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  1. Story with story
  2. Says nickname after every sentence
  3. Have you ever seen Eminem when you are high?
  4. What is an 8 Mile? Is it like a road dividing the phone area code numbers lol? Wtf.
  5. Oh jeez guy did an arson
  6. My mouth-finger doesn't even fit my mouth
  7. Is this supposed to be a rap movie or an Eminem life sucks or something?
  8. But yeah Eminem is a bad rapper becoming good. Maybe the ex-top of the chart songs are at the end of the movie?
  9. There's like rhythmic prose in the movie with the background music all the time.
  10. Girl getting fucked absolutely sets of Eminem
  11. Holy shit, Cheddar just shot a guy. Himself though dafua fafuq dafuq.
  12. MC Bob. Cheddar Bob.
  13. I dunno how one would Harmon circle this
  14. Damn reverse faces are weird
  15. I should get high more often
  16. Every thought being readable would cause people to purposefully supress thoughts to hide thoughts.
  17. Eminem mom though.
  18. Eminem has like woke thoughts out loud.
  19. Roasting each other and making slandery (libelly) stories of each other. Make roast raps in preparation
  20. Just leaving the rap roast and they cool with it. That should just be what life is like.
  21. Whoa is she gonne die fucking?
  22. Fucking with clothes on and now they come off. Okay.
  23. Supress the moans but not bite lip?
  24. Lol this turn me on though.
  25. Sex in weird places especially stealthily
  26. Lol I chose 8 Mile.
  27. These are like interconnected drama skits
  28. I'm that good dick
  29. BRabbit was a bunny rabbit and he just go roasted lol
  30. Lol I'mma have to book a ride back home later
  31. Girl sex propositions is hot af
  32. Mom's spaghetti song is about things. Lose yourself is the song. This version is different.
  33. Lol Eminem is stealing his own shit.
  34. Fucking somebody's mom and making mom fuck jokes.
  35. I'm a grown man!!
  36. He just revealed his name yo. That takes like all the power.
  37. Kid gets traumatized from possible physical and defs mental
  38. Whodafuqdat. It was a kid.
  39. I can't do a Mr./Mrs. S type of thing.
  40. What happens if he leaves?
  41. I'm not gonna try a sex but if she does I'd be up. Absolutely genius way of life. Not even sarcasm.
  42. Cool parents
  43. What if I'm sneakily here? Damn sounds awesome. I wanna try this lol.
  44. I have a hookup for my hookup
  45. Pulling out is easy but it also ain't hehe
  46. Damn juicy fruit gum is good when high
  47. Movie is almost over. Where's it all going?
  48. That kid is watching Jimmy get beat up
  49. Juicy fruit is getting boring
  50. I don't smoke tobacco
  51. Eminem hehe
  52. Holy shit. Can I get other drug hook-ups too? Mushrooms maybe?!
  53. Forced impregnating sounds like an interesting fetish I gotta look up later
  54. Code words for sex profference.
  55. Big penis head would be weird fetish
  56. Don't tell driver high on accident
  57. Best songs of 8-mile.
  58. Yayyy. Berries. Try honey when high?
  59. That dog would gone in that thing.
  60. Aww. I wanted doggy.
  61. Is it obvious I'm High?
  62. Fake hatred, secretly brotherhood
  63. Reverse racism movie being analogy of racism
  64. I'm so chill right now
  65. "lotto I don't fit you"
  66. Eminem is actually a pretty chill dude like hella. So good to everybody he gotta be good even when things are stacked against him. Unable to rhyme almost messed him up.
  67. Rap battle sports anime!!!
  68. Damn. 1½ minutes each. That's a full song when combined.
  69. Striving beyond major disprivelage. Bad things that happen to you are status symbols
  70. Taking the music makes things more dramatic
  71. Damn he only said _yo_
  72. 313 fuck free world
  73. Get a hella nickname
  74. I'm Playboy
  75. Lol set up a threesome. My life is becoming the absolute bomb, man.
  76. My god I'mma get caught high.
  77. Damn spaghetti song
  78. Penis swap plot movie story
  79. Petting pupper is yesss. I like giving pupper attention. Petting with arm.
  80. Hella life. Charlie Sheen but puppers.
  81. This movie is awesome. This is my favorite movie.
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