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  1. Line 1: "Did someone say famous?!" - said in a suprised creepy way, as he found a celebrity to follow. Here is a screen shot of how he looks :
  3. Line 2: "All we want is one photo santa Im gonna come inside if thats ok hun..." - Said in a creepy way, the last part being saracastic.
  5. Line 2:"Well now if you wanna play that game then... Im going to huff(inhale) then puff(exhale) and punch the fucking door in!" - Said furiously, as the celebrity he was after was santa clause the whole time. He locked everyone out.
  7. Line 3:"Hahhahahaha did you like the sound of that one?" - Still said in a creepy/angry way.
  9. Line 4:"Smile for the camera"- creepy/angry.
  11. Line 5:"Hoohh hohh santa now i cant use this blurry ass picture to frame on my refrigerador can i ? " Said more of a furious tone as his patience is losing less and less each time.
  13. Line 6:"But I do! So take this god damn picture already" - Said angry, as santa said he doesnt care about his photo.
  15. Line 7: "Owww this piece of shit bit me!" - Said in anger/pain as santa bit his finger trying to break in.
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