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  1. Seeing as you've purchased a piloted service, which obviously includes account sharing, we will now pass you your Safecarry download link :) It takes few clicks to set everything up. The link contains a license key which you need to insert to install the program. When the software is running, it will shut down any Blizzard's applications. This assures that they do not interfere with the program's functions, as we obviously want as much protection as possible for your account.  Safecarry basically helps you keep a low profile and it does a lot more than a standard VPN.
  2. After installing the program, you can play as much as you want! Just keep Safecarry off of course. Please don't think that you lose access to your account while your boost is pending. All you need to do is pay attention to Skype in case we tell you that the booster wants to play, so that you can log off and enable the program.
  3. If you are not home, you can decide to keep your PC on with the program enabled. This will probably speed up your boost in case we want to log when you are not able to enable the software. Keep in mind the program also shows when the booster is connected as it will say 'Booster Connected'.
  4. What you can do now is:
  5. 1) Read all the instructions in the link we will provide you. They are important
  6. 2) Turn off Sleep Mode from your computer if you plan on keeping Safecarry up when you're not sitting in front of your PC.
  7. 3) You can decide to insert your phone number on the menu. Boosters are actually able to send you status updates, which you will automatically receive on your computer as Desktop notifications. These help a lot in case you are not keeping an eye on Skype :) With the phone number, you will also get an SMS!
  8. 3) For Leveling/Arena/RBG orders, we will enable the 'Live Tracking' feature. This allows you to see the progress of your boost without having to log on. Keep in mind this depends off Blizzard's API so it might be delayed (it can update every 4+ hours if unlucky).
  9. If you have any questions, please ask away :)
  10. I'll get you the download link as soon as I can.
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