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Quick Rundown on the Three Kingdoms

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Jun 23rd, 2017
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  1. -existed 4000-3500 BC-composed of the Vedic Empire (modern day india), kingdom of Babylon (modern day iraq) and the kingdom of Atlantis (landmass no longer exists but was an island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea)
  2. -possessed hyper-advanced technology at a time when the rest of the world were living as cavemen, origin of this technology is believed to be alien in nature. developed highly advanced weapons to fight against the various supernatural and mythological beings vying for dominance of earth, such as the kaiju (nearly rendered extinct, save for a small research sample located in a base under hokkaido which eventually escaped ~1000AD and have been plaguing Japan and Russia ever since).
  3. -very peaceful and noble civilization with a love of science & culture. had strict rules about interacting with 'non-uplifted' human populations and so lived in secrecy, building cities underground and using stealth technology to camouflage all others.
  4. -3K technology has no real buttons, triggers or any other physical interface, instead it uses a bio-scanner to directly interpret brainwaves. specifically coded so that only those with 3K DNA can use it, to prevent it falling into the hands of non-uplifted races.
  5. -limited colonization of the moon, including the construction of the VLC which was designed as a propulsion laser for solar system colonization. sent off various colony ships on multi-hundred-year voyages to other systems as part of their search for their creators.
  6. -no colonies on Mars, but limited research & archival structures, including the master database documenting all of their technology patterns+ the master override key for the VLC
  7. -civilization eventually fell due to a civil war sparked by the kanos jai, who rose up as an individualist, counter-culturalist movement offering an alternative to the hyper-statist, hyper-collectivist status quo of the three kingdoms.
  8. -atlantis completely wiped off the map by the VLC, killing millions in the inital impact and millions more as tsunamis batter the coast of the mediterranean
  9. -the war ends with most of the three kingdoms' population dead. the survivors either sabotage or hide their technology, sealing the cities of the three kingdoms away and hiding their secrets. the survivors and their descendants generally remain as distinct ethnic groups despite settling in various places throughout the Levant and the Middle-East, and retain limited quantities of their technology for self-defence, though do not share or sell it to outsiders.
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