FEF: LTG: Aurelia Iris Chenoa

Dec 1st, 2018 (edited)
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  1. Name: Aurelia Iris Chenoa
  2. Class: Laguz
  3. Special: Bird
  4. Character Specific Skill: Charisma
  5. Affinity: Fire
  6. Personal Fault: Ruffled feathers: -2 DMG when below half health
  7. Personal Skill: Birds of a feather…: When within 3 spaces of 3 allies, +15 evasion
  8. Personal Skill: +10 crit when above 50% HP
  9. /Personal Skill: Tbd
  11. Preferred stats: SPD, STR
  13. Transformation Effect: +1 DMG for every Laguz within 3 tiles, up to 3.
  15. Level: 16 (0/100)
  16. Total Level: 16
  18. Base Stats:
  20. HP: 20+2 (60%)
  21. STR: 2 +4 (60%) (T: +4)
  22. MAG: 0 (0%)
  23. SKL: 1 +3 (60%) (T: +2)
  24. CON: 6
  25. AID: 5
  26. LCK: 1 +4 (60%)
  27. DEF: 1 +1 (20%) (T: +1)
  28. RES: 1 +1 (15%)
  29. SPD: 1 +5 (60%) (T: +4)
  30. MOV: 5
  32. Levels Rolled
  33. Level 2: +1HP, +1STR, +1SKL, +1RES
  34. Level 3: +1STR, +1LUK, +1DEF, +1SPD
  35. Level 4: +1STR, +1SPD
  36. Level 5: +1HP, +1SKL, +1STR transformation boost
  37. Level 6: +1HP, +1STR, +1SKL
  38. Level 7: +1HP, +1STR, +1SKL, +1LUK
  39. Level 8: +1STR, +1SKL, +1SPD, +5 Crit for weapon, +1 SKL transformation boost
  40. Level 9: +1STR, +1LUK, +1DEF, +1SPD
  41. Level 10: +1STR, +1SKL, +1LUK, +1DEF
  42. Level 11: +1SKL, +1LUK, +1SPD
  43. Level 12: +1HP, +1STR, +1DEF, +1SPD, +1SPD transformation boost
  44. Level 13: +1SKL, +1SPD
  45. Level 14: +1HP, +1STR, +1SKL, +1RES, +1SPD
  46. Level 15: +1HP, +1SKL, +1SPD
  47. Level 16: +1STR, +1SKL, +1DEF, +1SPD
  49. Current Stats:
  50. HP: 31 (60%)
  51. STR: 17 (60%) (T: +5)
  52. MAG: 0 (0%)
  53. SKL: 15 (60%) (T: +3)
  54. LCK: 10 (60%)
  55. DEF: 7 (20%) (T: +1)
  56. RES: 4 (15%)
  57. SPD: 16 (60%) (T: +5)
  58. CON: 6
  59. AID: 5
  60. MOV: 5 (T: +2)
  62. Supports:
  63. Milos (B): +1 DAM, +1DR, +5 Hit, +5 Eva, +10 Crit, +10 DG
  64. Aya (B): +2 DAM, +5 Hit, +5 Eva, +20 Crit
  65. Jupi (C): +1 DAM, +2 Hit, +10 Crit
  66. Ella (C): +1 DAM, +2 Hit, +5 Crit, +5 DG
  68. Name | Type () | Rng | Wt | Mt | Hit | Cr | Ql
  69. Talons | --- | 1 | - | 4 | 80 | 5 | -
  70. Wildflower (1/3)
  71. Vulnerary (3/3)
  72. Guiding Ring (1/1)
  74. Battle Stats: Base
  75. Rng: 1
  76. AT: 17
  77. Hit: 115
  78. Crit: 12
  79. AS: 16
  80. Eva: 42
  81. DG: 10
  83. Transformed
  84. Rng: 1
  85. AT: 26
  86. Hit: 120
  87. Crit: 14
  88. AS: 21
  89. Eva: 52
  90. DG: 10
  92. Bio:
  93. Aurelia had a… unique, childhood. Her upbringing largely resembled that of her peers, in her moderately well-off neighborhood on the edge of Dashun’s capital, Pinguo. She had kind and loving parents, she played with the other children and her siblings, she learned right from wrong and attended what education her parents could afford her. She was perhaps bullied more often than others, but for the most part, a description of her childhood wouldn’t raise any questions. At least, until you looked at her wings.
  95. While families and groups of families of the Laguz certainly exist in Dashun, it was not one of these families that raised Aurelia. Her parents were human, through and through - at least, her adopted parents were. She never knew her birth parents, and neither did her adopted family. They had simply found the infant with wings, crying by the road one day. The couple that would become Aurelia’s mother and father were kind folks, and took her in. They couldn’t find any bird Laguz in the area to claim the child, so when it seemed they would not be finding her birth parents, they decided to buckle down and take her as their own despite their own child on the way.
  97. Young Aurelia was a bit of a handful, but not all that much more so than your average infant. For the most part, she developed and grew like a human child (except with ‘wingspan’ measured along with height). A few months after her sixth birthday, though, it first became apparent that things would not be the same forever. Her adoptive brother brought her home crying. Normally, a badly scraped elbow is nothing odd for a child, but it is odd when it happens because the child turned into a bird for a few seconds while climbing a tree. It was the first time that Aurelia transformed, and it was a sign that things wouldn’t be so easy for the young bird-girl.
  99. As she grew up, Aurelia became more and more aware of the differences between her and other people. When she was a child she had, at varying points, thought that everyone grew wings eventually and she was ahead of the curve, then that only girls did, until it was eventually explained that she was not really… well, like everyone else. She had wings because she wasn’t human - she was, and is, an Avian Laguz. Specifically, an eagle. As time passed, and Aurelia grew, she was more and more curious about herself. There were no other Laguz in her section of the city. She saw the odd beast-Laguz contracted for construction or an avian messenger in the sky, but all in all the amount she had actually talked to could be counted on one’s hands.
  101. It was quite lucky, she would realize in time, that she had been raised in Dashun, where she would not be targeted by the government itself. That did not apply to some of the people she would interact with on a daily basis. More than once it was assumed Aurelia was her brother’s servant, or she was harassed for her race, or any number of other things that drove home just how different she was - from her family, from her friends, from basically everyone she knew. She found herself avoiding transformation, despite how instinctual and “normal” it was for other Laguz. At first, it was only to avoid harassment. Later on, it was partly an attempt to convince herself she was just a human with wings. Just… a normal girl.
  103. Despite this, Aurelia was curious about herself. How her body worked, where she came from, and so on. In private she practiced her transformation, practiced how she could defend herself (and her brother) in the event of the unthinkable. It was slow going - she didn’t exactly have a model to work off of. She even tried to use a bow in her transformed form once, but found it extremely impractical. Eventually though, as she flexed that metaphorical muscle, she found some instincts on how to use the form come. It was very embarassing that first time she found herself diving for a small scurrying animal while practicing and she was happy nobody saw. While she hadn’t really had any occasion to use the skills she trained, she grew quite confident in her abilities if the time ever came.
  105. When she reached maturity, Aurelia decided to do something more about this. There was only so much a lone Laguz could learn on their own after all. She packed some stuff, and decided to travel to places with more. She considered the country of bird Laguz, but figured it would probably be difficult to actually find any given the nature of it. As such, her destination was Sampia.
  107. Upon arrival, her first couple of days were spent wandering and trying to find an actual place to stay… perhaps a map would have been helpful. While wandering a rarely traveled road, Aurelia was assaulted by the largest wolf she had ever seen. When it lunged, Aurelia reactively transformed for the first time she could remember. One moment, appearing like a human with a feather cloak, and the next in the air. It turned out, this wolf really had no idea how to deal with an airborne enemy, and after the most stressful minutes of her life she won without significant injury. Upon falling unconscious, the wolf shrunk and shifted into a humanoid form - a wolf Laguz.
  109. Shortly after Aurelia poked the man with a stick to check if he was alive, more Laguz came from the trees. At first, she thought she was going to be killed for what she did, as one reached for her… and pat her on the back? They offered to bring her to their camp, and she happily accepted for a chance to have some food and shelter. They left the wolf-Laguz where he lay, saying if he was strong enough he’d make it to civilization. Which she took to mean he was fine, which in hindsight might not have been correct…
  111. To make a long story short, Aurelia soon found that she had essentially fought her way into a small company of fighters looking for a job with the king. She didn’t want to let them down after taking down one of their members… and perhaps had been given a bit too much to drink when she came to the camp… so in the end, she ended up going to the trial with them. No harm in trying to help, right? It’s not like… oh… she was picked. Well, she had gone quite a bit beyond what had been her intention, but she ought to make the best of it, right?
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