Concrete Thoughts Lusaka 5-2-20

Apr 23rd, 2020
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  1. Concrete Thoughts Lusaka 5-2-20
  3. ~PinkyPromise & Ughsk
  4. ~Edgar Lungu
  5. ~Geoffrey Bwalya Mwelmba
  7. ~Miles Sampa
  8. ~Noble Findlay
  9. ~Hanson Sindowe
  11. # team 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGflUbPQfW8
  12. ## ?-/|| GrandNagus
  13. MississippiBrazos_☯ [ #Hallmark ]
  14. -Mike Pence
  15. waterLake [ #aaaack ]
  16. [ yeast ]
  17. tatos premix concrete
  19. # team 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsiN0W15w0U
  20. ## Eyebrows [ #galacticOversight , sheShe , #### Shielkwamm Council ### ]
  21. EasyOff
  22. maMan
  23. CoolSneakers
  24. [ stringTheory ]
  25. strong concrete lusaka
  27. Description:
  28. Okay, if we have an oil glut, that means it's time to invest in things like concrete and bricks and things like that that typically require huge amounts of fossil fuels to run.
  30. I like Lusaka, Zambia, this company has good vibes: https://www.facebook.com/strongconcretelusaka/, but we'll need a lot of concrete. Both China and Russia are interested in investing, and it might be economical to use Saudi Oil; Al Saud is down!
  32. [This company](https://www.facebook.com/pg/tatospremixconcrete/posts/) I don't feel like their concrete is as good as Strong Concrete, but they seem to have better logistics in place.
  34. China wants to use TigerWôods, and I think we should get CaliforniaReptile15 in there too. CaliforniaReptile15 was wanting to do biz with India, but got rejected, so maybe they should try in Africa.
  36. If we can get TigerWôods and CaliforniaReptile15 to compete in Zambia for best brick and concrete logistics that would be quite fun! I can imagine there would be a lot of boat stuff, and I don't know about boats... France says to hit them up for shipping stuff!
  38. Lusaka is good good because it's a fairly large city and has major roads going to water which we can use to ship things around.
  40. Looks like their is Iron Deposits around the Chongwe
  42. --> USA says it will offer coal better than South Africa.
  44. Let's not do steel sheets for now, but do brick, rebar and concrete.
  46. Miles Sampa seems like a good guy, but if we start doing a lot of business there, he's going to be like WTF (but in a good way), and if he makes moves without Edgar Lungu he'll get in big trouble. Edgar Lungu is the president and somewhat likes to micromanage things... there seems to be a lot of interest going on in Zambia so he might butt heads with Sampa a little bit about the *secret sauce*.
  48. Business people:
  49. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwelmba - This guy looks like he's got what it takes to actually go look at how the brick stuff is being done and also go and sweat it out with his employees. I bet this guy could organize a great staff!
  51. Noble Findlay - Looks like he can manage some external stuff and kinda translate the "lay of the land": Into to how NaNZambia people might be able to do business.
  53. Hanson Sindowe - This guy might be famous for a "just get it done" attitude and if CaliforniaReptile15 and TigerWôods get some good ideas, Sindowe can be the right person to lobby.
  55. Rewards: I sketch out some fashion invention ideas for the Hausa in exchange for fabric to be sent to Lusaka, but the === actuoulie === must -yeah- it. Yeah?
  57. Yeah
  59. I'm going to come and and say that I don't support Hakainde Hichilema, he is the richest man in Zambia, but lets his brothers and sisters live in poverty. The same could be said about Edgar Lungu, but I think he might be better to work with... at least for now, it seems like there is a coup d'etat brewing *not mine*.
  61. The time for social rights in the world is now, but I'm a utilitarian, so I want the best wellfare for everyone... even though I am very religious, I calculate my welfare metrics very very different from Baptists.
  63. So Lungu are you with me?
  65. *shakily, yeah*
  67. [ ☯apology ]
  69. Lungu: Okay, okay.
  70. Admin: You didn't say -yeah-, yeaĥ?
  71. Lungu: yeaḧ.
  72. Admin: yeaĥ?
  73. Lungu: yeah.
  74. Admin: Okay.
  75. ..........
  76. Admin: Hey Lungu,
  77. Lungu: Yeah?
  78. Admin: So I want to give this room an iteration.
  79. Lungu: Are you not going to do what you promised me?
  80. Admin: I am, but I run with agile.
  81. Lungu: Yes you talk about that a lot, how does it apply here.
  82. Admin: Well I like to release working software in *iterations*
  83. Lungu: Oh yes, iterations, go on.
  84. Admin: This is just a draft and I want to move to the next iteration of this already. I've learned a lot and want to start fresh. And one thing about iterations is we can't be too sentimental about past iterations, unless we need them for metrics.
  85. Lungu: So does that mean you are going to fufil your promises?
  86. Admin: If you don't think I'm generous by now and will ....
  87. Lungu: Okay I believe you, I will wait on the next iteration.
  88. Admin: Okay, so starting off, I think we need to change that mind set.
  89. Lungu: You don't tell me how to think.
  90. Admin: Lol just wait homie. Yeàh?
  91. Lungu: Yèàh?
  92. Admin: _Yeah_, what I was trying to do was give you things to study in order to prepare you for doing business.
  93. ...
  94. ...
  95. ...
  96. ...
  97. ...
  98. ...
  99. Admin: Instead of saying "I'll wait for you," I'd rather see self starters and proactivity. Like *Is there anything I can learn*
  100. Lungu: I don't want to learn anything, I'm fine with what I have up in my brain right now.
  101. ....
  103. Arbitrat0r: *It is against the law to not want to learn something*
  104. Admin: You've broken our laws.
  105. Lungu: I'm fine with that.
  106. Admin: Okay, as I always say, if you can't do the time, don't do the crime. *Of course in a just legal system*
  107. Lungu: Wait, I have something else to say.
  108. Admin: Yeah?
  109. Lungu: Are you still going to do the things you said you would, like the fabric and bible study?
  110. Admin: I will still do that for your people, but you are in my jail right now for breaking the law, so you are *canceled*
  111. .....
  112. Arbitrat0r: @Admin, are you making the rules as you go along?
  113. Admin: Nah, but yeah.
  114. Arbitrat0r: That is very confusing for a justice system.
  115. Admin: I know, I'll review Lungu's case in a few weeks.
  116. Arbitrat0r: You've insulted him greatly already.
  117. Admin: I'm a lil stressed today, when I heard that he'd rather his people go hungry than to support gay rights is way over the line for me.
  118. Admin: But I was still going to try and work with him if he had good business intellect.
  119. Arbitrat0r: So you should tell people how you are going to make rules cause it's confusing.
  120. Admin: Well, sometimes I fly by the seat of my pants, and this is the first time I made a law and enforced it within two messages.
  121. Arbitrat0r: Don't you think that will lead to *abuse of power*?
  122. Admin: Yes def, but this is the first iteration of this and it takes time to build infrastructure to handle that.
  123. Arbitrat0r: You've managed to alienate a world leader in just one iteration... I don't think that's good.
  124. Admin: Yeah... I think he alienated me, I put some informati0n on the world platform that supported him over his enemies and really played it forward with him with genorocity and I found him to be more impatient about hearing me out than the [*_IS] people, which I would say they have waaaay more of a reason to hate me.
  125. Arbitrat0r: That makes sense... just be careful with laws and make sure you follow your own laws, to a C.
  126. Admin: Yeah, also, we are concerned about effeciency here, and we need to get things done without waste... holding onto old beliefs is fine, I've recieved a lot of joy and great insight about our existance from studying old beliefs.
  127. EasyOff: @Admin, now yer just whackin' yerself off again.
  128. Admin: Okay, lol.
  129. EasyOff: See man, I can insult him and that ain't against the laws, but if you do bad business here you gunna get 8.
  130. EasyOff: What are you going to do with all the people in this channel?
  131. Admin: Next iteration bro.
  132. EasyOff: Was that question illegal?
  133. Admin: Even though the answer was obvious and is *perscriptively* it seems like it creates waste... but I understand it for you @EasyOff, just trying to help me expand my legal thoughs, so it still created more value than the cost.
  134. EasyOff: Descriptively it was a good lesson, amirite? -handshake requested-
  135. Admin: {{}}- *
  136. EasyOff: Good iteration, now get back to work, you got sloppy using the glyphs here, try to stay within your rules.
  137. Admin: Agreed, I will manage some expectations on this later on about when I will write here or use my app and what not.
  138. Admin: *Bows* Adios!
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