Mar 19th, 2013
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  1. There's this really cool canvas in the middle of the antarctic ocean that makes it so that anything you draw anything you want and it comes true and one day this guy was sailing around and he found it and took it home with him and he wanted to draw on it but he wasn't sure what to draw so he came online for some inspiration and found this 4chan thread and decided that he wanted to draw himself turning into a pony so he got all his stuff together and drew himself turning into Big Mac with a giant ten foot long cock because why the hell not, so the next day he woke up and found that the painting was blank again as if he didn't draw anything and after a few days he started turning into Bic Mac and he grew a 10 foot horse cock that could plow through any field so he was hired at this farm to run through the fields with a giant throbbing erection and his giant cock would plow through the dirt and fertilize it with his pre that came out and then at the end he would rear it up and spray his seed all over the field and all the crops would grow really well that summer but there was a downside to it because he didn't have any girls to use it on since it was 10 feet long but luckily he became friends with this humpback whale who was really happy to see him and she said that she put the canvas there in the ocean in hopes that someone would take it home with them and draw themselves as something with a giant cock that would be able to please her and although it was a crazy plan it actually worked so Big Mac and the whale lived happily ever after and had mutant pony whale hybrid babies for the rest of their days.
  2. The End
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