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Fallout Beyond Equestria, Session 17: Northern Blues (p2)

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  1. [2012-12-05 13:06:18] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Seventeen: Northern Blues (Part Two)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHjpOzsQ9YI
  2. [2012-12-05 13:06:29] <Kkat> 3Adventure.
  3. [2012-12-05 13:06:39] <Kkat> 3And so it begins…
  4. [2012-12-05 13:07:44] <Kkat> 3The brave exploration party has stepped hoof beyond the edge of civilized Equestria and into the cold unknown.  
  5. [2012-12-05 13:08:30] <Kkat> 3What mysteries and terrors await?
  6. [2012-12-05 13:08:37] <Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  7. [2012-12-05 13:09:10] <Kkat> 3The yao guai lies dead, its life blood seeping into the snow.  
  8. [2012-12-05 13:09:41] <Kkat> 3The fight was fierce, ended by Shatara's bullet.
  9. [2012-12-05 13:14:34] * Shatara stays on target a moment, before glancing around the area. Seeing no additional threats, he reloads his rifle.
  10. [2012-12-05 13:15:01] * Get_Lost pokes her head from under the snow "is everypony fine?"
  11. [2012-12-05 13:16:21] * Kid huffs. "That was stupid."
  12. [2012-12-05 13:17:13] <Get_Lost> what was stupid?
  13. [2012-12-05 13:18:52] * Noble_Heart frowns and shakes her head. "We are fine. But We are worried about Our companion's welfare." She spread her wings and swooped down after Bookwright, towards the area Mitzi had vanished underground.
  14. [2012-12-05 13:18:54] * Get_Lost scratches her head in confusion
  15. [2012-12-05 13:19:38] * Get_Lost "okay, let's check then" the mare tries poking her head where the hellhound was seen the last time
  16. [2012-12-05 13:20:36] <CopyCat> me looks down at her revolver she'd hit Mitzi with lying in the snow and shivers. "I shot... I... didn't mean to." She hangs her head in shame, covering her face with her wings.
  17. [2012-12-05 13:20:46] <Kkat> 3Mitzi (until she returns) has collapsed from wounds and blood loss.  
  18. [2012-12-05 13:21:52] * Kid revolves the chamber on her mouthgun nervously. "Ya'll weren't watchin'? That whole thing with th' bear! That whole thing would've been avoided if she jus'..." She grumps. Durnit, she's not even awake for me to bitch at!
  19. [2012-12-05 13:22:49] * Get_Lost "well, actually i was hiding under the snow, so no... i didn't see"
  20. [2012-12-05 13:23:08] * Bookwright hurries over broken ground to Mitzi's fallen form and hurriedly casts a spell, gently enveloping her in magic that sinks into her hide.
  21. [2012-12-05 13:26:17] * Noble_Heart follows after Bookwright towards Mitzi, keeping her eyes out for any sign of further Yao-Guai in the area. "We hope she will be well? Please tell Us when she is well enough to move and We shall try to get her back to the top." She looks back up towards the others on the road above.
  22. [2012-12-05 13:27:39] <Kkat> 3The snow is starting to come down a little heavier now.  Night is closing in.  The darkness falls early in the northern mountains.
  23. [2012-12-05 13:28:01] * Bookwright looks up. "This spell will stop the bleeding and restore some of her vitality, but she is still badly injured."
  24. [2012-12-05 13:29:07] * Get_Lost takes a look at the magic doing the work, then mumbles "yeah i see.... if you want to dave some magic power i could give her a potion, but i don't know how long the potions will have to last...."
  25. [2012-12-05 13:30:07] * Kid puts the hood back over her face, bounding towards the hulking figure. "She gon' be alright?"
  26. [2012-12-05 13:32:29] * Noble_Heart nods her head to Bookwright, shivering just a little bit in the cold air. "We understand. We suggest finding a safe place to make camp, and soon. If the sun sets, We cannot imagine any of Our friends will last long in the cold."
  27. [2012-12-05 13:33:37] * Bookwright shivers involuntarily, "I don't suppose anypony brought a tent?"
  28. [2012-12-05 13:34:59] <Kkat> 3Looking around, several members of the group spot the silhouette of what would seem to be a pony-made structure or some sort deeper into the mountain woods, away from the road.
  29. [2012-12-05 13:35:42] * Get_Lost "ah, i could have something like that, let me check..."
  30. [2012-12-05 13:35:43] <Kkat> 3Get_Lost is the only one to identify what she is seeing.  It is the hulk of an old military transport motorwagon.
  31. [2012-12-05 13:35:47] * Noble_Heart frowns slightly and looks around at the surrounding wilderness. "We must admit that We did not. We did not expect the lands to be so cold so quickly." She points a hoof in the direction of the structure. "We believe there may be a refuge there. If we travel together perhaps we can all find a safe place."
  32. [2012-12-05 13:36:19] * Get_Lost "but i think i see something there, some sort of wagon... we could use it as a shelter...."
  33. [2012-12-05 13:36:35] * Bookwright looks at the sky and frowns, "I should have expected this I guess. Valleys don't get much warmth from the sun before it wheels behind the mountains yet again..."
  34. [2012-12-05 13:36:37] <Kkat> 3Soothed and partially restored by the healing magic from Bookwright's horn, Mitzi regains consciousness.
  35. [2012-12-05 13:37:23] * CopyCat picks up her gun and trudges towards the group despondently. It was her fault the least she could do was try to help. "Is... is she going to be okay?"
  36. [2012-12-05 13:37:30] * Kid frowns. "Got th' stuff t' start a fire, but even if we did, we're gon' get buried in it at this rate." Her nose was starting to go blush red. Stupid snow. She tried to look for whatever they were looking at.
  37. [2012-12-05 13:37:53] * Mitzi grunts and gets up. "Dat hurt."
  38. [2012-12-05 13:38:27] * Get_Lost "well, if we find a refuge in that wagon, a fire could be enough to pass the night, but we will have to find a different solution tomorrow"
  39. [2012-12-05 13:38:32] * Mitzi blinks and feels herself over; "Not hurt. Weird."
  40. [2012-12-05 13:39:17] * CopyCat apologizes immediately. "I'm so sorry Mitzi, is there anything I can do to help?"
  41. [2012-12-05 13:40:53] * Bookwright shakes his head and cautions Mitzi, "You may not look like or feel like you were hurt, for now anyways, but you're still badly injured. That Yao-Guai did a real number on you. If you insist on doing battle again without letting your body heal you almost certainly are going to re-injure yourself."
  42. [2012-12-05 13:42:12] * Kid can't see it in this weather. Stupid only one eye. She finally notices Mitzi getting up. "Well, good. That's yer body sayin' you shouldn't be chargin' int' no fights you can avoid." She squinted off in a different direction. "... Now, could y'all lead m' to that thing y'all're talkin' about?"
  43. [2012-12-05 13:42:34] * Shatara goes to the Yao Goai corpse and checks it for serviceable meats.
  44. [2012-12-05 13:42:36] * Mitzi gets up and looks around; "Eez Lupa okay? He wuz hurt real bad."
  45. [2012-12-05 13:42:39] * Noble_Heart moves to stand next to CopyCat, gently wrapping a wing around the other alicorn. "We are most proud that you stood up to help your friend!" She smiles up to her 'sister'. "It is important. Though We also understand your worry over hurting your friend, such things are a sad occasional fact. But We are certain you did not mean it and that you will try hard in the future as
  46. [2012-12-05 13:42:39] * Noble_Heart well!"
  47. [2012-12-05 13:43:59] * Bookwright "Lupa will be fine. I healed most of his wounds, the rest will heal on their own with a little bit of rest."
  48. [2012-12-05 13:46:32] <Kkat> 3Shatara finds that she can get some good meat from the corpse, but nowhere near as much as she had hoped.
  49. [2012-12-05 13:46:37] * Noble_Heart frowns as Mitzi collapses again. "We believe We may be able to move her safely... We suggest heading for a safe place as quickly as possible. This weather is most inhospitable and a disgrace to the rightfully harmonious nature of Equestria." She glares at the black sky like her gaze could melt the clouds away.
  50. [2012-12-05 13:47:10] * Bookwright looks up at the quickly dimming sky, "We need to get out from under this snow and into camp. I know I saw some kind of structure over there, and any shelter is better than none at all. We best be moving."
  51. [2012-12-05 13:47:45] * Get_Lost nodnods to Noble_Heart words "as i said, there is some sort of wagon up there, we should check it, if it still has a roof, we are safe for the night"
  52. [2012-12-05 13:48:27] * CopyCat nods at Noble sadly. "Yes, you are right. I... I will try harder."
  53. [2012-12-05 13:49:43] * Bookwright shakes his head, "'Safe' is a relative term. But you are right, it will do for the night. Let's go. Noble Heart, can you collect Mitzi? I fear my own telekinetic ability is not up to the task of her... bulk."
  54. [2012-12-05 13:50:46] * Shatara uses his claws and his shovel to carve some meat, like his ancestors. Unfortunately, unlike his ancestors, he was raised in a concrete box. In haste and inexperience, he only manages one good chunk before hurrying after the others towards shelter.
  55. [2012-12-05 13:51:54] * Get_Lost "we will have to find something for the next night, though... or hope to find some sort of refuge every night... and it's not likely"
  56. [2012-12-05 13:53:39] * Kid binds her mouth back up and tries to follow the others in the storm. All this talk of survival was making her antsy.
  57. [2012-12-05 13:56:08] * Noble_Heart nods her head and raises her horn, the glow growing around it as she wraps her magic around Mitzi, carefully lifting the hellhound's mass from the ground and carrying her through the air. Perhaps not the most dignified form of travel, but at least it wouldn't tear her wounds open again.
  58. [2012-12-05 13:56:08] * Noble_Heart begins moving in the direction of the structure with Mitzi in tow. "We recommend haste."
  59. [2012-12-05 13:59:30] * Get_Lost shrugs "obviously we could always use the penguin survival strategy... we hug all together in a giant pony ball..."
  60. [2012-12-05 14:00:12] * Bookwright looks at Get Lost cockeyed, "A giant pony... what? I think the cold is affecting your brain, you sound even weirder than usual."
  61. [2012-12-05 14:00:54] * CopyCat follows along behind. "That could work, Lost."
  62. [2012-12-05 14:01:05] * Get_Lost "it's... you know, i read it on a book... penguins can survive months in the most terrible cold just by hugging together a lot...."
  63. [2012-12-05 14:01:40] * Get_Lost "now, if only i knew what a penguin is..."
  64. [2012-12-05 14:02:11] * Kid starts to pick up pieces of bark and sticks that are as non-soggy as possible. "Ah think it's some sorta lizard."
  65. [2012-12-05 14:02:38] * Bookwright shrugs and continues to trudge forward, growing ever more thankful that he took the winterized armor from the late sergeant Donner.
  66. [2012-12-05 14:03:17] * Get_Lost follows on bookie's trail and tries to reach a sheltered place, hoping it's not a minefield
  67. [2012-12-05 14:04:15] * Noble_Heart continues to press her way forwards as well, not looking terribly happy. But looking much less unhappy than one might expect for a still-unclothed pony in an area with heavy snow. She snorted and shook her head to get some of the snow out of her mane as they pressed onwards.
  68. [2012-12-05 14:08:04] * Shatara struggles against the winds with the others.
  69. [2012-12-05 14:09:18] <Kkat> 3The motorwagon is a large military transport.  The blue and white camouflage paint that would have once made it very difficult to spot has worn off in flakes, revealing the dark metal skin beneath.  The bulk of the wagon is taken up by what appears to be a prisoner holding cell, the doors of which still remain locked.
  70. [2012-12-05 14:09:21] <Kkat> 3The motorwagon looks to have gone off the road and managed to get a surprising distance into the woods before finally striking a clump of boulders, shattering both of it's wooden front wheels as well as the forward-mounted boiler.  The wartime vehicle is tilted, the forward undercarriage trapped on the rocks.
  71. [2012-12-05 14:11:47] * Kid checks the front for any corpses with keys up in the front of the wagon. What was once a prison might just become a welcome shelter. Kid wasn't beyond recognizing irony, she just preferred it whenever it worked out in her favor.
  72. [2012-12-05 14:12:07] * Noble_Heart frowns slightly as she moves around the vehicle towards the rear and the locked cell. "We believe this may still serve as shelter." She tilts her head to one side. "Kid. Do you believe you can open this lock?"
  73. [2012-12-05 14:13:42] <Kkat> 3The front of the wagon is free of corpses, but the doors are wide open and the windshield shattered.  If the pony or ponies up front didn't survive the crash, their bodies would have been free to the local wildlife.
  74. [2012-12-05 14:15:15] * Bookwright shivers again, "I would love to know the story of this particular vehicle, but that can wait." He circles around to the shattered cabin and peers inside. "If this is a military vehicle, there's probably some kind of log or something in here, assuming it didn't leave with the pilots."
  75. [2012-12-05 14:16:06] * Get_Lost the mare approaches the destroyed boiler, starting to check on it, maybe there is somethinf salvageable....
  76. [2012-12-05 14:16:33] * Kid grumbles, then fetches her boomstick. Stupid windows, why'd you have to give out in only two-hundred years and one silly little wreck. "Yeah, gimme a minute." She heads up to the back and attempts to locate the hinges, then attempts to proceed to persuade them that they really need a vacation and that door wasn't doing them any favors anyway.
  77. [2012-12-05 14:17:08] * Noble_Heart shivers a few moments in the cold and wet, looking into the back of the truck curiously. If the doors were still locked that meant it was likely the pony, or perhaps zebra, being transported was still within. "We hope you know what you are doing. We would like the door intact to use as safety against attacks."
  78. [2012-12-05 14:17:53] * CopyCat skitters her hooves nervously. "Um, be careful. There might be critters trying to take shelter as well."
  79. [2012-12-05 14:18:35] * Shatara perches atop the machine, glancing around the groups surroundings before looking down towards Get_Lost, checking the boiler as well. "That boiler might make a good furnace to keep warm... any chance to rig something up?"
  80. [2012-12-05 14:18:41] <Kkat> 3Poking about the forward cabin, Bookwright does find that the vehicle has a mini-terminal.  The terminal is dead, but seems in good enough shape that it might still be able to function if its spell matrix could be rebooted from a PipBuck or powered armor.
  81. [2012-12-05 14:19:05] * Kid huffs. "Well, I ain't too good with depth perception, so th' subtle approach to locks ain't gonna happen."
  82. [2012-12-05 14:20:10] * Bookwright sticks his head out and calls to Shatara, "Hey, featherhead! I've got what looks like a mini-terminal here, but it's powered down. Can I borrow you and your pipbuck to give it a swift kick in the butt?"
  83. [2012-12-05 14:20:23] * Get_Lost "sure, i don't know what i can do without a toolkit, but maybe we can find some useful coal or i have no idea"
  84. [2012-12-05 14:21:31] * Get_Lost frowns, after a bit "i don't think there's something useful here...."
  85. [2012-12-05 14:21:42] <Kkat> 3After an examination, Get_Lost doesn't think there is anything to be salvaged from the boiler.  It took the brunt of the impact, and then two hundred years of hostile weather.
  86. [2012-12-05 14:23:17] <Shatara> "Well, I have some tool-" His response is cut off by a call from the cabin, and the griffon hops off the roof to meet the unicorn below. "Whatdyaneed..?"
  87. [2012-12-05 14:24:09] * Bookwright "I got the know-how to reboot this little-bitty computer, I just need to reboot it with a functioning pipbuck. Can I use yours?"
  88. [2012-12-05 14:24:31] * Shatara nods, offering his beterminal'd foreleg.
  89. [2012-12-05 14:24:40] * Noble_Heart frowns and shivers a little more as she watches Kid's attempts at getting the door open. She raises her voice. "We require one with skills to open locks and doors which one is not intended to pass. Unless you wish to spend this night in the snow."
  90. [2012-12-05 14:26:57] * Bookwright plugs a cable into Shatara's portable computing device from the mini terminal, taps a few buttons, and is rewarded with a tinny boot sound from the mini-terminal. "Got it!"
  91. [2012-12-05 14:28:38] <Kkat> 3With ease, and the help of Shatara's PipBuck, Bookwright gets the mini-terminal rebooted.  The terminal displays a small map with a marked route.  The route begins at the Stalliongrad Penitentiary and follows the road into these mountains before diverting off all known paths into the middle of frozen nowhere.
  92. [2012-12-05 14:29:16] * Bookwright "Now that's interesting..."
  93. [2012-12-05 14:30:05] <Kkat> 3The mini-terminal contains only the map, a series of delivery logs, and the vehicle's Tag.
  94. [2012-12-05 14:30:37] * CopyCat stops looking down at her hooves long enough to notice Noble's shivering. Her horn glows gently and she taps Noble_Heart on the shoulder.
  95. [2012-12-05 14:30:48] * Bookwright "Shatara, do me a favor and add this vehicle's tag to your pipbuck. Then check its location on your pipbucks map against the map on this terminal. I have a suspicion..."
  96. [2012-12-05 14:31:01] * Noble_Heart shivers a little and shakes her head, moving closer to the construction, the tap on her shoulder drew her attention towards CopyCat curiously. "Yes?"
  97. [2012-12-05 14:31:16] * Get_Lost watches as bookie works on the terminal, waiting to know if it is possible to open the doors from the terminal
  98. [2012-12-05 14:31:26] * Kid grumbles as she produces a pair of those zebra slugs. Might work, but there's no guarantee.
  99. [2012-12-05 14:32:42] * Shatara blinks a bit, beginning to poke buttons with his talon. He brings up the map, marking tags as instructed, and takes a cursory glance at comparing his map with the carriage's.
  100. [2012-12-05 14:33:32] * CopyCat "I can't tell if you're cold unless you tell me. i think you will feel better now."
  101. [2012-12-05 14:34:50] * Bookwright begins to page through the delivery logs in the meantime.
  102. [2012-12-05 14:34:59] * Get_Lost frowns a moment "yeah that's interesting... actually, not... can you open the detention bay now with this terminal?"
  103. [2012-12-05 14:35:02] * Noble_Heart breathes a sigh of relief as the magic takes effect and she's no longer hounded by the frost and snow, giving a weak smile to CopyCat. "We thank you. We are sorry for Our weakness which requires you to spend yourself this way." She gives a somewhat brighter smile after that, though. "But We are greatful for your care."
  104. [2012-12-05 14:36:01] * Bookwright looks up from paging through the logs, "I'm not sure."
  105. [2012-12-05 14:36:31] <Kkat> 3Taking the vehicle's Tag, Shatara is able to place the vehicle's location in relation to the map.  The vehicle is off-course, but not by a whole lot.  The road just up the mountainside looks to be part of the route.
  106. [2012-12-05 14:36:41] * Get_Lost "okay then, let's see if the air ports for the detention cabinet are welded or assembled...."
  107. [2012-12-05 14:38:01] * Bookwright frowns, and begins playing with the terminal, looking for a software option to unlock the prisoner bay.
  108. [2012-12-05 14:38:09] * CopyCat smiles at Noble_Heart. "Oh it's no trouble. I'm just glad I can be useful."
  109. [2012-12-05 14:41:01] * Get_Lost and since she's already under the thing, she checks for any spare keys under the bumpers... ponyes sometimes are just that silly, who knows
  110. [2012-12-05 14:41:13] * Shatara takes another moment to ponder the maps, before moving to doublecheck the boiler for anything that could be salvaged.
  111. [2012-12-05 14:41:36] <Kkat> 3The delivery logs are spartan, including only a series of pick-up and delivered dates, all within the last four years of the war, as well as amounts (never more than a dozen, and often only two or three).  The final entry has a pick-up date but no delivery date.  
  112. [2012-12-05 14:41:44] <Kkat> 3In each case pick-up location is listed as Stalliongrad Prison and the delivery location is SRAC-CE.
  113. [2012-12-05 14:41:44] * CopyCat thinks for a moment and then trots over to Mitzi's prone form and casts Equestria's Love on her as well. Getting into the shelter was taking a while and the injured Hellhound was vulnerable to exposure.
  114. [2012-12-05 14:42:23] * Kid "Wait."
  115. [2012-12-05 14:42:28] * Kid "Who has the pickaxe?"
  116. [2012-12-05 14:42:37] * Get_Lost calls from under the wagon "i have one!"
  117. [2012-12-05 14:42:48] * Kid "We could probably use that."
  118. [2012-12-05 14:43:26] * Get_Lost a pickaxe slides from under the wagon "be my guest!"
  119. [2012-12-05 14:44:17] * Get_Lost "just remember that for a correct pickaxing you should sing 'hey-oh' while you work!"
  120. [2012-12-05 14:44:28] * Noble_Heart looks down at the pickaxe, carefully setting the injured Mitzi on the ground and hefting it instead in her magic. "We are willing to attempt it, though We are uncertain how useful it will be against an armored transport."
  121. [2012-12-05 14:45:44] * Kid lifts it gingerly. This was probably going to sting. "... Alright, thank y'." She begrudgingly hoofed it over to Noble, and then took a look around. Maybe there was something she was missing here.
  122. [2012-12-05 14:47:04] * Bookwright sighs and slumps back from the terminal, "Well, that was informative but not very helpful. The prisoner bay is manual unlock only. Which is to say you need a key or some other kind of entry device." He sets about sketching a quick map of the route in one of his notebooks, noting down the mysterious unmarked destination as "SRAC-CE".
  123. [2012-12-05 14:49:02] * CopyCat joins Get_Lost under the wagon out of curiosity more than anything. "What are we looking for down here?"
  124. [2012-12-05 14:51:05] <Get_Lost> ACTION "well, i'm trying to think like a jailer... first of all i'd want to keep the prisoners inside, but if i need to get inside the wagon because, let's say, they took some sort of hostage? i'd build some sort of emergency entrance somewhere, to suerprise them!... i know it's just plain optimism, but who knows... moreover, they could simply have put spare keys behind a wheel, you can never say how stupid ponies are... aft
  125. [2012-12-05 14:51:16] <Get_Lost> *they broke
  126. [2012-12-05 14:51:35] * Noble_Heart hefts the pickaxe and spends a few moments examining it, listening to Bookwright's complaints about trying to get information out of the machine. She frowns a few moments and contemplates where to strike exactly. Tilting her head to one side then the other as she sizes up her task.
  127. [2012-12-05 14:59:07] <Kkat> 3Shatara seconds Get_Lost's assessment of the boiler.
  128. [2012-12-05 15:01:37] * Bookwright turns his head around and lights his horn, getting a good look at the inside of the prisoner transport part of the wagon.
  129. [2012-12-05 15:02:32] * Get_Lost trots a little beyond the wagon and starts making counts in the snow, as if she's studying a trajectory
  130. [2012-12-05 15:03:35] * Get_Lost then goes back to the cabin and checks the dashboard
  131. [2012-12-05 15:04:35] <Kkat> 3The sky gets darker and the air gets colder.
  132. [2012-12-05 15:05:31] <Kkat> 3Bookwright's light reveals a jumble of bones and the tatters of cloth in the back of the wagon.
  133. [2012-12-05 15:05:33] * Noble_Heart shakes her head, looking towards the front of the wagon. "Bookwright. We could use your weapon with this. Our pickaxe is doubtful to be enough to open these doors. We require something more energetic."
  134. [2012-12-05 15:06:46] * Bookwright gets out of the cabin, "Before we melt the lock off, I want to see if I can find the driver or a guard. See if they're still here."
  135. [2012-12-05 15:07:43] * Get_Lost trots back from her unfruitful search, sighing... "okay, the only thing i can think of now id modifying the lenses of an energy weapon to jury-rig a cutting laser...."
  136. [2012-12-05 15:08:02] * Noble_Heart nods her head to Bookwright. "Yes. Feel free. We shall wait here with Mitzi. We do not wish to leave the wounded alone, and thanks to CopyCat's magic, We are not so bothered by the cold." She looks down at the door and contemplates the difficulties in opening it. "We believe We may be able to break the hinges with Our magic. This would be preferable as We can recover from such expenditures."
  137. [2012-12-05 15:14:25] * Bookwright curses as realization dawns, "Eaten by Yao-Guai. Alright, I have one more idea before we start destroying things."
  138. [2012-12-05 15:14:39] * CopyCat tries to speak up. "If... if anypony is suffering in the cold then I can help you. I can't do it forever though."
  139. [2012-12-05 15:15:24] * Get_Lost starts putting stuff out from her saddlebags "does anypony have a working energy weapon, by chance? i can't say i'll give it back in a good shape, though..."
  140. [2012-12-05 15:15:34] * Bookwright focuses, and gently lights his horn. A flash of quiet magic pings out from his horn, like some kind of amber sonar wave.
  141. [2012-12-05 15:17:25] * Noble_Heart briefly checks her bags before shaking her head and offering the pickaxe back to Get Lost. "We are sorry. We do not have any weapons like that. We have only Our club and a small mouth gun We recovered some time ago."
  142. [2012-12-05 15:18:09] * Get_Lost sits under the wagon, working with several lenses and a half built chassis, whatever she's doing looks a lot like some sort of laser silencer muzzle...
  143. [2012-12-05 15:18:47] * Bookwright opens his eyes after a time, "...Nothing."
  144. [2012-12-05 15:21:45] * Get_Lost groans "i need a focused optic to finish this thing properly!"
  145. [2012-12-05 15:26:07] * Noble_Heart snorted briefly, the frost from her breath clouding the air briefly before the wind carries it away. "If you have a plan, We suggest making use of it quickly."
  146. [2012-12-05 15:26:18] * Bookwright approaches Get_Lost, "Why don't you let me have a go at it?"
  147. [2012-12-05 15:26:39] * Get_Lost after a while, she gives up "i cant' do it, not like this... bookie, you know circuitry a lot better than me..."
  148. [2012-12-05 15:27:44] * Bookwright fiddles. Tinkers. Muddles. Fails. "I... I'm sorry."
  149. [2012-12-05 15:29:54] * Get_Lost frowns "i'm not letting my friends die in the cold, look bookie, i think you are using those parts in the wrong way, matybe we can try together.... you have fine manipulation and i have a couple of ideas.... let's try one last time okay?"
  150. [2012-12-05 15:29:55] <Kkat> 3Darkness begins to fall in earnest, the sky growing black as it continues to rain down flakes of white cold.  Now the ponies are faced with a lack of light to work by as well...
  151. [2012-12-05 15:30:56] * Kid huffs and starts getting wood together. This was bad, and getting worse. Least we could have is a fire.
  152. [2012-12-05 15:31:10] * Shatara clicks on pipbuck lamp. for the working ponies.
  153. [2012-12-05 15:31:14] * Noble_Heart frowns and raises her head, her horn lighting up like a beacon, shedding brilliance for yards around in every direction. "We suggest working fast. Bookwright, you know how to use the weapons of magic. Mitzi carries one which may cut these doors from their hinges."
  154. [2012-12-05 15:34:40] <Kkat> 3Both Kid and Get_Lost are successful in their endeavors!
  155. [2012-12-05 15:35:39] * CopyCat hugs Get_Lost. "Well done Lost! I bet you can use that to get inside in no time."
  156. [2012-12-05 15:35:40] * Bookwright sits back, "Goodness, this contraption is... Well, to put it politely it's a kluge. But I think it'll work."
  157. [2012-12-05 15:36:13] * Get_Lost when you are used to fails, stubborness is the only real virtue that can you bring a pony somewhere, so the solaris pony doesn't give up on the first fails, even the second failed attempt doesn't put her down, and she triesagain and again and again, her muzzle turning slowly into a crazed grin while she works
  158. [2012-12-05 15:36:28] * Kid finds a nice, non-soggy place in the snow and lays down her firewood, setting up a line of rocks so that it never burned out of control. She trims the edge of her rope for tinder, then trimmed a shotgun shell and used the gunpowder and primer to kick it off.
  159. [2012-12-05 15:37:19] * Get_Lost "that's the point bookie! it doesn't need to be nice or effective, it just has to work twice! ah, take this light physics! who said that a super heated ray has to be in the visible spectre!?"
  160. [2012-12-05 15:37:52] * Bookwright "Certainly not me, if that's what you're asking. I just hope it doesn't explode before we're done with it."
  161. [2012-12-05 15:37:59] * Kid warms her hoovsies at the now-steadily burning fire.
  162. [2012-12-05 15:38:39] * Get_Lost in the end the mare is even laughing maniacally and it's quit surprising that there isn't a lightning crossing the sky, even id at some point she mutters a "igor, raise the platform, i can feel the storm coming, mwahaahahah!"
  163. [2012-12-05 15:39:26] * Noble_Heart does not look pleased in the cold and dark, but clusters slightly closer to the fire. The warmth was nice, even if she wasn't in danger from the cold any longer.
  164. [2012-12-05 15:39:50] * CopyCat looks around for a platform to raise but can't find any.
  165. [2012-12-05 15:42:50] * Mitzi has totally been here the whole time
  166. [2012-12-05 15:43:14] * Kid grumbles as Noble comes closer, half expecting to go into great detail of how exactly she sucks and that she's immoral and how she should help save everypony and that nopony deserves blah blah blah. She was getting too tired and too soggy to work up the nerve to be properly bitter.
  167. [2012-12-05 15:46:09] * Noble_Heart didn't have any particular complaints about any of those things. "When the doors are open, We will help move the fire inside."
  168. [2012-12-05 15:46:31] * Bookwright notices that Mitzi has awoken, "Ah. Mitzi, do you think you could apply your claws to these hinges and cut the doors off?
  169. [2012-12-05 15:48:00] * Mitzi nods; "Uh cud do dat. Uh'm gud wit doors." She remembers the bent gate, wall ripped door AND knocking too hard incidents. She looks around for the easiest place to stick a claw in; "Cud cut hinges und take door off, or cut lockeen bolt und keep door on."
  170. [2012-12-05 15:48:31] * Bookwright "Cutting the bolt would be ideal."
  171. [2012-12-05 15:49:05] * Kid figured now would be a good a time as any to ask, even if she doesn't really care. "Yeah, I gotcha. Hey, question. Why do ya'll still say 'We'?"
  172. [2012-12-05 15:50:05] * CopyCat trots over to join the ponies round the fire, smiling now that Mitzi was awake again.
  173. [2012-12-05 15:51:14] * Mitzi needs to stop passing out. She goes to the side of the door opposite the hinges and tries to fit a claw into the seam, then sliding it down until she found the bolt. Her claws not being fully developed, she might have to saw at it a little bit, but she could do it.
  174. [2012-12-05 15:53:31] * Mitzi gets a feel for the bolt against her claws; "Feefteen Uh tink."
  175. [2012-12-05 15:53:50] * Noble_Heart blinks at Kid's question, frowning slightly as she looks down to the smaller pony. "We... Do not know." She looks unsettled by that answer. "It is... Natural? Easy? Appropriate?" She shakes her head. "Yes and no. It is what We have always done. It is how We should speak. Of this We are certain. ... But We are not certain why." She looks down into the fire in frustration.
  176. [2012-12-05 15:55:28] * Mitzi lets her dogs rest as she works. She could do with a bit of proper rest herself. As well, once they had shelter, she did owe them an explanation for her attack on the bear creature.
  177. [2012-12-05 15:56:11] * Bookwright stands next to Mitzi as she hack-claws through the lock on the door, gathering soft power and releasing healing energy into Mitzi.
  178. [2012-12-05 15:56:31] * Mitzi feels better with the energy waftign over her, getting her energy back.
  179. [2012-12-05 15:59:30] * Bookwright stands back, "Whew. I'm sure a better educated medical pony could do that more efficiently, but the task is done."
  180. [2012-12-05 16:00:20] * Kid kind of figured that was it. "Kinda like an accent, right?" She coughs into her hoof and snerks, keeping her cold, tired demeanor despite Noble_Heart's frustration. "Well, th' only reason I figure is somethin' weird. Like, that's how they used ta' talk, right? Somethin' bout them thee's, thou's, an We's. Way back in th' days right before th' bomb, right?"
  181. [2012-12-05 16:00:23] <Kkat> 3Mitzi is about a third of the way through the lock when something huge and feathery swoops down out of the blackness, snatching Lupa from the snow and disappearing back into the snow-shrouded night.
  182. [2012-12-05 16:01:54] * Get_Lost looks up in the sky "w-w-w-whatwasthat!?"
  183. [2012-12-05 16:02:42] * Mitzi abrupt turns away from the lock, putting a crack in her claw in the process, but equally leaving her mark on the door; "Wut wuz dat?!" She demands.
  184. [2012-12-05 16:02:45] * Get_Lost waves a hoof at the dark sky "you stupid chicken! give us back the doggie!"
  185. [2012-12-05 16:03:12] * Noble_Heart stared down into the fire a few more moments. "We do not believe-" She was cut off by the sound of moving wings and the cry from Get Lost, looking up and away from the fire, towards the black snow-filled sky. "We suggest gathering close. Whatever that was may return. Or more may come if they believe us easy prey."
  186. [2012-12-05 16:03:41] * Bookwright lights his horn, "Don't look at my horn unless you wanna be dazzled."
  187. [2012-12-05 16:04:22] * Get_Lost objects "but we can't let it take one of our companions!"
  188. [2012-12-05 16:04:58] * Shatara clicks his lamp off as he readies his rifle, hoping his nightvision isn't *too* murdered as he searches out the blip on his EFS
  189. [2012-12-05 16:04:59] * Mitzi immediately leaps over to Violetta and Rey, who were growling with their heckles raised. Lupa had been injured and unable to react, and the other two wimpered at his disappearance. Mitzi whipped her rifle off her back and pointed it in the direction she had heard the wingbeats, listening intently.
  190. [2012-12-05 16:05:12] * Kid 's ears perk sharply underneath her hood. "What was that howlin' sound?" Then everyone started freaking out. Shit. Shit. Okay. "Folks, come'ere. Noble, you get in th' back, Bookie, right behind her. Mitzi, ya'll start crackin' on th' door. We need t' be safe before we start makin' other ponies safe."
  191. [2012-12-05 16:08:17] * Kid pulled out her new firearm. Regal Red Falcon, she noted. "Eyes peeled, folks." She said before stuffing the gun into her mouth.
  192. [2012-12-05 16:08:30] <Kkat> 3Shatara spots the red mark on her EFS, moving up and away.  S.A.T.S. lights up both the creature and its prey in her vision, eliminating penalties for darkness. It is a skylurk -- a giant, mutated wasteland owl -- and it has already reached medium range.
  193. [2012-12-05 16:08:40] * CopyCat hovers just off the ground and her horn bathes her in light for a moment. "Kid is right, everypony stay together.!"
  194. [2012-12-05 16:09:00] * Bookwright peels his eyes and searches the skies.
  195. [2012-12-05 16:09:29] * Bookwright can't see anything past his own horn's glow!
  196. [2012-12-05 16:09:31] * Noble_Heart moves in close to cover Kid, the glowing purple dome of her shield closing around the two of them, just short of the fire. "We will not allow another to be taken by surprise!"
  197. [2012-12-05 16:09:32] * Get_Lost isn't really good at fighting and tries simply to keep quiet
  198. [2012-12-05 16:12:02] * Mitzi keeps her dogs at her sides and moves back towards the door. Keeping her rifle trained with one arm, she uses her other one to slam the prospective shelter's door open. Hopefully with her strength she could snap off the weakened bolt.
  199. [2012-12-05 16:13:58] <Kkat> 3Mitzi hits the doors hard.  <<THUD>>>
  200. [2012-12-05 16:18:37] * Shatara takes careful aim, lining up center mass with the assistance of the spell and squeezing off a single round.
  201. [2012-12-05 16:25:19] * Mitzi keeps her rifle trained on the direction of Shatara's shot, and switches from slamming on the door, which didn't work so well, to trying to pull it open. Hopefully her first blow weakened the lock enough for her to simply pull the door open and rend it off.
  202. [2012-12-05 16:25:48] <Kkat> 3The skylurk lets out a loud, piercing shriek as Shatara's bullet tears into its wing.  The damage is by no means crippling or lethal to the mighty bird, but it is enough that the skylurk drops the extra weight, fleeing to greater heights.
  203. [2012-12-05 16:26:30] * Mitzi lets go of the door and dives to catch her falling dog. She wasn't the type to let any of her charges jsut fall to their death.
  204. [2012-12-05 16:27:04] <Kkat> 3With a teeth-hurting squeal, the remaining metal of the lock bends and breaks, the door of the transport flying open with enough force to send Mitzi stumbling back.
  205. [2012-12-05 16:27:54] <Kkat> 3Lupa falls, the snow helping slightly to cushion the impact.
  206. [2012-12-05 16:28:18] * Get_Lost "yay!" cheers for the mightyfine rescue mission
  207. [2012-12-05 16:29:08] * Get_Lost and since it is still better to be safe than sorry, the mare trots to the dog checking that he can walk
  208. [2012-12-05 16:29:18] * CopyCat takes to the air and tries to find where the dog had landed, hoping that it wasn't hurt too badly.
  209. [2012-12-05 16:30:55] <Kkat> 3A few bones spill out of the transport.  Get_Lost recognizes them as having once been zebras.
  210. [2012-12-05 16:31:01] * Bookwright shouts, "Come on! Get retrieve poor Lupa and get him back to us! I can heal any injuries! Let's get out from under these dangerous skies!"
  211. [2012-12-05 16:31:59] * Get_Lost takes a look at the bones in the wagon and frowns "oh... poor souls... they must have starved to death..."
  212. [2012-12-05 16:33:01] * Shatara scans the surroundings for any more red marks, keeping his rifle ready.
  213. [2012-12-05 16:33:41] * Kid waves her shotgun up and backs into the transport. "Get back! Get back int' the damn transport! Now!"
  214. [2012-12-05 16:34:29] * Get_Lost appeoaches the bones to take a better look at them, worried and whispering to herself "even in the middle of nothing the war has some little dirty story to tell... what a horrible way to die.."
  215. [2012-12-05 16:34:39] * Bookwright hates to treat remains so harshly, but hasn't the time to do so nicely. He snags the remains with telekinesis and drags them out onto the ground. "Move it, all of you!"
  216. [2012-12-05 16:35:41] * CopyCat stops unhelpfully fussing over the injured doggie and gets inside like she's told.
  217. [2012-12-05 16:35:59] * Mitzi picks up her traumatized dog and places him over her shoulders, lumbering back over to the group. She stops by Shatara and places a large paw on her shoulder; "Tank yu."
  218. [2012-12-05 16:36:10] * Mitzi nods; "Uh wud hate tu luse un of ur own."
  219. [2012-12-05 16:39:00] * Get_Lost gets inside the carriage, taking a look at the walls, seeing if these ponies have left something written on then, somehow...
  220. [2012-12-05 16:40:17] * Shatara grunts softly and nods to the massive hellhound, before backing into the relative saftey of the cramped carriage with the others.
  221. [2012-12-05 16:42:31] * Kid slams the door shut as soon as everypony got inside, then pointed her gun at the door. If they're coming in, they're going to be funneled in.
  222. [2012-12-05 16:43:14] <Kkat> 3The interior of the wagon is very cold, but a fire will warm it up nicely, and there is an air vent on the top that will rid the vehicle of smoke.  Get_Lost examines the skeletons, checking for signs of cannibalism, but mercifully finds none.  The inner side of the doors show signs of having been repeatedly bucked...
  223. [2012-12-05 16:44:19] * Bookwright grunts. Personal space is nonexistent. "Okay, let me just..." He cranes his neck and applies a gentle horn to Lupa's unconscious form, and soft amber magic sinks into the injured dog.
  224. [2012-12-05 16:44:27] * CopyCat finds it a little hard to move. "Oh my it's quite, err, cozy in here isn't it?"
  225. [2012-12-05 16:44:37] * Mitzi looks into the cramped transport. She would barely be able to stand inside it. "Uh can stay out und watch wit dogs."
  226. [2012-12-05 16:44:56] <Kkat> 3...as the captives tried to batter their way out, but to no avail.  A few symbols have been etched into the walls crudely with what was probably the chains of their restraints, but the glyphs are zebra writing.
  227. [2012-12-05 16:46:08] * Bookwright can't read zebra, but a sheet of paper and a stick of charcoal, he makes rubbings anyways. Carefully.
  228. [2012-12-05 16:46:19] <Kkat> 3The tatters of cloth are from prisoner garb, bearing the marks of the Stalliongrad Penitentiary.
  229. [2012-12-05 16:46:35] * Get_Lost sighs in relief "they died of starvation, or radiation poisoning, but at least they didnt eat each other..."
  230. [2012-12-05 16:49:43] <Kkat> 3Both Bookwright and Kid notice a few metal loops amongst the bones as Bookwright sweeps them aside.  They look like bracelets, or possibly collars.
  231. [2012-12-05 16:50:27] * Bookwright telekinetically lifts up one of the loops of metal to examine closely after he's made rubbings.
  232. [2012-12-05 16:50:34] * Get_Lost since magic has already fixed all the medical problems, the mare decides to curl and try to sleep for a bit
  233. [2012-12-05 16:51:25] * Kid wonders how the hell Get_Lost can sleep when the sky just went and almost ate a dog.
  234. [2012-12-05 16:52:03] * CopyCat lays a wing over Get_Lost to help keep her warm and settles down herself.
  235. [2012-12-05 16:52:05] <Kkat> 3There is an inscription on the metal loops: Social Re-Acclimation Center #5 - Crystal Empire.
  236. [2012-12-05 16:52:33] * Mitzi stills has her rifle out, and has not yet stepped inside the transport. Rey and Vi are with her near the fire.
  237. [2012-12-05 16:52:40] * Shatara finds a corner of his own and lays down as well, keeping his rifle handy.
  238. [2012-12-05 16:53:33] * Kid doesn't spend too much time on looking around. She'd rather keep her eye on the door. "What'sit say, Bookie?"
  239. [2012-12-05 16:54:54] * Bookwright "...Crystal Empire...? I think I saw a reference to that in some history book I read... can't remember anything about it now. But more interestingly, this matches the acronym on the map. These zebra were being taken to 'SRAC-CE'. Whatever that name means, it can't be good."
  240. [2012-12-05 16:57:13] * Kid let out a grim chuckle, still watching the door like a hawk. "Can't be much better n' now."
  241. [2012-12-05 16:58:49] * Bookwright "I suppose not. Well, it's very late and we've finally got shelter. We best get some sleep."
  242. [2012-12-05 17:00:51] * Mitzi is standing in the doorway, probably blocking most of Kid's myoptic view.
  243. [2012-12-05 17:00:59] * CopyCat just yawns and uses Get Lost's flank as a pillow.
  244. [2012-12-05 17:07:20] <Kkat> 3--- End of Session
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