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Nov 20th, 2016
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  2. DB/Creature: Supremus (BT) trash mobs, waypoints & spawns
  3. Creature/script: Add area restriction for Freed Proto Drake
  4. DB/Creature: Root for 7th Legion Chain Gun
  5. Core/Unit: add impurity attack power bonus to healing too (for Death Coil for example)
  6. Core/Player: fix regression with EquippedItemClass requiring spells
  7. Revert "Core/Spell: add EquipedItemClass/EquippedItemSubClass check to passive spell casts"
  8. Core/Spell: add EquipedItemClass/EquippedItemSubClass check to passive spell casts
  10. Core/Spells: Updated spell required items check, EquippedItemInventoryTypeMask should only be used for enchantments
  11. Core/Guild: avoid data integrity problems wrapping delete+insert statements in a transaction
  12. Core/Guild: fix indentation and codestyle
  13. Core/Unit: do not allow judgement spells to bypass damage immunity
  14. Core/Scripts: fixed Imp. Leader of the Pack
  15. Core/Player: recheck shapeshift bonus auras when switching spec.
  16. Core/Scripts: Seal of Corruption/Vengeance shouldn't reset periodic timer on reapply
  17. Core/Entities: fix interaction of traps with ffa pvp and sanctuary flags
  18. DB/Spell: Vampiric Embrace proc
  19. DB/Spell: fix Art of War procs
  20. Core/Entities: better support of absorb, resist and block procs
  21. Core/Spell: restore old proc system behaviour on auras self proc.
  22. Core/Spell: register items received through SPELL_EFFECT_SUMMON_CHANGE_ITEM for quest credit
  23. Core/Spell: Fixed Drain Soul incorrectly downscaling ranks when targetting lower level enemies
  24. Core/Spell: Added the possibility to explicitly disable auraEffect procs using attributes
  25. Core/Spell: spells with ignore hit result should pierce damage immunities
  26. Core/Gameobject: fixed sometimes not found linked trap
  27. Core/Spell: Fixed irregular handling of SPELLMOD_DOT
  28. Core/Unit: fix some SPELL_AURA_MOD_DAMAGE_PERCENT_DONE effects being applied more than once
  29. Core/Unit: fix build
  30. Core/Unit: damage immune improvements (9f5df023b746d324588f175e264c62205b69e165 follow up)
  31. DB/GameObjects: Cursed Egg
  32. Core/Spell: fix a potential null dereference crash
  33. DB/Spell: Vampiric Embrace proc
  34. Core/Unit: don't use damage immunity to calculate hit result for the whole spell. Should be used only for damage
  35. Core/Spell: perform charmer check against player controlling unit. Fixes spellcasts while charmed
  36. DB/Creature: correct 2 npc walk/run speed
  37. Core/Unit: improved handling of some spell attributes
  38. Core/GameObject: use a friendly trigger for positive spells.
  39. Core/Scripts: add checks to Master's Call script
  40. Core/Spell: do not fail triggered Charge effects in case a root is present.
  41. Core/Spell: Fix warrior Enrage stacking with Wrecking Crew and Imp. Defensive Stance
  42. Core/Globals: Load spellspecific and aurastate after loading spell ranks
  43. Core/Spell: use SpellEntry to select implicit targets in case RadiusEntry wasn't set for the current effect.
  44. Core/Spell: Fixed immunities for some spells (they were broken before rewrite too)
  45. Core/Unit: consider creatures with same faction to be on the same party/raid for the purposes of spell/aura targets
  46. Core/SpellScript: allow optional parameters to be passed to FinishCast
  47. Core/ScriptMgr: use vector instead of list to contain Spell and Aura scripts and hooks
  48. Core/Misc: codestyle fixes in GridNotifiers.h
  49. DB/Misc: Dark portal Event
  50. Core/Scripts: Cleanup in instance_black_temple and added missing datas (#18246)
  51. Core/Auras: Fixed removing auras triggered by aurastates
  52. DB/Spell: require spellmod consumption for Clearcasting
  53. Core/Unit: misc codestyle
  54. Core/Spell: fix warning
  55. Core/Spell: revamp of immunities system
  56. Core/Spell: move attribute helpers to spellInfo
  57. DB/gameobject: set positive spawntimesecs for 2 quest objects
  58. Core/Auth: Resolved authentication bypass
  59. Core/Scripts: Fixed a typo and removed randtime of Shade of Akama events (#18231)
  60. DB/Spell: add attribute for Stoneclaw Totem Effect, should not brask stealth
  61. DB/Spell: Mage armor procs
  62. DB/Spell: change phaseMask to finish for Deathchill and Killing Machine
  63. DB/Spell: kill some startup errors
  64. Core/SpellMgr: overwrite dbc range for Unleashed Souls
  65. Core/Spell: reimplemented TRIGGERED_DISALLOW_PROC_EVENTS trigger flag
  66. DB/Spell: Aspect of the Pack and Aspect of the Cheetah, proc on damage only
  67. Rename 2016_11_07_01_world_335.sql to 2016_11_08_00_world_335.sql
  68. Core/Entities: add yet another utility overload to CastSpell, fixes AppVeyor build
  69. Core/Spell: fix interaction of on taken damage procs with triggered casts
  70. DB/Spell: disable LoS checks for Death and Decay damage spell
  71. Core/Spell: make a distinction between triggered flags with debugging purposes, and don't use them when casting triggered spells
  72. Core/Gameobject: remove immune flags from trigger used to cast GO spells
  73. Core/SpellMgr: add some trap effect range overrides
  74. Core/Spells: do not add PROC_HIT_NORMAL/PROC_HIT_CRITICAL flags if damage is fully nullified
  75. DB/SAI: Misc Summon spells
  76. Core/Spell: apply SPELLFAMILY_GENERIC mods to all spells by default
  77. DB/Creature: Citadel Watcher
  78. [3.3.5] Core/Loot: Fix conditional Master Loot (#17943)
  79. Core/Player: fix static analysis issue
  80. DB/Spell: Recklessness & Sweeping Strikes procs
  81. Core/SpellMgr: static analysis checks
  82. DB/Misc: Fix a lot of server side summon spells
  83. Core/Creature: Correctly reset pathfinding capability on respawn. Prevents evade chains on some bosses. Closes #18188.
  84. DB/Spell: Maelstrom Weapon charge drop on cast
  85. Core/Globals: normalize DBC data for Maelstrom Weapon ranks
  86. Core/Scripts: Archmage Arugal event script (#17922)
  87. DB/Spell: Savage Combat proc
  88. DB/Spell: Earthgrab Totem
  89. DB/Gameobject: Add two missing game object
  90. DB/Creature: Earthgrab Totem and Tainted Earthgrab Totem
  91. DB/SAI: Bloodscalp Beastmaster, Skullsplinter Beastmaster and Skullsplitter Hunter
  92. DB/Event: Fix Day of the Dead spawns
  93. Core/GameObject: spawn linked traps at gameobject creation instead of using DB spawns. (#18172)
  94. Remove reference to eastern plaguelands script
  95. Remove obsolete file
  96. DB/Creature: Augustus the Untouched
  97. DB/CreatureText: revert 06d658f.
  98. DB/Quest: Defenders of Darrowshire
  99. DB/CreatureText: swap wrong faction texts for Commoners during Hallow's End.
  100. Shared/Metric: Initial support for tag value escaping
  101. Core/Auras: fix elixir aura saving
  102. DB/SAI: remove SAI from gameobject Felhound Poo.
  103. DB/GameObject: add another missed trap from 7.x.
  104. DB/GameObject: add missing traps taken from 7.x.
  105. DB/Object: Fix an Apple Bob position in Lakeshire
  106. DB/Creature: Goramosh add aggro text
  107. DB/SAI: Karen "I Don't Caribou" the Culler
  108. Core/Transports: Fixed crash added in b88cecb656c62cd3bcc3ae2a171b173eb64a28c9
  109. Update characters_database.sql
  110. Core/Transports: Added extra transport position update just when it stops moving
  111. Core/Quest: Only delete all quest bound items from inventory on turn in if the quest is not repeatable
  112. Update characters_database.sql
  113. Core/Auras: don't save auras casted by items
  114. Core/GameObjects: Handle despawning and respawning of nearby linked traps on gameobject despawn and respawn
  115. Core/GameObjects: Fixed Frozen Trap target selection
  116. DB/Spell: Implemented Master Poisoner (proper) Closes #12221 (also proper)
  117. Core/Spell: fix range for Ancestral Healing (shaman) and Grace (priest)
  118. Core/Spells: workaround stealth interaction with Death and Decay and GameObject casts
  119. Core/SpellMgr: fix Abolish Disease/Poison targets
  120. DB/Gossip: remove wrong gossip text from Hemet Nesingwary (Nagrand).
  121. Core/Script: set original caster for Paladin judgement triggered effects.
  122. Core/Unit: send original caster in heal packet log
  123. Core/SAI: reset event phase when calling SMART_ACTION_CALL_SCRIPT_RESET.
  124. Script/Quest: improvements for Shizz Work:
  125. DB/Creature: restore ScriptName for Sentinel Sweetspring.
  126. DB/Event: forgot that Hallow's End is still running.
  127. DB/Event: fix start date for Winter Veil.
  128. DB/Gossip: Grinkle and Barrus.
  129. Codestyle.
  130. DB/Creature: Remove wrong creature text from Horde Scout
  131. DB/SAI: Add some SAI scripts
  132. DB/Events: update event start dates and fix some wrong event durations.
  133. Core/Auras: only apply shapeshift aura passives when changing forms
  134. Core/Unit: consistency fix
  135. Core/Player: cleanup single target auras on spec switch
  136. Core/Auras: fix removal of Master of Subtlety/Overkill auras
  137. DB/Spell: proc fixes
  138. Core/Spells: require phaseMask set for trap activation procs
  139. Rename 2016_10_28_01_world_335.sql to 2016_10_28_02_world_335.sql
  140. Core/Scripts: fix Cobra Strikes
  141. Core/Unit: allow pets and totems to drop mod charges in owner auras.
  142. Core/Scripts: fix Glyph of Mend pet
  143. Core/Script: Messenger Torvus.
  144. Core/Unit: fix error introduced in 8a82a3ba81a187b5c76f4065697925a1da15aa13.
  145. DB/SAI: Borus Ironbender.
  146. Core/Unit: fix warning reported by VS2015
  148. DB/SAI: Zebu'tan and Alys Vol'tyr's conversations.
  149. Core/Unit: fix logic error in DamageInfo::ModifyDamage.
  150. Forgot a wild comment, sorry.
  151. DB/SAI: Sentinel Sweetspring.
  152. DB/SAI: Otonambusi.
  153. DB/Spell: fix Inferno Flame aura stack drop
  154. Core/SpellMgr: overwrite DBC RangeEntry for Safeguard
  155. DB/Spell: Proc fixes
  156. Core/Auras: allow damage from periodics to trigger auras if they're not fully resisted/absorbed
  158. Core/SAI: remove wrong DB errors.
  159. DB/SAI: fix Plague Walker's Aura of Lost Hope usage (Ahn'Kahet: The Old Kingdom).
  160. DB/Quest: event for quests Hallow's End Treats for Spoops/Jesper.
  161. Core/Unit: CalculateMeleeDamage should use unmodified damage to compute HitInfo
  162. Core/Spells: use DamageInfo struct to calc spell absorbs and resists, and use calculated proc hitMask on aura ticks
  163. DB/Creature: fix Prince Valanar (ICC) respawn health
  164. Core/Globals: abort server startup if there are wrong factions in DB
  165. Core/Unit: fix chain cc's not being diminished properly
  166. Core/Spells: moved handling of SPELL_ATTR0_CU_DONT_BREAK_STEALTH inside proc system.
  167. DB/Quest: remove wrong repeatable flag from some quests.
  168. DB/Event: Add new event Darkmoon Faire Building (Mulgore)
  169. Tools/VMAPs: Fix extractor crash when some .mpq files does not exist (#18130)
  170. Scripts/Trial of the Crusader: Fixed crash in Snobold Vassal script (#18124)
  171. DB/GameObject: Containment Coffer TRAP
  172. Core/Chat: coding standards
  173. Core/Unit: prematurely abort GetFactionTemplateEntry instead of returning a null pointer
  174. Fix non-PCH build.
  175. DB/SAI: Duggan Wildhammer
  176. Add forgotten override.
  177. Script/Spell: remove cosmetic effect for Water Bucket item at login if it expired after the player logged out.
  178. DB/Spell: fix cosmetic effect triggered when a Water Barrel is used.
  179. Core/Arena: Fix lag caused by arena distribution (#17989)
  180. DB/GameObject: Change position of the Candy Bucket in Bor'gorok Outpost
  181. Update
  182. Core/GameObject Also spawn trap for GAMEOBJECT_TYPE_BUTTON (#18083)
  183. DB/Quest: Stinking Up Southshore should not be repeatable.
  184. DB/Spell: Fix Grace proc with Penance
  185. DB/Spell: Fix Shadow Trance aura drop
  186. Core/Spell: do positivity spell checks only against actually hitted effects instead of the whole spell
  187. DB: Add some Npcs/Gobs related to Hallow's End
  188. DB/Creature: Fix height of Rachelle Gothena
  189. DB/Creature: Move Rachelle out of the Mailbox in Orgrimmar
  190. DB/Creature: Set correct Position Z height of Orc Commoner in Orgrimmar
  191. DB/Quest: Hallow's End Treats for Spoops! should not be repeatable.
  192. DB/GameObjects: Remove Apple Bob duplicate spawns
  193. DB/Creature: assign core script to creature Magister Aledis.
  194. DB/Creature: Set correct Position Z height of all Orgrimmar NPCs
  195. DB/Creature: Remove [UNUSED] Henria Derth <Wolf Trainer>
  196. DB/Event: Brewfest Soon
  197. Core/Unit: Change aura proc pair container to vector
  198. Core/Spell: clear auras of channeled spells if channeling is cancelled due to invalid targets (dead or w/e)
  199. Core/Spells: mark Arcane Missiles aura as negative. Was downranking the spell when targetting low level mobs due to effect 1 flagged as possitive.
  200. Core/Script: Fix improved drain soul mana return.
  201. DB/Spell: some proc fixes
  202. Core/SpellMgr: some changes in default proc generation. Fix an issue of stealth breaking with positive and/or healing spells
  203. Core/Globals: compute aura diminishing return info at startup and cache it
  204. Core/AuctionHouseBot: ahbot characters subsystem shake-up
  205. Core/Scripts: fix static analysis issues
  206. DB/Creature: remove wrong text from NPC Argos Nightwhisper.
  207. Core/Spell: allow SPELL_EFFECT_QUEST_COMPLETE to set a quest to rewarded only if that quest is used as internal flag by the server (has flag 1024 - QUEST_FLAGS_TRACKING).
  208. Core/Quest: show DIALOG_STATUS_AVAILABLE instead of DIALOG_STATUS_REWARD for non-repeatable autocomplete quests.
  209. Core/Quest: send correct packet when a quest cannot be rewarded for item-related errors.
  210. DB/SAI: improve timers and remove wrong text from Viera Sunwhisper.
  211. TDB 335.62 - 2016/10/17
  212. Entities/Creature: Fix an edge case issue where creatures would re-acquire target after respawn if they despawned while spell focusing.
  213. Core/Text: allow GENDER_NONE to use FemaleText in broadcast_text if not empty.
  214. DB/Gossip: add gossip texts for the following creatures in Stranglethorn Vale:
  215. DB/Gossip: Wizlo Bearingshiner.
  216. DB/Conditions: show correct gossip for Baron Revilgaz if event Pirates' Day is not running.
  217. DB/Misc: fix gossip text for Noth the Plaguebringer and remove wrong quest turn-in from the same npc.
  218. Fix warning.
  219. Script/Quest: Arelion's Mistress.
  220. DB/Object: Fix objects phaseMask on TOC
  221. Core/Quest: do not set a quest to failed if it's rewarded or has no status at all (not taken).
  222. Scripts/AzjolNerub: Make pulling Anub'arak a bit cleaner.
  223. DB/Quest: fix race availability for four quests (that should be Human only).
  224. Fix _DespawnAtEvade for other creatures to actually respawn said other creatures.
  225. DB/SAI: prevent Dawnblade Hawkrider's SAI from targeting players.
  226. DB/Misc: add conditions for spell Arrow Assault and remove wrong texts for two Death Knight starting zone creatures.
  227. Core/Creature: Fix respawn logic to call reset react state BEFORE calling Reset(). Fixes Krik'thir behavior after a wipe (and maybe some others).
  228. Fix for a typo in variable name. (#18086)
  229. DB/Quest: Volatility (daily version) requires completion of Volatility (non-daily version).
  230. DB/Gossip: add gossip for creature Deino that is shown after completing the quest A Letter for Home.
  231. [3.3.5] Core/Scripts: move npc_braug_dimspirit to SAI (#17853)
  232. Rename 2016_10_32_17813_world.sql to 2016_10_15_01_world.sql
  233. Core/Scripts: move npc_saat to DB (#17813)
  234. Rename 2016_09_09_20_world.sql to 2016_10_15_00_world.sql
  235. [WIP] Core/Scripts: Gnomish Mind Control Cap and Gnomish Universal Remote (#17374)
  236. Remove deprecated procEx usage.
  237. Core/AI: initial support for monster sparring (#17673)
  238. Creature/AI: prevent Kologarn's arms from attacking.
  239. Core/Scripts: Implemented right Snobold Vassal behavior on Gormok fight. (#17934)
  240. [3.3.5] AHBot Characters (#17885)
  241. Core/Unit: Remove incorrect check that dont allow units attack your vehicle/passenger (#17932)
  242. Core/SAI: always use DespawnOrUnsummon() for SMART_ACTION_FORCE_DESPAWN.
  243. Rename 2016_99_99_99_world.sql to 2016_10_14_05_world.sql
  244. Core/Scripts Boss Lady DeathWhisper improvements (#17389)
  245. DB/Quest: add mail reward for the following quests:
  246. DB/Quest: fix mail reward for True Believers and Still Believing.
  247. Core/Event: Change Midsummer Music container to vector
  248. Core/Event: Change Midsummer Music to search grid only
  249. Script/Creature: Scarshield Infiltrator/Vaelan.
  250. DB/Spell: fix second effect of Infusion of Light (3cbd4bc22f013e8a4ab593c6f0afd2654fed6a66 partial revert)
  251. Core/SmartScripts: fixup SMART_EVENT_FLAG_WHILE_CHARMED behaviour to only mean charmed creatures (#17738 follow-up)
  252. Core/Unit: disallow parry for totems
  253. Core/AI: added container independent wrappers for WorldObject::GetxxxInGrid
  254. Core/Entities: fix dynamic linking
  255. Revert "Core/DBC: fix wrong field type for ItemLimitCategory.dbc."
  256. Core/Item: fix wrong error message triggered when trying to equip two items with the same ItemLimitCategory.
  257. Core/DBC: fix wrong field type for ItemLimitCategory.dbc.
  258. Core/Spell: overwrite DBC RangeEntry values for spells Concussive Barrage, Desecration and Polymorph.
  259. Core/Entities: extend available containers for WorldObject::GetxxxInGrid
  260. Core/Spells: Make slice and dice positive. Was breaking stealth.
  261. Core/Scripts: Fix runtime error
  262. DB/Spell: Fix Glyph of Healing Wave
  263. Forgot to change guid.
  264. Script/Quest: Stop the Ascension!
  265. Core/Spell: do not automatically set proc Family Name if no Family Flags present
  266. DB/Creature: add additional text for Chief Plaguebringer Harris.
  267. DB/Spell: Fix a few nonworking procs:
  268. Core/Spells: fix auto repeat spells triggering auras
  269. Core/Auras: don't ignore SPELL_ATTR3_ONLY_TARGET_PLAYERS in area auras.
  270. DB/Spell: Fix Infusion of Light proc
  271. Core/Items: Defined all item flags
  272. Core/Loot: revert unique item check introduced in ea69115.
  273. Core/Loot: limit unique items check introduced in ea69115 to affect only items that start a quest.
  274. Core/Scripts: Implemented Blessing of the Eternals Earthliving proc chance increase
  275. DB/Creature: cosmetic lightning effect for quest The Staff of Storm's Fury's location.
  276. DB/Creature: Abdul the Insane.
  277. DB/Loot: item Abandoned Adventurer's Satchel should always drop from Northrend rares.
  278. DB/Quest: add vendor conditions for quest items related to A Carver and a Croaker and Parts for the Job.
  279. Script/Quest: Apply Heat and Stir.
  280. DB/Gossip: fix gossip for creature Jack Adams.
  281. DB/Conditions: spells Plagued Blood Explosion and Arcane Charges can only hit certain mobs.
  282. Core/Creature: Call SetSpawnHealth after JustReachedHome in HomeMovementGenerator
  283. Core/SmartAI: There's a function for that
  284. Core/Scripts: don't check ghoul each update. Send proper text packet, so client replaces %s with DK name
  285. Core/Spells: fix runtime error
  286. Core/Scripts: fix warning reported by MSVC
  287. DB/Gameobject: Fix respawn time for some objects
  288. Dep/G3D: Backport warning fix from G3D10
  289. DB/Misc:
  290. DB/Quest: ... Or Maybe We Don't
  291. Rename 2016_10_09_01_world.sql to 2016_10_09_01_world_335.sql
  292. DB/SAI: fix quest Gambling Debt (Part 1).
  293. Core/SAI: don't reset event phase when npc evades/resets.
  294. Core/Spell: Fix 2 more off by one probability calc and duplicated logic in spell hit roll
  295. Core/Spells: Effect leap back fix (#18057)
  296. DB/Loot: Dustbringer.
  297. DB/Loot: Blacktip Shark.
  298. Core/Unit: enabled parry for all creatures, not only humanoids
  299. Core/Auras: moved check for CC auras out of proc handler, and fixed its logic
  300. DB/Spells: revised SpellTypeMask for Procs that needed it.
  301. Core/Scripts: added missing null checks for DamageInfo struct
  302. Core/Wintergrasp: fix ownership of workshops at the beginning of a new battle.
  303. Core/Scripts: fix some copy paste and indentation mistake in Chimera Shot script
  304. Core/Scripts: updated Lock and Load script with new hooks, DamageInfo might be null, so check for that too
  305. Core/Wintergrasp: cleanup and codestyle.
  306. DB/Wintergrasp: availability of different No Mercy for the Merciless and Slay Them All! depends on who is currently holding the keep.
  307. Scripts/Azjol-Nerub: fix static analysis issues
  308. Core/Scripts: Initialize rnd and remove where it was not needed
  309. DB/Wintergrasp: four more Horde guards in Wintergrasp Keep that should only appear when it is held by Horde.
  310. Core/Event: Pirate Day Music during the event
  311. Core/Event: Add Darkmoon Fair Music during the event
  312. Core/Event: Add Midsummer Music during the event
  313. Remove unused variable.
  314. Battlefield/Wintergrasp: improvements:
  315. Core/Wintergrasp: fix Defend the Siege quests.
  316. DB/Quest: improvements for quests related to NPC Denalan:
  317. Core/Auras: prevent stack overflow while processing SPELL_EFFECT_ADD_EXTRA_ATTACKS
  318. Revert "Core/Unit: prevent m_extraAttacks underflow. Fixes a freeze with SPELL_EFFECT_ADD_EXTRA_ATTACKS"
  319. Core/Channels: remove unneeded default constructor
  320. DB/Gameobject: remove wrong "Greetings, $n" gossip from 256 questgiver gameobjects.
  321. Core/Channel: revamp channel system (#17980)
  322. Core/Globals: cache SpellSpecific and AuraState information instead of computing them each time they're needed
  323. Core/Auras: stop some compilers from complaining
  324. Core/Scripts: Fix some runtime errors
  325. Core/Misc: fix interaction of spells like Shadowmeld with Threat reducing effects
  326. DB/SAI: Update event flag for war-golem used on ... Or Maybe We Don't
  327. Core/Grids: Allow arbitrary containers in grid searchers that support push_back * Makes it possible to use vector and dequeue with grid searchers.
  328. DB/Creature: Update equip for Brewfest Reveler
  329. Core/Event: Fix Brewfest Music
  330. DB/Quest: Covert Ops - Alpha and Covert Ops - Beta require completion of both Ineptitude + Chemicals = Fun and Special Delivery for Gaxim.
  331. Revert "Core/Creature: don't give kill and achievement credit if a creature kills itself."
  332. Core/Creature: don't give kill and achievement credit if a creature kills itself.
  333. DB/Quest: the two versions of Jonespyre's Request require Morrowgrain Research rewarded.
  334. DB/Creature: fix faction for Githyiss the Vile.
  335. Core/Unit: implemented crit suppression
  336. Core/Scripts: De-hack glyph of Barkskin with proper spell
  337. Core/Unit: prevent m_extraAttacks underflow. Fixes a freeze with SPELL_EFFECT_ADD_EXTRA_ATTACKS
  338. DB/Quest: fix quest "Gerenzo's Orders" (Part 1).
  339. Fix non PCH build.
  340. DB/Misc:
  341. DB/SAI: better handling for Ward of Laze aura.
  342. Update 2016_10_05_11_world_335.sql
  343. DB/Quest: fix quest "One Shot. One Kill."
  344. Core/Event: Add Brewfest Music during the event
  345. DB/Creature: fix gossip for some creatures.
  346. Core/Unit: fix weapon skill up.
  347. DB/Spell: fix a few procs that should only proc from damaging spells
  348. DB/Quest: improve Escape Through Force and fix Escape Through Stealth.
  349. DB/Quest: fix event for quest A Lost Master (Part 2).
  350. DB/Quest: Hot and Cold
  351. Both updates are only for 3.3.5 branch.
  352. DB/Quest: improve end event for Escape Through Stealth/Force.
  353. DB/Quest: end event for How Big a Threat? (Part 2).
  354. Core/Auras: reset periodic aura timers by default. Except when aura comes from triggered spell
  355. Core/Scripts: add a workaround for Will of the Forsaken shared cooldown
  356. DB/Spell: correct proc phase for Elemental Shaman 2P Bonus
  357. Core/Spells: add Target Processing (SMSG_SPELLLOGEXECUTE) to LAUNCH_TARGET phase.
  358. Core/Scripts: fix 2 runtime error logs
  359. Core/Spells: add proc cooldown on item equip.
  360. DB/Spell: Fix Sudden Death charge drop
  361. Core/Scripts: add even more headers
  362. Core/Scripts: add more headers required for NoPCH
  363. Core/Scripts: add headers required for NoPCH build
  364. Rename 2016_xx_xx_xx_world.sql to 2016_10_04_06_world.sql
  365. Core/Scripts: Convert spells to new proc system
  366. Core/Spells: Implementation of QAston proc system
  367. Core/Spells: Calculate hitMask and store it in DamageInfo/HealInfo structures
  368. Ofcourse 335 only
  369. DB/Event: Add missing Lunar Festival Objects in Stormwind
  370. Scripts/Wintergrasp: Fix vehicle teleporter (#17550)
  371. Core/Units: Clear UNIT_NPC_EMOTESTATE on death (blizzlike)
  372. Core/Wintergrasp: fix leaving Wintergrasp via the minimap button.
  373. Core/Wintergrasp: properly set and remove GO_FLAG_NOT_SELECTABLE from the Wintergrasp Relic, allowing the attacking faction to capture it.
  374. Update 2016_10_04_03_world.sql
  375. DB/Creature: Ward of Laze: root and spellcast.
  376. Core/Conditions: partially revert 723c253, replacing CONDITION_WINTERGRASP_HORDE with a ConditionScript.
  377. Core/Wintergrasp: give quest credit for southern towers destroyed.
  378. DB/Conditions: quests Southern Sabotage and Toppling the Towers are only available if the respective faction is defending Wintergrasp.
  379. Core/Scripts: kill whitespace
  380. Core/Unit: fix a copy/paste mistake
  381. Various: Fix coverity reported issues.
  382. Core/Wintergrasp: fix victory quests.
  383. DB/Pool: add pools for Wintergrasp item-gathering weekly quests.
  384. Make travis happy and fix codestyle for previous commit.
  385. Core/Conditions: implement CONDITION_WINTERGRASP_HORDE to check if Wintergrasp is held by Horde.
  386. Core/Unit: rewrite of the attack table system
  387. Core/Unit: don't reset offhand timer for players when starting attack.
  388. Rename two SQL files.
  389. Script/Quest: A Cry For Help: (#18026)
  390. Core/Loot: limit unique items check in LootItem::AllowedForPlayer() to bind-when-picked-up items only.
  391. Core/Loot: do not show unique items if player already has the maximum allowed quantity.
  392. Core/Quest: send INVALIDREASON_QUEST_ALREADY_DONE if player tries to accept a quest that is already rewarded.
  393. DB/PageText: add newlines to some item texts.
  394. DB/Quest: end event for Harlan Needs a Resupply.
  395. Build: Added 1.62 Boost version to FindBoost
  396. DB/SAI: fix db error introduced in 2a8669d.
  397. DB/Creature: remove loot and experience for Webbed Creature.
  398. Core/Quest: Gordunni Cobalt:
  399. Rename 2016_10_00_00_world.sql to 2016_10_01_00_world.sql
  400. Core/Spells: Flag of Ownership shouldn't target creatures
  401. Core/Player: correct logic for IsUsingTwoHandedWeaponInOneHand
  402. Core/Spells: fixed SPELL_ATTR5_USABLE_WHILE_STUNNED
  403. Core/Spell: Add Dual Wield skill dependency to Dual Wield effect, should remove the skill properly when unlearning spell.
  404. DB/Loot: remove some wrong items from gameobject and creature loot.
  405. DB/Quest: Supplies to Auberdine:
  406. DB/SAI: Twilight Disciple and Twilight Thug.
  407. DB/SAI: use spell instead of direct add item SAI for previous commit's script.
  408. DB/Creature: Raene Wolfrunner:
  409. Core/Player: unconditionally remove Titan's grip penalty aura on Spell removal
  410. Core/Spells: SPELL_AURA_SCHOOL_IMMUNITY auras shouldn't remove passive auras (even if negative)
  411. Core/Player: Implemented Titan's Grip damage reduction
  412. Core/Spells: Implemented SPELL_ATTR6_NOT_RESET_SWING_IF_INSTANT.
  413. DB/SAI: fix two events that would never execute because of wrong event_phase_mask set.
  414. DB/Quest: fix offer reward text for Redemption (Part 2, Draenei).
  415. DB/Quest: A Lost Master requires How Big a Threat? (Part 2) rewarded.
  416. DB/SAI: fix db errors introduced in 9c6e12b.
  417. Core/Spells: use spellinfo helper methods
  418. Core/Player: fixed math error
  419. Script/Quest: fix text for creature Gelkak involved in quest Gyromast's Revenge.
  420. DB/Loot: fix loot for item Message in a Bottle and gameobject Half-Buried Bottle.
  421. DB/Item: fix loot for Dented Crate.
  422. DB/Quest: Matis the Cruel:
  423. DB/Object: Fix some gob respawn time
  424. DB/Quest: Fresh Remounts
  425. Core/Script: make creature Webbed Creature spawn creature Expedition Researcher when appropriate.
  426. DB/Quest: Saving Princess Stillpine:
  427. DB/Quest: further improvements to some Azuremyst Isle quests.
  428. DB/Quest: improvements to some Azuremyst Isle quests.
  429. Misc/Config: fix an oversight.
  430. Misc/Config: enable ChatFakeMessagePreventing by default, since it's a blizzlike feature.
  431. Core/Config: allow to specify daily quest reset hour in config.
  432. DB/Misc: charmed flag for Converted Sentry.
  433. DB/Quest: script, spawns and conditions for Intercept the Reinforcements.
  434. DB/Misc: Charmed flags
  435. Core/Spell: set quest to rewarded instead of complete when targeted by SPELL_EFFECT_QUEST_COMPLETE. (#18021)
  436. Core/World: properly re-initialize daily quest reset time when resetting daily quests. (#17986)
  437. DB/Loot: add Phantom Ghostfish to Nettlefish School loot.
  438. Core/Log: move an error to DEBUG level.
  439. DB/Conditions: fix gossip text for creature Technician Zhanaa.
  440. DB/SAI: fix wrong faction in script introduced in 927d002.
  441. DB/Creature: Botanist Taerix:
  442. Update 2016_09_28_02_world.sql
  443. DB/Creature: follow up to b153d783b
  444. DB/Creature: Typo fix on previous commit
  445. DB/Creature: Utgarde Catacombs cleanup
  446. DB/Misc: Fix Skadi the Ruthless
  447. Core/Scripts: Fixed Gunship Mage cast interrupt Closes: #14912
  448. and you get a header, and everyone gets a header...
  449. .....hail PCH
  450. ...for real this time (seriously - what happened to test builds before merging, Aok?)
  451. Fix nonPCH.
  452. I think I got all of them this time
  453. Update boss_hadronox.cpp
  454. Update boss_hadronox.cpp
  455. DB/SAI: Several improvements to escape from Silverbrook script
  456. [3.3.5] Azjol-Nerub rewrite
  457. DB/Misc: Updates
  458. Rename 2016_09_26_00_worl to 2016_09_26_00_world.sql
  459. DB/SAI: add yell for NPC Sergeant Lorric.
  460. Core/Scripts: Fix build
  461. DB/SAI: fix db errors introduced in 31e495f.
  462. Rename 9999_99_99_99_world.sql to 2016_09_25_03_world.sql
  463. Script/Quest: Trail of Fire (#17939)
  464. DB/Creature: fix creature_text for Gordok Brew Barker.
  465. Core/Auth: removed unneeded sub query
  466. DB/SAI: close gossip when selecting a gossip option from NPC Wing Commander Brack.
  467. DB/Conditions: limit targets for spell Dropping Heavy Bomb.
  468. Core/Auth: fixed logic in FailedLogins check
  469. Core/Scripts: move #define to enum/boss emote to DB (#17967)
  470. Scripts/ICC: Fix chest loot exploit
  471. Rename 9999_99_99_99_world.sql to 2016_09_24_07_world.sql
  472. Core/Gossip: improve gossips related to Dual Talent Specialization: (#17921)
  473. Rename 9999_99_99_99_world.sql to 2016_09_24_06_world.sql
  474. Script/Quest: improvements for Let Them Eat Crow. (#17948)
  475. Core/Creature: update health/mana/damage/armor when changing a creature's entry while keeping the original level.
  476. DB/Quest: fix creature text for Force Commander Danath Trollbane when quest The Fall of Magtheridon is turned in.
  477. DB/Quest: Weaken the Ramparts, The Longbeards and Unyielding Souls require completion of Expedition Point.
  478. DB/Quest: The Legion Reborn and Know your Enemy require completion of Force Commander Danath.
  479. DB/Quest: The Exorcism of Colonel Jules:
  480. Core/Scripts: move npc_lunaclaw_spirit to SAI
  481. Script/Quest: The Exorcism of Colonel Jules:
  482. Scripts/IcecrownCitadel: Fix an issue where Deathbringer Saurfang's exit door could get stuck in a closed state. Fixes and closes #15018.
  483. Update 2016_09_21_03_world.sql
  484. Core/Scripts: XT002 improvements in Hard Mode. Closes #17141. (PR #17900)
  485. Movement/SplineChain: Fix a potential critical bug where resume info returned during an edge case could fail an assertion when used.
  486. DB/Quest: Steamtank Suprise
  487. Remove space
  488. DB/Quest: Bury Those Cockroaches
  489. d3214a0 follow-up for code style.
  490. Movement/SplineChain: Streamline the script workflow for resume info a bit, provide static method that does all the ugly pointer casts for you. Also prevent a nullptr dereference crash if scripts mishandle motionmaster, and canonize Chain == nullptr to signify "no resume info".
  491. Map/InstanceMap: Ease up on a somewhat overzealous error message regarding instance saves.
  492. DB/Quest: The Sum is Greater than the Parts
  493. DB/Quest: Escape from Silverbrook
  494. DB/SAI: Krolmir, Hammer of storms
  495. Core/Movement: Fix a DB spline chain overload I missed in 2170541
  496. DB/SAI: More event flags
  497. DB/Creature: Re-sniffed Blighted Elk and Rabid Grizzly spawns. Closes #17958. (Thanks, Malcrom!)
  498. Code style follow-up, I blame Notepad++.
  499. Core/Unit: Standardize SetFacingTo and SetFacingToObject behavior while moving. Both now fail while moving unless arg2 bool is true.
  500. 5952752 follow-up: Member declaration now matches order of usage.
  501. Instance/Naxxramas: Loatheb no longer instantly murders you. Five spam casts of Doom tend to do that to raids.
  502. DB/SAI: A Rough Ride
  503. PCH build fix. Again.
  504. Core/Movement: Add a convenience default ctor to SplineChainResumeInfo, and fix PCH build in some configurations (zzz why do we even keep Appveyor and Travis around).
  505. Merge remote-tracking branch 'Treeston/3.3.5-splinechains' into 3.3.5 (PR #17946)
  506. Core/Movement: Add new SplineChainMovementGenerator that allows accurate replication of sniffed waypoints in static sequences, along with DB facilities that allow loading of waypoints from DB.
  507. DB/Loot: Burning Legion Missive (Alliance version) should always drop.
  508. DB/Loot: item Bog Lord Tendril is not a quest item.
  509. DB/Quest: Arzeth's Demise:
  510. DB/Creature: Fix unit flag for Tatjana (Unconscious)
  511. DB/Reputation: fix reputation gains for Kurenai.
  512. DB/Quest: Anatoly will talk
  513. DB/Misc: Misc Fixes
  514. DB/SmartAI: Fix charm SAI for Quest 12308 "Escape from Silverbrook"
  515. DB/Spell: remove SP scaling for Shaman T9 Elemental 4p bonus
  516. DB/Spell: remove SP scaling for Shaman T8 Elemental 4p bonus
  517. Rename 2016_09_17_08_world.sql to 2016_09_17_02_world.sql
  518. DB/Spell: remove SP scaling for Spirit Hunt
  519. This sql is only for 335
  520. DB/Object: Update location of Tua'kea's Fishing Hook
  521. DB/Creature: Add missing IMMUNE_TO_NPC to Dahlia Suntouch.
  522. Core/Scripts: simplified npc_pet_trainer gossip script
  523. DB/Quest: fix prevquests required for Gretta the Arbiter's daily quests.
  524. DB/Quest: Dragonblight/Borean Tundra:
  525. DB/Quest: Dragonblight part 2:
  526. DB/Quest: Dragonblight:
  527. DB/Conditions: allow item Goramosh's Strange Device to also drop if the quest Prevent the Accord is rewarded.
  528. DB/Quest: fix previous quests required before being able to accept The Kor'kron Vanguard!
  529. DB/Quest: add missing prevquests for Hellfire Fortifications (for both Alliance and Horde).
  530. DB/Quest: fix chaining for quests Spawn of the Twisted Glade and Seeds of the Blacksouled Keepers.
  531. DB/Quest: improvements to Report to Anselm:
  532. Map/Instances: Greatly simplify PermBindAllPlayers logic. (#17940)
  533. DB/Loot: fix drop chance for three quest items.
  534. DB/SAI: add script for creature Megalith.
  535. DB/SAI: fix event for quest Street "Cred".
  536. Core/Scripts: Fix a crash when swapping creatures with pending vehicle join events. * Closes #17833
  537. Core/Scripts: Fix a crash when adding/removing objects from the map while swapping * Ref #17833
  538. DB/Quest: fix faction availability for Past Endeavors.
  539. DB/Loot: fix drop chance for two quest items.
  540. DB/Quest: remove wrong spell cast for quest The Dead Rise!
  541. Fix wrong copy-paste from last commit.
  542. Core/Achievement: do not consider overkill damage for ACHIEVEMENT_CRITERIA_TYPE_DAMAGE_DONE.
  543. DB/Spell: remove SP scaling for Swift Hand of Justice heal
  544. DB/Spell: remove SP scaling for Glyph of Holy Light
  545. DB/Quest: fix quest credit target type for Krolmir, Hammer of Storms
  546. Core/Creature: enable pet bar for TempSummons with category SUMMON_CATEGORY_PET.
  547. Rename 2016_09_14_03_world.sql to 2016_09_14_03_world.sql
  548. DB/SAI: Teron Gorefiend I am ....
  549. Core/SmartAI: do not target player's group for SMART_ACTION_CALL_AREAEXPLOREDOREVENTHAPPENS.
  550. DB/Quest: improve end event for A Daughter's Love.
  551. DB/Quest: end event for For Love Eternal.
  552. DB/Spell: remove SP scaling for Sheath of Light HoT
  553. Maps/Boundary: Some code style clean-up in AreaBoundary code, as well as adding an additional utility overload to IsWithinBoundary (Position const&).
  554. Common/Utilities: More std::chrono overloads for EventMap. Specifying 2 std::chrono types now gives you a random (to milliseconds) time in that interval (inclusive) for (Re)ScheduleEvent.
  555. DB/SmartScripts: Fix Jewelcrafting stone statues.
  556. DB/Spell: remove SP Scaling for Druid T10 4p bonus (Balance)
  557. DB/conditions: add condition Pet Type to Pet Trainers gossip
  558. DB/Spell: Glyph of Rejuvenation shouldn't scale with SP
  559. Follow-up to 6f1e823.
  560. Core/Fishing: implement retail-like fishing skill-up functionality (#17528)
  561. DB/Spell: remove SP scaling for Imp. Leader of the Pack
  562. Rename 2016_09_12_03_world.sql to 2016_09_13_01_world.sql
  563. DB/Quest: improvements for Test at Sea:
  564. DB/Quest: Let's Go Surfing Now
  565. Core/Spell: Updated SpellInfo::GetMaxTicks with all effects capable of periodics
  566. Core/Fishing: ignore required skill when fishing in pools.
  567. Core/Spell: do not cast interrupt effect if the spell did not hit
  568. Instance/UtgardePinnacle: Fix Svala Sorrowgrave timings (from sniff).
  569. DB/Spell: Add some attributes to Horsemen Credit
  570. DB/Spell: Priest T10 2p bonus shouldn't scale with SP either
  571. Rename 2016_09_11_02_world.sql to 2016_09_12_00_world.sql
  572. DB/Spell: Fix some set bonus scaling with spell power
  573. Update DBUpdater.cpp
  574. Update DBUpdater.cpp
  575. Core/Updater: Clarify more 2 errors
  576. Update FindOpenSSL.cmake
  577. Cmake: Clarify OpenSSL version required
  578. Cmake: Added OpenSSL version required
  579. DB/SAI: fix wrong caster for a spell involved in quest "Towers of Certain Doom"
  580. Core/Movement: Fix an edge case crash in HomeMovementGenerator.
  581. Core/SpellMgr: removed some wrong spells from LoadSpellInfoCorrections:
  582. DB/Misc: replace wrong spell used in spell_area for Scalawag Point.
  583. DB/Quest: fix reputation gains for two Storm Peaks' quests
  584. DB/Quest: small fixes for The Frost Wyrm and its Master.
  585. DB/Script: implement event for quest 9542 (Totem of Vark)
  586. DB/Creature: remove wrong spell from NPC "Venture Co. Saboteur" and add correct one.
  587. Woops. Thanks, clang.
  588. Entities/Object: Add some Position const& overloads to distance/angle methods for usability.
  589. DB/Quest: add completion text for "Learning the Language".
  590. DB/Gossip: fix gossip text for creature "Admiral Odesyus"
  591. DB/Spell: prevent serverside auras for Paladin talent Pursuit of Justice from vanishing after death.
  592. Script/Quest: fix and use proper serverside summon spell for quest "Red Snapper - Very Tasty!".
  593. Script/Quest: replace wrong test spell used for quest "Red Snapper - Very Tasty!" with actual summoning.
  594. Core/Scripts: Enhance quest status hook by making it catch more status changes (#17865)
  595. Fine, this time I actually built it. Promise.
  596. Build fix.
  597. Game/Scripting: Follow-up to b3d44d6. Fix script selection for creatures on difficulty > 0.
  598. Core/Maps: Add override to allow InstanceMap const* -> InstanceScript const*.
  599. Core/Conditions: New CONDITION_QUESTSTATE (47). It's the existing quest conditions collapsed into a bitmask value2 because I'm a lazy person that doesn't like having long SQL queries.
  600. Creature/Scripting: Move CreatureAI::CanRespawn to CreatureScript::CanSpawn. Now also applies to initial spawn. Dynamic spawning prep.
  601. Derp. Build fix.
  602. AI/SmartAI: Fix an issue where SmartAI creatures would not properly follow their owner on evade. Also fix a bug where creatures with INHABIT_ROOT would get stuck in evade under certain conditions.
  603. DB/Quest: Fix vehicle SAI for quests 12910 and 12855 (Sniffing out the Perpetrator H/A). Tagging issue #17914.
  604. Core/Entities: moved duplicated triggered cast proc check to Unit::ProcDamageAndSpellFor, it was preventing some always triggered auras from proccing.
  605. Core/AI: updated SpellTargetSelector::operator() (#17824 follow-up)
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