Legacy FEF: Julius Orto

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  1. Name: Julius Orto
  2. Class:  Bounty Hunter -> Collector
  3. Special: Lockpick, Vision, Steal, Footpad, Omni-Weapon, Steal Weapon
  4. Character Skill: Sol
  5. Affinity: Thunder
  6. Personal Fault: A Phantom Pain: When this unit is at HP is at 50% or less, all healing staves and medicine applied to them have their additional HP halved.
  7. Personal Skill: Will to live: +10 Crit if this unit was in a Downed state during this turn.
  8. Personal Skill: Obligation to win: +2 AS when more than 50% HP
  9. Personal Skill: The Emperor’s Gift: +2 STR when wielding swords.
  11. Preferred Stats: SKL, HP
  12. Weapon Skill: Hidden (C), Sword (C), Axe (C), Dark (C), Anima (C)
  14. Level: 5
  15. Total Level: 15
  17. Base Stats:
  18. HP: 20 (40%)
  19. STR: 5 (60%)
  20. MAG: 2 (35%)
  21. SKL: 5 (60%)
  22. CON: 6
  23. AID: 5
  24. LUK: 5 (35%)
  25. DEF: 1 (40%)
  26. RES: 1 (10%)
  27. SPD: 8 (55%)
  28. MOV: 6
  30. Levels gained:
  31. Level 2: +1STR, +1SKL
  32. Level 3: +1MAG, +1SPD
  33. Level 4: +1STR, +1SKL
  34. Level 5: +1HP, +1STR, +1MAG, +1SKL, +1DEF, +1SPD
  35. Level 6: +1HP, +1STR, +1RES
  36. Level 7: +1SKL, +1RES, +1SPD
  37. Level 8: +1STR, +1MAG, +1SPD
  38. Level 9: +1HP, +1DEF
  39. Level 10: +1SKL, +1DEF, +1SPD
  40. Promotion to Bounty Hunter: +3HP, +1STR, +1MAG, +1SKL, +2LUK, +1DEF, +1SPD, +5CON/AID, 6 MOV, +5% Progression to LUK
  41. Level 2: +1MAG, +1LUK, +1DEF, +1SPD
  42. Level 3: +1STR, +1LUK, +1RES, +1SPD
  43. Level 4: +1STR, +1DEF, +1SPD
  44. Level 5: +1HP, +1SKL, +1DEF, +1RES
  46. Current Stats:
  47. HP: 27 (40%)
  48. STR: 13 (60%)
  49. MAG: 7 (35%)
  50. SKL: 12 (60%)
  51. CON: 11
  52. AID: 10
  53. LUK: 9 (40%)
  54. DEF: 8 (40%)
  55. RES: 4 (10%)
  56. SPD: 17 (55%)
  57. MOV: 6
  59. Supports:
  60. Otiros (C): +2 Hit, +5 Eva, +5 Crit, +5 DG
  62. Inventory:
  63. Name         | Type ( ) | Rng | Wt | Mt | Hit | Cr | Ql
  64. Kingmaker    | Slsh (A) |  1  | 13 |  8 |  70 |  0 | 25/25
  65.     Doubles attacks made, gives +5 Hit/Eva to allies within 3 spaces
  66. Chu-Ko-Nu    | Gbow (A) | 1-2 | 23 | 32 |  65 |  0 | 21/25
  67.     Doubles attacks made, Ignores user STR
  68. Meteor       | Fire (C) | 3-10| 20 | 10 |  65 |  0 | 5/5
  69.     Can't Follow Up
  72. Battle Stats:
  74. Kingmaker:
  75. Rng: 1
  76. AT: 21
  77. Hit: 97
  78. Crit: 6
  79. AS: 16 (17-[{13+2}-{11+3}])
  80. Eva: 41
  81. DG: 9
  83. Meteor:
  84. Rng: 3-10
  85. AT: 17
  86. Hit: 92
  87. Crit: 6
  88. AS: 11 (17-[20-{11-3}])
  89. Eva: 31
  90. DG: 9
  92. Chu-Ko-Nu:
  93. Rng: 1-2
  94. AT: 32! (64)
  95. Hit: 92
  96. Crit: 6
  97. AS: 1 (17-[{23+4}-11])
  98. Eva: 11
  99. DG: 9
  101. Bio: Julius was born in Kretos, and as a child discovered a talent for sneaking and hiding himself in small places. His greatest joy was to hear stories of the great heroes of the past and their heroic deeds. As time went on, his family fell upon harsh times and his parents turned to the solution which the region was so infamous for. However thanks to his talent for stealth, Julius overheard them come to the decision. That night, Julius made his escape and left with only a knife and the clothes on his back.
  103. On the streets of Kretos, Julius bore witness to the worst of humanity. Yet while most would have their spirits crushed by what he saw, instead a burning desire to bring an end to these atrocities grew within him. His greatest wish became to one day be like the heroes in the stories of his childhood and restore order to the world.
  105. However in this troubled childhood he found a bad start for his chosen career, having interfered with a noble who he saw harassing a beggar who had wandered too close to his cart. In response the noble sicced his guards on him, and Julius barely escaped with his life, and lost an eye for his troubles.
  107. That day Julius realized that the state of the world depended upon the will of the strong. Those with strength could enforce their will and make their desires a reality, be their strength having come from their wealth, their power, their intelligence, or their body. If he could become strong, then he could change the world, even if it was only a little bit. And so Julius snuck aboard the first ship to the mainland, and began his journey to gain the power he needed to fulfill his dreams.
  109. Julius having been influenced by the stories which inspired him so, began cultivating an image for himself in preparation for the day he would have the power he so desired. He started by adopting a more intellectual and refined speech pattern for himself, and the obtaining of a discarded opera mask to cover his scar. His ultimate goal was to become a hero, a gentleman thief who would bring low the egos of the empire’s corrupt nobility and bring hope to its downtrodden people.
  113. ...or at least, that was the plan.
  115. Through a twist of fate, Julius found himself in the company of a motley crew of mercenaries in the service of a noblewoman called Matilda, who dragged the bunch into a rebellion against the corrupt Troian Imperial regime. While it wasn't the path Julius had envisioned, he threw himself into the cause without much thought, for he had little love for the empire, and what could be a more heroic story than a rebellion of just ideals?
  117. But due to the unusual circumstances of his arrival he had difficulties integrating himself into the group. However there was one person who spoke to him, a masked girl who called herself Eleanore. While her pragmatism clashed somewhat with Julius’s somewhat childish ideals, the two became acquainted enough that she offered to help introduce him to the others at the next opportunity.
  119. ...or at least, that was the plan.
  121. In the next battle, things went awry, and due to a reckless charge Eleanore fell in battle, far away from the rest of their party and any potential aid they could have provided. Julius rushed as much as he could to try to save her, but in the end there was nothing he could do. Even so he blamed himself.
  123. In a fit of rage Julius tossed aside his mask into the rain soaked ground. He awoke the next day awash with grief and frustration, and remembering what Elenore told him chose to discard many of the superficial trappings he had intended to live by, and become a more efficient and powerful warrior who could never fail like that again.
  125. As the party continued on, they invaded and slew the Duke of Kretos, a man Julius loathed above all else. Certain of the rebellion’s righteousness, Julius pledged himself to Matilda and her cause, and swore to bring down the empire in the rebellion’s name. His path to redemption now seemed clear.
  127. ...or at least, that was the plan.
  129. As the war raged on, it became clear to the rest of the party that Matilda’s motives were in no way altruistic, and the chaos of this rebellion was on the road to becoming nothing more than a self destructive rabble. And meanwhile Julius became more and more radical, convinced that Matilda and the rebellion could do no wrong, he traveled down a dark path, unaware of his values and sanity slowly slipping away.
  131. Meanwhile however, the rest of the party searched for another way out, and found one in the form of a noble of the rebellion who told them of the tomb of Emperor Troy Lionheart, and the sword that lay within that by imperial law could be used to challenge the emperor directly, bringing a swift and decisive end to the war.
  133. ...or at least, that was the plan.
  135. In the tomb, Julius’s issues came to a head as the party was attacked by Matilda, who aimed to claim the blade for herself. As the battle raged between her forces and his friends, Julius was frozen by indecision, but in the end he came to his senses just in time, and chose his companions over the swiftly-failing rebellion.
  137. But more earthshattering moments were still to come, and deep within the tomb, the ghost of Emperor Troy I himself revealed to Julius that he was his distant descendant, making him a valid wielding of the Crown Blade and potential pretender to the throne. It was soon found that another member of the party, Grifen, was also a descendant of Troy as well.
  139. The party met with a group of disgruntled generals of the empire, and they elected to throw their support behind Julius. The rest of his companions agreed to support him as well, and together they planned an assault on the Imperial palace where he would face Emperor Jurgen and claim the throne in the name of Troy. Julius would finally become the hero he wished to be. He would rise to the throne, with his friends at his side he would repair the broken empire, and with the resources available to him he would finally fulfill his promise to the departed Elenore that he would find whatever remaining family she had and inform them of her fate.
  141. ...or at least, that was the plan.
  143. As he faced down the sickly Emperor, things went awry. Through some fell miracle, Jurgen refused to fall. Three times Julius dealt him a mortal blow, and three times Jurgen still stood to strike back once again. And in the end, the two died on the steps of the imperial throne room. Knowing he had failed yet again, the dying Julius entrusted his dreams to his companions, and voicelessly wished for them to fix the empire in his stead. Such was the end of the tale of Emperor Julius, cut short before it had even begun, and in its place rose the legend of Empress Grifen.
  145. ...but it seemed the Fates still had one more adventure planned for the young man who would have been Emperor.
  147. So with a feeling of indescribable chills Julius found himself awaking in a jacket of high making and a strange ache in his chest, not knowing why he had it, nor who he was, or why he was here. Only one thing he knew for sure, there was this nagging irrepressible feeling in his soul, one that told him that he still had work to do...
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