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My Neighbor's Girlfriend Cant be this Cute (Part 3)

Aftyn Apr 21st, 2014 1,532 Never
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  1. >a week later
  2. >Kayla and neighbor still weren’t on speaking terms
  3. >the fight must have been horrendous if they even avoided eye contact when they ran into each other by chance
  4. >each would insinuate that it was the others fault
  5. >”He’s an inconsiderate jerk that doesn’t appreciate anything I do for him.” Kayla would explain to you
  6. >”She just doesn’t understand anything. I have my own problems I have to worry about, ya know?” your neighbor would affirm
  7. >each would state that they were merely “on break”
  8. >whatever that meant
  9. >at any rate, you had been hosting Kayla in your room ever since
  10. >things weren’t all that different
  11. >except for your shower drain being clogged much more often than usual
  12. >and the fact you were sleeping on your couch now
  13. >and the fact that you had to knock to enter your own bedroom
  14. >not that you actually mind
  15. >Kayla was a surprisingly good house cat
  16. >you often returned home to clean and freshly vacuumed apartment  
  17. >something told you that she was just self-conscious about her shedding white hair but she would never admit
  18. >”I just don’t want to live in a pig sty!” she’d rebuttal whenever you’d bring it up
  19. >one morning, you suddenly felt something heavy land on you
  20. >you thought the ceiling had fallen atop you
  21. >it was actually a cat girl straddling you, shaking your shoulders and forcing you awake
  22. >”Wake up Anon! Wake up!”
  23. >wide awake, you ask her what was wrong
  24. >did she get her tail caught in the kitchen disposal?
  25. >impossible; you felt it wrap around your toes
  26. >she has a giddy expression as she raises her arms up in a cheer
  27. >”Why didn’t you tell me it was your birthday?!”
  28. >Oh no
  31. >She gives you’re a quizzical expression as she drops her arms
  32. >”Oh no? What kind of person says oh ‘oh no’ on their birthday? We should be celebrating!”
  33. >she rolled off you, ripping the blanket away in order to force you up
  34. >the cold immediately causes you to shiver as you toss and turn over to try and warm yourself up against the couch
  35. >and to hide your morning wood
  36. >thankfully she didn’t appear to notice it as you asked her how she found out about your birthday
  37. >”Your mom called this morning and left a voice mail. I can’t believe your eleven years older than me.”
  38. >six, you reminded her
  39. >to you, birthdays weren’t all that big of a deal
  40. >you stopped celebrating it years ago when your parents started giving you clothes and apartment listings as presents
  41. >Kayla looked at you unimpressed as she hovers over you
  42. >”Well that just sounds like you never actually celebrated it! C’mon! You can have anything you want on your birthday!
  43. >“So what do you want to do then? Go eat out? See a movie?”
  44. >she seemed very eager about all this
  45. >but in actuality, a movie didn’t sound that bad
  46. >at least you wouldn’t be getting socks this year
  47. >unsurprisingly, Kayla had decided to join you
  48. >”No one should celebrate their birthday alone.” She would explain as you locked the door to your apartment and head out
  49. >soon, you found yourself eating an embarrassing lunch at a restaurant as the sly cat had signaled the waiting staff to sing you a happy birthday song
  50. >she had the most obvious grin as she tried to hold back her laughter at your suffering
  51. >finished with lunch, the two of you would go see a movie as well
  52. >it was an interesting experience to feed her popcorn as she didn’t want to get her furry digits covered in butter
  53. >your day finished, Kayla had insisted on one final stop before heading back home
  54. >the bakery
  58. >you could hardly believe it
  59. >after so many long years, there before you, lay your very own cake
  60. >somehow without your knowledge, she had ordered one when your weren’t looking
  61. >the white frosting was almost glistening as she managed to fit it into the car
  62. >you were speechless on the drive home
  63. >you were still speechless as she finished putting in the candles and began lighting them
  64. >”I didn’t know what flavor you wanted so I just said marble. I’m lucky they were able to do it on such short notice too.” She said, licking one of her digits free of frosting
  65. >this was better than any socks any day
  66. >after lighting the candles, Kayla beamed with pride with her hands behind her back
  67. >”Alright, Anon. Make a wish!”
  68. >it was such an odd thing to see her smiling face now, compared to the horrible mess she was a week earlier
  69. >it made your remember that monster girls can be very human sometimes
  70. >so for that year, you didn’t make a wish for yourself
  71. >you wished that Kayla would never be sad again, as you childishly blew out the candles
  72. >only to be blinded by a brilliant flash of light
  73. >your eyes soon refocused, you noticed that Kayla had her cell phone in her paws giggling at the picture she took
  74. >”Aww you look like your twelve!” she said stifling her laughter
  75. >that photo must die
  76. >you immediately lunge for it but she quickly doges with catlike reflexes
  77. >needless to say, its impossible for you to catch her as she easily slips out of your grasp
  78. >tired, and out of breath, you let the cat win
  79. >for now
  80. >the two of you eventually settle in for some cake
  81. >you never knew cake could be so moist
  82. >suddenly, an evil dastardly plan bloomed into fruition in your mind
  83. >would it even work?
  84. >only one way to find out
  85. >you casually asked Kayla if she still had that butt plug
  86. >her ears flinch at the words
  87. >"Maybe...why?" she said with a curious tone
  88. >Well...it is your birthday
  89. >her eyes began to narrow
  90. >"What are you implying, Anon?"
  94. >her eyes continue to narrow
  95. >It was your birthday, you explained
  96. >and she did say you could have anything you wanted on your birthday
  97. >she began to shake her head, letting out a heavy sigh
  98. >”Really? Your going to pull that card on me?” she said with a nervous laugh
  99. >well its not like she hasn’t tried it on before right?
  100. >you could see her face visibly redden as she looks away
  101. >”Well…not yet.” She muttered
  102. >yet?
  103. >so she did plan on using it eventually?
  104. >she suddenly turns her head towards you, petting her tail as she tried to find a loophole
  105. >”And what if I say no?”
  106. >you causally remind her of that one time you let her stay at your place where she had nowhere else to go
  107. >and crash on your very own bed
  108. >and eat your very own food
  109. >did you mention about the rent?
  110. >she soon throws her arms up in the air in frustration
  111. >"Alright alright alright! I get it!" she said face palming again
  112. >"I cant believe I'm about to do this."
  113. >holy crap, it actually worked
  114. >she soon stood up and headed towards a tote bag that contained some essentials that she managed to take with her from your neighbors place
  115. >you were actually surprised that she took it with her
  116. >"I’m going to the bathroom and you better not peek" she said taking the toy out
  117. >you ask her if she needed any help
  118. >in a flash, she shoots you a death glare, threatening the sex toy at you
  119. >”Don’t push your luck birthday boy." she said menacingly
  120. >a few moments later, you heard some very light moans emanate from your bath room
  121. >followed by a high pitched yelp
  124. >moments later, you saw Kayla tip-toe into the room
  125. >not walk, but tip-toe
  126. >she was visibly sweating as she held onto the door frame for support with a strained expression on her face
  127. >"Oh w- wow. That's a weird feeling." she said an octave higher than normal
  128. >you notice her tail have a slight curve at the base and her hips seem to shiver every so often
  129. >she had tried to walk over to you, but falls short
  130. >you quickly dash towards her, catching her in your arms as you help support her
  131. >"Oh geez. It's really weird." she laughed, burying her face into your chest
  132. >you asked her what it felt like
  133. >"Oh well, It feels like theres a butt plug in my butt Anon, how do you think it feels!?" she said very sarcastically
  134. >her body shivered again in your arms as she struggled to stand
  135. >you began to lead her over to the couch and proceed to sit her down
  136. >but she refuses
  137. >”No! No! Its going to fall out if I try and sit. Just let me…stand like this.”
  138. >for the next few moments, you hold her in your arms, giving her balance as she tries to accommodate the foreign object
  139. >eventually she seems to relax
  140. >"Its not...so bad once you get used to it." she said with a slight laugh as her tail swayed side to side
  141. >you hand instinctively moves from the small of her back to her butt, gently caressing the soft supple mounds
  142. >you notice your finger brush against something hard  
  143. >she flinches, meowing and raising a leg as you subtly move the butt plug
  144. >"Ah! careful!" she moans, biting into your shirt
  145. >you try to stifle your own laughter at her reaction, but you could already feel yourself becoming hard at this situation
  146. >no doubt she could feel it on her own thigh
  147. >but finally she has enough
  148. >"Okay, I'm done. I got to get it out now." she exclaims defeated
  149. >shame, you were beginning to enjoy this  
  150. >you notice her face become redder as she looks up at you
  151. >"Uhm...could you help me?"
  155. >you ask her if she was sure
  156. >she nods, her bangs shaking with her
  157. >”I don’t think I have the strength to.” She admits
  158. >you nod and motion for her to lie face down on the couch
  159. >she wordlessly does so, carefully crawling onto the couch
  160. >the first thing that needed to be done was to remove her denim cut off shorts
  161. >she didn’t seem to mind as your nimble fingers soon unbuttoned them
  162. >slowly and carefully, you removed the shorts, carefully pulling her tail through the custom hole to reveal her pale supple butt
  163. >she wasn’t wearing underwear
  164. >save for the butt plug, it looked exactly the same as the day she showed you months before
  165. >to think that now you could gaze upon it in its full glory
  166. >”Are you going to pull it out or keep staring?” she said with as she arched her back
  167. >remembering your duties, you grabbed one of her ass cheeks, slowly spreading it until you could see the very end of the butt plug pulsate every time she clenched
  168. >you carefully grabbed it and gave it a slug tug, only for Kayla to meow again as she clenches down
  169. >you quickly tell her to relax
  170. >she shoots you another mean glare before finally, you can feel her muscles begin to relax and you could begin to extract the sex toy
  171. >with a satisfying pop, the toy comes free
  172. >you can hear an audible sigh of relief from the cat girl as she collapses onto the couch
  173. >”Oh thank god, its over.” She says as she nuzzles into the leather of the couch, relieved
  174. >All the while, her perfectly rounded butt stood before you
  175. >it almost reminded you of the full moon because of its paleness
  176. >no pun intended
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