MagiReco 300 Day Login Story

Jun 18th, 2018
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  1. 300 day login story
  3. *One day...*
  4. *A shock ran through Mikadzuki House...*
  5. [at Yachiyo's house]
  6. Iroha & Yachiyo: "Eh!?"
  7. Yachiyo: "Felicia..."
  8. Iroha: "Got 52 points on a test!?"
  9. Felicia: "Awesome, right!?"
  10. Sana: "I can't... believe it..."
  11. Iroha: "Wow! That's great, Felicia!"
  12. Tsuruno: "Felicia worked hard every day for this!"
  13. Felicia: "Yeah!"
  14. "I broke through Banbanzai's 50 point barrier like BABOOOM!"
  15. Tsuruno: "WHAAA!?"
  16. "We're gonna be able to get a perfect 100 points soon!"
  17. Felicia: "Hey..."
  18. "So I got a good grade on a test, so give me a reward!"
  19. Tsuruno: "Huh!? No reaction!?"
  20. Yachiyo: "A reward isn't something you get to beg for."
  21. Felicia: "That's riiight, my reward is...."
  22. Yachiyo: "Hey, are you listening?"
  23. Felicia: "Going to MooMoo Park! It's decided!"
  24. Yachiyo: "Do you know how much that costs?"
  25. Felicia: "Hm? 1000 yen per person, right?"
  26. Yachiyo: "That's too expensive. That's..."
  27. Felicia: "What? You cheapskate!"
  28. Yachiyo: "And we have to get there to..."
  29. "And once we're there, we'll want to eat, right?"
  30. Felicia: "Well, sure..."
  31. Yachiyo: "But, hmm..."
  32. "Going to MooMoo Park might be difficult, but..."
  33. "Tomorrow, let's have a fancy dinner in celebration."
  34. "We'll have lots of meat in sukiyaki hot pot for you, okay?"
  35. Iroha: "Y-you did it, Felicia-chan!"
  36. "She said she'll put in loads of meat!"
  37. Felicia: "Sukiyaki hot pot! gulp..."
  39. [in the kitchen]
  40. Iroha: *Felicia-chan got 52 points on a test! The day this shocking news rang through Mikadzuki House, we decided to celebrate with sukiyaki hot pot.*
  41. *Felicia-chan seemed to have wanted to go to MooMoo Park, but even so, she seemed pleased with the meal.*
  42. *And the next morning...*
  43. "What should we have for breakfast?"
  44. (Ah, there should be leftover salad from dinner last night...)
  45. *pop*
  46. "Huh?"
  47. *thunk*
  48. "What's this!?"
  49. Yachiyo: "What's wrong, Iroha?"
  50. Iroha: "Ah, Yachiyo-san, when I opened the fridge..."
  51. "Tsuruno-chan's phone was on a door shelf."
  52. Yachiyo: "Huh?"
  53. "Why would it be there?"
  54. "Did she leave it there and forget about it? But why would she put it there in the first place?"
  55. Iroha: "What... should we do?"
  56. Yachiyo: "Well, I guess I'll go take it to Tsuruno."
  57. "Ah, but today..."
  58. Iroha: "You have a photoshoot today, right?"
  59. Yachiyo: "Yeah, that's right."
  60. Iroha: "Then, in that case, I'll bring it to Banbanzai later."
  61. "Tsuruno-chan is probably wondering where it is."
  62. Yachiyo: "Please."
  63. [in the living room]
  64. Iroha: "Well, is everyone ready?"
  65. "Three, two, one..."
  66. everyone: "Thanks for the food!"
  67. Felicia: "Hey, hay, tonight we're having meat, right? Meat♪"
  68. Yachiyo: "You're already thinking about dinner while still eating breakfast?"
  69. Felicia: "Of course I'm thinking about it!"
  70. Sana: "hehe"
  71. Yachiyo: "I'll buy some delicious meat, so look forward to it."
  72. Felicia: "Ohh! Thanks, Yachiyo!"
  73. Iroha: "Ah, Sana-chan, today's fortunes are starting."
  74. Sana: "I-I'm turning on the TV!"
  75. [fade to black]
  76. TV: *Experience nature vicariously! A fulfilling farm experience! The cows are waiting for you♪ Come visit, everyone! Let's go to MooMoo Park!*
  77. [back to the living room]
  78. Iroha: "Ah, a commercial..."
  79. Felicia: "It's for MooMoo Park!"
  81. [in the living room]
  82. Iroha: *After all four of us ate breakfast, Yachiyo went to her modeling work and I went to Banbanzai to deliver Tsuruno's phone.*
  83. *Felicia and Sana stayed at Mikadzuki House and relaxed, apparently.*
  84. Felicia: "Ah, I really wanna go after all... to MooMoo Park..."
  85. Sana: "Felicia-san, what are you watching?"
  86. Felicia: "A MooMoo Park promo video!"
  87. "It's showing a calf that was born just this year..."
  88. "There are also videos about milking and other farm activities too!"
  89. "You should watch!"
  90. Sana: "W-wow..."
  91. (Felicia-san's phone...)
  92. (All the history and recommended videos are all about cows...)
  93. Felicia: "I wonder if going to MooMoo Park..."
  94. "Would be a better reward for the test..."
  95. Sana: "But you're glad we're having sukiyaki hot pot, right?"
  96. Felicia: "Nyu!?"
  97. "T-that's a separate issue!"
  98. "I do like sukiyaki hot pot..."
  99. "But I won't be satisfied unless we go to MooMoo Park!"
  100. Sana: "Ehh..."
  101. Felicia: "Ah, jeez..."
  102. "Any animal would be fine, I just wanna play with them."
  103. "Kuuh... Ah! I know!"
  104. Sana: "W-what is it?"
  105. Felicia: "Sana, let's go catch a whole bunch of animals!"
  106. Sana: "Ehh!?"
  107. Felicia: "We'll turn Mikadzuki House into a petting zoo."
  108. "If we're not going to MooMoo Park..."
  109. "Then let's make here be the park!"
  110. "Let's go, Sana!"
  111. Sana: "Hya!"
  112. [Felicia drags her away]
  114. [at Banbanzai]
  115. Iroha: *While Felicia-chan and Sana-chan went outside to play...*
  116. *I was still at Banbanzai, having gone to deliver Tsuruno's phone.*
  117. "And there we go."
  118. "Tsuruno-chan, do you have anything else I can help with?"
  119. Tsuruno: "Thanks, Iroha-chan!"
  120. "Then, could you help cut these scallions?"
  121. Iroha: "Okay, leave it to me!"
  122. [screen wipe]
  123. Iroha: "sigh... I'm finished now..."
  124. Tsuruno: "Thank you so much, Iroha-chan. You've been such a great help!"
  125. Tsuruno's father: "We got an unusual reservation from a large group."
  126. "We were short on hands, so I didn't know what to do."
  127. "It really helped that you came over now, Iroha-chan."
  128. "Thanks."
  129. Tsuruno: "Also, thanks for bringing me my phone!"
  130. Iroha: "You're welcome."
  131. Tsuruno's father: "Ah, that's right."
  132. "Here, take this as thanks for helping out."
  133. Iroha: "Huh? Are you sure!?"
  134. "Thank you so much... Wait, this much vegetables!?"
  135. Tsuruno: "Take it, take it, it's our appreciation!"
  136. "Ah, that reminds me... Were you alright yesterday?"
  137. "With Felicia..."
  138. "Surely she was groaning 'I wanna go to MooMoo Park!' all the way until this morning?"
  139. Iroha: "Mmm..."
  140. "She seemed disappointed that we weren't going to MooMoo Park..."
  141. "But she was looking forward to having sukiyaki hot pot for dinner tonight."
  142. "I'm sure she's cheered up by now."
  143. Tsuruno: "I see, then that's turned out alright!"
  144. "Ah, when we're set here at the restaurant, I'll stop by Mikadzuki House, okay?"
  145. Iroha: "Okay, see you later."
  147. [on a riverbank overlooking a playing field]
  148. Iroha: *Felicia-chan didn't give up on going to MooMoo Park.*
  149. *While I was at Banbanzai helping out, Felicia-chan, who had decided to turn Mikadzuki House into a petting zoo, went with Sana-chan to the riverbank to catch animals.*
  150. Felicia: "Well then, let's catch a lot of animals and bring them home."
  151. Sana: "Huh? You're not serious, are you?"
  152. "Yachiyo-san will be angry with us..."
  153. Felicia: "It'll be fine!"
  154. *rustle*
  155. Felicia: "Ohh, already! I found a little turtle♪"
  156. Sana: "Waah, it's so cute..."
  157. [Ayame shows up]
  158. Ayame: "Ah, nice! I found a turtle!"
  159. Felicia: "Geh, Ayame!?"
  160. Ayame: "Ah, Felicia!"
  161. "What are you doing around here?"
  162. "This is where I always patrol!"
  163. Felicia: "tch... What a pain..."
  164. "Right now, I don't have time to deal with you."
  165. "Go somewhere else."
  166. Ayame: "What!?"
  167. "Ah, you're trying to harass my turtle!?"
  168. Felicia: "Huh? It's not yours, is it?"
  169. Ayame: "Take your hands off that turtle!"
  170. *grab*
  171. Felicia: "Stop messing around! Quit it!"
  172. Ayame: "Let go already, Felicia!"
  173. Felicia: "You let go first, stupid Ayame!"
  174. Sana: "T-the poor turtle..."
  175. Felicia: "Ah!"
  176. (If neither Ayame nor I let go, we'll hurt the turtle... Alright, then I'll...)
  177. *pop*
  178. Ayame: "Owah!?"
  179. [she falls down]
  180. Ayame: "Ouch..."
  181. "Why'd you let go so suddenly, stupid Felicia!?"
  182. "Now let's make it clear whose fault it is!"
  183. Felicia: "Be my guest!"
  184. [they leave]
  185. Sana: "Ah, um..."
  186. "..."
  187. "They ran off..."
  189. [on the riverbank]
  190. Iroha: *While Felicia-chan and Sana-chan were having fun playing with their friend...*
  191. *Yachiyo-san's early-morning modeling work had finally wrapped up.*
  192. Yachiyo: "It should be around here..."
  193. "That meat shop famous for being delicious and cheap..."
  194. "I've always wanted to go there once."
  195. "Hm?"
  196. "That's..."
  197. "Futaba-san?"
  198. Sana: "Pya!?"
  199. "Uh, Yachiyo-san, what are you doing here?"
  200. Yachiyo: "I had something to do around here. What about you, Futaba-san, what brings you here?"
  201. Sana: "Um, well, Felicia-san said..."
  202. "If we're not going to MooMoo Park..."
  203. "Then we'll gather a lot of animals at Mikadzuki House..."
  204. "So she took me here to catch animals..."
  205. "But before I knew it, she left me behind..."
  206. Yachiyo: "She sure thought of something stupid..."
  207. "Was she not satisfied with the sukiyaki hot pot as a reward?"
  208. Sana: "Well, she..."
  209. Yachiyo: "Anyway, Felicia will be fine even if we leave her alone."
  210. "I was on my way to buying the meat for tonight's sukiyaki."
  211. "In addition to the errand, why not join me for lunch together?"
  212. Sana: "...!"
  213. "Okay, yes!"
  215. [in Yachiyo's living room]
  216. Iroha: *While Yachiyo-san and Sana-chan were having lunch...*
  217. *Felicia-chan, who had tired of playing with her friend, returned to Mikadzuki house.*
  218. Iroha: "Ah, welcome home."
  219. Felicia: "Mm, I'm back."
  220. Iroha: "What's wrong, Felicia-chan?"
  221. Felicia: "Everything's wrong!"
  222. Iroha: "Hya!?"
  223. Felicia: "Damn that Ayame! I'll let her have it next time I meet her!"
  224. Iroha: "Umm, come on, Felicia-chan! You're probably hungry, right?"
  225. "Let's have lunch together, okay?"
  226. Felicia: "Mm, I'll eat..."
  227. [screen wipe]
  228. Felicia: "That was delicious!"
  229. "sigh... Ayame took that turtle away, and I can't go to MooMoo Park..."
  230. "On a day like this, I need a nap!"
  231. Iroha: "If you go to sleep after eating, you'll turn into a cow."
  232. Felicia: "Huh, fine with me!"
  233. [in dreamland]
  234. Felicia: "inhale... exhale..."
  235. ???: *Ki...nd...*
  236. Felicia: "Huh!? What!?"
  237. small turtle: *Kind one... Thank you very much for the help before.*
  238. *I have something I'd like to give you in thanks.*
  239. *Please come to the riverbank again and search for me...*
  240. Felicia: "Wha..."
  241. "What... was that..."
  242. [back in the living room]
  243. Iroha: "Wow, you bought a lot of meat!"
  244. Yachiyo: "Iroha, you sure have a lot of vegetables too."
  245. Sana: "Now we have all the ingredients for tonight's sukiyaki hot pot..."
  246. Iroha: "Yes!"
  247. "Do you think Felicia-chan will be happy?"
  248. Felicia: "..."
  249. Yachiyo: "Ah, Felicia. You woke up from your nap?"
  250. Felicia: "I'm going out!"
  251. [she leaves]
  252. Iroha: "Felicia-chan!?"
  253. Yachiyo: "Make sure to be back in time for the sukiyaki hot pot!"
  255. [at the riverbank in the evening]
  256. Iroha: *The turtle that appeared in Felicia-chan's dream told her that he wanted to thank her and that it had something it wanted to give her.*
  257. *So, Felicia-chan went to search for the turtle on the riverbank.*
  258. Felicia: "Turtle! Where are you!?"
  259. "Really, where did I find it before?"
  260. "Mmmngh... I'll definitely find it..."
  261. "Huh? Over by those stairs, there's something fluttering..."
  262. [fade to gray]
  263. Iroha: *What Felicia-chan found...*
  264. *Was...*
  265. [back at Yachiyo's house]
  266. Felicia: "And so, I picked this up at the riverbank!"
  267. "Isn't it awesome!?"
  268. Tsuruno: "A ticket for two to MooMoo Park?"
  269. Felicia: "Yeah!"
  270. "The ticket was like this."
  271. "Now there's no way Yachiyo can't take me to the park, right?"
  272. Iroha: "This is..."
  273. Yachiyo: "Really!"
  274. Felicia: "What, any complaints?"
  275. Iroha: "I also got a pair ticket from Tsuruno-chan's father."
  276. "As thanks for helping out at Banbanzai."
  277. Yachiyo: "I also got one at the meat shop I went to today."
  278. Felicia: "What!?"
  279. Tsuruno: "Hoeeee..."
  280. "What a crazy coincidence!"
  281. Felicia: "But, why didn't you say anything?"
  282. Yachiyo: "With only two pair tickets, not everyone would be able to go..."
  283. "I was wondering what to do, but now that problem is solved."
  284. Felicia: "So I have one ticket... that makes three pair tickets total..."
  285. "Two plus two plus two is six..."
  286. "Ehh!? We can all go to the park!"
  287. Yachiyo: "Yeah, when we all have time, let's go to the park."
  288. Felicia: "Yaaay!!"
  289. Yachiyo: "And did you forget? Tonight we're having sukiyaki hot pot in celebration."
  290. Iroha: "For Felicia-chan getting a good grade on her test."
  291. Felicia: "Yeah! Let's eat a lot!!"
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