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  1. “The ship you look for, the Radiant Perception , crashed on Laconia in your . . .” She paused to look at something off-screen. “Sometime near the end of the time period you humans call Febberry —” “February.” “Yes, or soon after that. Year twenty-five thirty-one.”
  2. “The ship has been on Laconia ever since,” Nor continued. “It has never been lost. Just . . . avoided.” “Wait, what are you saying? There’s salvage?” “Yes. But it is infested.” Nor’s feathers ruffled. Whatever it was unnerved the Kig-Yar. “With Hunters.” A jolt of dread lifted the hairs on the back of Rion’s neck. Funny how one word could do that. Hunters . She stifled a shudder and tried to ignore her sinking hopes. “Any idea how many?” Nor shook her head. “Word is there were many survivors after the crash. The Hunters, though, they kill whatever was left. Then they waited for rescue. None came, so . . . some say they multiply. Maybe true. Maybe whole ship, whole planet infested by now.” Nor shuddered. “Me? Don’t want to know. Can’t confirm, of course . . . could all be talk. Rumor and more rumor. You know how that go.”
  4. Halo Smoke and Shadow Ch 8
  6. As they drew closer to Radiant Perception , the true measure of the vessel’s scope and size was astonishing. She was held tight by the grip of the lava field. A good third of the bow’s bulge was buried along with the repulsor engines at the stern, while the upper portion of the midsection lay exposed. But it was the two visible wings that caught Rion’s attention the most. They curved up from the stern like the giant tusks of some fallen alien behemoth. Beneath the volcanic dust and ash, the sleek curves still held a lavender sheen despite the years; the nanolaminate alloy had never rusted, never faded. . . . It looked as though she’d simply sunk in lava and couldn’t get out, her exotic skin able to withstand the intense heat. Though due to the crash, the lava would have seeped into holes and cracks, filling up volume, and cooling into natural grappling hooks, holding the ship in place.
  8. Halo Smoke and Shadow Ch 11
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