Trucker saurian - Chapter 2

Apr 20th, 2017
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  2. >You feel an odd mix of relief and disappointment as she finishes up
  3. >It's pretty late at night by now and thankfully no where near as hot
  4. >Though the two of you are just as sweaty from her earlier activities
  5. >You wonder what she's doing as she turns off on an exit in the middle of nowhere
  6. >Before you can ask, you spy a truck stop dinner that seems to be geared towards saurians from your perch
  7. >"Hope you don't mind, but I'm a bit hungry after all that" she offers
  8. >You are too but don't have two dollars to your name
  9. >She waves off your concerns as she pulls up
  10. >Hopping out and taking a moment to fish you out from between her cleavage, the two of you head in
  11. >It looks a bit run down but still lively at this hou-....and you just realized you left your clothes in a pile in the floor of her car
  12. >Your naked body gets a number wolf-whistles and a joking "Hey! No outside food in the dinner!" (or at least you hope it's a joke) as you walk in the dinner
  13. >...Admittedly most of the patrons and staff aren't wearing much more than you are
  14. >The two of you get seated and order, your companion seems to know the waitress and the two start chatting
  15. >Somewhere in there she orders two breakfast specials for the both of you
  16. >It's fairly typical for a place like this, though you gotta admit those are some of the largest pancakes you've ever seen
  17. >Your order is way too much food for you but the driver happily eats the rest of your portion
  18. >The check comes shortly after and the two of you start to head out
  19. >She waves goodbye to the other girls in the dinner as you two leave, reaching her truck you make a crack about hitting the road once more
  20. >She stops a bit behind you and hums thoughtfully "Yeah, about that, there is the little matter of what you have for payment"
  21. >"Payment?" you ask
  22. "Yeah... To tell you the truth I just didn't want a cute lil' thing like you stuck out there in that heat" she admits
  23. "That's not gonna be a problem any more" she says pointing back at the truck stop, "If you don't want to pay, the girls'll probably take care of you"
  24. >"They might want you to earn your keep though", she continues with a lecherous grin, "And I can guarantee any other ride passing through will ask the same price I am"
  25. >"What is it?" you ask with a wince
  26. >"Cash, grass, or ass" she says as her grin grows, "And given I had to pay for the meal back there and that I'd KNOW if you were lugging around enough grass to be worth my while, it's probably gonna be ass unless you're holding out on me"
  27. >You...honestly were kinda expecting this, it's not the first such payment you've had to do while hitchhiking
  28. >"Ass it is" you say with a shrug, "We gonna do it right here in the lot?" you ask
  29. >"Nah, no reason to delay things" she answers with a snicker and picks you up and drops you right in the middle of her ass shaped indentation in the seat
  30. >You have a moment to gander at her thick ass as she hauls herself up letting it loom above you for a moment before it comes down
  31. >Pulling out of the lot she leaves you to lie there under her smothering weight for a bit before you're suddenly hit by a breath of fresh air as she lifts herself up
  32. >"Don't just lie there" she teasingly chastises, "Go ahead and earn your ride~"
  33. >Her heavy weight presses down on you once more, pushing you you deep into the seat as she shifts around to get comfortable in the process making sure you end up wedged deep between her cheeks
  34. >The scent of her sweat is nearly overpowering in here, luckily all you really taste is salt as you experimentally run your tongue over her pucker
  35. >Figuring you probably shouldn't disappoint your driver you begin to dig in, nibbling and licking at her donut and squirming a bit as her buns lightly clench around you in response
  36. >Each squeeze brings you closer and closer to her hole, letting you probe a bit deeper each time as you begin to work into a rythem
  37. >She seems to appreciate your efforts too, lightly grinding her ass against the seat, working you in inch by inch as your mouth and tongue continue their efforts on her insides
  38. >And making you slip all the way in right as she hits the city limit
  39. >She removes her hand from between her legs as she feels you slide in
  40. >Patting her gut she chuckles lightly, "Guess you're ridding with me a bit longer, I suppose it's only fair if the ride to the next city is free"
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