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  1. Campari
  2. Male
  3. Valais blacknose sheep
  4. Build is thin, not muscular
  5. Lightly curly, white wool, not tight curls, more wavy, pink replacing black accents
  6. pink hex triplet #ffddf4 or similar preferred, accents on face, and cuffs before hooves and hands (image below to show where they are)
  8. Big horns, typical ram-ish style, inward curl
  10. Brown goat eyes, black round rim glasses
  11. Wool resembling hair, shortish shag, messy
  13. White Wool smooths out to frame around the face like the character in the image below
  15. Big chest tuft
  16. legs similar to satyr or fawn, black hooves
  17. personality (do whatever with this)
  18. Faux-confident, very showy but easily flustered, effeminate, kinda bitchy and rude but gets embarrassed if it’s pointed out, and kind toward friends and customer service workers, wine mom
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