Jan 17th, 2020
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  1. When someone gets tired of his job, who would feel alright?
  3. You have ponies, waiting in that world of Equestria. A magical land that you´ll never get to experience. You desire it with all your will, meeting your waifu, having the awaited experiences with her.
  5. So, what happens when your life is so messed up that 22 minutes of your routine fill your life?
  6. Feeling the frustration, rushing through your veins, saying fuck you I hate all of you, so you do about yourself.
  8. You have some fame in comparison to other fans and feel wasted and full of nothing fulfilling.
  9. Only a bottle of whisky and smoking as if your life was sucked into the void.
  11. Long afternoons that leave you tired and lonely that cause a deep feeling of constant depression and analyzing about the existence of those beloved ideal animals. They are just illusions that you would give up your life in order to live a happier life.
  13. Instead, you are just laid down, thinking about how poor your life is, typing about how the show is when you just express your emotion behind the screen. You ask yourself why you are doing this, why do you love your waifu?
  15. Every day is painful, calling you an autist for desiring pastel colored horses. You cannot express your love about them, yet they feel more real than the people who appear in your life. Are we the replicants and ponies are the real humans? Ethics and metaphysics get combined into an incident that could have gone over the edge...
  17. "Rarity, should I love you?"
  19. [i]*The introduction ends. The camera focuses completely on a certain famous MLP fan in his house.[/i]
  21. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. So, this person is lying down in the ground in the middle of the night. Tired, not feeling like doing anything, he had to prepare another video. Some plushies surrounded him, but one of them was special: Rarity.
  24. He had her in his computer and there were posters about her, he tried to follow her around the room. He was considering death, he didn´t feel like having any illusions whatsoever. He felt alone, he couldn´t say to anybody how much love felt about Rarity.
  26. “A fictional character, why is she receiving real emotions from me? Fuck this life man.” said the person who grabbed a bottle of whisky and a bunch of cigarettes, he put them on the table.
  28. He was an American fan who also grabbed his pistol.He was considering the trip to Equestria, following the path of previous fans that also went for it, yet failed miserably. He was a few steps from death when all of a sudden; Rarity came to life from the PC wallpaper after a shining spark for such astonishing transition. He couldn´t believe that his waifu was talking to him.
  31. "Darling don´t do that! You are not going anywhere with that option!" shouted Rarity.
  32. "Sorry Rarity, but you are not real. I am not drunk enough to be that stupid. You are just a fucking hologram lady." he said.
  33. "It doesn´t matter, I am here to say that you must go on; I am with you” said Rarity convinced of her actions.
  34. "Sorry Rarity, but you are just messing around with me. Go away fake lady! Just go back and leave me alone, fucking whore!" he said, despite his thoughts about loving her from the inside.
  36. He caught the gun and at first, he was decided to point the gun to his head. Rarity didn´t know how to react, she needed a temporal solution quickly. Only a few seconds left for a person who desires to be high and sober to death in order to not feel useless or meaningless.
  38. "STOP! ENOUGH!" Rarity raged at him and decided to put the things over. The gun was hold by her magic; he was safe of putting his life apart.
  39. "Rarity, what the fuck are you doing lady? I want to end this fucking bad joke of a dream." he said.
  40. "No you don´t, you aren´t actually like this" Rarity said with confidence.
  41. "How do you know that, bitch? You are just a mere illusion who knows nothing about me. Besides, you treat every stallion like shit, why should I believe you?" he said.
  42. "I know about your folders, you are a beautiful person" Rarity said.
  43. "Oh for Celestia´s sake! I wish I was fucking drunken and end get over it. This is fucking embarrassing and awkward as hell, lady!" he said while grabbing a bottle of whisky.
  44. "Don´t! Please, just don´t!" Rarity answered with some doubts looking for something less painful. She was running out of time, her magical body was slowly disappearing. She grabbed the pack of cigarettes; at least it would cause a lesser pain.
  46. "Here, take them" Rarity said quickly.
  47. "Why are you giving this to me, Rarity? You know they also cause death, right?” He asked while grabbing one.
  48. "I know but....I have come here to say that I love you, you have a long life to live, I cannot stand watching you like this, posting and feeling like a nobody, that´s too sad for me to even bear with it" Rarity said.
  49. "Rarity, you cannot be serious; I feel like shit, how do I know that you love me?” he asked with a tear shred through his face.
  50. "Just please, don´t turn your brain off. Don´t do it. If you want to cause yourself pain while I may not like it...just keep smoking. Do it for me, please" Rarity claimed desperately trying to find a solution in order to save a life.
  51. " I am garbage Rarity, you are not solving my problems at all and you are just prolonging a slow death." he said crying, feeling somewhat confused at what he should feel at this moment.
  52. "Keep smoking; remember me each time you do it. Please keep smoking. I know it hurts but I don´t want you to die, keep smoking" Rarity said with a sad face.
  53. "Darling, I don´t know if I can keep that promise, Rarity. I...." he said.
  54. "You love me and I know you too. Whatever you do, I will still love you... forever." Rarity said in a final sentence before shining a white light back to her original picture inside his desktop.
  56. "Rarity!" he shouted.
  57. She came back to the wallpaper and he knew that she wouldn´t see her except for another episode to review and remember her in a fictional form.
  60. This time, he couldn´t avoid making content about her, it was his waifu. During the production, he brought the cigarettes, smoking instead of feeling suicidal. He actually loved his waifu but from the inside, he felt miserable for not telling his love to her. He owes her a promise, a promise and an eternal debt to her.
  62. However, he could stay on Earth for a little longer, delivering lessons and entertainment. Rarity filled a soft spot that would mark his actions. Her fabulous character and generous actions had made an impact in the real life, full of machines and lifeless zombies called people. MLP saved a life and who knows how many more have been out there but no one will read such thoughts seriously...
  64. Who knows and who will care about these symptoms, we may be over before acknowledging our decadence. We are simply replicants for our self-imposed system, feeling like nothing. Only a colorful show could sadly fill us instead of a religion...
  66. My Little Waifu on Saturday, a bottle of alcohol on Sunday and a pursuit for death the rest of the week....
  68. “May this cheesy show protect us, Rarity.” He affirmed.
  70. “May Equestria give me passion and a reason to exist, darling.” He continued in his confessions.
  72. “Goodbye, my little lady.” he said in the end, just before clicking the upload button of his famous channel.
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