Pain Training

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  1. [22:40] The thoughtful young woman has had a long while to parse and consider the ordeal she's witnessed twice. Looking up at the slightly taller girl, a soft little smile is given her way!
  3. "Um- I'm good, Calista!"
  5. She declares immediately, putting on a nice, strong exterior for the other! Her grey-brown eyes look the superior up and down discretely, eyes very obviously lingering on her belly and hand for a moment or two!
  6. (Akechi Suke)
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  9. [22:45] She wanted to make sure she had not scarred her retainer too much, a lot at once for the naïve girl. Not that they weren't the same age or anything, she just had a mature view of things. Or that's the way she perceived it at the very least.
  11. That field of heat reduces, the Kitsune was still very warm, though it wouldn't harm anyone. It could almost be considered a pleasant warmth.
  13. One red-painted clawed hand is laid on Suke's shoulder, did she look, concerned..? Or was it a game..? A way to see how Suke felt if she was simply trying to dissuade attempts to discover how she truly felt.
  15. "Are you sure..?"
  17. She didn't even noticed the being looked up and down, though her tail was moving slowly in the air behind her, fur shifting in the coastal breeze.
  18. (Calista Shimasu)
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  21. [22:56] Those ruby eyes stare into her own, and after her gaze finishes washing over the other, it similarly locks into her eyes. There's some complex emotion there, and by the time Calista lays a supportive, gentle hand on her shoulder, the blue-yukata-wearing girl is about ready to spill.
  23. It doesn't help that that soft question is asked of her, but the stalwart girl remains in place, her slightly-high tone spoken;
  25. "There's um... There's one thing that I've been thinking about..."
  27. She begins uncertainly, the warm hand and those eyes spoken to directly as she gazes up at a girl she most definitely wants to please and support and obviously looks up to.
  29. "… Your crystals... That looks like that really, really hurts but you don't try to...
  31. Avoid it, and it doesn't look like it hurts you very much..."
  33. The blonde girl stumbles around with her words, standing a little stiff. A pause is had, staring up at the other;
  35. "… I know you're special- just thought that's why, since Lady and Captain Shimasu are so...
  37. Powerful... But then that other girl seemed to be fine when you hu- did that to her... Am I just wrong?"
  39. It feels so weird to say, the naïve, innocent girl wide-eyed as she asks that question on her mind. A few more words are given;
  41. "It- It hurts a little for me in the places you're hurt - when I look at them. It's weird - I thought that was normal-
  43. Is that normal?"
  45. It's utterly, totally obvious that she has extraordinary faith in this other girl - someone she doubtlessly sees as someonespecial. Maybe she'll put too much stock in her words? How dangerous.
  46. (Akechi Suke)
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  49. [23:03] There were breaks and pauses in her speech due to reluctance, or nervousness. She let's her speak, listening intently, her ears flicking once or twice.
  51. Her questions and opinions heard, the fox thinks for a moment before replying, special huh.
  53. "It does hurt a lot Suke, but unlike most people it seems... I greatly enjoy pain. It makes me feel a way nothing else has before hm? So why would I avoid it."
  55. Her later question posed about Tahldrig,
  57. "She didn't feel the same feelings I do, I can tell you that. She may have just been toughing it out, but it's nothing like what I experience."
  59. The girls final question one about herself,
  61. "Well.. you're a Holy Magi, it could be a mixture of empathy and your desire to protect me. Making you feel that hm..?
  63. I am no expert, that's just my assumption."
  65. Her hand isn't removed, instead she watches Suke, waiting to see what she would say or ask next.
  66. (Calista Shimasu)
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  69. [23:20] Stiff and worried - likely worried about being chided for being weak spirited, after all, perseverance, obedience, and loyalty are the three traits that a Samurai must have, according to the stories she was told as a girl.
  71. Simple stories - the lone Samurai, a relative, usually, caught alone as the rest of his army retreated, during the wars to unify Sheng. Moving despite his wounds as he fights alone, adhering to the oath he made to his liege...
  73. But this isn't like those stories - this kind of hero stands before her, listening to her words and - even just in her own mind - caring and trying to help her work through what she feels are weaknesses of her own.
  75. Her stiffened stance has visibly relaxed after the other's words are given, eyes still transfixed to those piercing ruby orbs before her. After a time, a nod is forced, and she speaks after it;
  77. "I- You saidyou savored it... Sorry if this is weird... But how? And... Can you explain maybe how you feel when you do..."
  79. A glance down towards her belly.
  81. "… That."
  83. A pause, before she says;
  85. "If you did that to me, I wouldn't be like that, I wouldn't know how to deal with it... Maybe that's a weakness..."
  87. Her gaze is thoughtful, trying to draw it away from those powerful ruby eyes, but finding it drawn back. Her gaze finds warm hand, and runs over it, following it back like water follows a groove, back to those inescapable eyes. Eyes widen at her explanation of Holy magic, a nod given.
  89. "… Y-yeah... That would make sense. I'd never stop you but, I do want to keep you safe really badly, and I wish I was stronger so I could do that..."
  91. A soft admission from the girlish Drakanite, made to the other. Two of those virtues clash in her head, an urge to keep an unflinching face dying out to her own innocence and that warm, gentle support and drive to be obedient...
  92. (Akechi Suke)
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  95. [23:29] She wasn't truly sure how to deal with the adoration Suke seemed to give her, the reverence. It was a bit strange in a sense, though it was ironically empowering.
  97. To feel that another looked to her that much for guidance, to be led to no small degree.
  99. "How does it feel..? It's like an adrenaline rush.. everything becomes so much clearer, I feel so much stronger.
  101. The air is more crisp, the scents sharper, everything is just better. A state of bliss like no other I've seen."
  103. She wished she could do it eh..? To be more like her..?
  105. "Well, let me soak another crystal, not the one currently in my hand. Then we can try hmm..? Until then we need to try and build your pain tolerance if you don't think you could handle it."
  107. And with a grin, even to her retainer she would be more than happy to deal some pain, she speaks,
  109. "I'll help you learn hm..?"
  111. She would begin soaking a stronger crystal than even the one she'd given her aunt.. then she would put it in Suke.. it would be a good way to test how exactly that would work.
  113. "Does this sound good to you dear Suke?"
  115. Her thumb rubs the Drakanite's shoulder.
  117. If it was not apparent, the fox was trying to bend her retainer, shape her. She needed someone more like herself, not someone who didn't think they could take pain.
  118. (Calista Shimasu)
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  121. [23:43] The smaller girl watches and listens as the other describes her experience to her. That adrenaline rush, paired with a blissful euphoria. It has her eyes widen subtly, grey-browns surprised, and maybe a little bit interested.
  123. To be so powerful and amazing and special and unflinching in the face of adversity and pain? Absolutely - it would at least help her move past her own weaknesses, and that tiny, but persistent feeling that has her ask herself why she has this power of hers...
  125. A soft swallow is had at the other's offer, gaze straying to look upon her right hand for a moment. She's a little surprised at the implication;
  127. "You'd... Give me one of your...?"
  129. Special bloodstones, that might give her a connection. There's the smallest little glimmer in the duller eyes that look to those brilliant ruby hues. The idea of being in some way more like the special girl infront of her is its own brand of enticing and intoxicating. So much so that it has her shiver subtly.
  131. Their little contract is sealed, at first, with a slow, hesitant and obviously maybe a bit afraid nod, but at the same time, the calling of 'dear', and that gentle rub is taken so, so well. She's not even aware of the fox's trap, not even asking the 'what do you get out of this' that a more jaded, experienced individual would ask.
  133. "Yeah... It does. Do- do you want me to help you- or watch if you do get another one to...
  135. Soak?"
  137. Offering to watch, now, despite how pale and shivery it makes her, and despite that empathetic little tinge she feels.
  139. All of which pales in comparison to the implication that eventually she'll feel more then justthat tiny mote of protective, enhanced empathy - and similarly give a strange, alien sense of anticipation.
  141. There's at least one tiny question in her mind, that asks how the feeling matches up to what she feels when she watches Calista...
  142. (Akechi Suke)
  143. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  145. [23:55] She thought she should let her Drakanite soak, to let this roll about in her mind more before seeing the work with crystals themselves again.
  147. The hand on her should slides lower softly as she takes a step closer fingers trailing until she gently grabs Suke's arm at the bend, if allowed she extends it.
  149. "Mhm, soak. When I put them in, they attune to my blood, my essence. They become stronger, like a true part of myself.
  151. I'm offering to put what's basically a piece of myself inside of you once I can get a suitable one ready, and I think you are."
  153. She steps even a bit closer, not much space between them. The claws of her other hand laid against the flat of Suke's forearm, all assuming she's been allowed to this point.
  155. "So, let's see that pain tolerance hm..?"
  157. Claws suddenly rake down her forearm, not digging deep enough to do any true damage, though enough to make her bleed more than a little.
  159. She doesn't release her arm at this point if it wasn't pulled away from before, she wanted to see how Suke handled it.
  161. Up close and personal.
  162. (Calista Shimasu)
  163. [00:16] The hesitant, thoughtful, but accepting Drakanite is surprised as the other's hand lowers, as those ruby eyes near hers, and as her arm is decidedly taken. Though gently, not as firm as taking Tahldrig's hand, and not as sudden either.
  165. Still, having the other this close, those eyes staring at her and those enticing, carefully chosen words rain upon her ears have a tiny shiver run through her, pupils dilating. Her breaths are a little faster as she's made to imagine the other's description of the stone-
  167. And what it means to her, how important and special having one would make her - how it would affect their connection. All the while that closeness has them breathe the same breaths. There is no refusal. There can be no refusal. Only;
  169. "I-I won't disappoint you, Calista. I'll-I'll make myself worthy of-"
  171. The other takes her by surprise,but her questioning of pain tolerance, paired with that sudden rake has the girl cry out! She hasn't even braced herself so her response is unmoderated!
  173. Eyes squeeze shut, welling up with little tears as a sharp cry escapes the girlish retainer, instinctively trying to pull away - but held fast by the grip on her arm! Her long, thin yukata-sleeve is sundered as the flesh under it is easily marked up. She hasn't even had time to focus on her magic.
  175. And so, as her blue sleeve is stained that crimson that's so, so familiar and beloved to the superior, the Drakanite girl chokes back pained notes as tears drip down her face, shaking and shivering as her gaze goes to her arm for a moment, before being drawn back to Calista.
  177. It's hard for her to try to work through how much it hurts. Right now, her body is screaming at her, and she seems almost preyish to the fox. Every ounce of hurt is visible in her eyes, on display to the other girl...
  178. (Akechi Suke)
  179. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  181. [00:22] Proving to be quite paradoxical the fox takes in the sight of the crying girl for a few moments, there was a grin on her face. She had made this happen. Though there was also concern to some extent, had she gone too far..? Too far too early..?
  183. There was that small part of her, that wanted to go further. To simply break the one before her. Though that voice was pushed aside.
  185. She closes the distance entirely, embracing her retainer, Letting her blood stain her clothing, not as if she didn't stain her own daily.
  187. "Shh.. It'll be fine, even easier the next time. You did okay."
  189. Strange praise, given what she was praising, though the Kitsune's arms held the other close, letting her cry on her shoulder if need be. It wouldn't be long before she was smiling if she were to do this.. just needed time.
  191. For now? She was content to rub her back and provide comfort, making sure she didn't see her as some sort of villain from now on.
  192. (Calista Shimasu)
  193. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  195. [00:30] The crying thing can only catch a brief glimpse of that little smile as her eyes reopen, before she's pulled close and hugged - a surprising, unexpected gesture that has her deeply appreciative, face quickly pressed to shoulder as the other gives her praise.
  197. Praise, for an act of endurance, as meagre as it is, that she tells herself that it's for her own good. That the hurt she can feel now will make her a better warrior and mage -
  199. That it'll be easier the next time.
  201. It's like noise, pain. It's loud and it screams, but even so, the inflictor is clung to, and one thing is unmistakable...
  203. Calista made the first mark, what will be a series of tiny scars that'll always be with her, even if they're faint and hard to spot.
  205. A soft thanks is given as she wallows in pain she's going to be made to overcome;
  207. "Th-thank you... Calista... I'll... I'll do better next time..."
  209. And then she just cries for a time, tiny little notes as her opposite hand clutches her bleeding arm, shivering...
  210. (Akechi Suke)
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