Cold Edge Anon Part 9

Apr 29th, 2014
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  1. > You appear in someone's richly decorated bedchamber.
  2. "Hwhat is the meaning of this?"
  3. > You recognize that stuck up voice. You turn around and see Prince Blueblood lying in bed, a breakfast tray on his lap.
  4. > Discord strikes a sailor moon pose.
  5. "Fear not, Prince Blueblood, I will heal you with the power of brotherhood!"
  6. > The elements of Brotherhood fire a multicolored beam at Blueblood's head.
  7. > When it fades, nothing seems to have changed. Then Blueblood weeps.
  8. "Oh Celestia, why did I drive Rarity away? She was so desirable!"
  9. > You walk over and pat his shoulder gingerly.
  10. "I'm sure you can find somepony else just as attractive."
  11. > Sombra pats his other shoulder.
  12. "Verily, I knoweth a mare who may look exactly like unto the one of which ye have spoken."
  13. > You look at Kahnbra as if to say,
  14. 'The bug queen? Really?'
  15. > He nods as if to say,
  16. 'Forsooth.'
  17. > The prince clasps Yomombra's hoof and ferverently asks,
  18. "Where can I find her?"
  19. > Everlasting Sombrappers gestures towards Discord.
  20. > Just as Blueblood turns to face Discord, the draconequus grabbed his hoof and they wink out of existence.
  21. > You blink, and see Pawnbroker is similarly startled.
  22. > You recover first.
  23. "Well, are we not in Canterlot? Let us then seek a royal audience."
  24. > Wombrabread nods, and you both leave Blueblood's bedchamber.
  25. > As you walk the corridors of the palace, you start to suspect that this wasn't the wisest course, as servants flee from the sight of two obviously evil unicorns.
  26. > Also, neither one of you have any idea where you are going.
  27. > Finally, you throw open a random door and pounce on the first pony you see.
  28. > It's just your luck that it's a maid making up one of the beds in a guestroom.
  29. > Romcom stares at you in surprise.
  30. "L-lewd!"
  31. > You sigh, which elicits a shiver from the maid.
  32. "Sorry to bother you ma'am, but could you show us where Celestia is?"
  33. > That... might have been worded better.
  34. > The maid glares at you resolutely from between your hooves.
  35. "I will never betray the princess!"
  36. > You slowly back off, letting her up.
  37. "Look, I'm the liaison to the Kingdom of the Shard, and I need to arrange an audience between royalty. Could you please help me?"
  38. > The maid slowly gets back on her hooves, clearly still spooked.
  39. "It doesn't matter what you do to me, I'll never talk!"
  40. > ... This is getting you nowhere fast. By now, the word has probably spread that this wing of the palace has been invaded by evil sorcerers.
  41. > You turn to Sandra.
  42. "Notice how loyal she is? You wouldn't get this kind of response if Celestia ruled with fear and power."
  43. > He nods thoughtfully.
  44. "Tell me, maid. Hath Celestia joined the servantry in their tasks?"
  45. > The maid looks back and forth between the two of you, puzzlement edging in around the fear.
  46. "She, ah, she occasionally dresses up as a maid and cleans an entire room, top to bottom. Why do you ask?"
  47. > You would like to see that, one day.
  48. > Jusomji replies,
  49. "I wish to learn the way of ruling. Very well, lend unto me a maid's uniform, and teach me the way of cleaning. It seems I shall not achieve my other purpose this day, but this much shall I do."
  50. > The maid blushes and stutters.
  51. "Y-you w-want my uniform?"
  52. > Crombra looks at her oddly.
  53. "Not thine in particular; merely one like unto it."
  54. > Ecchi averted.
  55. > You hang back as the maid leads the king to the closet where such things are kept.
  56. > You suspect that a little good cop bad cop dynamic is going on, the maid is even chatting amicably with Silverbutt.
  57. > And it turns out he was serious about wearing a maid uniform. Weird.
  58. > You continue to follow behind as they return to the room she was cleaning.
  59. > It is surprisingly cute watching her correct Yomibra as he makes the bed.
  60. > You hang out in the hall, which is why you see Celestia approach, wreathed in power and banked fury.
  61. > You hold up a hoof in a shooshing gesture.
  62. > She sees you, and some fury abates. She creeps along stealthily, and looks into the room.
  63. > The grim Fomdango is wiping down the windows, while the maid dusts the furniture.
  64. > Celestia looks at you inquiringly, but you can see a hint of a smile.
  65. > You whisper,
  66. "He's doing research on being a good ruler."
  67. > Celestia turns back to find both ponies looking at her.
  68. > She coughs.
  69. "I take it you are the intruders?"
  70. > bedonkadombra gently puts down the cleaning rag.
  71. "I came seeking thy audience. Alas, much hath interfered, such that I am even as thou seest."
  72. "Very well, ye shall have thy audience. Follow me."
  73. > Long Johnbra nods politely to the maid as he leaves, and you follow shortly behind.
  74. > You all come to a large chamber with a balcony overlooking the Canterlot gardens.
  75. > Celestia indicates for you to wait outside, and closes the door behind Gamebro.
  76. > You sit down and smile. He was still wearing the maid uniform.
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