#redditulpas rules

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  1. Please observe the omnirule: Don't be a dick.
  3. 1. Talk about tulpas!
  5. #redditulpas is a channel for both topical discussion of Tulpas and off-topic discussion of anything else that doesn't violate the rules below. The channel's focus however is Tulpas, if anyone has a question to be answered please try to help them.
  7. 2. Lewd and nsfw talk:
  9. Sexuality and sharing of pornographic material is not allowed, there are several more appropriate channels on the network for that. Please also mark any non-sexual image that is even questionably nsfw as such so that those at work or school can avoid clicking these links.
  11. The main NSFW channel for the Tulpa community can be found at #tulpa.NSFW
  13. 3. Be Kind! Rewind!
  15. #Redditulpas prides itself on being a more relaxed channel.  As such, we ask that you please be kind and courteous to your fellow chatters.  However, since emotionally or morally charged topics may happen at any time during normal discussion, any form of Insult, Name-calling, harassment, personal attacks, inciting raids, witch hunts, or similar are prohibited.  Moderators may, at their discretion, ask the channel to move to a new subject if the peace is disturbed.
  17. This includes shitposting.  It doesn't matter if you are doing it ironically, or if everyone in the channel appears to be ok with it, or is even participating in it with you.  It makes for an uncomfortable atmosphere for everyone else, and drive good discussion and good users out of the channel.
  19. Please avoid causing arguments over personal matters.  Everyone has a rough day sometimes and needs help or reassurance, and we can only encourage our community to help one another whether in the channel or in a private PM with a friend (preferred), however, all rules still apply.  Please be mindful of the current topic, others' moods, and do not be overbearing or demanding. Trolling and blatant attention seeking will not be permitted in #Redditulpas.  If such an ethical disagreement occurs between individual users, we encourage the use of /ignore temporarily until the argument has passed.  Moral or personal dissent is not an acceptable reason to break this rule.
  21. 4. Limit your roleplay:
  23. We don't mind a simple /me wave or other small amounts of roleplay meant to convey a specific emotion or greeting, but if it is going to go past a couple lines, or involves some sort of over-the-top actions (dismembering limbs, 'killing' each other, otherwise invading people's space) please keep it out of the channel. As with NSFW material there are several more appropriate places for it, including private messages.
  25. 5. Please use plain text.
  27. Using colors or backgrounds or otherwise non-default formatting on your text not only creates an imbalance between your text and the text of others, but can also be very difficult for many members to read who do not use default color schemes.  It can also be confusing as IRC color codes are not standardized and may appear differently on different clients.
  29. This isn't to say you can't have the one-off bolded word, or a line with color in it meant to convey a specific image, but your text should be decorated as the exception, not the rule.
  31. 6. No Newbie-bashing:
  33. Saying how insane newbies and their posts in the subreddit are without being constructive or helpful, for the sake of shaming their ideas, beliefs and methods in a place where they probably aren't looking at is not allowed.
  35. If you don't have anything constructive to say to or about them, then don't say anything.
  37. 7. Please comply with all direct instructions from moderators.
  39. Channel moderators have discretion on enforcement and definition of the rules.  All moderator decisions will be peer reviewed with all present moderators, to ensure fairness.  If you feel you have been unfairly treated, please make a report via the report form below, to ensure that all moderators are made aware of and can re-evaluate the situation as a group.
  41. Remember: not knowing the rules is not an excuse for breaking them.
  43. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy your stay!
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