(TF) Celestia and Luna pick on humans for fun 7 (B)

Dec 1st, 2012
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  1. >This usually wasn't in the maid mare's job description, but it has been known to happen as of late
  2. >She dutifully cleans herself off with a rag held by her magic as the two sisters try and calm their laughing fit
  3. >Princess Celestia, co-ruler of Equestria, and bringer of the sun spit tea all over her faithful maid
  4. >Why? Better to ask the earth pony known as "Shiner" apparently
  5. >The two of them have been eying this particular pony for a few days now and whatever he's up to brings them so much joy
  6. >Much to the maid's dismay as they're usually in the middle of sipping tea when he does something amusing
  7. >PC:"Oh I am so sorry dear hehehe I honestly did not expect THAT to happen."
  8. >The maid finishes wiping herself off unconcerned with the apology, she always says that
  9. >M:"It is quite alright princess, please do be careful in the future regardless. It could be rather uncouth while in court or such."
  10. >PL:"Sister you say that every time to the poor girl. We think it would be wise to be much more cautious when watching Shiner during afternoon tea." Luna sighs out before looking apologetic to the poor maid
  11. >PC:"Yes I suppose you're right little sister, but I honestly did not expect him to react like that. Just look at their faces. Admit it Luna, you found it quite amusing too."
  12. >PL:"Perhaps we did sister, however we did not expel our tea onto the face of our faithful maid did we?"
  13. >Celestia looks over at the maid and sighs
  14. >PC:"I am truly sorry deary, in the future I shall try not to get so into observing the poor guy."
  15. >The maid says nothing as she bows and pushes the cart away after placing the tray on it with her magic
  16. 1/7
  18. >The royal sisters don't hear the maid grumbling something about "bits are bits" as she trots away
  19. >They're much to concerned with the fallout going on from Shiner's outburst
  20. >PL:"Tell us again why you chose an earth pony for this one sister? I can understand unicorn, but I don't believe we have tried a pegasus yet."
  21. >Celestia grows a sly smile on her face as she continues looking through her binoculars
  22. >PC:"Ah yes, the selection. The last unicorn was quite a bit problematic with his insanity, the magic we gave him causing so much trouble within Manehatten. To this day I still hope they find out where he teleported that bakery. It was a mistake to give him so much talent to play with."
  23. >Celestia reminisces for a moment
  24. >That unicorn had lasted a full 6 months before breaking and when he did... Manehatten may never be the same again
  25. >He had used so much magic that day ruining street vendor stalls and leading the guard on a chase throughout the city
  26. >At the end of the chase he used the last of his magic to take a bakery with him to whatever ends of the earth he had disappeared to
  27. >Luckily nop0ny happened to be inside the bakery, but getting the baker and his family back on their feet wasn't easy
  28. >The sisters took it upon themselves to take care of them while not letting on that the unicorn was their fault
  29. >Officially it was because the guard couldn't stop the unicorn in time
  30. 2/7
  32. >PC:"Concerning a pegasus I think it would be important to try a few earth ponies, avoid unicorns, and observe any and all common traits among their mental breakdowns. After that we can factor in what adding wings to such ponies would change in those traits."
  33. >Luna's eyes grow a couple sizes as she looks to her dear sister
  34. >She has given this much more thought than originally assumed, although it sounds natural since these toys are living amongst their precious ponies
  35. >PL:"Sister, do you think we are bad ponies for doing this?" she says with a hint of slight regret appearing in her voice
  36. >PC:"Of course we are little sister. That doesn't mean we aren't entitled to our own fun, even at the expense of a sentient being like the humans. I'd call it a mix between fulfilling a wish of one of them along with showing them just how we feel about their response to our gift."
  37. >Celestia smiles warmly to her sister
  38. >PL:"Seeing how those humans reacted to that window into our lives was a rather disturbing sight, but this is not about revenge and such is it dear sister?"
  39. 3/7
  41. >PC:"Not at all, all 4 humans wanted to be here, they wanted to be a pony in our society. What fault is it of ours if giving them that chance leads to such results because they were bad seeds of their kind. We could have chosen a more sane 'brony' sure, but this is much more fun you have to admit."
  42. >Luna knows she can't argue with that, each one has been an amusing adventure so far
  43. >PL:"We agree with you on that, but sometimes I wonder sister. We suppose returning all save for the one who disappeared should make up for it. They were able to live their dream and could not handle the conditions involved. 'Their loss' as We've heard a few locals of Ponyville proclaim."
  44. >Celestia chuckles slightly at her sister's comment, she's really coming around these days
  45. >PC:"I think we've preoccupied ourselves enough to rejoin our observation little sister. It's time to put the imaginary creature back in action."
  46. >As she finishes that statement her horn begins to glow that usual soft golden color
  47. >PL:"That poor human, he has no idea that 'monster,' as he calls it, is coming from you. Granted everything it seems to do is directly related to how he would actually react if his memories and personality weren't altered to place him properly in society."
  48. >PC:"I'm actually more concerned about what we had to do to our ponies in order to place him. That took a fair deal of magic from both of us to alter the memories of each pony to make them believe Shiner has always been there."
  49. >Luna nods in agreement before returning to her binoculars
  50. 4/7
  52. >Of course you have no idea about any of what just transpired, you're currently spewing spaghetti everywhere after your outburst at the monster, not to mention the fact you're not a unicorn with freaky ESP powers
  53. >Thank Celestia for that, although not all unicorns are bad considering Joe and Fancy Pants
  54. >Despite how friendly Fancy is you really hate his trophy girl Fleur, one too many stink-eyes from that one
  55. >Don't think too hard about the princesses, it happened, but you didn't see it
  56. >The one who was supposed to see it did, that's all you need to know
  57. >You're really going crazy now, what the hay were you even thinking about?
  58. >No matter, you have a serious situation on your hooves
  59. >You just shouted at the monster in front of Joe and the office worker
  60. >They're both staring at you wide-eyed and slack-jawed
  61. >The monster? He disappeared for a moment but quickly returned to laugh at you
  62. >Buck him
  63. >Joe finally breaks the silence with "Uhh Shiner? What the hay was that?"
  64. >You quickly gather yourself and struggle for a response
  65. >The office worker decides to answer for you "I'm going to assume this is related to why you're here?"
  66. "YES... I mean yeah, I was just... look I'm sorry, but that delusion really has me at my wit's end. I won't tell you what he was doing, but he's seriously distracting."
  67. >You didn't mean to sound that depressed and such, but it was more or less true
  68. >Thankfully the office worker doesn't pass a second glance
  69. >No duh silly pony, this guy helps ponies find therapists
  70. >You would have known that had you paid attention when you and Joe were walking through the office
  71. 5/7
  73. >The office worker finally responds after a moment of looking through papers "Well Shiner it seems this issue is a bit more pronounced then I thought. I'm trying to find you a name, but there isn't that many ponies who specialize in hallucinations beyond psychiatrists and chances are you would be put on medication for the duration of treatment."
  74. >Well aint that a load of sour apples
  75. >You're not one to get stuck on meds for the rest of your life
  76. >What can you do though? As long as the monster is there you're bound to go crazy sooner or later
  77. >Especially since he's picking at his flank with a pointy appendage of his claw and sniffing it
  78. >He has been repeating this activity for the past 3 minutes
  79. >What smell could be coming from his flank that would be so enticing? Why are you even curious?
  80. >Sighing once again you resign yourself to what seems to be your inevitable fate
  81. "I guess we'll have to go with the med doctor then. I suppose I'll be fine as long as I don't have to watch a hairless monkey constantly make lewd comments to passing ponies and then proceed to scratch at his flank with his claw while taking interest in the scent said claw acquires."
  82. >The monster takes the middle of the appendages and points it skyward while the back of the claw faces you
  83. >For some reason you -know- that was an insulting gesture, especially with the look on his face
  84. 6/7
  86. >"Very well then, I wanted to avoid such an issue since most seem to dislike medication, but if that's what you want I can come up with a name a bit sooner. Stop by my office in the morning and I'll have the name by then" the office worker states while writing something down on a slip of parchment
  87. >He levitates it over to you with his magic and you look at it confused for a moment
  88. >"This note will allow you to get in to see me much faster than going through all the red tape outside. Just hand it to the receptionists at both waiting rooms and they should get you in to see me immediately." he adds
  89. >Basically you just got a free pass through all the waiting
  90. >Score
  91. "Thanks, I'll be sure to return tomorrow." you say as you get up from the chair
  92. >"You mean WE will be back tomorrow Shiner, I'm not letting this go that easy." Joe adds as he stands up as well
  93. >The look on his face, you know exactly what it meant
  94. >Your business must be something real special to him
  95. "Thanks Joe, I really appreciate it."
  96. >"Anything for my best customer since that purple unicorn and her little assistant skipped town."
  97. >The two of you joke your way out of the room and you take one last look to say good bye to the office worker
  98. >That good bye is cut short when you notice the monster behind the now standing pony with his claw holding NOPENOPENOPENOPE
  99. >You quickly rush Joe out of there and the two of you make tracks out of the castle
  100. >If you were still a colt you would be crying right now
  101. 7/7
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