More or Less - 22

Jun 25th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

넘치거나 부족하거나 ----- Publisher Link


{Inner talk / Thought}


Scene Change / Flashback


English Hangul Pronunciation
Miss / Mr. / Mrs. ssi
Madam / Lady / Sir nim
Boy's Elder Brother hyeong
Boy's Elder Sister 누나 nuna
Girl's Elder Brother 오빠 oppa
Girl's Elder Sister 언니 eonni
Younger Brother / Sister 동생 dongsaeng

General Company:

English Hangul Pronunciation
chairman 회장 hoejang
president 사장 sajang
executive director 전무 jeonmu
director 이사 isa
managing [an executive] director 상무 sangmu
general manager 부장 bujang
chief [head] of a section 과장 gwajang
deputy (general) manager 차장 chajang
chief 계장 gyejang
team leader 팀장 timjang
assistant manager 대리 daeri
employee 사원 sawon

(Source ----- Life in Korea)

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Job Relationship
Yu Hanjoon (MC) PR Director Single
Yeon Ahjin (FMC) PR Assistant Manager Single
Han Jae-Won (FB) Sales Representative Single
Jung Min-Chul (Glasses) PR Deputy Married
Choi Ha-Eun (SH) [N/A] [N/A]
Kang Dae Young (Orange) PR employee Single

Chapter - 22

(TN: Well FMC is more clean than I thought, Google translate fucked a bit my previous spoil, with the real translation it's nothing like that.. It's still a bit stupid from FMC lol.. She's not aware about the scheming against MC.)

Evening - FMC's Bedroom & Parking

FB's is parked in a parking, he's inside his car on the phone with FMC.

FMC: ..I, I'm going to date Yu bujang-nim.

FB is smoking inside his car while listening to what she is saying.

FMC: Seriously. So I.. I thought you should know.

FB is still silent, FMC puts her cellphone on her bed and turns on the speaker.

FMC: ..are you listening?

FB: ..uh, I'm just a bit surprised.

He puts his cigarette away and begins to being petty.

FB: Stop pretending that I'm special for you, I know you're lying.

FMC stays silent for a moment.

FMC: ...

FMC: There's something I'd like to check out, I'll not talk too long with you.

(TN: It was there where ggl app fucked up.. So she's dumb for not telling that to MC..)

FMC: That day in the restroom.. Are you sure that he saw us?

A car enters in the parking where FB is waiting and parks not that far from him.

FB: ..Uh, I think, no I know for that he saw us.

He turns his head and takes a glance toward the car who just parked.

FMC: ..Then, I'll tell him about it when I'll have the opportunity.

FB notices Choi Ha-Eun in the car with a guy (he looks like the guy who tried to rape FMC), she's smiling and seems to have had a good time with him.

FMC: Just keep pretending you don't know and don't talk to him about that.

They exit the car.

FMC: That.. Will you do that for me?

FB: ....

He looks at them walking together, SH makes a happy face, she's holding the dude arm while heading toward her office / home.

FB: .. yes. It's nothing, really. I'll back you up.
(TN: FB is mad asf right now, he "broke up" with FMC because he wanted to be with SH. SH's employee tells him that SH had an appointment outside etc.. Well she was with another guy and it doesn't seem to be only professional.. lmao)


Next day - Conference Room

MC: .. well, let's end it here. Good job everyone!

The team leave the room, MC too but he looks at FMC a few time before leaving. He smiles at her, FMC is in her world humming something. Orange hair passes next to FMC and notices something.

Orange: Daeri-nim, have you bought a new thermos? You're carrying it around all of a sudden.

FMC is awake from her dream with a start, she looks at Orange and tries to find something to say.

FMC: Yes. Well, it's a gift..

MC takes another glance at FMC before leaving.

Orange: Oh oh ~ Did I already know him? Hihihi

FMC has a flushed face and don't know what to answer.

FMC: Oh, no..

MC: {Phew..}

He leaves the room letting the two women chitchatting together.


FMC and MC have meal in a occidental restaurant, they're talking about the event who took place after the meeting.

FMC: ..Aren't you going to far with all these flirtatious glance you took at the meeting room?!

She is laughing happy to be able to tease him.

MC: It's Dae Young Kang we're talking about!

He knows that what he did was a bit obvious.

FMC: You're right, it's because we're close. A bit more and she would have found about us.

She laughing so much that she's crying.

FMC: I'haven't see anyone who's more interested in the company gossip than her.

He his cutting FMC's meat while listening to her.

MC: You need to be careful around her, Ahjin-ssi

He gives her a serious look and gives her plate with her cut meat.

FMC: Thank you, I'll take care. It'll be fine.

She takes a piece of meat and gulps it down.

FMC: It's really delicious!

MC: Really? It's a place where my parents, families and friends come often..

Evening - Motel

FMC and FMC shoes are on the floor at the entrance, there are some moaning sounds resonating throughout the room.
He's hugging FMC while kissing her, moans and sucking noises are echoing inside the small room.

FMC gives him a smile then pushes him against a wall surprising him.
She carefully unzips his pants and takes out his dick, she grabs the head of MC's penis, he's moaning.

She rubs his dick for awhile then finally stops when her hand his full of MC's precum..

FMC: Hehe.. As always, Bujang-nim's taste..

She looks at the fluid on her hand, she licks her fingers while giving him a flirtatious glance.

FMC: .. It's delicious.

He looks at her, feeling really hot. He grabs her by the hips and puts her closer to him. He caresses her back with one hand and puts the other one inside her skirt, groping her ass.
He removes her skirt, lifts her body, supporting her ass by his ass. He positions her just above his hard dick and thrusts it inside. She is surprised by the sudden surge of pleasure invading her body.

He starts to move his hips while hugging her, she moans.. She hugs his neck and cross her legs behind his back stabilizing her body. He thrusts it inside deeply, they both enjoy the moment and moans in unison.

FMC: good, Bujang-nim..

He looks at her, she's moaning louder and louder, he fucks her harder until he cums inside her. They reach climax at the time, there is a lot of sperm running the long of her legs from her pussy

She is crying..

FMC: {'s scary.}

He looks at her crying face not understanding why she's in this state.

FMC: {It's useless.. I can't find the strength to confess this to you, those eyes of you..}

She tries to cover her crying face to him, he pushes her hands away and licks / sucks her tears.

FMC: {Those friendly eyes..}

He hugs her back and tries to comfort her.

MC: .. I love you, Ahjin-ssi.

FMC: {I'm afraid to lose this warm embrace forever.}

She opens her eyes and looks at him, she can't stand it and close her eyes right away hugging his neck.

FMC: Bujang-nim, I've something.. to say.

Tbc <3.

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