Kinedness and Love [RGRE] (MinoOC/Anon) (NSFW)

May 31st, 2019
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  1. > Be Anon, creeping towards your beautiful sleeping wife
  2. > You're wearing nothing but some lacy gloves and a pair of white, silky socks
  3. > Hell if you know why it gets Stormy Billows hot and bothered, but you aren't complaining
  4. > Your Minoan wife breathes deeply, the sheets concealing the details of her peaks, but as snow cannot conceal the immensity of a mountain, so too does the cloth not hide how fucking huge her tits are
  5. > You smile mischievously to yourself as you straddle her waist
  6. > Gently, you cup the cheeks of her face and peck her on the lips
  7. > Stormy blinks as she wakens, a smile slowly forming on her face
  8. > She crushes you in a warm embrace, humming contentedly
  9. > Her lips brush your ear as she whispers in a husky voice
  10. > "Wear those sexy little gloves tonight, and I'll rut you so hard the bed breaks."
  11. > You barely have time to yelp before Stormy rolls over and plunders your mouth with her skilled tongue
  12. > Her hand grips your dick with a gentle firmness, her movements smooth and skillful
  13. > Her breasts lay heavy on your chest, and you lose yourself to her warmth and pressure
  14. > You return the kiss as best you can, but Stormy's tongue is far stronger and larger than yours
  15. > You can feel her fond amusement as you struggle against its movements
  16. > Your hands sink into her tits, hefting and kneading
  17. > She hums in approval, pumping you faster and faster
  18. > You squirm under her, bucking your hips against the movements of her hand
  19. > You are so close
  20. > It seems she feels it too, because she breaks the kiss and crawls back between your legs
  21. > Stormy gives you a wink before enveloping your length in her warm, wet muzzle
  22. > You almost cum right then and there, but you hold back
  23. > She smiles around your dick, then gets down to sucking and licking with brutal efficiency
  24. > You groan as any semblance of self control evaporates and you fire into her mouth
  25. > Stormy hums in contentment, suckling on your cock until the last drop is spent
  26. > She finally swallows, letting your manhood fall from her mouth
  27. > You lay on the bed, sweaty, spent, and flush with pleasure
  28. > She leans down and kisses you on the cheek
  29. > "Good morning to you too, darling. I'll see you after work, and remember..."
  30. > She pats your hip
  31. > "Wear the gloves."
  32. > You kiss her on the snout
  33. "As you wish."
  34. > Stormy gives your hip a playful grope, then leaves to get ready for work
  35. > You take a moment to collect yourself
  36. > By the gods, you love your wife
  40. > Another day, you stare in the mirror
  41. > Your beard has been getting kinda wild, and the Labyrinthian summer is sweltering
  42. > An hour of trimming later, and you still aren't satisfied
  43. > It's short enough, but you feel like experimenting
  44. > Perhaps a goatee and side burns?
  45. > You grin to yourself, imagining Stormy's reaction
  46. > "Oh, new style of beard? It suits your handsome face."
  47. > Totally worth it
  49. > You pace in front of the door, waiting for your wife to get home
  50. > You can't stop rubbing the clean-shaven parts of your jaw
  51. > It feels kinda weird, after having a full beard for so long
  52. > The door creaks open, and you whirl to face it
  53. "Welcome home dear, how was your day?"
  54. > Stormy hangs her shield and sword on the rack by the door
  55. > "Uneventful, but that's the best kin-"
  56. > She freezes as she sees your face
  57. > Her eyes go wide, pupils dilating
  58. > You grin uneasily
  59. "Thought I'd try something different. Do you like it?"
  60. > Stormy slams the door behind her and rushes at you
  61. > You manage one panicked step back before your face is in her hands, turning your head this way and that
  62. > "We'll have to have a portrait done, maybe five?"
  63. > You feel yourself start to blush
  64. "We don't need to go that far..."
  65. > Stormy nods seriously, letting go of your face
  66. > "You're right, we need to preserve this in sculpture."
  67. > You spend the next several hours serving as her model, blushing at the constant stream of compliments she mutters as she chips away at the stone
  71. > The Autumn leaves are beautiful as the two of you walk in the public gardens
  72. > Other couples seem to agree, sitting on picnic blankets and fondly watching over their wandering calves
  73. > Stormy holds your hand, fingers interlaced, and gives it a squeeze
  74. > "What are you thinking about, my love?"
  75. > You look up at her and smile, cheeks reddening a little
  76. "I was thinking it would be nice to have a calf of our own, someday."
  77. > She blinks
  78. > Then scoops you up in her arms and starts trotting towards home
  79. "Uh, Stormy?"
  80. > She smiles fondly at your reddening face
  81. > "Yes, my treasure?"
  82. "We don't have to start trying right now."
  83. > Your wife nods
  84. > "We don't have to, but there is no way I can resist when my adorable husband tells me he wants calves. So please be patient with me, while I make sure every drop of your seed ends up inside me."
  85. > You cover your face
  86. "I can't believe you said that in public!"
  87. > Stormy shrugs
  88. > "Let them hear. I will never hide my love for you."
  89. > You bury your face into her tit, hiding your goofy grin
  90. > You mumble,
  91. "I love you too, Stormy."
  93. > The next morning, Stormy chops down a tree for yet another bedframe
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