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  1. a) Create Paypal A (can be your mani) where you will have all money
  2. b) From account A send money to account B(dupliacating acc) [use tempmail] send it as !!!PRODUCT!!!
  3. c) From account B you can buy anything you want.
  4. d) From account A refund transaction which was to account B, you will make it like *I didnt received a product*, you will make fake conversation between accounts
  5. e) Click on *Issue refund to paypal* and wait few days untill you will get money back
  9. Tips:
  10. try A->B->->C(friend)->A
  11. You will get 2times more money!
  12. Buy IRL things from amazon etc
  13. Buy steam giftcards from G2A and sell them
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