The Canadian Cannabis Act (Average Joe TL;DR)

Apr 18th, 2017
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  1. The Cannabis Act TL;DR
  2. 1. The 'purpose' of the act is to protect the public's health and safety.
  3. 2. Obvious prosecutable criminal acts are, selling to minors, possessing more then 30g at one time (CAN BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE), Owning one or more plants that are currently budding or 'flowering', to own four or more plants that are not budding 'flowering' or for any buisness/organization to have any cannabis of anykind at any time.
  4. 3. Any pot related offense will be punishable but sentances can not exceed a 5 year maximum prison sentance. Fines can be anywhere from 5,000 to 100,000
  5. 4. A majority of these rules and regulations do not apply to those making reports, reporting or creating cinema or creating information about cannabis manufacturing, distribution or using.
  6. 5. Applications to sell or produce will not be accepted by non-Canadian residents, young people (under 18), an organization created outside of Canada or if you've had drug related charges or they have reason to believe you are unsuited.
  7. 6. A search warrant can pretty much be made from nothing so don't fuck around with these new laws.
  8. 7. The minister may WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE PERSON WHOM THE INFORMATION RELATES and WITHOUT NOTIFYING THAT PERSONS disclose any personal information that is obainted under this act of the minister considers the disclosure is neccessary to protect public health or public safety. Same goes for any buisness.
  9. 8. The Govenor of Council is allowed to modify regulations such as, defining industrial hemp and how it may be used, establishing other classes of cannabis, defining any term that is used to describe any class of cannabis, making applications, licenses and permits, requiring any distributers to keep samples of strains given out.
  10. 9. Fee's are not to exceed product cost, thank god and all fee's are subject to change.
  11. 10. Need ID for any pot related purchase. Weed bought anywhere but a government approved 'place' is still considered illegal.
  13. SRC:
  15. Don't worry it sounds all negative but here are some positives before you start yelling at the government.
  16. - You can smoke without worry, respect the policies of where you'll be sparking up but remember you don't have to be anxious.
  17. - You can still learn a ton about the growth of pot plants even before they start budding, plus the application process doesn't sound to hard so i'd apply as soon as you start the initial growth so you'll be good to go.
  18. - We're creating jobs for people who've had the passion for growing but have been non-stop on edge because of it still being illegal. People will finally be able to chase there dream job way fucking easier!
  19. - More control on taking pot out of the shade, cutting out the scum bags who made it dangerous to obtain. Making it safer for all of us.
  21. There are tons of positives as well, just give it a little thought.
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