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  1.                      Anyone who reads Old and Middle Engli
  2.          texts will be familiar with the mid-brown volumes
  3.       of the EETS, with the symbol of Alfred's jewel embos
  4.        on the front cover. Most of the works attributed toguugugtututuhhhhhhhh
  6.                      Alfred or to Aelfric, along with some
  7.  ulfstan and much anonymous prose and verse from the pytyd
  8.      st period, are to be found within the Society's three
  9.           of the surviving medieval drama, most of the Mid
  11.                    ligious and secular prose and verse inc
  12. Hoccleve and most of Caxton's prints all find their pgfhgd
  13.     ons, study of medieval English texts would hardly be p
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