Playful night

Dec 30th, 2013
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  1. >day sitting cozily on your couch and watching the tv
  2. >you're wearing a stretchy fluffy overall thingy Rarity made for you so you have something to wear at home and feel warm
  3. >it's suprisinly soft and stretchy and pleasant, it was made from something special but honestly you did not listen to Rarity that much, fabrics just don't intrest you
  4. >but the thing is comfy as hell, almost liek a weareable huge blanket
  5. >you just keep wishing that Rarity would have made it some other color than bright pink
  6. >and Dandelion seems to think so too
  7. >the little mothpony had once again come to visit you and the two of you ended up watching cartoons on your tv set
  8. >after slighlty brushing against you and being suprised by how soft and fluffy the fabric felt, Dandelion quickly snuggled very tightly against you
  9. >"Well you sure are liking this thingy I'm wearing"
  10. >Dandelion rubs her face against the fabric
  11. "Mmmhhmm, it feels so soft"
  12. >you laugh a bit at Dandelions cute shenanigans
  13. >"Well, you won't believe how soft it feels for me since I am covered in this thing"
  14. >Dandelions eyes light up
  15. "Dandelion wants to try too"
  16. >you did not plan this trough, Dandelion climbs up and before you know it she climbs inside your castle of comfiness
  17. >"Uhh Dandelion.."
  18. >she's a soft warm ball of softness on your lap
  19. >it was a good decision to wear underwear under this thing
  20. "Dandelion can't see..."
  21. >suddenly Dandelion starts to move around and it tickles like hell
  22. >you were about to say something but you start to laugh as your body jerks about uncontrollably
  23. "Hey stop moving!"
  24. >"Hahahaha ah I ahahaha haha c-can- hhhaaahaha"
  25. >you cant controll your body nor breathe as Dandelion skitters about your body, her antennae tickling your sides as parts of her mane and tail brush you ticklishly all over
  26. >you try to do your best to not move around too much so you won't hurt Dandelion but it is a loosing battle
  27. >just as you are about to start to worry you might pee yourself or loose conciousness from not being able to breathe, Dandelion settles onto your lap and pushes her head trough the opening hole from where your own head is sticking out
  28. >Dandelions mane is a mess due to getting statically charged in her little adventure
  29. >She looks at you as you catch your breath and smiles, before returning to look at the cartoon, now cozily inside your clothes
  30. >she feels rather warm against you and you find yourself relaxing even more like this and hug her
  31. >the two of you keep watching cartoons like this for the rest of the night
  32. ---
  33. >but then a devious tought comes to your head
  34. >you are going to get her back for that tickling
  35. >smiling devilishly you sneak your arms to ready position and then you assault her little body, tickling it ruthlessly
  36. >Dandelion givesd a squeak of fright as you first touch her, but then starts to laugh immidietely as your fingers tickle her on her sides
  37. "Hahahaha hahaha s- hahaha s-top is Ahaha ah Anonymous"
  38. >you just grin and keep tickling her as she laughs and pleads you to stop and squirms in your lap
  39. >this is a lot more fun than you tought it would be
  40. >Dandelion turns around but you keep tickling her as she laughs into your chest
  41. >you start to travel around her body to find even more ticklish spots
  42. >shoulderss? no, nothing. Her back? a few spots here and there. Her buttocks? She reacts somehow, need to search for more
  43. >a wet spot?
  44. >...
  45. >...
  46. >processing
  47. >...
  48. >you look at Dandelion that is lying agianst your chest beneath the fabric
  49. >her heart is beating fast and she is breathing hard, and she's blushing
  50. >you bring your hand up
  51. >there's something on it, it's slippery
  52. >you take a sniff of it
  53. >this smells... like...
  54. >you look at Dandelion in shock
  55. >she blushes hard and averts her eyes from yours
  56. >it can't be...
  57. >you are not sure how to handle this situation now
  58. >you feel some wetness on your stomach now
  59. >Dandelion seems a bit reserved now
  60. >she must feel bad for, well, becoming like this
  61. >you need to say something
  62. >"Ummm... Dandelion, it's not your fault, I uhhhh, I went a bit too far..."
  63. >Dandelion still won't look at you
  64. >shit, shit, ok what to do
  65. >Suddenly Dandelion lifts her gaze and looks you in the eyes
  66. "Anon, do you t-think that... Dandelion is cute?"
  67. >there's a familiar fear on her face, one that you have seen many times on your own face
  68. >it's the fear of rejection
  69. >you... are not sure how to handle this situation, so you reply
  70. >"Y-yes, I think you are cute Dandelion"
  71. >step 1, not make the filly cry
  72. >Dandelion looks at you and moves her face closer
  73. >and suddenly she plants her little lips onto yours
  74. >your eyes bulge in shock
  75. >Dandelion's kissing you
  76. >it's an akward kiss, she's pressing her lips against yours and trying to move them a bit
  77. >then she pulls her face back and looks at you while blushing, but then averts her eyes to the floor, but then brings them back to look at you but looses courage and looks at the floor
  78. >you sit there in silence, not sure what to say
  79. >Dandelions eyes water up a bit
  80. "W-was it not good?"
  81. >before you even realize what you are saying you answer her, so she won't cry
  82. >"No, it was really good"
  83. >Dandelion seems a bit more happy now as you wonder to yourself what the hell you just said
  84. >suddenly the erection that you did not even know you were growing pokes against Dandelions butt
  85. "Dandelion... knows that when a boy and a girl get like this they want to do naughty things... and that naughty things are things that should be only done with your very special somepony..."
  86. >you gulp
  87. "Dandelion likes you Anon, a lot..."
  88. >and then she starts to awkwardly rub her nether region against the fabric of your boxers
  89. >it feels more heavenly you would ever want to admit as Dandelion gasps erotically
  90. >you...
  91. >you should stop this
  92. >Dandelion hugs your body and keeps grinding
  93. >but... your body is not listening to you
  94. >slowly, you touch Dandelions body with yoru hands and caress it
  95. >it's small, warm but yet feels much more feminine than it has ever felt
  96. >you cup her buttocks as she moans, feeling their firm perkyness
  97. >and then, you stop, as if your mind gains some clear from its haze
  98. >"Dandelion, are you sure about this?"
  99. >Dandelion blushes even more red, and looks you with a look on her face that melts your heart to mush and almost makes you cream your pants right there and then
  100. "Yes... Dandelion wants to do this..."
  101. >you stop trying to resist, and just let it happen
  102. >you pull your legs into the weareable magic blanket and then take off your underwear, the moist Dandelion still in your lap, your erection now hot-dogged between her buttocks
  103. >as Dandelion breathes heavily, you lift her up and position your tip against her still pristine gates, their divine warm nectar flowing down along your shaft
  104. >"This is going to hurt a bit Dandelion"
  105. >Dandelion looks at you and nods
  106. "Dont worry Anon, Dandelion is prepared..."
  107. >and with one swift thrust, you rob Dandelion of her virginity
  108. >her body tenses and she bites her teeths together as she closes her eyes
  109. >you have done it
  110. >there is no return now
  111. >her tight walls are clamping down onto you pretty hard
  112. >she feels hotter and softer on the inside than you could have ever imagined
  113. >a single tear rolls down Dandelions cheek
  114. >you wipe it off
  115. >"...Are you ok?"
  116. >Dandelion opens her eyes
  117. "Yes, it just hurted more than Dandelion tought it would..."
  118. >before you can ask if she wants to stop she lifts her hips up a bit and then moves them down
  119. >it almost makes you cum right there, she's got an iron grip on your member and it almsot sends you over the edge
  120. "It's starting to feel good..."
  121. >those words Dandelion spoke steel your resolve
  122. >this is her first time, you will not allow her to be dissapointed
  123. >you will put her pleasure before yours
  124. >you start to guide on how to move her body up and down while holkding onto her hips
  125. >Dandelion soon starts to moan as her eyes seem to become cloudy
  126. >she starts to move her body more boldly and soon she's really slamming down onto your hips, riding you with her tongue hanging out and drool falling from her open mouth
  127. >her moans have taken a tone so lewd you did not believe to be possible, she's completely lost in the sexual pleasure
  128. >you can no longer hold it in
  129. >"Dandelion, I'm going to-"
  130. >you cum and it feels like your testicles are shooting out of your body trough your dick
  131. >you have never felt anything this intense as you shoot your seed deep into Dandelion
  132. >suddebly her body jerks as she hrows her head back and screams in pleasure
  133. >her organ pushes yours out forcefully as her boy quivers in the throws of her orgasm
  134. >your own seed, mixed with Dandelions own juices flows down onto your lap, making a pink mess
  135. >Dandelion collapses against you, breathing hard
  136. >you too collapse onto the couch wioth Dnadelion in your arms
  137. >you feel exhausted
  138. >you take a look at Dandelion
  139. >she's fast asleep in your arms
  140. >the pleasure must have been too much
  141. >you too close your eyes and let the darkness overtake your conciousness
  142. >you'll think about the consequences when you wake up
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