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18+ CoC: Lynnette Salon Goblin

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  1. [Salon - Fuck Goblin]
  3. At your suggestion, Lynnette’s eyelashes flutter dangerously low. She gives you a smokey look and asks, “Is that so?” She circles around you, looking you up and down with eyes that seem to bore right through your sexy black chitin armor-plating. She must see something she likes, because she dips forward, parting her weighty melons around your leg so that she can slip a manicured hand inside your underclothes. She handles your mast with the skill of a practiced snake-charmer before curling her petite fingers around your sack to heft it.
  5. Lynnette coos, “There it is... that yummy, nasty seed that you’ve let wait and bake for hour after hour.” She shivers in anticipation. “You’re going to stuff every single drop of that sticky stuff straight inside me, and it’s going to be so thick it glues my snatch shut until it’s time for birthing. Got it?” She squeezes down on your nice, prick with near-painful firmness, holding you completely and totally erect in the palm of her hand as she easily works off your sexy black chitin armor-plating. “Yes you are.... Oh, this is just what I needed today,” the green woman sighs while rubbing your duo of balls with hunger in her eyes.
  7. Tossing your discarded sexy black chitin armor-plating over her shoulder, Lynnette starts off towards a cleverly concealed side room, dragging you along by the penis in her wake. Her plush, wobbling ass ticks back and forth like a lascivious metronome with each step, shaking just enough that your eyes are held almost spellbound, tracking the reflections as they play across the shimmering dress that’s trying and failing to contain the inhuman juiciness of her bootylicious derriere. Catching you staring, she gives you a gentler, more comforting squeeze. “Just wait til you see me get out of this thing, honey... and try to keep from blowing until we get you inside me.”
  9. You nod and kick the door to Lynnette’s room closed behind you. The bedroom, much like its owner, is a compact little thing, hewn in by four close cave walls, but the ceiling rises up at least ten feet, ensuring that the space is comfortable for everything from a goblin to a minotaur. Lynnette’s bed is oversized to the extreme, filling the entire room almost entirely by itself. The goblin matron finally lets you go and bounces up onto her bed, turning to face you.
  11. Starting with one loose shoulder strap, Lynnette eases the edge of her top down, exposing her rich emerald areola without quite letting you see the rigid tip of her nipple. The clingy fabric shrouding it darkens slightly, stained with a spurt of eager lactation, slicked down so that it reveals the entire shape of the curvacious beauty’s teat. She repeats the action on the other side, letting both sides of her dress hang entirely off her lewdly jutting nipples, the pebbly areolas' top halves wantonly displayed to your roving eyes as she shakes back and forth. Her tits bounce and shake like lewd toys, colliding with boob-rippling force before bouncing apart, each hit causing the hem to sink lower until her protruding nubs pop free.
  13. Like a balloon with all the air let out, Lynnette’s gauzy dress wobbles and collapses downward towards her obscenely flared hips, collecting in a ring of folded fabric around her waist. She bounces on the bed, sending her unsupported mammaries to undulate in a licentious display that culminates in sudden sprays of creamy, alabaster milk from each freed nipple. She rolls her hips around with the skill of a belly dancer while trickles of white roll across her shaking viridian middle, letting the dress slip lower and lower, eventually revealing the dark-flushed skin just above her cleft. With a wink, she peels the milk-damp fabric away from her dark, passion inflamed mound, the sound of the separation clearly audible. Long strands of feminine wetness connect the threads to Lynnette’s body for the briefest moment before breaking to fall upon her thick, curvaceous thighs.
  15. Lynnette’s bed bounces as she lets herself fall back into her pillows, and you watch her cowgirl-sized knockers flatten slightly under their own weight, showing just how big they truly are. Everything below her neck and above her belly-button is covered in an ocean of jade breast-flesh, one the goblin is happy to highlight by digging her fingers into it, letting her digits vanish into the oh-so-soft love-cushions. She moans and spreads her legs, giving you a better view while she bats her eyelashes in the most ravenous come-hither look you’ve ever seen. Her lower lips, wet and plump with love-juices, part slightly, inviting you to fill them. You know full well that she’s had many daughters, but the flawless, malachite swell of her snatch shows no sign of wear, and rather, glistens as evidence of her race’s natural elasticity.
  17. “Mount me,” the goblin growls as she displays her nude body to you, “I want to feel you inside, stud. I want to make you cum for me.” She smiles lecherously. “You WILL cum for me.” The glittering look of promise in her eyes leaves no room for doubt in your heart. She’s going to wind up with a cuntful of cum, and all you can do is provide it for her.
  19. Before you can crawl into bed after her and give her the loving she deserves, you catch a whiff of something sweet and undeniably... fertile in the air. It’s obviously the pheromone-laden scent of the green matron’s arousal, hanging thickly in the air and working its way into your system. Twitching unsubtly, your maleness has begun to bead clear droplets of precum. They run down the underside of your distended, eager cumvein and race down towards your pair of balls, leaving a glossy, sexual shine in their wake, and they’re only coming on faster and faster the longer you gaze upon Lynnette’s emerald twat and inhale her prick-stiffening scent.
  21. “Fuck me,” the pregnancy-obsessed slut begs as she moves a hand down to her cunny, spreading the lips wide-open with reveal a glittering amethyst tunnel that promises sublime pleasure to all who enter.
  23. You climb up onto the bed with one hand wrapped around your dick and your eyes leering down over your jade prize, your dick oozing droplets of molten-hot pre onto your waiting conquest’s slick thighs as you climb into position. She looks up at you imploringly as she awaits the inevitable penetration, grabbing your hand and pressing down on her sodden box. The sensation reminds you vaguely of holding your hand above a pot of boiling water, the steaming heat collecting into condensation upon your hand. That settles it; you absolutely need to fuck her NOW! Your dick won’t take no for an answer.
  25. Grunting as you aggressively move yourself into place, you lock eyes with the shameless slut, letting her know with a single look just how hard you are going to fuck her, how perfectly pounded her pussy is going to be. That one expression leaves her unequivocally sure of her impending bowleggedness, and the little tart just grins. You thrust forward with all the subtleness of a rampaging bull, battering your cock-head right through her slobbering delta, feeling the lips cling to your girth as they’re stretched out into an o-ring of cock-squeezing pleasure, somehow incredibly tight around you but with more give than any woman ought to have. The breeder grabs hold of your girly hips and tugs as hard as her meager strength will allow. Slapping against her hard enough to release a splash of girlish cum, you hilt yourself completely, duo of testicles resting on her soaked, juicy ass-cheeks.
  27. Lynette is so goddamned wet! Her twat is a sopping-wet furnace around your ample, prick, clenching down tightly to hold you still while she adjusts to the shape and size of hard-throbbing inseminator. A happy, brainless smile spreads across her face in reaction to the mounting, though her hands remain stubbornly on your hips, helping to keep you from pounding away until she’s ready. While you’re immobilized, you decide to avail yourself of the goblin’s other features, gripping as much of one titanic tit as you possibility can. Your hand barely covers a quarter of the swollen bosom, and your fingers sink deeply into the forgiving green flesh, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from the hairdresser when you shift your grope to place her nipple within your reach.
  29. Losing control of her abdominal muscles from the forcible, nipple-bound bliss, Lynnette’s cock-arresting grip collapses, and you’re free to saw away at her gushing nethers, dragging your eager, penis out until only the head remains embedded within her purple-tinged interior and then, slamming it back in just as hard as your initial penetration. Her hands slip off your girly hips and down to the sheets, where they gather up fistfuls of the increasingly sex-stained fabric and clench. The honey hole around you flutters uncontrollably, clenching wildly as you thrust powerfully through it, mixing your pre-cum with its own copious leavings until there’s a whitish slurry leaking from the increasingly puffy entrance.
  31. The blissed-out goblin’s eyelids droop closed a second after her eyes roll back, and she calls out, “Oh fuck yessssssss, that’s the spot! Fuck me! Fuck me! YES!” Her body shudders, accompanied by a screech of pleasure. “You’re making me c-c-c-cum...!” Lynnette’s wonderfully fertile thighs roll with the waves of passion she’s riding, rhythmically squeezing down on your dick with inadvertent muscular contractions that feel so good they almost suck the cum straight out of your duo of balls.
  33. Somehow, you don’t blow your load into the dick-massaging goblin twat right then and there. Compelled by an urgent, instinctive need, you continue to saw your raging-hard phallus into Lynnette’s musky cunt, splattering love-juices everywhere. The seed trapped inside your duo of balls churns and roils as your body does its damnedest to maximize its output, making your sack feel tight and your testes bloated and tender. There’s a tsunami of sperm building up inside you to the point where holding it in is actually starting to hurt you, but at the same time, your body refuses to give in and climax yet either.
  35. Lynnette’s huge, milk-dripping nipples erupt like the verdant volcano peaks they resemble, spraying gushes of ivory cream in lewd cascades that wash over you both, acting as a sweet, slick lubricant that allows her thighs to slip and slide over your own with ease. She whimpers when your hands attach themselves to her leaky teats, attracted to the mounds as if by magnetism, and you squeeze down on them, pinching off the flow only to release the pressure, making her release her lactic load in huge, pulsing sprays. She cries out, “Milk me! Milk me like a dirty, bova slut!” Her back lifts to press those squirting nubs more firmly between your fingers as another orgasm, smaller than the first, wracks her tender, tiny body.
  37. Your thrusts transform from powerful lunges into a frenzied jackhammering so powerful that the impact ripples along her considerable thighs and ass. Even her squirting tits shake and jostle with the pussy-plowing impacts as you mount the goblin like a rutting beast, battering your crown in as close to the cervix as you possibly can, grunting and growling as you lose yourself in the feel of her soaked, velvet tunnel. Your focus collapses entirely down to the feel of that slick tunnel around you and how far you can push into it, how strongly you can make it climax and squeeze around you.
  39. Looking up at you in between reason-deadening orgasms, Lynnette purses her considerably puffy, cock-sucking lips to lick them. She reaches up with both arms to grab you firmly about the neck, surprising you with her strength as she pulls you down, guiding your mouth to her moistened puckers for an eager kiss. Her lips slip and slide across yours as you nuzzle mouth to mouth, your hips still working, and you trade saliva, sparring your tongues back and forth between your paired oral orifices. One of her hands grabs your shoulder-length, brown hair in a tight grip, breaking the kiss long enough for her to growl, “Cum. Now.”
  41. Your body has been ready to go off for some time now, and the words act like an irresistible trigger for your climax, causing you to lurch your fair-sized, dong completely inside once more and hold it there. Screaming with relief, you can feel the cum rushing out from your duo of testicles, through your middle, and down the length of your quim-buried tool, distending it as blobs of cum roll through the honeyed folds to explode against the well-endowed goblin’s cervix. The touch of cum at the womb’s entrance sends your lover back into another body-shaking climax; her eyes roll back, her pussy clamps down, and most importantly, her cervix dilates into a wide-open hole, sucking the cum straight into her womb as fast as you can shoot it.
  43. Tiny hands latch onto your shoulders as you pour your distilled lusts into the lucky woman’s womb, digging deeply into your sexy, fair skin. Lynnette’s lips crash back against yours, her tongue burrowing into your mouth before she traps your lower lip, biting it painfully hard. Her eyes roll back, and her body shakes with so much pleasure that she almost looks to be having a seizure. Your cock doesn’t care about that any more than her sperm-hungry uterus does, the two organs far too busy exchanging genetic material to care what state their owners are in.
  45. In no time flat, you’ve finished cumming, and Lynnette’s womb has swallowed every single drop. Her luscious slit’s juices run clear, leading you to believe that her gluttonous womb swallowed it all.
  47. Lynnette holds you tight until she’s absolutely sure you’ve spent every drop. Only then does she release you, allowing you to slide out with a gush of girlspunk to chase you. She groans, “Hey, hun, that was fun, but you barely even came! How am I supposed to birth a dozen daughters at once if you barely coat the surface of my womb!?” She shudders. “Go on. I’ve got to find some drugs to fix this, else I won’t get a decent brood out of this term.”
  49. You leave her feeling a little underappreciated. Maybe you could find some cum-boosting supplements out there? Still, you are owed a haircut...
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