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  1. 22:08 - [?????] wbarton gives Sparkle a big hug (with a little bit of a grope thrown in).
  3. 22:10 - Sparkle romanticly kisses wbarton while hugging
  5. 22:16 - [?????] wbarton kisses back, running his hand gently down to Sparkle's backside.
  7. 22:18 - Sparkle puts her hand on wbarton's face and starts slowly, romanticly kissing him
  9. 22:20 - [?????] wbarton kisses firmly, but gently, lifting Sparkle onto his lap and hiking her skirt up a little.
  11. 22:23 - Sparkle takes her shirt and bra off while still kissing wbarton
  13. 22:26 - [?????] wbarton unbuttons and removes his shirt while kissing Sparkle, moving from her mouth to her cheek and slowly down her neck, pausing briefly at the nook above the collarbone before moving down toward her breasts.
  15. 22:28 - Sparkle gently takes wbarton's head and slowly moves down to her breasts.
  17. 22:30 - [?????] wbarton licks gently at one of Sparkle's nipples, tracing slow circles around the areola and flicking his tongue over it before taking it into his mouth, licking and sucking gently as he unbuttons and unzips his pants. He cradles her torso from behind with one arm while running the other hand up her thigh.
  19. 22:34 - Sparkle puts her hand down to her panties while taking the skirt off but still holding wbartons head on her breasts and taking panties slowly down
  21. 22:38 - [?????] wbarton sucks and licks at one nipple, then moves to the other. He slides his hand in between Sparkle's legs, feeling gently for her moist womanhood, rubbing gently up and down. He slowly slides a finger in, rubbing against her clit along the way.
  23. 22:42 - Sparkle silently shouts in wave of incredible and beatiful feeling while falling on the bed
  25. 22:46 - [?????] wbarton drops his pants as he moves to the bed, kissing Sparkle deeply as he works one, then two fingers in and out slowly and gently, then more quickly, as he cups a breast in his other hand, tweaking and rubbing the nipple gently with his thumb and forefinger.
  27. 22:51 - Sparkle whispers "do it already" and completly opens her crotch while throwing panties down
  29. 22:54 - [?????] wbarton removes his hand, moving over Sparkle's taut, prone figure. He grasps her thigh, holding it aside as he lowers himself over her, gently sliding the tip of his manhood inside and slowly penetrating slightly deeper with each slow, rhythmic thrust.
  31. 22:58 - Sparkle is keeping eye contact with wbarton while kissing him after every 3 hits what he makes
  33. 23:02 - [?????] wbarton looks deep into Sparkle's eyes as he thrusts to full depth, picking up the pace, pounding hard and deeply. He holds one hand gently behind her head, working her clit back and forth gently with his other thumb.
  35. 23:06 - Sparkle is gently taking wbartons head and kissing it and feel's an upcoming orgasm
  37. 23:13 - [?????] wbarton kisses Sparkle passionately while continuing to flick her clit gently with his thumb. His strokes begin to increase in frequency and force, pounding roughly against her lithe frame. His member throbs in time with his rapid heartbeat, and his rapid breath is warm against your cheek. His eyelids rest low as he looks into her eyes, full of desire.
  39. 23:16 - Sparkle yells at moment "It's here!" And feel's ejaculation inside while looking deeply into wbartons eyes and slowly whispering "That was awesome..."
  41. 23:19 - [?????] wbarton kisses Sparkle gently, holding her in his arms as they lie together on the bed, sheets a tangled mess, "You were great."
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