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Sep 16th, 2019
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  1. {07:33:16 am:} 20<lakitu>30 - any way to block an ip *to a single post*? make it invisible to an ip?
  2. {07:34:58 am:} 19<damarusama> lakitu: for sure, you'd need to have some custom code in your functions.php which get fired only on a certain post #
  3. (...)
  4. {07:35:51 am:} 20<lakitu>30 damarusama: any idea what i could look at - examples, or something i could search? i tried searching a couple days but didn't find anything **per post**
  5. {07:36:17 am:} 20<lakitu>30 (for individual posts.)
  6. (...)
  7. {07:38:13 am:} 19<damarusama> lakitu: well you could have some code in the loop for the post.php for example, and get a if $post->ID === the post ID you're wanting to hide
  8. (...)
  9. {07:38:45 am:} 19<damarusama> lakitu: then you can use php to check the ip $_SERVER[REMOTE_ADDR]
  10. {07:38:53 am:} 20<lakitu>30 ok
  11. {07:39:02 am:} 20<lakitu>30 -- (very) good info so far
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