Nurse Herd

Apr 20th, 2020
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  1. BeepBeepBeep!
  2. >Your eyes snapped open as your alarm went off
  3. >There was a groan next to you
  4. >You ignored it, gently pushing off a pair of hooves and sitting up
  5. >It was 5:30
  6. >Time to start the day
  7. >With a quick shower, a shave, and after brushing your teeth you were in the kitchen by 5:45
  8. >The girls would be up by 6
  9. >The other girls would be in by 7
  10. >That meant you needed to have breakfast ready; all made from scratch
  11. >Dough--made from the night before-- was kneaded and tossed into the oven
  12. >You made pancakes, waffles, and hay bacon
  13. >Not as much as the girls would have liked, but enough that they'd choke down the pinecones and grass you got ready as well
  14. >Before you came, their diet had been a mess
  15. >Nothing but hay burgers, greasy fries, and carrots
  16. >To be fair, everything was a mess
  17. >The house
  18. >Their sleep schedules
  19. >Their appearances
  20. >You understood why
  21. >They were nurses, and even back home anyone in the medical profession treated themselves like shit
  22. >It took a bit of elbow grease at first
  23. >The girls did resist, they complained, and even bitched, but you had this house running like a well oiled machine
  24. >At 5:55 you heard another alarm go off
  25. >This was followed by loud groans
  26. >A few minutes later, Coldheart and Bonesaw made their way into the kitchen
  27. >Bonesaw--who had just spent 20 hours helping with a surgery--already had her nurses cap on and her lunchbox
  28. >Her eyes weren't even open
  29. "The lunch box is empty and you don't have work today, Bone," you said, taking the box and her cap. "Go back to bed."
  30. >She didn't say anything, walking over to the table and grabbing a mouthful of haybacon before making her way back upstairs as Tender sat down
  31. >Her mane and coat were a mess, and she had bags under her eyes, like she always did when waking up
  32. >"Mornin'" she mumbled
  33. >You heaped food onto her plate before giving her cheek a kiss
  34. >Tender liked her applesauce
  35. >You gave her a small glass of that and a bigger glass of water
  36. >She mumbled a thank you and started eating
  38. >The second she was done eating you had her on a high stool, brushing her coat, mane, and tail
  39. >Every once in a while she'd start snoring, but a quick flick of the ear had her back awake
  40. >You put her mane in a ponytail, packed her lunch, placed her cap on her head and gave her a pat on the rump as she left for the morning shift
  41. >The second she was gone, you started making scrambled eyes
  42. >Most ponies hated anything with meat in it, but protein was good for their coats and teeth
  43. >You girls understood this, but it was a major pain getting them to eat anything
  44. >Tender hated them so much you just started hiding eggs in her sandwiches and pudding
  45. >How she hadn't noticed by now was beyond you, but it worked and you weren't going to question a good thing
  46. >At 7:00, your bread was done
  47. >You took that out and put it on a rack, helping yourself to food that you could actually eat
  48. >Pony biology was tricky when it came to their food
  49. >They actually needed sugar
  50. >Like a lot of sugar
  51. >A stupid amount if you were being honest
  52. >Everything they ate needed some form of sugar in it
  53. >The zap apple jam the Apples made had so much of the stuff it would put a full grown human in shock
  54. >When you had first come here, ponies were freaked out with just how little sugar you ate
  55. >A lot of their food was inedible actually, but you and the few other humans that found yourselves here made due
  56. >They also couldn't eat potatoes, and you needed a license to buy a tomato because just a seed could put a pony in the horsepital
  57. >Except Princess Cadence
  58. >That mare could somehow eat it, and loved pizza so much that some lucky guy was her "personal peetzer chef"
  59. >At 7:15 the girls from the nightshift stepped onto your front porch
  60. >You opened the door
  61. >Redheart and Coldheart gave you good mornings as they walked inside and made their way toward the bathroom
  63. >A horsepital had the same level of cleanliness as a cesspit, so you made the girls shower and brush your teeth before they did anything after coming home
  64. >You didn't want them bringing anything home with them
  65. >You had special soap and toothpaste and everything too
  66. >At 7:30 they were out and eating
  67. >You sat with them, listening to Redheart complaining about some of the doctors
  68. >Apparently they almost killed some poor colt when they tried giving him the wrong dosage of some such drug
  69. >You nodded and made the appropriate sounds as the mares finished their meals
  70. >You put both to bed
  71. >By 8 you were cleaning the kitchen
  72. >It took awhile, you had a big kitchen, but by 9 you were out and about
  73. >You needed to go to the market and get some things
  74. >After that, you wanted to go to the gym for a few hours
  75. >When you got back from that, you needed to make lunch
  76. >Then there was cleaning the whole house, then dinner
  77. >Then you had to sent some of the girls to night shift and get the others ready for bed
  78. >Somewhere between all of that you needed to go get some clothing made from Rarity
  79. >You could understand why so pony stallions said that a herd was a full time job
  80. >You had to balance so much shit
  81. >Once, you had left for a few days to see your folks back home
  82. >When you came back the house was a mess and the girls were taking turns headbutting each other
  83. >Actually slamming their heads together
  84. >They insisted it was to show who was the most dominant
  85. >Now you knew why some colts got so huffy
  87. ~_~_~_~_~_~_
  89. >Be Nurse Redheart
  90. >Your stallion Anon was sick
  91. >He had been so for a few days
  92. >Nothing serious, just a spring cold
  93. >You and the girls put him to bed with some medicine, saying that you'd have the housework well in hoof
  94. >That was a mistake
  95. >A coughing, pale human had argued with the four of you for an hour straight
  96. >You weren't to touch a broom or mop
  97. >You weren't to dust
  98. >And Celestia above you weren't to step a hoof into the kitchen
  99. >At first, you thought he didn't want you doing any of this out of the kindness of his heart
  100. >They were his duties, and you all already did so much with work
  101. >But not
  102. >From what you and the girls gathered, he didn't think you could do something as simple as cooking and cleaning
  103. >You were nurses for Luna's sake!
  104. >Educated mares
  105. >You had a bucking masters degree
  106. >You were pretty sure you could mop a floor
  107. >Unfortunately, Anon wasn't hearing any of it, and none of you could lick your own clits, so chores were off the table
  108. >He told you to order out to eat before passing out
  109. >You all promised you would, but you were all a bit huffy at how little he thought of you
  110. >You'd show him
  111. >When he woke up he'd have a grand dinner waiting for him!
  112. >Then he'd give you all a little more credit!
  113. >That was here you, Bonesaw, Coldheart, and Tenderheart found yourselves
  114. >In the kitchen, standing around the kitchen counter
  115. >There was half loaf of bread, some lettuce, and carrots
  116. >You'd start small
  117. >First some sandwiches for lunch then a grand feast
  118. >...Hopefully
  119. >You had your snouts resting on the table--Anon couldn't yell at you for doing that since he was asleep-- staring at the food
  120. >None of you moved
  121. >You were pretty positive Tenderheart hadn't breathed since placing a knife on the counter
  122. >You took a deep breath
  123. >As alpha it was time to mare up!
  124. >Lead the girls!
  125. "Bonesaw, you do it."
  126. >"What?!" the mare shouted, only to get shushed by the rest of you.
  127. >She flinched, looking up towards the ceiling
  128. "Why the hay do I have to do it?"
  130. >"You're the surgeon," Coldheart said, waving a hoof at the knife.
  131. >"Surgery and sandwich making are two totally different things!" the unicorn said with a huff. "Why don't you do it, Red?"
  132. >She used her magic to float the bread and knife towards you
  133. >Your ears perked up as she sat everything down
  134. >You could do this
  135. >If you could stitch up an open wound while doing the heimlich you could do this
  136. >Carefully, gingerly, you picked up the knife
  137. "Fine. I will."
  139. ~_~_~_~_~_
  140. >Be Anon
  141. >After a long, restful sleep, you found yourself up
  142. >You felt a lot better than when you went to sleep
  143. >Not a hundred percent better, you still felt a bit weak, but at least you weren't coughing
  144. >You slowly got out of bed, clearing your throat
  145. >You there thirsty
  146. >It was time to get a glass of water and see how the girls were doing
  147. >Then, maybe, you could get some more shuteye...
  148. >As soon as you went downstairs you knew something was wrong
  149. >You could hear yelling in the kitchen, as well as see smoke wafting everywhere
  150. >Every few seconds the shouting would be followed by a dull thud
  151. >Like two coconuts slamming together
  152. >...
  153. >Okay
  154. >You didn't panic, just letting out a sigh
  155. >Walking toward the closet in the hallway, you pulled out a fire extinguisher
  156. >You pulled the safety pin and walked into the kitchen
  157. >One of your pots had fire shooting upward out of it
  158. >Coldheart was unconscious on her back with a carrot in her mouth
  159. >Bonesaw had been duct taped to the wall
  160. >Right next to her head, buried in your wall, was one of your kitchen knives
  161. >Redheart and Tenderheart were in the center of the room, slamming their heads together like fucking billygoats
  162. >"I told you this was a dumb idea!"
  163. >"Shut up!"
  164. >"We should have just listened to Anon!"
  165. >"And you should just lick my clit!"
  166. >"Buck you!"
  167. >"No you!"
  168. >"YOU!"
  169. >"YOOOOOU!"
  170. >...
  171. >You walked over to your stove
  172. >Grabbing a lid, you placed it over your flaming pot, extinguishing the flame
  173. >You then walked over Coldheart, nudging her with your foot
  175. >The mare grumbled, and you reached down to pluck the carrot out of her mouth
  176. >You then pointed the hose of the extinguisher at her belly and let it rip
  177. >The mare immediately let out a yelp, leaping to her hooves and running out
  178. >Redheart and Tenderheart didn't notice this, still slamming their heads together
  179. >You walked over to them, giving them a good, long spray
  180. >"Bucking--!"
  181. >"WHAT THE HAY!?"
  182. >Both girls fled the kitchen, leaving you and Bonesaw
  183. >The unicorn dryly swallowed as you approached
  184. >"Honey...?"
  185. "Yes?"
  186. >"You know I love you, right?"
  187. "I do."
  188. >"Then can you please--"
  189. >You didn't let her finish her sentence, spraying the shit out of her
  190. >You ordered takeout
  191. >The girls didn't get any supper
  192. >They also had to sleep on the couch
  193. >Now you understood why Thunderlane drank like a, well, horse whenever you had brunch...
  195. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~
  197. >Be Redheart
  198. >It was a Saturday night
  199. >Tonight was also a night where you and the girls weren't working
  200. >Which meant a bucking girls night at the bar!
  201. >And... other things
  202. >Things you wouldn't even dare think of until you were out of the house
  203. >Didn't want your stallion to get suspicious
  204. >Anon was the best stallion in the world
  205. >Kind, loving, thoughtful
  206. >And he could smell horseapples from a mile away
  207. >So you all were going to kiss him goodnight and walk out the door
  208. >Nice and easy...
  209. >No fuss, no muss
  210. >You and the girls exhanged glances
  211. >Bonesaw nodded, while Tenderheart took a deep breath
  212. >Being the mighty alpha you were, you gave them a winning smile before giving them the signal to move out
  213. >You can do this...
  214. >It was twenty steps from the kitchen to the front door
  215. >You took the lead
  216. >The girls followed in single file, keeping their heads down
  217. >Anon was in the living room on the couch, reading a book
  218. >You cleared your throat
  219. "Alright hon, the girls and I are heading out."
  220. >Anon looked up from his book
  221. >"Oh, you all going to the bar with Bonbon then?"
  222. >You all nodded
  223. >"Yep."
  224. "Uh-huh."
  225. >"Absolutely."
  226. >"Yes."
  227. >He nodded, looking you over
  228. >The lack of suspicion in his eyes was suspicious
  229. >You ignored the sensation of your fur standing on end, still smiling
  230. >His gaze settled on Coldheart
  231. >Your sis tensed
  232. >She held his gaze, feathers ruffling
  233. >"Coldheart, you're not going out like that," he said with a shake of his head."
  234. >"Not go out, what do you mean?" she asked. "What's wrong with me?"
  235. >"Your mane, and look at that tail. When's the last time I preened you?"
  236. >Clicking his tongue, Anon set his book aside and sat up
  237. >"Come here. Let me fix you up."
  238. "Actually, hon, we really--"
  239. >"You really nothing, no wife of mine is walking out the door like that," your stallion interrupted with a frown. "Now get that butt over here. I'll only be a minute."
  240. >You and the girls let out a groan
  241. >Nevertheless, Coldheart trotted over
  243. >You weren't about to get your colt grumpy, especially since he was so easy-going about letting you all go to a bar by yourself
  244. >Not a lot of mares had a stallion like that
  245. >Besides, Anon was quick with his hands
  246. >He'd finish with her in five minutes
  247. >So you all sat down on the floor as your sis jumped into his lap
  248. >Anon was a stickler with how you all looked
  249. >Most mornings he'd have the comb out and none of you could leave for work without getting a turn
  250. >He also made sure you washed yourselves properly
  251. >Made you use a bunch of soaps and shampoos and had days when you could use what
  252. >Your coworkers called your dykes for having such nice coats, but you noticed you stopped having flaky skin
  253. >Tender's coat seemed thicker too, and Cold's wings looked pretty great
  254. >No homo
  255. >Anon pulled a comb out of... somewhere and began to give the sky blue pegasus a combing
  256. >It was quick but thorough; much better than any of you could do yourselves
  257. >He then began working on her feathers
  258. >Cold was super ticklish where preening was concerned
  259. >She didn't stop giggling as his hands flew along her left wing, then her right
  260. >Eventually, the mare couldn't help herself and began nuzzling Anon's face
  261. >The big colt returned her affection and then some
  262. >He'd pull her into a hug, rub his cheek against hers, pepper her face with kisses
  263. >You and the other girls would squirm under that sort of affection, at least in front of the other gals, but Coldheart always ate it up
  264. >Her giggling grew louder, and every time she turned her head you could see hearts in her eyes
  265. >The other girls teased her from the floor
  266. >You just sat there quietly, trying not to grin
  267. >You were pretty sure he didn't suspect a thing...
  268. >That was good...
  269. >Very good...
  270. >"Alright, I think you're all done," Anon said with a smile. "You girls have a good night."
  271. >"You too," you all said back
  272. >Cold kissed him on the lips
  273. >"Thanks hon," she said, rubbing her nose against his
  274. >Anon's smile grew, and he cupped her face
  276. >Then the smile disappeared, and you realized too late the trap was spring
  277. >"Where else are you girls going tonight, Cold?" he asked
  278. >Cold's ears perked up, then flattened against her skull
  279. >You all stiffened
  280. >Horse pies...
  281. >"W-What?" Cold said
  282. >"After the bar. Where are you going after the bar?" your stallion asked calmly
  283. >He didn't yell
  284. >If he would have yelled you'd have had a better chance
  285. >But he just spoke in that beautiful voice of his!
  286. >You and the girls exchanged glances
  287. >Cold tried to tilt her head away, but Anon held it firm
  288. >"Come on, just tell me. I know you're going somewhere else," he said. "Don't look at them, sweetheart. Look at me and tell me the truth. Where are you going after."
  289. >Coldheart dryly swallowed
  290. >She flapped her wings like she always did when she was nervous
  291. >Come on sis...
  292. >You can do it...
  293. >You can--
  294. >"After the bar we're going to go watch a Breezie fight on the other end of town! Those donkies have them fighting a dog!"
  295. >All of you groaned
  296. >Celestia dammit, Coldheart...
  297. >Anon's smile returned, and he kissed her on the snout
  298. >"No you're not. None of you are going to that illegal donkey crap. Every time they come into town somepony calls the guard."
  299. >He let her go, looking at you, still smiling, though now you could see iron in his gaze
  300. >"I want you all home by one am sharp. I don't care what the other husbands let their wives' do. I'm not paying your bail. You got that."
  301. >You all sucked in a lungful of air
  302. >Then, defeated, you sighed
  303. >"Yes dear," you all replied.
  304. >Bucking Coldheart...
  308. >Be Anon
  309. >You were in your bed
  310. >A few moments ago, you had been out like a light, peacefully sleeping
  311. >You had been awoken by the sound of the sink in your bedroom bathroom being turned on
  312. >If you listened very carefully, you could hear noises coming from downstairs
  313. >Picking your head up, you looked at the clock sitting on your nightstand
  314. >The glowing red letters read 1
  315. >Looks like your girls were home...
  316. >You let your head fall back into the pillow as one of them shuffled out of the bathroom
  317. >There was a sway in her step
  318. >She had obviously been drinking a bit too much
  319. >One glance told you it was Coldheart
  320. >Her wings were dragging against the floor, and you could hear her hiccuping
  321. >"Non?" she said, voice slurred. "Yous 'sleep?"
  322. "I'm awake, dear," you replied. "Did you all have fun?"
  323. >She nodded her head, nearly falling over from the effort
  324. >She attempted to jump into the bed, and ended up slamming her face against the frame
  325. >You sat up, reaching over and grabbing her
  326. >She mumbled a thank you as you sat her down next to you
  327. >"The girlz gaves me horseapples about tellin' you bout thats fightin' thing," she said, climbing on top of you as soon as you laid back down
  328. "I'm sure they did. I hope they weren't too mean though."
  329. >"They wasn't," she said, letting her wings rest on either side of you
  330. >She tried to look at you but couldn't quite manage it, letting out a horsey snort before resting her head on your chest
  331. >"They wanted to see the fight though, but we doesn't go, just like you said."
  332. "Didn't go."
  333. >"Yesh..."
  334. >You patted her head, wrapping an arm around her
  335. "Good. Are the other girls okay? Did anypony have way too much to drink?"
  336. >Coldheart giggled
  337. >"Yeah, Bonesaw, but she threw up in Rose's bushes so she could be 'kay."
  338. "Are you sure? I don't want to clean up puke from the ceiling and walls."
  339. >"We's okay. I promise."
  340. "What about you, are you okay?"
  341. >She tried to nod
  342. >"Yesh. I didn't drink that much, so I helped everypony walked home."
  343. "Get home."
  344. >"Ye."
  346. >She let out a sigh, snuggling on top of you
  347. >"'Non?"
  348. "Yes dear?"
  349. >"'Hanks for lettin' us have fun like this. I knows you don't like drinkin' and stuff like that."
  350. "You girls deserve to unwind every once in awhile," you replied, hugging her close
  351. >"Yous the best husband ever."
  352. "You're a pretty great wife yourself."
  353. >She giggled as more of your girls became to shamble into the bedroom
  354. >It looked like Tenderheart was carrying Redheart
  355. >She also had Bonesaw's tail in her mouth, dragging the mare across the floor like a sack of potatoes
  356. >...
  357. >Alright...
  358. >You sat up, sliding Coldheart off you and only the bed
  359. >She was already quietly snoring as you stood up
  360. "Alright, lets see what the damage is. Bonesaw, sweety, are you even conscious?"
  361. >"...Uh..."
  362. "Good enough. Come on, let's get you girls cleaned up..."
  364. ~_~_~_~_~_~
  366. >Be Anon
  367. >It was a market day
  368. >Also known as a day that none of the girls could stand
  369. >They all did their best to be working
  370. >A few times you caught them trying to swap shifts with other nurses
  371. >It wasn't like you even spent that long doing stuff
  372. >You just needed some groceries
  373. >Then you needed to get some clothes from Rarity
  374. >You needed underwear, and the girls needed their scrubs
  375. >Sure, you might spend a bit of time talking with the fellas if they were around, but it was ALL DAY
  376. >A couple hours at most
  377. >Honestly, they were being babies...
  378. >Redheart and Coldheart hadn't been able to weasel their way out of helping you
  379. >Both mares walked behind you, looking bored and defeated, like most of the mares in the market
  380. >Redheart had most of your groceries on her back, carried easily with that earth pony strength
  381. "Will you two quit looking like that? We're almost done," you chided, reaching back to flick Red's ear
  382. >"That's what you said an hour ago," Coldheart grumbled
  383. "It was true then and it's even truer now," you replied, waving at Caramel. "Hey, how about I make some carrot soup for you girls tonight? Thunderlane told me the perfect way to make it really thi--"
  384. >Something hit your back
  385. >Not hard enough to knock you off your feet, but enough to make you shuffle forward a bit
  386. >You heard grunting, and the frantic flapping of wings
  387. >A pair of hooves hooked under your arms, which was followed by a happy yell
  388. >"Ya! Bucking got ya! You're coming with me, stud!"
  389. >You, of course, did not go anywhere
  390. >No matter how hard the pegasus flapped her wings, you wouldn't leave the ground
  391. >She could have been a strong mare, but you were very big and very heavy
  392. >Also, having iron in your blood did weird things with flying around here
  393. >Even going on a zepplin was tricky
  394. >Everypony in the market nearly broke their necks as their heads snapped toward you
  395. >Your would be kidnapper groaned, pulling up with all her might
  396. >You were pulled onto your tippy toes
  397. >For a second; just a little
  399. >You frowned, looking over your shoulder
  400. >It was fucking Rainbow Dash trying to steal you, a fact which didn't seem to please your girls at all
  401. >"Dash, what the flying feather are you trying to do?" Coldheart asked
  402. >You could tell she was angry, Rainbow's lack of success had tempered it somewhat
  403. >The pegasus wasn't a quitter though
  404. >Even now she was trying to carry you away like her life depended on it
  405. >From the look in Redheart's eyes, that very well could have been the case
  406. >"I'm stealin' me a big, fat-flanked colt," Rainbow grunted, sweat pouring from her brow. "I'm gonna show him what a real mare looks like. Break him with this tight pussy."
  407. >Rainbow had some infamy around town amongst the stallions
  408. >She was very inappropriate, and needlessly aggressive
  409. >She also supposedly didn't wash herself very well underneath her tail
  410. >Which was gross
  411. "Rainbow. Please leave before my girls bash your skull in," you said as she bit the back of your shirt and yanked up
  412. >"We'd both leave if you weren't... so bucking... fat," she grunted
  413. >Everything went quiet
  414. >Both of your girls took a step back, ears pinned against their skulls
  415. >Somewhere in the crowd, a stallion gasped in outrage
  416. "Fat?"
  417. >You reached behind you, grabbing the pegasus by the scruff of the neck
  418. >She could only let out an "eep!", hooves and wings flailing as you carried her over to the town's wishing well
  419. >You can come up with it a year ago
  420. >Sometimes foals would toss bits in
  421. >At the end of the month, you and some of the guys would collect the coins and give the money to families that needed help with Hearthswarming
  422. >It was a proper well, and deep
  423. >At the bottom, there was about five feet of water
  424. >The water made it a pain to get the coins, but Mr. Cake wanted it "to make it a real well"
  425. >The water didn't hurt the gold coins either, and it kept critters from living in it, so none of you had argued that much against it
  426. >You lifted Rainbow over the top of the well
  428. >She didn't seem to appreciate the manhandling, glaring at you
  429. >"What the hay is wrong with you? I just--"
  430. >With a sigh, you lifted your freehand and booped the mare on the nose
  431. >Her eyes crossed and her body stiffened
  432. >"Wa--buck!"
  433. >You let her go
  434. >She tried to flail, but was sluggish due to the booping
  435. >There was some screaming, and swearing, then a splash
  436. >"Anon! You bucking sloot!" Dash yelled
  437. >You dusted yourself off, turning toward your girls
  438. >Neither looked angry anymore
  439. >In fact, then, along with most of the ponies that had been watching, looked around ready to laugh
  440. >Rainbow wouldn't be able to fly out of the well, so she's have to climb out of it
  441. >An easy thing for an athlete like her, but the berating she'd get from everypony in town would last for months
  442. >You smiled
  443. "So, as I was saying, I'm really thinking about making that soup..."
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