Life Quest Char Sheet

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  1. (Subject to Change)
  2. Name: Donovan "Don" Murphy
  3. Occupation: Corporate Repossession Officer
  4. Age: 37
  5. Background: Born in raised in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia. Joined the Navy right out of high school and served for eight years aboard the USS Adventurer as a Navigator. Besides seeing the various colonized worlds of Humanity and getting his bachelor's degree, Donovan failed to accomplish anything of particular note and eventually retired from the Navy having only attained the rank of Petty Officer Third Class.
  7. For a period of four years he hopped from planet to planet and job to job, eventually meeting and settling down with Claire Guillory on Earth. After a brief courtship the pair were married, and shortly after Donovan quit his current job as a chef with the intent to be a stay at home dad. After seven years of a childless marriage he began to reach out to various corporations hoping his former military experience would net him a career as a Repo Man. After announcing to Claire that he'd found work, Claire promptly left him.
  10.         *Sailing
  11.         *Jogging
  12.         *Cooking
  13. Dislikes
  14.         *Being shot repeatedly
  15.         *Insinuations that Seamen are gay.
  16.         *Crappy Beer
  18. Personality
  19.     Positive:
  20.         *Loyal
  21.         *Friendly
  22.         *Well Traveled
  23.     Negative:
  24.         *Inconsiderate
  25.         *Impulsive
  26.         *Vengeful
  28. Reputation: Retired Veteran
  30. Pets:
  31. Sally, Retired Greyhound (Loyal companion, former racing dog.)
  33. Skills (Note, the skill value is the modifier added to appropriate rolls)
  34.     Combat:
  35.         Shooting:   3
  36.         Fighting:   5
  37.         Athletics:  6
  39.     Civilian:
  40.         Cooking:    4
  41.         Driving:    3
  42.         Navigating: 6
  43.         Piloting:   5
  44.         Mysticism:  2
  46. Special Abilities
  47.     *Shaman: The ability to see, bind, and contract spirits.
  48.         Contracts:
  49.             Princess Anastasia: Should you say her name as the sun sets, she will appear by your side to do battle.
  50.         Bindings:
  51.             Burning Buck: Allows you limited control of and resistance to flame. Enables Flamethrower attack.
  52.             Gluttony: Drains the life from organic materials, until all that remains is dust, (???)
  53.         Abilities:
  54.             Glutton's Gullet: Allows you to consume a wounded spirit fully, offers more bonuses from consuming spirits.
  55.             Jackalope's Endurance: Every aspect of your physicality is enhanced; you're stronger, faster, and tougher.
  56.             Stepping: An ability innate to most spirits, it allows you to cross vast distances in an instant.
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