Nov 2nd, 2016
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  1. Set run directory to C:\Users\Random\Desktop\Minecraft_staging\minecraft_test_launcher
  2. Native Launcher Version: 729-stage
  3. Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  4. Application Hash: caa1d7d4865195b916f2b5d2df3ae804637894bc
  5. Application Data directory: C:\Users\Random\AppData\Roaming/.minecraft
  6. Executable Path: Minecraft_staging.exe
  7. App Directory dir: C:\Users\Random\Desktop\Minecraft_staging\minecraft_test_launcher
  8. Start dir: C:/Users/Random/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft
  9. Launcher dir: C:/Users/Random/Desktop/Minecraft_staging/minecraft_test_launcher/game
  10. TmpDir dir: C:/Users/Random/Desktop/Minecraft_staging/minecraft_test_launcher/tmp
  11. Java Version:
  12. x64: 1
  13. LauncherConfiguration from: http://launchermeta.mojang.com/mc-staging/launcher.json
  14. Downloaded config
  15. Native launcher is current
  16. Native launcher is current
  17. We need to update the java runtime!
  18. Java version: "1.8.0_51"
  19. Current Java version: ""
  20. Update Java Version
  21. Runtime outdated!
  22. Runtime version should be should be 1.8.0_51
  23. We need to extract the launcher library, it doesn't exist!
  24. Game launcher outdated!
  25. Check to see if we can run the launcher
  26. Native launcher is current
  27. Installing java
  28. Unpack C:/Users/Random/Desktop/Minecraft_staging/minecraft_test_launcher/tmp//_tmpJava.lzma to C:/Users/Random/Desktop/Minecraft_staging/minecraft_test_launcher/tmp//_tmpJava.zip
  29. Unpack successful
  30. Unpack C:/Users/Random/Desktop/Minecraft_staging/minecraft_test_launcher/tmp//_tmpJava.zip to ./runtime/jre-x64/1.8.0_51_tmp
  31. Unpack successful
  32. 1.8.0_51_tmp does not match 1.8.0_51
  33. Java bin dir: ./runtime/jre-x64/1.8.0_51/bin
  34. Installing java launcher
  35. Unpacking launcher
  36. Unpack C:/Users/Random/Desktop/Minecraft_staging/minecraft_test_launcher/tmp/launcher.zip.lzma to C:/Users/Random/Desktop/Minecraft_staging/minecraft_test_launcher/tmp/launcher.zip
  37. Unpack successful
  38. Unpack C:/Users/Random/Desktop/Minecraft_staging/minecraft_test_launcher/tmp/launcher.zip to C:/Users/Random/Desktop/Minecraft_staging/minecraft_test_launcher/tmp/launcher_extracted
  39. Unpack successful
  40. Couldn't remove old launcher:
  41. Starting launcher.dll with C:\Users\Random\Desktop\Minecraft_staging\minecraft_test_launcher\runtime\jre-x64\1.8.0_51\bin\javaw.exe
  42. Set run directory to C:\Users\Random\Desktop\Minecraft_staging\minecraft_test_launcher\game
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