Red strats to investigate

Exarion May 3rd, 2015 317 Never
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  2. - Getting Lv. 26 for Starmie with 9-10 DV Speed (and bad Attack and Special)
  3. - Potioning before Sabrina + X Spec on Mr. Mime (25-30 or 27-32)
  4.         > Safe for Blackbelt if no Confusion
  5.         > Potion before Blackbelt if Confusion (likely safe; re-red bar off Nidoking)
  6. - 3 Carbos at once
  7. - No Carbos for 0 DV Speed? (X Spec on Giovanni; TB into Rest on Lorelei; requires late candies for Rhyhorn HP)
  8. - Warden Candy strat for 0 DV Speed?
  9. - Warden Candy strat with Lv. 26 for Starmie strat? (can 3-turn Erika by candying after Exeggcute gives you Lv. 39)
  12. - Safari Zone repel
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