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  1. [2019/04/17 14:07] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): [13:35] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): hello friend
  2. [13:36] Cory Stoneshield: That might be a bit of a stretch.
  3. [13:36] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Do you have a permit for travel in these lands?
  4. [13:36] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): All legal travel must be approved of on any lands and subsidiaries of
  5. [13:36] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Do you posess two forms of ID?
  6. [13:37] Cory Stoneshield: Just get it out of your system Dark, we both know that I dont play your game.
  7. [13:37] Cory Stoneshield: You've known that for longer than I've been in Grand Fed.
  8. [13:38] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): I understand if you may have lost your permit, if you possess two forms of valid ID we can send you a replacement permit via first class certified letter service.
  9. [13:38] Cory Stoneshield: I will give you props for the interesting sound set at least. Jhin is a pretty fun ADC to play.
  10. [13:38] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Sir please comply with corporate protocol and standards as part of the Chaos Center for Immigration and Travel.
  11. [13:39] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Or I must ask you to step off the property
  12. [13:39] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur) shouts: Thank you for complying have a nice day
  13. [13:39] Heresy hit Cory Stoneshield
  14. [13:39] Heresy hit Cory Stoneshield
  15. [13:39] Heresy hit Cory Stoneshield
  16. [2019/04/17 14:07] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): [13:33] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Welcome to Mc.Chaos land
  17. [13:33] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Owned by Angry Irish Retard Ginger Fuck
  18. [13:33] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): And a proud member of the IRA
  19. [13:33] Rho (rhojah): yes, hi. i'd love to order the maggot burger with a large sewer shake and the zombie slush sauce.
  20. [13:34] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Do you have a permit to travel upon this private property?
  21. [13:34] Mister Fister the Hurt God  (jaytak) is offline.
  22. [13:34] [Chaos] Utility HUD Mk.IV v1.7.0: Switched to [Chaos]Plasma Grenade
  23. [13:34] Mister Fister the Hurt God  (jaytak) is online.
  24. [13:35] Inmate 5793644 (adomsisko) salutes.
  25. [13:35] Hey Kid wana join a real military? Fill this out!
  26. [13:35] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): I require a permit for travel upon private property of all subsidiaries of
  27. [13:35] Second Life: You died and have been teleported to your home location
  28. [13:35] Second Life: Teleport completed from Enchanted Cove (92,149,51)
  29. [13:35] Second Life: The region you have entered is running a different simulator version.
  30. Current simulator: Second Life RC BlueSteel
  31. Previous simulator: Second Life Server
  32. [13:35] Raven Meili is online.
  33. [13:35] [Chaos] Combat Drugs Mk.II: mens asses
  34. [13:35] [Chaos] Gothic Chest Male V2: mens asses
  35. [13:35] [Chaos] Gothic Chest Male V2: doubly ass
  36. [13:35] [Chaos] Utility HUD Mk.IV v1.7.0: Last few collisions:
  37.                     [Chaos]DEADS by yourself
  38.                     [Chaos]DEADS by yourself
  39.                     [GF]-[Repair-Node] by Criss Ixtar
  40.                     [EXPL.DMG] by Criss Ixtar
  41. [2019/04/17 14:07] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): What started it all
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