Anon - [Nameless] [Untagged]

Jul 30th, 2014
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  1. >You fall on to the bed and before you can even react Goldie is already on top of you and planting her lips on yours
  2. >She’s straddling you and she’s pulling on your shirt as she sloppily kisses you
  3. >You just hold your hands on her body, unsure if you should push her away or just let her go on with it
  4. >Golden Corral parts her mouth from yours, leaving a trail of your now mixed salvia to hang between the two of you as she smiles huskily at you and gives you room to breathe
  5. >”G-Goldie are you sure we shou-“
  6. >You are silenced by Golden Corral giving a lick on your now exposed chest as she pulls your shirt more off of you
  7. “Just go with it Anon~”
  8. >You almost let out a yelp as you feel her tongue circle around your nipples and give them a few teasing licks as her antennae smell your body, feeling like gentle feathers being traced on your naked skin
  9. >You can also feel the growing moistness against your pants and your bulge
  10. >Golden Corral is rubbing her body against yours while letting out sounds of mirth as her wings vibrate
  11. >Your shirt gets ripped off of you and now you can once again see Golden Corral fully without the shirt blocking most of your view
  12. >She’s panting with her face in a rosy blush of arousal and her mane is a mess
  13. >Your member gives a twitch to let out just how hot you think this looks
  14. >Golden Corral seems delighted about this and trails her hoofs down your chest and abdomen before pressing her whole body against your now exposed upper body
  15. >She feels so warm, hot even, and her coat feels velvety smooth as it rubs against your now a bit sweaty body, not to mention the fluffiness of her chest fluff. Your train of thought is interrupted by the grinding motion she’s doing with her crotch against your bulge
  17. >You can’t take it anymore and place your hands on her flanks and guide her body to make the grinding motion even more vigorous
  18. >Golden Corral lets out a small moan at this and moves her mouth to your ear and whispers in it
  19. “You like that don’t you?”
  20. >You can’t even begin to think for an answer as Golden Corral now starts to teasingly lick your earlobe while breathing her hot breath on your neck as her antennae brush against your face
  21. >You grasp her butt, feeling the divine firmness and perkiness it offers as Golden Corral starts to now gyrate her hips a bit while grinding against your bulge
  22. >”Oh god Goldie”
  23. >Golden Corral stops her assault and pulls back from you
  24. >You stare at her and she can’t help but to giggle more
  25. “Don’t worry, I’m not stopping, just can’t have you starting to feel too god so fast can I?”
  26. >Golden Corral gives you a little wink and does a small thrust with her crotch as she arches her back and throws her head back, making her mane fly out and get even more messy
  27. >Her wings fly open as she does this and send out a small puff of golden dust into the air
  28. >You grasp the sheets of your bed and struggle to stare at the lewd mare on top of you instead of letting your eyes roll to the back of your head
  29. >Golden Corral looks so enticing you can’t help but to want to stare at her
  30. >Honestly it’s starting to feel like you might cum at any given second now, this s already pretty intense as it is
  31. >Golden Corral suddenly climbs off of you, letting you see a few strings of her fluids that connect her crotch to your bulge for a moment
  32. >You glance at your crotch, it’s completely drenched
  33. >You look at Golden Corral and she looks at you seductively and licks her lips while grasping your underwear with her hooves
  34. “You must feel so restrained in these, let me help you out~”
  35. >Golden Corral swiftly pulls your underwear off of you and releases your now twitching beast that’s dripping precum
  37. >Golden Corrals eyes go wide with amazement as she looks impressed
  38. “Wow Anon! Your cock looks so nice~”
  39. >She throws your underwear to the floor and inches her face towards your cock as you lie there and await for whatever happens next with anticipation and raging arousal
  40. >But you have to admit that it’s making you feel pretty good about yourself as she seems so impressed and joyed at what she found in your undies
  41. >Golden Corral now gives the base of your cock a teasing lick with the tip of her tongue before licking the underside of your cock, all the way to your glans where she does an extra twirl on them
  42. “Mmmm…tasty~”
  43. >Her voice is dripping with lewdness
  44. >Golden Corral grasps your cock with her hoof and focuses on licking the tip
  45. >Her tongue dances on your tip and you push your head against your bed
  46. >”O-oh wow!”
  47. >You glance at Goldie and she gives you a wink
  48. >You can’t even begin to explain how hot she looks with that disheveled mane of hers
  49. >Then she suddenly takes your whole length into her mouth
  50. >You feel your cock sliding deep into her hot wet mouth, until her chin makes contact with your testicles
  51. >Your eyes roll to the back of your head as Golden Corral starts to suck your cock
  52. >You can feel it sliding against her throat as she deepthroats you, letting out sloppy cock sucking sounds
  53. >”Oh jesus Goldie I’m going to-“
  54. >Suddenly Golden Corral pulls her mouth off of you and you can already feel the buildup, but then there’s a sharp sting on your cock
  55. >Your eyes shoot open and you quickly glance towards it
  56. >Golden Corral smirks at you with her tongue extended, wrapped around the base of you cock
  57. >It almost feels like you cum, but it feels a bit more painful than normally and nothing comes out
  58. “Can’t have you cum so soon~”
  60. >Your cock twitches painfully for a while before Golden Corral releases the hold her tongue has on your erect member
  61. >Before you can complain Golden Corral gives a poke on your cock, sending a strong wave of pleasure trough your body
  62. “We’ve got a lot more of fun to have before you’re allowed to cum~”
  63. >You watch as Golden Corral gets up and turns around while moving her disheveled tail out of the way of your view
  64. >You stare at her backside and the now exposed sexual organs, she’s wetter than you could have imagined
  65. >But before you can properly admire her crotch Golden Corral shifts about until her pussy is looming above your face
  66. “Make me feel good too~”
  67. >Before you can say anything Golden Corral lowers her crotch onto your face and presses her pussy against your mouth firmly
  68. “MMmmhh~”
  69. >You feel her mouth on your cock once again and as she starts to please you you start to return the favor
  70. >You start to move your lips and tongue against the very soft and warm Goldpot
  71. >You can feel it wink and contrast against your mouth and face, shaking a bit every now and then as Golden Corral grinds it against your face
  72. >As Golden Corrals mouth and hooves slide all over your cock you grasp her hips strongly and pull her even more against your face
  73. >Golden Corral lets your dick out of her mouth and continues to work her hooves on it
  74. “Ooo yes~ just like that…”
  75. >As you enjoy her taste you feel her body starting to quiver and twitch every now and then as Golden Corrals panting starts to pick up volume
  76. “A-ah! Ooohh Anon~”
  77. >You pick up the pace the best you can and start to nom her pussy even more strongly with your lips while doing a tongue trick every now and then
  78. >Golden Corrals hooves have picked up pace just as have her vaginal twitches and you can feel her body gradually tensing up
  79. >Her hooves now violently rub up and down of your cock and the pleasure is too much for you to bear as you nom down hard on her
  81. >The familiar buildup returns, but this time more intense than it was before
  82. >”M-mmfff!”
  83. >Golden Corral suddenly rams her mouth down on your cock just as you cum
  84. >You squeeze your hands on Golden Corrals hips hard as your hips twitch and jerk
  85. >You feel a rush of immense pleasure as it feels like you shoot out the most cum you ever have
  86. >Load after load empties into Golden Corrals mouth and throat as you hear her gulp it down
  87. >Golden Corrals own body now shakes against you as you feel her cum as well
  88. >Her body twitches violently as her screams of pleasure are silenced by your cock still in her mouth
  89. >And then she goes limp and lies on top of you
  90. >You feel your cock slip out of her mouth and hear her pant heavily before she shakily gets up from on top of you and slides onto the bed next to you
  91. >You wipe your mouth with your hand and pull yourself up
  92. >Your cock is still twitching as erected as ever and Goldie is lying on her stomach, breathing hard and looking at you with a happy and satisfied look on her face
  93. >Her coat is messy, her mane and her tail are disheveled and there’s a bit of her dust floating around in the room
  94. >Golden Corral smirks and moves her tail to the side
  95. >She does not need to say anything more and you get up and position yourself behind her and push your cock, still wet from your cum and her saliva, against her still twitching pussy and ram it in
  96. >As your loins make contact with Golden Corrals firm butt she grasps at the sheets while letting out a yell of pure ecstasy and presses her face against the sheets
  97. “OH YES!”
  98. >You start to fuck her ruthlessly, slamming your cock deep into her as she backs her hips against yours so you slide in harder and harder
  99. >You grasp her hooves and move them so she has them crossed, making her feel even tighter
  101. >You comply with Golden Corrals request and pull her head back by her mane
  103. >Golden Corral arches her back as much as she can as her unfocused eyes point at the ceiling and her tongue hangs out
  104. >The whole bed creaks beneath the two of you like it is going to break at any given point as you slam your hips against Golden Corrals butt and pull on her mane
  105. >Her wings are shaking and you can feel her organ milk your cock, almost like it would have a strong grip on your cock
  106. “Ah AH AH AH AAH YEES!”
  107. >You grunt every now and then as you slam deep inside Golden Corral
  108. >it almost feels like your heart is about to give out in such heavy use as you move your body with more speed and stamina you ever believed you had
  109. >You lose track of time as you and Goldie have sweaty sex like that, switching from position to position, both of you going at it like your life depended on it and after what feels like an eternity of endless sexual pleasure you feel the familiar buildup
  110. >At this point Golden Corral is bouncing on top of you, riding you so hard the bed is moving about while screaming out how she loves your cock
  111. >You grasp her hips strongly and hold her down as you cum inside of her
  113. >As you do so Golden Corrals body starts to shake and she has yet another orgasm of her own
  114. >You’ve long since lost count on how many she’s had
  115. >As you empty what feels like the last bit of semen left in you Golden Corrals pussy pushes your member out with a healthy goop of the now mixed bodily fluids and collapses onto the bed next to you
  116. >Both of you lay there and catch your breath
  117. >You can feel Golden Corals body twitch strongly every now and then as you try to calm your pulse
  118. >Bou feel like absolute crap, dehydrated, tired, aching and hungry, but you have never felt more satisfied
  119. >Golden Corral snuggles against you
  120. “Th- that was amazing…”
  121. >You feel very proud at how impressed Golden Corral sounds
  122. >You pull her closer to you as she stats to trail her hoof on your chest
  123. “We should catch our breath… So we’re ready for round two~”
  124. >You stare at Golden Corral in shock as she smirks at you teasingly and licks her lips before nuzzling her face against your chest lovingly
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