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  1. Welcome to the <color=#008000ff>Alpine Network!</color><br/>
  2. <b><u><color=ff0000ff>Rules:</b></u></color><br/>
  3. <color=ff0000ff>1.</color> Don't be <color=#ff0000ff>TOXIC</color><br/>
  4. <color=ff0000ff>2.</color> Don't say <color=#ffa500ff>racially insensitive things.</color> (Staff are allowed to ban <color=#a52a2aff>as long as they want</color> for these situations)<br/>
  5. <color=ff0000ff>3.</color> If there's an active RP going on, don't intentionally ruin it<br/>
  6. <color=ff0000ff>4.</color> Enjoy your time here!<br/>
  7. <color=ff0000ff>5.</color> Don’t camp and delay the round<br/>
  8. <color=ff0000ff>6.</color> Don’t earrape <br/>
  9. <color=ff0000ff>7.</color> USE COMMON SENSE!!!!!!!!! <br/>
  10. Questions? Ping a staff member on the discord!<br/>
  12. <color=#ff00ffff>If you have any reports, ping a staff on the discord, if there is a bug or hacker, ping a Global Moderator in the SCP SL Discord</color>
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