Dadonequus Discord Part 151

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  1. >You teleport yourself in the middle of Towns Square and take a look around.
  2. "....shit.....I missed everything"
  3. >The booths were packed up or gone altogether. And there was nary a pony in sight. Nightmare Night seemed to be officially over for the population of Ponyville. Which sucks for you. You really did want to try out Granny Smith's maze and hang out with your filly friends a little more.
  4. "Fuck...what time is it anyway?"
  5. >You use your horn to shine a digital display in mid air in front of you.
  6. ".eleven fifty nine. Yeah....looks like my fun with this thing is over."
  7. >You sigh, and decide to make a portal to your room before the magic wears off completely.
  8. >As you step through, thoughts of the night go through your head. Where Discord went off to. Introducing Celestia to video games. Celestia in general really...considering she knew. That Noir moment you had. And then...there was the way you messed with Flim and Flam. You didn't know why you messed with them so badly. And yet, you had so much fun doing it. Just like you had fun messing with Twilight and Rainbow Dash. The kind of fun that was not too unlike....Discord.
  9. >You look back to your flank. The chaos cutie mark. hrnnn...Maybe it was well deserved.
  10. >You realized when you had power, that you loved abusing it when it suited you. When it was fun.
  11. >Somehow, this both bothered you...and yet didn't. You didn't want to become an asshole. But, being an asshole was actually kind of fun. You'd have to be careful not to let that kind of power overcome you. You still had single day charges. And now that you had a much better handle on chaos magic. Getting in over your head could prove dangerous. And yet.....that thought filled you with an odd sense of excitement.
  13. >The horn popped off your head right at the stroke of midnight. You caught the Sombra horn before it hit the ground and took a look at it.
  14. "....I gotta really be careful with this thing. I broke that Griffon's claw clean off and sent him through a wall. What would have happened if I did worse? Like..when I had that rage at the bar. mnnn. Just...just gotta be mindful is all. I should probably the doofus duo as practice.....still can't believe I lost to them. Geez."
  15. >You walk over to your bed. Only to see it preoccupied by a sleeping Chrysalis. half covered in a blanket. She wasn't in her Noir garb. But....sheesh...she actually waited for you.
  16. "Ahh geez...I actually forgot about her."
  17. >You look at your horn. And then sigh.
  18. "If it's a new day, then that means I only get a single charge......I reeeaaalllllyyy hope she appreciates this."
  19. >Though, the "Documentary" was originally meant to be a joke. It also, at this point, meant bonding time with the bug queen. To get closer to her, to be more of a friend, and hopefully. Redeem her.
  20. >You just hope she didn't chew your head off for what you we're about to do.
  21. >You gently put your hoof on her hanging leg, and give it a gentle shake.
  22. "Chryssi......pssst...Chryssi"
  23. >She only mumbled, and turned her head. Prompting you to try being a little louder and more forceful as you shake her leg slightly faster.
  24. "Chrysalis...Hey!..Chrysalis Com-OMPH!"
  25. >She kicks you in her sleep, right in the face, and raises her leg to the top of the bed. muttering something about destruction and imprisonment.
  26. "..why....why always my face or head? IT's...gotten old..and my poor no-no-oooCHOO."
  27. >You sniffed and sneeze a little from the impact hitting part of your muzzle as well. But even that didn't wake her.
  28. ".....coooome onnn"
  30. >You put your horn and saddlebag down and climb up on the bed and move next to Chrysalis's face.
  31. >You start whispering right in her ear.
  32. "Chrysalis...I'm home. do you still wanna watch the documentary?"
  33. >You ask her, but she isn't responding still. You give her left ear a gentle tap, and it just cutely wiggles.
  34. "..come on Chryssi, I can't do this all night. I'm getting tired"
  35. >You try breathing into her ear. But that just causes her to turn and grab onto, rather tightly actually. making you squeak.
  36. "O-ok...t-that's a little t-tight"
  37. >She nuzzled her head onto you, and held you close to her chest. You tried squeezing out, but geez. She had some monstrous grip. And this was in no ways comfortable. You even had trouble breathing.
  38. "C-chryslais...y-you're killing me...c'cmon..w-wake up already"
  39. >You wiggled your forelegs to try to latch onto something to pull. But with every struggle, she just hugged you closer. And if her body wasn't so damn hard and her grip so'd probably just go to sleep with her.
  40. "I'm..gonna die....I'm...ngh....a-atleast...I''s...legs.."
  41. >You started to lose conciousness, until something caused a noise. it came from your floor door.
  43. >Chrysalis wakes up, startled and flies straight up to the ceiling. Dropping you onto the bed. You take a few breaths and lay there as Chrysalis crawls along the ceiling. orienting herself and trying to find out what the source of the noise was.
  44. >"Discord..I SWEAR! If you woke me u-URGH!"
  46. >Chrysalis looks straight down to see you, still laying there. recovering your breath. Her ears we're ringing. She could see what changeling came up and disturbed her slumber. And you knew just from the way he spoke who he was.
  47. >It was the damned runt.
  50. >Chrysalis was pissed. She didn't even know or care where you came from. She was enjoying her sleep. Even moreso when she was subtly and subconsciously draining you when she cuddled you terribly.
  51. >But the runt refused. Right when you were recovering and preparing to stand up, he scuttled and rushed right up onto the bed and pinned you down.
  52. "'re persistent"
  53. >"You have dishonored our queen for the last time! Prepare you-.....self? queen?!"
  54. >Chrysalis crawled from the ceiling and down the wall. staring at her little drone with anger and abhorrence. "Yes...your And I AM COMMANDING you to stand down...and leave him alone."
  55. >The scrappy little changeling backed away from you. Staring at Chrysalis with confusion and hurt. He didn't know what he did wrong. "B-but my queen. Y-you ordered his destruction...."
  56. >"Yes....ages ago...when I actually wanted him destroyed." Chrysalis was keeping to a low growl as she put her hooves down to the bed and stood over and in front of the both of you. Looking downwards, she...was not pleased. "But things have changed...."
  57. >" queen..." The changeling began to schooch back at the end of the bed. Chrysalis stepping over you, following him, looking down at him.
  58. >"I'm going to make this clear. Because you are the only one who doesn't seem to understand. " then she began to growl and yell at him "I AM THE QUEEN, EVERY WORD THAT LEAVES MY MOUTH IS LAW, AND UNTIL I ACTUALLY TELL YOU TO DESTROY HIM, YOU WILL STAND DOWN. IS...THAT......clllleeaar?" She lowered her voice, her last word though. sounding especially venomous.
  59. >The changeling gulped, and saluted, shaking in fear "Y-yes...m-my queen. I underst-understand"
  60. >" come here" Chrysalis beckoned to him.
  62. >The changeling slowly approached her. fearing her, he felt awful that he disobeyed her. and feared her wrath. But he would never deliberately disobey her either.
  63. >Chrysalis raised her hoof, making the changeling flinch. But she didn't hit him. Instead, she gently stroke his cheek. "Now now, you mustn't fear me. I know you were only trying to please your queen. Now, I want you to say your mantra I've told you to repeat. And remember the order."
  64. >The little changeling looked up to her, and nodded. He looked pretty soft now. like a little child. "A-ahrm. Obey my queen, destroy her enemies, and feed from the helpless"
  65. >Chrysalis gave him a gentle smile and gave him a rub on the head "Very good, you're my loyalist little drone. you know that, don't you?"
  66. >The changeling tapped his hooves together, looking down, feeling modest from the praise, and yet still ashamed that he displeased his queen. "T-thank you...."
  67. >"I have to speak to Anon now, he's obviously in his room for a reason. But do not worry. I won't allow him to shame me. Why don't you go downstairs, practice your mantra, and work on that little plan you have to take down Princess Celestia." Chrysalis gave him another gentle rub. Her smile becoming motherly at this point.
  68. >The changeling saluted "Yes, my Queen! I promise you, when we have our time. That the plan will be perfect. I'll make you, the captain,and the rest of the hive proud!"
  69. >Chrysalis chuckled lightly "I'm sure you will"
  70. >The changeling, feeling much better, left the room. excited to repeat his mantra and work on his plan.
  71. >Chrysalis chuckled to herself "Not the best of my children, but definitely the most loyal"
  72. >You just laid on your back from where you we're pinned on the bed. That was........unexpected.
  74. >"Now then, since that's sorted out...." Chrysalis turns to you, and looks down upon you. Given she towered over you. You almost felt like a trapped rat. "You'll be wanting your bed back. Right?"
  75. >You shifted your eyes left and right. Was that a joke question? Because that was very...normal..and non threatening. Nor was it sexual, so..she wasn't trying to feed off you either.
  76. "Actually..umm..I was hoping you'd watch that documentary I mentioned. I know it's late. But hey...we could call it a midnight flick. Whaddya say?"
  77. >Chrysalis just looked down at you silently for a moment. Saying nothing.
  78. >You just looked up at her. She..well, you didn't know if she was thinking or if her brain wasn't clicking due to just waking up.
  79. >Chrysalis hopped off the bed "Let's go before I change my mind"
  80. >What? that's it? You expected her to be difficult about it.
  81. "Really? Just like that?"
  82. >Chrysalis looked back at you and shifted her eyes upwards as she sighed and shook her head. "Yes, just like that. I'm already awake and you and you're father are difficult to actually have stay in one place. And I'm not going to waste my time toying with you. It's late, I'm tired, and I want to get this over with while my interest is still high" She sounded annoyed. Well, you couldn't blame her. Considering what just happened.
  83. >You flip to your belly and stand up. Ready to grab your horn and set everything up.
  84. "Alright, let me just get my horn and..."
  85. >As you reach for your horn. Chrysalis opens your floor door and then looks back at you "And.....we're not going to be watching it here."
  86. "What?"
  87. >"You heard me. Do you think I want to hear you whining if I happen to fall asleep while watching? No, you're coming with me down to the basement. Where not only I, but ALL my children can watch. Your queen demands it"
  89. "Wait wait!"
  90. >You hop off the bed, you didn't want to go down there. You knew you couldn't be killed. But that was a hive full of changelings. They could still fuck with you.
  91. "Why do we have to go down there? Isn't that kind of distracting? and annoying? What if they make noises, really obnoxious?"
  92. >"Because at least if I fall asleep down there, I won't have to get back up. Now come along" Chrysalis's horn began to glow as you began to hover above the ground.
  93. >It seems you didn't have a choice in the matter.
  94. >You could barely even struggle within the confines of the magical aura as you drifted towards the floor door.
  95. "But what if I happen to fall asleep? Do you really want to go through the hassle of bringing me back to my room? the stairs to the basement is pretty long."
  96. >Chrysalis hovers you over to her face, and gives you a condescending smile. "I appreciate your concern, I really do. But you should know that I could just cuddle you in my legs, rock you, gently cuddle next to you, and have a delicious snack for the rest of the night. No hassle at all for me. See? Everything works out. Now try to argue that. I dare you"
  98. >You're expression turned to that of frustrated grump. You cross your forelegs and grumble.
  99. "You know taking my love whenever you want is a bad thing to do right?"
  100. >Chrysalis gives you a tiny smooch on the nose. Then snickers as she sees you blush. "But you don't mind as long as you feel that warm feeling you love so much. Face it, you have a thing for affection. You crave it. It's a weakness that I have experience in exploiting. Now then...any more arguments? hmmmmm?" Chrysalis half closes her eyes as she smiles at you.
  101. >.......
  102. >.......she's right.
  103. ".....finnnnnnneeeeeee, we'll do it in the basement."
  104. >Chrysalis giggles "Are you sure you want to phrase it like that?"
  105. >You blush harder, realizing exactly what she meant. Even surprised that she knew what it could be taken as.
  106. "O-ok..d-don't do that. You knew what I meant! Geez, can't you go one second without teasing me?"
  107. >"But it's fun...and delicious" Chrysalis gently puts you down as she goes down through the floor door. "Now come along, before I decide to feed on you all night"
  108. >You follow her, annoyed and yet...a little aroused. hell, why does she have to do that. Really...
  109. "Yeah yeah....mnnn...But you're not MY queen."
  110. >Chrysalis stands by the trap door of the basement. "Don't be silly. Of course I am. That's why you're going to be a gentlecolt and open the door for me. Go on, do it"
  112. "You can open it yourself. Just use your magic. It's practically the same as a unicorn's"
  113. >"But Anon...I'm tired" Chrysalis expresses herself as a weak and fatigued being "I really want to watch that documentary...I really do. But...unless you open that door. Well...I don't know what we'll do. Don't be so meeeaaannn"
  114. >you sigh, walk over to the trap door, and open it.
  115. >You hoped this was worth it. One of the major reasons you wanted to show this to her was to freak her the fuck out. But as time went on. You also were hoping you'd actually be able to consider it bonding time. But's mostly freak her the fuck out.
  116. "There..."
  117. >"See, now was that so hard? Now, follow close Anon." Chrysalis begins to descend down into the basement.
  118. >You could feel her slowly drain you. She's essentially tasting you. You could only figure that she does this both for the chance to mess with you and to have actual love going through her instead of whatever came off that piece of the Smooze.
  119. >You follow her, keeping an eye out for any Changeling that decides to get in your face.
  120. >"So Anon, I've noticed you have a cutie mark now. I find it quite strange that it's the symbol of chaos"
  121. > that a chance of REGULAR conversation you detect?
  122. "Hmm? oh right..yeah..the cutie mark. Why do you find it strange though? If you saw what I was doing all night. You'd think otherwise."
  123. >"Do tell, convince me."
  124. >Convince her? At first, you thought that would be tough...but then. There was a moment that you felt, would definitely make her change her mind.
  126. "What if I told you I scared Twilight?"
  127. >Chrysalis scoffed at that "Is that supposed to be impressive?"
  128. "Let me rephrase...I horrified Twilight to near insanity by showing her beloved teacher Princess Celestia as an evil clown monster before having it's head blow up in blood and gore"
  129. >Chrysalis stops, the sudden stop makes you bonk into her leg and step back.
  130. >Chrysalis slowly turns her head towards you, filled with doubt and intrigue "You didn't, nopony would go to such extremes"
  131. >Now you had her attention. and what's more. you were starting to feel proud. If even this big bad bug couldn't believe it. Then maybe...that cutie mark really was well deserved.
  132. "Chrysalis, you say "Nopony". But do I have to remind you that I didn't used to be a pony? We humans are much more extreme than what a pony is capable of"
  133. >Chrysalis completely turned about. Looking down at you. She didn't know what to think.
  134. >You just smirk at her. enjoying the moment that you legitimately surprised her.
  135. >"Why exactly did you do this?"
  136. "For fun. I felt she needed a good scare"
  137. >a cruel smile slowly began to form on Chrysalis's face. "It's a shame you aren't evil. You'd make a fine prince if you're willing to go that far for a "scare". "
  138. >You raise an eyebrow at her
  139. "Are you teasing again?"
  141. >"Partially, you could never actually be anything more than what you are. I was just dancing the thought that if there was a being with your level of thought, but actually had backbone and willing to bend to my will....well, it'd just be nice to have somepony like that around. As for you, It's just a shame you'd rather be a goody two shoes and frolic with the other ponies when you aren't really one yourself. That makes you closer to a changeling than anything else."
  142. "In other words, you wish I had unlimited power with this horn while also bring your subject and potential love battery"
  143. >"You make that sound like a bad thing"
  144. "Considering our relationship, all I can say is it's a matter of perspective. You worry about the survival of your hive. And while your ambitions are a little...say...cruel. It's all just part of how changelings conduct themselves. So in my position....that's a big yes."
  145. >"a simple "yes" would have sufficed. You don't need to be all analytical about it."
  146. "I just wanted things to be clear, so you wouldn't be all like "But Anon, you'd love it if I was just being all cuddly with you all the time" "
  147. >"Some things are just a necessity Anon. You act as if you're special and my "affections" are exclusive only to you. If you wanted to see me at my best, well, you should have seen me work my magic on Cadence's little stooge of a husband. If I had succeeded...well, he would have been alllllll mine. His love is MUCH better than yours. But, like any other pony, he just HAD to have morals. Such as things usually go"
  148. >That made you think, and so you stopped. You didn't want to proceed further unless she answered a question.
  149. "So let me ask you this, because I just thought of it. Why EXACTLY do you want to be my friend?"
  151. >Chrysalis stops, and looks at you. She wasn't visibly insulted. Nor did her tone suggest it. She just spoke normally, with that ever so present hint of smug "Why do you ask? Do you think it's because I see it as a ticket to escaping somehow?"
  152. >You shake your head
  153. "No, because Discord wouldn't let that happen. And neither would I"
  154. >"Then what?"
  155. "the whole love battery thing. I'm asking for the truth. Are you using me just as a source of food, and nothing more? only humoring me because you KNOW that affection is something I like."
  156. >You didn't want to call it your weakness. That made you feel as if you were helpless against her.
  157. >Chrysalis confidently shakes her head "No, otherwise I would have put in the effort of putting you completely under my control, only letting you live what you call "a life" at my leisure. This is how I look at things. I never became friends with any other being that calls themselves evil because matching interests tend to cause friction. Therefore, they are only good for temporary alliances. And I never became friends with anypony that called themselves "Good" because aside from agitating me to no end, they either try to have me "mend my ways" or fight me in the "name of justice". What I actually find interesting about you Anon is the fact you are neutral. You don't hate me for what I've done, nor do you have any actual reason to betray me. And...."
  158. >Chrysalis sighs, losing a little of her confidence on her next set of words "And....I admit. Having a pony to converse with at a respectable level Is something I'd not be willing to give up anytime soon."
  159. >So, that was really it. Despite all the teasing and draining of your love. She also enjoyed the social aspect of it. But then...
  160. "What about your captain? Isn't he smart?"
  161. >Chrysalis turns around and continues the trek downward, leading with a big "hmph"
  163. >"He's capable of tactical planning and leading my children into combat. But he himself is just another drone. It's both a blessing and a curse. My children, being the simple beings they are, can tolerate being stuck here, they usually stay in the hive anyway unless I send them out or they venture out to collect food on their own. That applies to the captain as well. Though, he has been a little troublesome lately."
  164. >Troublesome?
  165. "What do you mean by that?"
  166. >"He seems to have a firm belief that the hive might be weakening."
  167. "And is it?"
  168. >"Of course it has. But that should have been obvious the moment we ended up being trapped here. I don't need a reminder that we're currently in a state of weakness. But that's what I mean by simple. He's merely stating that we have weakened because that's his job. And being captain, he also tries to find ways to improve the situation. And that's what I find annoying. There's actually no way out of here. So, it's become a matter of biding my time."
  169. "I'm surprised you're being that open with me. Considering I'd actually have to try to stop you if you actually found a way out"
  170. >"In which you'd have no way to stop me. You can't exactly do any fatal harm. And even with your horn, you'd never be able to use it in time. It's a shame, you'd be a welcome addition to my hive if you would just choose to become mine"
  171. "You know I can't"
  172. >You really couldn't. For what it was worth. You were actually enjoying having a normal conversation with her. And given her words, she was enjoying it to. But the conflict of interest; you'd just have to hope you could convince her to be good before that time comes.
  173. >Chrysalis nods, she actually gives you a look befitting nobility, a look that suggests sorrow in her heart. "I know, And you know that I won't be held back just because you care"
  174. >You nod, she was probably right. Sadly enough
  175. "I know"
  177. >"Good..." Chrysalis switches back to an arrogant, yet this time, sisterly sweet smile. "For now, you will continue to be my both my friend, and a source of nourishment. And on that note..."
  178. >Chrysalis put her hoof on your head and gently began to rub. "maybe after the documentary, you and I could get to know eachother a little a more....private way"
  179. >she said it so sensually, so seductively. That, combined with the head rub made you blush deep.
  180. "D-don't do that. D-didn't you say lust w-was empty?"
  181. >Chrysalis snickered and went back to walking down into the hive. "It is, but....there's a little love in there. I think it's adorable really. That you have a crush on me, despite a lack of disguise"
  182. >......goddammit. GODDAMMIT! You knew she had years of experience, but fucking christ. It wasn't your fault that she was hot..and,despite it being false, showed you gentle affection.
  183. "We r-really have to talk about personal s-space"
  184. >"Why? Do you want to invade mine Anon?"
  185. >Again she speaks in a seductive, almost ignorant tone. She was just hitting the notes just right with that alluring voice of hers to pull you in.
  186. >Still blushing, you look down and sigh. You felt you should have better willpower than this. But then again, any other person back home. Specially Chryssifags, would have most likely completely given in and let them suck them dry every moment she wanted. With that in mind, at least you could put yourself above them.
  187. "Let's....just get down there and get things set up already...oy..."
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