WoW Addon Edit - Instant Eagle File - 12Nov

fr0z3night Nov 12th, 2019 (edited) 100 Never
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  1. This is the file for Instant Eagle, as I can no longer find it in the twitch/curse app.
  3. I'm assuming as the creator of it only made it for legion hunter class hall flight and it was abandoned, so if a patch in the future breaks this, I will not be able to fix it as I only added NPC ID's to it.
  5. Below is my current full edit as of 12Nov, this will not be updated, updates will be pasted in full copy and pastes to only.
  7. I renamed it !fr0z3nGossip in case I broke it, and yea never changed it back to its original name of Instant Eagle, both files are below, my edit and the original unedited version.
  9. !fr0z3nGossip
  10. Instant Eagle
  12. Extract it to WoWFolder\_retail_\Interface\Addons\
  13. eg. mine is C:\World of Warcraft\_retail_\Interface\AddOns\!fr0z3nGossip
  15. I also suggest using DialogKey for the conversations you cannot use this for, it also lets you use the spacebar to complete dialogues, and accepting some pop ups (at least I'm pretty sure its what does it lol)
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