. >you move yourself away which released your penis from Sugarcoat's mouth
  1018. >she had a confused look on her face
  1019. >you sit her up and hug her tightly
  1020. "Don't worry, Sugarcoat. No matter what happens here, I still love you."
  1021. >you can feel something wet on your shoulder
  1022. >you release your hug seeing Sugarcoat trying to hide her face but you can tell was crying
  1023. >Lemon moved in closer to hug her friend
  1024. >"I told you, I won't steal him." she said while hugging Sugarcoat and swaying, "You're one of my best friends and I'm happy you are."
  1025. >she releases her hug
  1026. >"So I guess that means we're done here, huh?"
  1027. >Sugarcoat picks her head up and looks at Lemon
  1028. >she leaps at her and ends up on top of her
  1029. >...
  1030. >whoa
  1031. >Sugarcoat turned her head to you
  1032. >"Anon." she said, "It's time for Lemon's sexual education."
  1033. >she uses her fingers to spread Lemon's vagina wide
  1034. >Lemon looks at you, still surprised
  1035. >but you can tell..
  1036. >she's ready.
  1038. >unfortunately your penis went limp after that tender moment with Sugarcoat
  1039. >both of them just noticed that
  1040. >seeing their naked bodies was something but..
  1041. >Sugarcoat looked upset and used the fingers she used to spread Lemon's vagina for some fingering
  1042. >she let go of the vaginal sides and slid her middle and index finger in
  1043. >she rotated her hand so her thumb was touching the top
  1044. >from there you can tell she's rubbing the clitoris
  1045. >Sugarcoat began to suck on Lemon's nipples
  1046. >and all this had Lemon squeaking and moaning
  1047. >20%
  1048. >her fingers moved faster and Lemon picked up Sugarcoat's head and started to kiss her
  1049. >Lemon's hand started to move under Sugarcoat's vagina as well and she attempted to do the same but being fingerblasted was starting to become too much
  1050. >65%
  1051. >suddenly Sugarcoat went full on fingerblasting while looking down at Lemon's vagina eager to see her orgasm
  1052. >Lemon just kept screaming
  1053. >"Sug-AH! I'm sorry! Please! I'm gonna-!!"
  1054. >80%
  1055. >suddenly her vagina shot out liquid as if a water balloon popped
  1056. >the fingering was still going so the explosion came out in waves
  1057. >Lemon Zest was twitch and convulsing throughout the whole thing
  1058. >and when it stopped she laid flat on the floor, breathing heavily
  1059. >Sugarcoat took her fingers out of the vagina and started licking them
  1060. >she was even sucking them at one point
  1061. >wow
  1062. >she looks at you
  1063. >"Guess learning these things did help after all."
  1064. >strange since you never taught her that..
  1065. >she must be talking about the time before you started dating her
  1066. >what help indeed
  1067. >Sugarcoat once again spread Lemon's vagina wide open
  1068. >"Are you ready now?" she asks
  1069. >you look at your dick
  1070. >200% erection
  1071. "My body is ready."
  1073. >you lowered yourself and went on top of Lemon, who was still in a daze from the orgasm
  1074. >you took a deep breath and lined your peg to the hole
  1075. >and just like one it fit and slid right in
  1076. >Lemon seem to have woken up from her daze as she made a huge gasp upon insertion
  1077. >whoa this is tight
  1078. >you let it sink in for a few seconds before you started moving
  1079. >you also noticed Lemon shaking
  1080. >wow she must be really sensitive
  1081. >Sugarcoat just looked at Lemon and held her hands
  1082. >she looks at you and nods
  1083. >you nod back and started moving your hips
  1084. >wow this feels nice and warm
  1085. >it's good but not as good as Sugarcoat's
  1086. >Lemon was making 'Oh' and 'Ah' sounds as you kept moving
  1087. >she brought herself up and looked her pelvis
  1088. >"S-so this is sex." she said, "This feels a-amazing mmmm."
  1089. >"Huh, I just noticed." said Sugarcoat, "You say this is your first time but you don't seem to show any blood coming out. If this really was your first time, you'd be bleeding from your hymen being torn."
  1090. >you stopped and looked down and noticed there's no blood
  1091. >Lemon scratches her head
  1092. >"Aw yeah, about that. I tried to practice with a cucumber while back but it really hurt after I put it in so I stopped."
  1093. >wow
  1094. "I'm surprised you didn't want to have sex after that."
  1095. >Lemon smiles and says, "Heck naw, I'm tougher than that!"
  1096. >wow, she may be wild but she has quite an innocent charm
  1097. >she looks at Sugarcoat and puts her hands on her face
  1098. >"Thanks for letting me try this Sugar."
  1099. >and- oh!
  1100. >she kisses her
  1101. >they start kissing
  1102. >and it continued
  1103. >hang on you're the one fucking her and you're continued it which broke up the kiss
  1104. >you brought Lemon's legs close to you and so you started to go faster
  1105. >she starts to hug you and wraps her legs around you
  1106. >you kept looking at each other's eyes
  1107. >she started to get closer but Sugarcoat stopped her and turned her head
  1108. >"I'M the only person he's kissing." she said with authority
  1109. >Sugarcoat began to kiss you while you were still fucking and back to kissing Lemon
  1110. >you started to grab one of Sugarcoat's breasts and pinch the nipple
  1111. >they just continued kissing
  1112. >you started going faster
  1113. >you were about to cum
  1114. >but Sugarcoat started pushing Lemon down which disconnected you from her as if she knew you were about to cum
  1115. >Lemon was laying flat on the floor in a daze and Sugarcoat started stroking your dick with her hands and aimed it at Lemon
  1116. >the feeling of her warm, soft hands was amazing
  1117. >it was soft as marshmallows
  1118. >you orgasmed and splattered all over Lemon's body
  1119. >Lemon moved her hands all over her semen splattered body
  1120. >"Oh so warm." she said as she looked at her fingers and started licking them, "And so tasty. It's delicious~"
  1121. >Sugarcoat went over to Lemon and started licking her stomach
  1122. >"The flavor has gotten better since the first time we did this." she said
  1123. >she got on top of Lemon, raised her butt and wiggled it
  1124. >"I hope you didn't shoot everything because if you did, you're going to pay." she said with authority
  1125. >oh you definitely still got more in the tank
  1126. >...but you feel like you want to try something new
  1127. >and your dick looks wet enough to try it
  1129. >you scoot yourself to Sugarcoat's butt and spread her cheeks
  1130. >you lined the head of your penis to her butthole
  1131. >you heard an 'Mmm' from Sugarcoat and she turns her head at you
  1132. >she has a tender look on her face
  1133. >and from the way she's looking at you, she doesn't seem to mind on what's about to happen
  1134. >she nodded her head
  1135. >almost as if she said 'go ahead'
  1136. >you slowly insert your dick inside as you can hear Sugarcoat taking deep breaths
  1137. >you pick her up and hold her tightly
  1138. >you kept inserting until you put your penis fully inside her
  1139. >you let it settle in for a few seconds
  1140. "Are you okay Sugarcoat?"
  1141. >"I'm fine." she said, "It's just been a while since I did this with someone."
  1142. >oh so she's done anal before
  1143. >you decided to move and Sugarcoat made a small yelp in response
  1144. >but you started moving faster
  1145. >Sugarcoat started to get scared
  1146. >"A-anon? Go slower. Anon? C-can you hear me?"
  1147. "I can hear you."
  1148. >"Then go slower you dolt. I've never went this fast with my butt."
  1149. "Then I think it's time we.."
  1150. >you move close and whisper into her ear
  1151. "Gotta go fast."
  1153. >you started to move faster and moved as hard as you can
  1154. >you held her tight so the thrust were shallow yet powerful
  1155. >you acted as if you wanted to really deep in her
  1156. >you can see Sugarcoat's side of her face
  1157. >she's clenching her teeth yet still making sounds
  1158. >you saw Lemon stand up and walk to you
  1159. >she moved her hips forward and into Sugarcoat's face
  1160. >and started moving up and down her face
  1161. >um
  1162. "Hey, let her breathe."
  1163. >"I-I'm fine!" said a muffled Sugarcoat
  1164. >she kept going as Lemon started moaning and licking her fingers
  1165. >"Ohhh Sugar, you're really good at this."
  1166. >Sugarcoat was sandwiched between a boy and a girl as if she was the marshmallow between the graham crackers
  1167. >you began to move as fast as you can as Sugarcoat responded with a muffled scream
  1168. >"Oh that scream felt really good!" said Lemon, "Keep going! I'm about to cum!"
  1169. "Erg! Me! Too!"
  1170. >and you thrusted hard upon orgasm in
  1171. >3
  1172. >2
  1173. >1
  1174. >boom, you shot your sperm deep as you could in Sugarcoat's ass as Lemon squirted all over Sugarcoat's mouth
  1175. >Lemon dropped to the floor while Sugarcoat slumped back on you, both breathing heavily
  1176. >"That.. wasn't.. too bad." Sugarcoat said between breaths, "Go slower next time."
  1177. "Alright alright." you said and then kissed her cheek
  1178. >Lemon just looks at you too still in a dazed look
  1179. >"Man, you two really love each other." she said, "I'm kinda jealous."
  1180. >"Then maybe you should go find a boyfriend."
  1181. >"Ouch, Sugar.. keeping that sting in your words even after sex huh?"
  1182. >you both got up and slowly pulled yourself out of Sugarcoat's butt
  1183. >"Ge-Gently." she said while shaking
  1184. >you pulled out slowly then went out with a pop
  1185. >"Aaaglllh!!"
  1186. >suddenly Sugarcoat's legs were shaking as liquid was shooting out from under her
  1187. >it looked like she was about to fall so you quickly grabbed her to keep her up
  1188. >...did she just?
  1190. >Sugarcoat was still shaking so you let her down gently
  1191. >you held her and cuddled
  1192. >it's a rare sight to see her like this
  1193. >usually she's demanding with a sharp tongue
  1194. >but here in your arms is someone shaking and just wants to be held
  1195. >maybe you realized what Sugarcoat wanted this whole time
  1196. >someone like you to hold her like this
  1197. >maybe that's why she went out and sold her body, to find someone.
  1198. >it's only your assumption but ever since you two started dating, she never left your side
  1199. >and even though she doesn't express it as much she's very grateful to have you
  1200. >you chuckle and give her a kiss
  1201. >"Mmn! Wh-what was that?"
  1202. "I love you Sugarcoat."
  1203. >you hugged her tighter
  1204. >normally she'd say something like "Let me go or I'll kick you" or something like that
  1205. >but here
  1206. >she just held your arms
  1207. "This was pretty wild huh?"
  1208. >"You better keep your promise that nothing will change after this. You're still my boyfriend."
  1209. "Of course."
  1210. >"Aww man that was awesome." said Lemon, "So that was sex."
  1211. "In some way, yes."
  1212. >"Some way?"
  1213. "I think if you really want to know how sex really feels, you're gonna have to find a boyfriend."
  1214. >"Ouch, et tu Sugar's boyfriend?"
  1215. >...oh yeah her friends never call you buy your name, just "Sugarcoat's boyfriend"
  1216. >all three of you got and worked on getting dressed and cleaning up
  1217. >"You should go to the bathroom and wash your dick." said Sugarcoat
  1218. "Huh? Why?"
  1219. >"You fucked me in the ass. Contraceptives only prevent pregnancy not STIs."
  1220. >...
  1221. >you better head to the bathroom
  1222. >you spent 15 minutes frantically cleaning your groin area
  1223. >you also emptied all the toilet papers and paper towels in the bathroom
  1224. >after you were done, you walked out and found Lemon waiting next to the door
  1225. >she turns around and looks at you
  1226. >she walks forward and stops in front of you
  1227. >"Hey, thanks for the lesson." she said, "And by the way.."
  1228. >she leans close to your ear and whispers
  1229. >"If you ever break up with Sugarcoat, I'll be here to console you."
  1231. >uhh
  1232. >Lemon kisses you on the cheek and runs off
  1233. >you rub your kisses cheek
  1234. >what a bold girl
  1235. >you and Sugarcoat couldn't study so you left the library and headed home
  1236. >as you walked, you held Sugarcoat's hand
  1237. >she just looked away
  1238. >"You're getting ahead of yourself, Anon." she said, seemingly upset
  1239. >you smile
  1240. "I can't let you take over me all the time. I want to be a good boyfriend for you."
  1241. >she stays silent
  1242. >"Anon.
  1243. "Yeah?"
  1244. >"I'm.. glad you followed me that day. I'm glad you talked me out of selling myself. I'm glad.."
  1245. >she stops walking
  1246. >"I'm glad you're my boyfriend."
  1247. >you chuckle
  1248. "You're welcome, Sugar."
  1249. >you suddenly feel a hit to your gut
  1250. "BLRUGH!"
  1251. >Sugarcoat punched you
  1252. >ow
  1253. "He-hey!"
  1254. >she looks away, trying to hide her face
  1255. >"D-don't call me that. It's very embarrassing."
  1256. >you tried to smile but dang the gut punch was hard
  1257. "Alright, alright. I won't call you that."
  1258. >"in public."
  1259. >what
  1260. "What?"
  1261. >"Don't call me that in public. You can call me that when we are alone."
  1262. >you managed to recover from the hit and held Sugarcoat's hand
  1263. "I'm happy you're my girlfriend."
  1264. >she just remained silent
  1265. >but you can hear her mumble something
  1266. >it's faint but it sounds like
  1267. >"Thank you."
  1268. >you smiled and walked with Sugarcoat back home
  1269. >the next day
  1270. >Sugarcoat wanted to relieve her stress again so she brought you to the room again
  1271. >only to find Lemon and Indigo Zap there
  1272. >they were talking to each other
  1273. >almost as if they were waiting for something
  1274. >or somebody
  1275. >they were looking at you
  1276. >but before Lemon was about to say anything, Sugarcoat shut the door, grabbed your hand and pulled you away
  1277. >you can hear Lemon yell, "Hey wait!" from the closed door
  1278. >"Let's go somewhere else." Sugarcoat said all upset
  1279. >you had sex with Sugarcoat under the bleachers outside
  1280. [End]
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