Zambia 5-4-20 Standup

May 4th, 2020
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  1. Zambia 5-4-20 Standup
  3. 2Admin->👂Zambia[4]
  5. Zambia: We're anxious to see what you've got.
  6. Admin: I'm running a little behind...
  7. Zambia: That's alright, we're a little busy ourselves...
  8. Zambia: I was going to say though...
  9. Zambia: @Arbitrat0r, what is the status of the @Admin->👂Zambia.
  10. Arbitrat0r: @Zambia, right now, Admin has 2 out of 4 👂 used.
  11. Zambia: @Arbitrat0r, if he just puts a little polish on what he's produced for us we'll give him another *hearMeOut*.
  12. Admin: Thanks @Zambia!
  13. Zambia: (!.!) Manage our expectations (!.!)
  15. Admin: Okay, I have two *time is of the essence projects* to do, they should take about a day each. Hmmmmm {{@Admin->👂Zambia}}
  16. Zambia: Date pls?
  17. Admin: Hmmm
  18. Zambia: not === yesterday ====
  19. Zambia: did I use that correctly?
  20. Admin: -yeah-
  21. ...
  22. Admin: @Zambia, how's 5,7, like the twelve tribes of Isreal
  23. Zambia: Perfecto. Just meet your deadline this time :).
  24. Arbitrat0r: If you don't meet your deadline @Admin, your 2@Admin->👂Zambia will become 2@Admin->[-]👂Zambia.
  25. Admin: That's ¯fair¯.
  26. [+]△
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