The Retainer's Glance

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  1. [23:29] She offers her retainer a smile of sorts, her plan to introduce her to her father foiled by Suke's own introduction. Works for her.
  3. Once all of that was done she adds,
  5. "Father, I've taken Suke as my retainer."
  7. That was it, no other additional information, just that one statement before she turns back to the one in question.
  9. "How've you been anyway..? I have something to show you later."
  10. (Calista Shimasu)
  11. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. [23:30] Calista was no longer wearing the bandage on her hand either.
  13. (Calista Shimasu)
  14. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. [23:31] Isaac Shimasu says, "How formal of you, Calista! Do well by my daughter, Suke."
  16. ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  18. [23:37] Haruko Taiyang says, "I want a retainer."
  19. [23:38] Haruko Taiyang says, "I should ask dad if I cna have one."
  20. [23:38] A soft exhale slips from the young lady's lips at the father's approval. Absolutely, utterly relieved, looking to either of them, all smiles!
  22. "I swear that I will, Captain Shimasu!
  24. I'm not a very good magi right now, but I'll work really hard to be able to protect your daughter and look after anything she needs!"
  26. Another hasty, deep bot given, the young woman turns to Calista, answering her question in that girlish, a-tiny-bit-high voice!
  28. "I've been good, Calista! I've just been practicing my magic a bit and exploring the school...
  30. It's a shame classes aren't on anymore, but I'm glad to be here, though!"
  32. Looking the heat-radiating Kitsune up and down, the retainer spots that lack of a bandage, glancing from hand back to the young lady. Her mouth opens, as if to say something, eyes subtly widened, but, she ends up asking something else;
  34. "Oh- something to show me? Of course! I'd love to see!"
  36. Obviously pleased, not a hint of wariness lies upon her form! Probably should have some, though her hand's burn has long since healed so she's likely forgotten.
  37. (Akechi Suke)
  38. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  40. [23:45] First holding her hand for the other to see she speaks, her voice slightly disappointed but carrying hints of excitement as well.
  42. Her hand bore a round scar at the palm where it entered, then at the base of her hand where she had made it exit.
  44. "Well... I removed this one. Though I sort of broke it by accident.. so now I must try again."
  46. The fox rolls her kimono up to reveal a pale but toned stomach for a teen, a spot on her left side a scar roughly the same diameter as her hands.
  48. Though the strange part was the faint red glow seen just under her skin.
  50. "I put a longer one where... it goes nearly all the way through me. That's why you can see the glow a bit."
  52. Tahldrig had healed the wound enough to stop the bleeding, though leaving most of the pain for her.. it was the way she had wanted it. Every moment since had borne a bit of a euphoric quality for her, adrenaline heightening her senses, making her seem much more animated than usual, and it would show to Suke. The foxes tail swishing behind her.
  54. "So now I wait a bit and repeat."
  55. (Calista Shimasu)
  56. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  58. [23:55] The blonde-haired teen gazes upon the hand of the Kitsune, once it's presented. Eager and interested in what she's to share! Such a thing being scars first has her surprised, but not turned away. The other previously hadn't elaborated on what 'this one' is.
  60. Grey-brown eyes flit up to look upon the other's red eyes, thoughtful and curious. Obviously, she has the question of what she's referring to, but the other lifting her kimono to show off belly has her surprised -
  62. Growing pale as she can see that scar and the red glow under her skin. Her mouth is ajar and she's clearly shocked, a tiny bit frozen in place as she stares at that healed wound for a long, long time.
  64. Her description has the girl - still staring at the scar ask, in a tiny, slightly-squeaky voice;
  66. "Oh- longer one? I... This is part of your magi training, right?"
  68. Tearing her gaze away, she can see the taller girl's excitement, pupils no doubt dilatated, tail swishing and likely a smile worn. All of those things noticed by the shocked girl as her own hands are clutched close to the corresponding place on her own belly, an empathetic little twinge of pain felt.
  70. Regardless of her shocked and taken aback expression, she forces a little smile for her Lady! Taking a few breaths as gaze finds itself upon those happy red eyes.
  71. (Akechi Suke)
  72. [00:01] A short nod is given, the idea had been suggested and it was a sound one.
  74. "Mana is made in the stomach, so by putting it as close as I can, in a place where a lot of blood flows, I hope to make it stronger than the last one.
  76. The different spot also let me make it longer.
  78. So to answer your question late, yes. It's part of my training."
  80. Her eyes watch the other place her hands on her stomach, as if trying to feel it on herself. She sees what she assumes to be a bit of a forced smile
  82. "It was two inches longer than the first or so... I put it in slowly, to feel all of it. Savor it."
  84. At this point she was testing Suke's reactions, as empathic as she seemed, she wanted to see how she reacted to this.
  85. (Calista Shimasu)
  86. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  89. [00:08] A few surprised little blinks follow that knowledge given to her, repeating the other's words, as if mesmerized. She's still pale, but that piece of knowledge appears to be more then what she currently knows;
  91. "Mana is made in the stomach..."
  93. The little, innocent retainer keeps her gaze off the wound, though her tanned hands still idly stay upon that spot of hers, an unconscious gesture.
  95. Paled and surprised, her gaze sloooowly drifts down as the other talks about the specifications of the still-unknown object. Her words of savoring the pain have the inexperienced girl shiver, her breathing a little quickened as no doubt her heart is beating at a rapid rate.
  97. Wide eyes stare at that spot idly, mouth ajar, still. It's obvious the other doesn't know what to say.
  99. "Savor it...?"
  101. She repeats in that smaller tone of hers, just as she repeated the first, gazing upon that red glow uncertainly!
  102. (Akechi Suke)
  103. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  105. [00:12] She watches the girl soak in what was said. Staring at the place on her stomach, where the crystal resided. Her final words a question... did she not quite understand?
  107. "Yes.. though I guess I could show you what I mean.
  109. If you want me to..?"
  111. She left it as an open offer, another test. Her eyes never leave Suke's as she awaits a response.
  112. (Calista Shimasu)
  113. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  115. [00:20] She hasn't made the connection - crystal magic and self-inflicted wounds that involve inserting something. Not familiar with this advanced form of magic at all, the girl is caught in an odd place. Eyes widened and visibly paled, that empathetic twinge felt in her stomach...
  117. The other's words have her ajar lips widen for a moment, that desire to answer immediately conflicting with an instinctual, prey-ish and very common human wish to avoid potential pain.
  119. Slowly, her gaze travels upwards from the other's wound, to her eyes. Greys gaze into waiting, expectant eyes, and the duty-bound, eager-to-please girl, shocked and confused and obviously a little afraid... Already knows her answer.
  121. "Y-yes please..."
  123. Obviously she's worried by her own willingness, but she can mitigate that by saying to herself that this is part of magi training. Though, it's clear that the innocent girl has little idea how such a thing will be demonstrated to her, and yet, she remains firmly in place, at the edge of where the Kitsune's aura becomes uncomfortably hot.
  124. (Akechi Suke)
  125. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  127. [00:29] At Suke's confirmation the Kitsune waved her hand, a short shard of about two inches long forms in her off hand. The crystal a beautiful red, a ruby.
  129. "You see, this is a ruby. It is the stone I am the closest to.. it represents passion and power for the most part.
  131. The goal with what I am doing, is to make my rubies stronger, infusing them with my own essence by way of my blood. Where they must soak in it."
  133. She didn't try to dissuade her retainers anxious stance, nor whatever fears she may have. Though the heat did die down, she expected some sort of reaction from her after what comes next.
  135. The fox laying the crystal to the place where the first had emerged, the scar on the base of her right palm.
  137. "See now.. for the fun part."
  139. The crystal seems to float from her hand a bit, pointing into her hand. Her eyes never leave Suke's as the crystal begins to sink into her flesh.
  141. Breaking the skin and slowly the ruby sinks into her hand. Surely she could be doing it faster. The pain was intense, though it was nothing like placing the one in her stomach.
  143. Her body entered a deeper state of euphoria, her eyes even taking on something of a dreamy cast, even as blood began to drip onto the ground. After more moments the shard disappeared into her hand entirely where she directed it to lay against the bone once more.
  145. With a wide grin she speaks again,
  147. "That.. is what I mean Suke."
  149. She takes the bandage from where she had simply tied it to her arm and passes it to her retainer.
  151. "Bind this please."
  152. (Calista Shimasu)
  153. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  155. [00:47] The shorter girl breaks her gaze off of Calista's own eyes, to look upon the creating of that glimmering gem. Such a thing has her mind be taken off of the wound, wonder glinting in her eye at the fabrication of such a thing. She's still a bit pale, but absorbs that information readily. Words are repeated slowly and carefully as she follows along;
  157. "Ruby... Passion and power... Infuse them with your essence-"
  159. And soak in her blood. That particular phrase has her grow shocked, oncemore, looking down to the other's belly, though she's likely recovered the spot that her own hands slowly lower themselves from.
  161. Eyes flit up as the other brings that crystal to the base of her palm, first, uncertain as to what she's doing - before a glimmer of understanding is had as it's aligned with the scar.
  163. The tanned girl's face pales once more as her moth slips own to say something - but no words come and instead, she just stares wide-eyed at the floating, scar-pointing thing as she can feel those ruby eyes boring into her -
  165. As that crystal begins to bore into the girl, herself. The pale other's palm having it sink has a hitched gasp and shiver run through the smaller, grey-eyed girl, her own gaze finding itself unable to break away as her own left hand comes to rest itself on the Drakanite's right, idly touching the spot upon it where she feels that sharp twinge of empathetic pain.
  167. Perhaps her burgeoning exorcism has enhanced the feeling of empathy for her? Such that she can almost feel it as she's made to watch. She wouldn't disappoint her Lady. She's forced herself to stay put as that euphoric, dreamy girl allows that stone to slip in, rivulets of blood escaping from where it now sits.
  169. So, sow slow, the blonde girl is forced todo some savoring of her own. Breathing is fast and shallow, her heart pounds within her chest, and her own eyes are wide and unable to tear themselves away from that grisly display.
  171. Even when it's done, she just stares - her little head rushing to try to process what's been shown to her. Her own trance broken out of only as the widely-grinning girl passes her that bandage, forcing her two hands to part to accommodate it. Slowly and hesitantly, she creeps her hands forwards, shaking slightly...
  173. To grasp, the bandage in her left, and her own right coming to geeently touch the previously-held hand of the girl, clasping it between two of hers, spellbound and visibly muddled. Her own hands are thusly stained with Calista's blood as she can't stop herself from ever-so-slightly trying to feel for where that crystal sits now as she works. Such an action uncertain - as if it would just disappear if unseen, and even a little worrying,as if she needs to make sure that wasn't just a dream she witnessed.
  175. That attempt is attempted to be hid by clumsily taking her stiff arms and wrapping hand in bandages as she does so...
  176. (Akechi Suke)
  177. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  179. [00:56] She thought her point had been made clear, and the method to her madness shown. The thought of what her retainer may think of her now crossed her mind, a bit curious, though she would simply wait for now.. allow this to sink in first.
  181. The Drakanite's hands covered with her own blood as her hand is wrapped, once more bandaged. She kind of thought Suke was trying to feel for the crystal but she was unsure.
  183. If she pressed hard enough she may feel it lightly, in the dead center of her hand.
  185. "You did well Suke. It is quite the feeling, for me at least.. nothing like it I've felt before."
  187. Her off hand grabs the other's taking it in her own for a moment,
  189. "Maybe on day you'll see for yourself hm..?"
  190. (Calista Shimasu)
  191. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  194. [01:05] The shivery, innocent retainer has to force her breathing to slow a little, her heart still beating wildly, while she works. Shaking hands eventually bind the other's own, but both come away bloodied, and her mind with the lingering twinge of pain and that grisly feeling of realness to what she just witnessed.
  196. It's cogent, in her mind, the feeling of that stone under the other's skin, amid blood.
  198. A notion so odd, yet the praise given to her has her visibly ease, pale, but a smile given to Calista before her, glancing up at those ruby eyes that don't feel as sharp, now.
  200. "Thank you, Calista! … For showing me how you train!"
  202. She declares, a little pause as she qualifies her thanks, as she realizes she can't thank the other for saying she did a good job - that'd be weird!
  204. But then, a tiny 'eek' from the girlish girl as her hand is swiped - her tanned right, bloodied about the palm just as the other girl's is. That little twinge of empathetic pain felt under that foreign blood! Her gaze looks down upon that hand, another tiny shiver given as the girlish youth is given that offer.
  206. Her mouth ajar, all she can do is give a shaky nod! Eyes dilate a little as she can't help but replay that sight through her mind-
  208. As she focuses on that little twinge within her held, taken hand.
  209. (Akechi Suke)
  210. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  212. [01:14] It seemed she had scared her a bit, which made her question her own sanity a bit. Was that the reaction most would have to what she was doing..?
  214. Her hands fall back to her sides after the bandaging had been finished,
  216. "I also do sparring, this is just a part of how I train."
  218. She had hope for the girl, she just needed to see more. Maybe she would rub off on her a bit, shave some off the naivety away.
  220. "Soon we'll be sparring together I hope?"
  222. The question is offered with the arching of one brow, her heats intensity slowly returning.
  223. (Calista Shimasu)
  224. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  226. [01:20] Not exactly scared per say. Just shaken up. This is obviously something she's never seen before - never witnessed, and never felt. A new thing that's taken so happily by the other, leaving her feel weird.
  228. Making her, likewise, question her sanity as she's confronted with having to question her instinctive wish to avoid pain. Aware of it, all of a sudden.
  230. With a soft swallow, the girl's hands come together, not noticing the blood on them as her grey-browns gaze up at the other's own blood-crimson's! As that question is offered, she speaks a response quickly.
  232. "Yes Calista! I can spar and practice with you!"
  234. Such a declaration told as that heat rises, the dumbfounded girl feeling that warmth acutely, as with the bandaging and taking of her hand, she's closer then she's currently allowed to be. As such, the wave of warmth has her move back to a comfortable distance, manipulating her wordlessly.
  235. (Akechi Suke)
  236. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  238. [01:28] A lesser smile given at the response, she had some idea of what she was doing with the aura of heat she kept about her like a cloak.
  240. "Good good. I need my retainer to be as strong or stronger than I am.."
  242. She steps by her as if to pass, knowing she would likely fall in step or something of the sort.
  244. "Let's see what's going on this way?"
  245. (Calista Shimasu)
  246. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  248. [01:32] The young lady, thankfully, notices her bloodied hands before she wipes them on herself, staring at them for a while. She's unsure of what to do, think, or say in regards to them, but nods as the other speaks!
  250. "I'll work really hard to catch up to you - I'm sure with your help I can get there too!"
  252. An automatic response, falling in line behind the heat-extruding girl as she walks away!
  253. (Akechi Suke)
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