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May 21st, 2020
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  1. look at me, i’m centuries old
  2. and centuries down the line, my life story’ll be told
  3. cause eventually you’ll never see the end of me
  4. oh, what a legacy but that’s the way it had to be though
  5. now listen
  6. i may have made enemies galore
  7. but that’s the function of a lifetime when your death is in store
  8. the future holds more conflict than ever before
  9. and i’ll stop to take a breath when death knocks at the door
  10. i never wanted history to take a second glance
  11. at the damage that i could’ve done but didn’t get the chance
  12. and the blood that i’ve spilled is more than enough to wet the sands
  13. so when i’m gone i hope to leave the world in better hands
  14. i’m goin nowhere fast, now can you dig
  15. i got the sturdiest trunk around
  16. but you can’t escape the past, you already in it
  17. so lemme teach you how to stand your ground
  19. you can chop me up
  20. you can cut me down
  21. but i’ll never fall
  22. cause i can always go back to my roots
  24. now lemme teach you a lesson. you see a guy like me?
  25. you wanna take me down, you better pray
  26. cause if you try to stump me (haha)
  27. you’re never gonna see the light of day again you better run away
  28. i ain’t the kindest kindling; the world’ll chew you up and spit you out
  29. but if you got a problem and you want a solution
  30. you may discover what it’s all about
  31. now i got a lot to say, and i got a lot to share
  32. you could look and find the way, you could try and never care
  33. you could swim beyond the bay, you could walk above the air
  34. but don’t you ever stay, don’t you ever go nowhere
  35. you gotta keep moving, but never forget
  36. that i’m the sturdiest trunk you’ve found
  37. if the past comes for you, reinvent yourself
  38. and show the world how you stand your ground
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