Kitakami Summer [Typeset]

Dec 5th, 2015
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  1. Kitakami Summer Vacation Translation
  2. From
  4. [KTKM Summer Vacation]
  5. >[KTKM's Summer Vacation]
  7. [Cast and Characters]
  8. >KTKM-san
  9. >Ice Cream tastes especially good in summer. A carefree and self-assured Torpedo Cruiser girl. Since her "provisional" marriage with the Admiral, the two have started life together.
  10. >Admiral Subaru
  11. >Beer tastes especially nice in the summer. A normal, serious rear admiral. He's become increasingly proficient since beginning to take care of KTKM's daily life.
  13. >[Wahaa--]
  14. >[Hahaaa]
  15. >A vacation?
  16. >Since I've been relieved, I have a chance to get a break. | It's one of those rare long vacations.
  17. >Kinda feels like how sailors rest in shifts, huh--
  18. >[Haha]
  19. >KTKM feels like it'd be better just to stay comfy and roll around at home, I'm sure.
  20. >Let's go.
  22. >[Wew/sigh]
  23. >Probably...I feel like
  24. >it'll definitely be more fun if the two of us go together.
  25. >Doesn't the Admiral feel that way?
  27. >....of course I feel that way too.
  28. >[Mm~]x2
  29. >Riiight~?
  30. >[Mm.]
  31. >[Hmhm~]
  32. >Let's get some stuff we'll need for the trip on the way home. | Like floaties and swimsuits.
  33. >Seems like you're a lot happier now~
  35. >Let's go
  37. [KTKM-san and a Moment to Relax] (note: this is underneath the station in the upper right box)
  38. >It's going to be a while before the train arrives.
  39. >[So hot...]
  40. >Admiral~
  41. >[*Sweets Shop/Dagashi Store]
  42. >You're not going to lose your appetite for lunch, right?
  43. >I'm just--
  44. >Coming in and soaking in some of that sweet AC~
  45. >Ah! Oy oy oy!
  46. >[Pardon...]
  47. >[Welcome]
  49. >Newlyweds are so nice to see~ (literally: newlyweds have a way of making people envious)
  50. > can tell?
  51. >Although we're often mistaken for brother and sister...
  52. >I can see it.
  53. >This old woman's spent several decades with her husband.
  54. >...I see,
  55. >that's pretty persuasive. (note: I suspect this isn't a proper translation, but I have no proof of it.)
  56. >[Thanks!]
  57. >In the future, will we be like this couple?
  58. >Ad-miral~
  60. >I want some red bean/Azuki jelly~
  61. >What does the Admiral want?
  62. >So in the end we're eating anyway, huh?
  63. >Yeah yeah~
  65. >[Sho close~]
  67. [With KTKM in the Window Seat (literally: With KTKM at the Train Window)]
  68. >Going on a trip by train is pretty nice once in a while too~
  69. >We're on a ship all the time, though... | ehh, guess that doesn't count either.
  70. >Well, we're just floating on the surface and sortieing on our own.
  71. >Thanks for your work this summer too.
  72. >This year wasn't that bad~
  73. [A note from the Yuro Admiral (note: the Chinese TTKs refer to themselves as either Yuro/Chinese/African Admirals based on their luck, with Yuros being those with excellent luck and African Admirals being basically the Lancer class) Translator: While it's true that the extra operation was carried on Abukuma's back, the big boss was at E3. After E5 was done it was a break, with the big boss not showing up on any of the subsequent maps, ahahahahhaha. Last year's summer summer event was savage, double BB hime ahahahahahahaha!!!! Don't even bring it up ahahahhaa]
  75. >No,
  76. >KTKM, you worked hard the whole time.
  77. >Although you can say some hopeless things, | you're always around to do things when they need to be done.
  78. >[haha]
  79. >Hmhm~
  81. >Flattery's not going to get you anywhere, y'know~
  82. >Ah, | here it is.
  83. >Ja---Jaaaan~
  84. >The snacks have come out!
  85. >[KTKM, you can't buy too much, okay?]
  86. >[Aiiiight]
  87. >When'd you buy all these...
  88. >You've got some fast hands.
  89. >I'll share some with the Admiral.
  90. >Here!
  92. >So Sweet
  93. >...really sweet.
  94. >Ah~ Umi Da--!
  96. [KTKM-chan/san (note: it's using a different word than what was previously used to mean "-san", but it could still mean -san) and the Summer Ocean]
  97. >I came here with the swimsuit underneath.
  98. >So that was a swimsuit....
  99. >So cute...
  100. >But, KTKM
  101. >Obon's already over, so there'll be jellyfish in the water.
  102. >Well/Maah~Whatever~
  103. >[Wanna play beach volleyball?]
  104. >You sure change tracks quickly.
  106. >[Fuuuu~]
  107. >Well that's it for me~...
  108. >Your lung capacity's pretty small.
  109. >Ohhhhh~!
  110. >[clap clap]
  111. >[Fuuuuuu-- (I'm sorry STALKER or whoever has to typeset this, that fucking stroke)] >Here I come--
  112. >Hmhmya~
  113. >Not bad, not bad | Hm!
  115. >Ah >Ah-ahhhh--
  116. >Are you alright, KTKM?
  117. >Well thank goodness I wore the swimsuit~
  118. >Ara? | Where'd my hat go...
  120. >Whaa--?!
  121. >Whew~...
  122. >Right now I feel like dried squid.
  123. >[I'm beat...]
  124. >That was the least feminine simile you could have used.
  125. >[So hot...]
  127. >Thank god the summer isn't over yet.
  128. >Hm? >It's a rare summer vacation
  129. >If it just ended like that | it'd be a little lonely.
  130. >[Ziiiiiii~ (whatever sound zippers make)]
  131. >Don't worry,
  132. >It is still summer.
  133. >[A fucking Watermelon]
  134. >Are we eating it?
  135. >Damn Straight!
  137. >[Yasen Cut-in]
  138. >[Wooden Stick / Swimsuit / Appetite]
  139. >[Slowly, Carefully]
  140. >Get em, KTKM!!
  141. >[tasty]
  142. >[How reliable.]
  144. [KTKM-san and Battle]
  145. >Admiral~
  146. >Let's play this.
  147. >What is it, KTKM | Where did you even get that Super Famicom from...?
  148. >[How nostalgic]
  149. >Someone in the hotel lent it to me | Let's have a battle~
  150. >I'm fine with playing some games, | but please blow dry your hair first.
  152. >I'm not going to hold back.
  153. >I could ask for nothing more~!
  154. >[30 minutes later]
  155. >I lost again...
  156. >KTKM's always really strong when it comes down to winning or losing.
  157. >Hehhh, Admiral, how about an unconditional surrender?
  158. >No, I haven't lost yet!
  159. >The Admiral's pretty traditional, eh | well then, I will meet you for your 300 rounds of battle.
  161. >Another 30 minutes later
  162. >I won...!
  163. >How ya like that, KTKM? I won!
  164. >She fell asleep....
  165. >I guess we'll have to figure out the winner next round.
  167. [KTKM-san and Goodnight]
  168. >Admiral~....
  169. >You awake? | You should be really tired, get some early rest.
  170. >....I'm not really used to it.
  171. >? What is it...?
  172. >Usually I always sleep in the same futon.
  173. >This feels really weird....
  174. >...that's true. | Hold on for a sec.
  175. >[Ohh~...]
  176. >Good night~....
  177. >[g'night] >We're out on vacation, but it's still the same as normal.
  179. [KTKM-chan (note: it's using a different word than what was previously used to mean "-san", but it could still mean -san) and Summer Vacation]
  180. >Today's really hot as well.
  181. >The end of summer vacation is rolling around too.
  182. >In a blink of an eye, it's almost time to return to duty (literally: to change shifts)
  183. >Right, let's hurry up and get ready.
  184. >[Tuhmsahdus]
  186. >It's so hot, I don't wanna move~
  187. >Oyoy, KTKM....
  188. >so undisciplined...
  189. >It's just troublesome...
  190. >[hmph]
  192. >[It really is hot....]
  193. >Right--?
  194. >You're right.
  195. >It's really troublesome.
  196. >...Admiral?
  198. >It's because it's so troublesome | that we should just laze around until the end. >...that's not too bad either.
  199. >Mmm.
  200. >After all, it's a summer vacation.
  202. >[The End]
  204. >[I drew this while listening to Summer Determination / 夏の決心 ( My memories of summer are of watching ポンキッキーズ/Ponkickies as a child and seeing Mr. Squid raising a ruckus in the hotel. If we're talking about the last few years, they've been normal summer temperatures, but this year it was kind of autumny cool. So while it may seem a little off, this was indeed drawn after the summer event. Please forgive me. Going out on vacation is personally one of my favorite topics, so I feel a little like I didn't draw enough, so I hope next time I'll have another chance to draw. Well then, thank you everyone for your readership. If you enjoyed it, even a little, I will be very grateful.
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