(FR) Pinkie is too persistent (C+)

Nov 18th, 2012
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  1. >day I have a name now
  2. >this is really getting out of hand
  3. >Fluttershy has Pinkie helping her try to figure out your fetish and that crazy mare is 3 times as persistent
  4. >you tried to shower this morning and there she was asking if soap scum was your fetish
  5. >she was in your fridge, but you shut the door before she could ask
  6. >all day long she asked you about the weirdest crap and you've had it
  7. >you almost wish it was Fluttershy guessing your fetish
  8. >oh... here comes the yellow bundle of rape now
  9. "Fluttershy I'm glad I found you. I have something important to tell you." you say rushing up to her
  10. >this takes her by surprise and she skedaddles back to her cottage
  11. >dodging two more fetish guesses from pink coke you make it to the cottage and begin furiously beating on the door
  12. "Fluttershy!" you yell still pounding on the door
  13. >no answer
  14. "Fluttershy! Pink Ponies trying to guess my fetish isn't my fetish either!"
  15. >slowly the door opens and Fluttershy looks up at you
  16. "O-oh hi Anon... umm I'm sorry to hear that, but that wasn't going to be my guess today. Today's guess was supposed to be this"
  17. >as soon as she says "this" she reaches up on her head and pulls off a costume revealing
  18. "Pinkie!? What the hell!?" you say suddenly falling backwards
  19. >"Heeheehee Silly Filly, is Fluttershy your fetish?"
  20. >screaming you get back up and run back home
  21. >for some reason you actually want to see the real Fluttershy
  22. >Pinkie looks behind her and gives Fluttershy a confused look
  23. >P: "Are you sure this is gonna work Fluttershy? Anon looked pretty freaked out."
  24. >Fluttershy is sitting on her couch tapping her hooves together with a menacing look on her face
  25. >F: "Oh yes... it's working alright. Soon... soon you will be all mine sweetie. I-if that's alright with you that is..."
  26. >today was a don't drink and drive day
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