Dec 30th, 2021
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  1. However, you aren't expecting what happens next. An unbelievable surge of power and energy comes from within the dragon as it roars once again, this time in surprise and pain at the loss of one of its limbs, and it not only manages to rear up, but it... it's resisting your chains, you can feel them straining under the pressure of the dragon's strength and your eyes widen in utter shock as you realize... it too can manipulate Truth! Not to the level you are capable of, but it has shown the capacity! You really have created an absolute monster! Out of the corner of your eye you can see Shiki soaring through the air, having been flung off of the back of the dragon, and you breath a sigh of relief when you see him disappear in a flash of purple light as Medea teleports him to the ground safely.
  3. You try to pump the chain with as much energy as you are capable, but before you can manage to make them powerful enough to account for this surge of energy, the chain shatters, and the dragons leg is free, even worse, it doesn't seem to be at all affected by Betty's Mystic Eyes now either! It roars once again, the surprise and pain having given way to rage at those who would dare to harm it.
  5. Part 19
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