Novice Maid Kanagi (Ch 1 - 4)

Jul 6th, 2018
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  2. Chapter 1
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  5. The story begins with Kanagi at one of her part time jobs.
  7. >Woman: Hello, Kanagi-chan. What's today's recommendation?
  8. >Kanagi: Probably the simmered taro dish. The seasonings are good but so are the ingredients.
  9. >Woman: Oh, really! Sounds delicious.
  10. >Kanagi: Also, they just made the fried pork skewers. I thought your child liked them, or am I wrong?
  11. >Woman: That's right~ I guess I might buy this one too. Ah! Come to think of it, Kanagi-san, wasn't today your last day?
  13. Kanagi affirms that this is the case, since she already has the next job lined up. The woman is disappointed by the news, since that means she'll no longer be able to get side dish recommendations from Kanagi.
  14. Kanagi apologizes.
  16. >Woman: ...But, if it's you Kanagi-chan, I'm sure you'll do a good job no matter where you go. Obaa-san's rooting for you.
  19. The rest of the work day quickly goes by. At closing time, Kanagi thanks the manager for looking after her up until now. The manager replies that it's the other way around. She's helped them out, and he wishes he could have her stick around. Another female employee says that she's always had to have Kanagi help her out, so she's relieved but, as another employee says, it's also a bit sad for them. Kanagi's their best employee so it'll be quite a loss.
  21. Kanagi apologizes, but she says her family finances are on the line so she can't stick around. The manager insists they understand. After all, they can't pay her as much as the new place that's going to be hiring her.
  23. >Employee: It's you we're talking about, Izumi-san. I'm sure that everyone will quickly start to rely on you!
  24. >Employee 2: Do your best at your next work place too, okay?
  25. >Kanagi: Yeah, of course.
  28. At her own home, Kanagi is greeted by her father. He comments that she's come back later than usual. She replies that she had to say her goodbyes at the side dish corner.
  29. Her father apologizes for causing her trouble since he can't work enough. Kanagi's more than willing to pull her own weight in the family. He's still a bit worried, since her next new part-time job will be a bit "different".
  30. She tells him not to worry. Even if the place is a bit... different, the salary's good. As a result, she doesn't have to do two jobs at once, she can concentrate on just one and she gets more free time.
  32. >Kanagi's Dad: ...Thank you. I raised you to be a really good kid.
  33. >Kanagi: Fufu, it's because I've been blessed with having good parents and a younger brother.
  34. >>Kanagi: (The part time job I got in the west with the good salary... For my family's sake too, I can't afford to let it go, no matter what.)
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  38. Chapter 2
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  41. >Kanagi: The parfait's done. I'm counting on you.
  42. >Maid: You're quick. It really helps!
  44. The bell on the door clangs, announcing a customer's arrival.
  46. >Guy: Oh---, so this is a maid cafe, huh~
  47. >Maid B: Welcome home! Master!
  48. >Maid: We don't have enough receptionists. You'll have to wait a bit to hand out the parfait, okay?
  49. >Kanagi: Then let me cool it.
  50. >(As for the drinks...I should start with the hot one.)
  51. >(While I wait for the tea leaves to brew, I guess I'll do the cold ones)
  52. >.......
  53. >(She's coming back.)
  55. >Maid: Thanks for waiting, I'll take the par...huh? Did you leave it out for me?
  56. >Kanagi: Yes, because I saw you coming.
  58. She thanks and compliments Kanagi for noticing, before leaving with the parfait.
  60. >Kanagi: (A little more and then the food will ready in the back. I'll be ready with the drinks too, but there's not enough people working in the hall.)
  61. Should I delay my timing to adjust for that...?
  62. >Manager: No, I'll go out. I'd like you to keep doing what you're doing.
  63. >Kanagi: Manager.
  64. >Manager: Geez! I told you it's Onee-sama! [1]
  65. >Kanagi: That's right. I'm counting on you, Onee-sama.
  68. Finally, the number of customers starts to dwindle and things become calmer in the hall. Kanagi comments on this and the other maid comments that she wishes they could have one more person out there too.
  69. The manager agrees, then asks Kanagi if she'd be willing to give the maid thing a try.
  71. >Kanagi: ...Mu, me?
  72. >Manager: It's only been one week since you've joined us and yet you've perfectly memorized how to work the kitchen! And, more than anything you're a type we haven't had up until now! I think it'd be good~
  73. >Kanagi: ...Hm. But...
  74. >Manager: Also, I'll raise your salary. The amount will be...
  76. >whisper whisper...
  78. >Kanagi: ......Hm. I'll be more than happy to take up the job!
  79. >Maid: My!
  80. >Manager: Good. Then... shall we give you your maid name~?
  81. >Kanagi: Name?
  82. >Manager: ...Kanagi...Kanagi...nagi.........Yes, I've decided! Starting today, you're the "maid Nagi-tan"!
  83. >Kanagi: Nagi-tan, huh.... Hm, not bad. I'm the maid Nagi-tan. Once again, I look forward to working with you!
  84. >(With this, I'll be able to make things a bit more easier on my family)
  87. A day or so passes. The other maid gives Kanagi her instructions.
  89. >Maid: You said that you've had experience serving customers before, but what do you think? Can you do this?
  90. >Kanagi: The basics are the same, right? Leave it to me.
  91. >Maid: Looks like you have confidence. That's promising.
  92. >Kanagi: Yeah, since my salary will go up. It's a matter of life or death to me, so I've got the motivation.
  94. The maid giggles and says she feels bad for the kitchen staff, but she's glad Kanagi's joining them out in the hall.
  95. Not just for her sake, but for the "masters" too. Speaking of which, a new group of masters have "come home". She cheers on Kanagi and sends her to do her new job.
  98. >Mito: Wow! So this is a maid cafe! It looks fun~
  99. >Reira: Geez, Mito... It's not like we just came here to play, okay? Today, we came for Seika's sake...
  100. >Seika: ........
  101. >Reira: Hey! Seika, are you okay!?
  103. This obviously isn't the kind of place Seika likes to hang out at. When she finally manages to talk, she starts stammering that she can't believe that they're at a place like this.
  105. >Mito: Since we're here, we might as well have fun~~! Okay?
  106. >Seika: ...Y, Yeah.
  109. A bit of time passes and Kanagi comes over to greet them.
  112. >Kanagi: Welcome, Master. Your seat is over here.
  113. >Reira: ...H, Huh? Not "welcome home"?
  114. >Kanagi: What are you doing, just standing there? Is something wrong?
  115. >Reira: ...Um, it's nothing.
  116. >Kanagi: In that case, come follow me. Over here.
  117. >Mito: She's a weird maid-san, isn't she?
  118. >Reira: She's a maid-san, isn't she?
  119. >Mito: She's not?
  120. >Reira: What's the right word for it...? She's kinda like an army soldier...
  121. >Seika: .............
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  124. Chapter 3
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  127. >Kanagi: Have you decided on your order?
  128. >Reira: U, Um... not yet.
  129. >Kanagi: I see. Then I'll come back later.
  130. >Mito: Excuse me~~!
  131. >Kanagi: Mu, what's wrong?
  132. >Mito: Onee-san, are you a maid-san?
  133. >Kanagi: Yeah, that's right. Onee-san is the maid Nagi-tan.
  134. >Mito: Nagi-tan! I'm Mito! Nice to meet you~
  135. >Kanagi: Yeah, nice to meet you too.
  137. She sticks out her hand, puzzling both Reira and Mito. Mito gladly shakes her hand anyway and then Kanagi leaves.
  138. Mito happily affirms that Kanagi is a maid, but Reira's still confused. Kanagi is a bit different from the maids she had in mind. She's about to ask Seika for her opinion, but Seika's frozen out of sheer discomfort/nervousness.
  140. Some time passes and Kanagi comes back with their orders: an assortment of fried foods, gratin, and a parfait. She notices that Mito's making noises in anticipation and asks about it.
  142. >Reira: Um...aren't you going to do that?
  143. >Kanagi: That?
  144. >Mito: You know, that thing where to finish it off~ you infuse it with love!
  145. >Kanagi: ...Love, huh... ...........Sorry, but it's hard for me to love someone I've just met.
  146. >Reira: You've...kinda got a point...?
  147. >Mito: H~~~m.... I guess she kinda does have a point~
  149. Suddenly, a voice calls out to Kanagi from the kitchen.
  151. >Kuma-chan's hamburg steak is done! Please and thank you~uu!
  153. >Kanagi: They're calling me. Excuse me.
  154. >Reira: Hey wait, that's not how this is supposed to go!
  155. >Mito: Ahahah~ Nagi-tan's funny, isn't she!
  157. Kanagi delivers the hamburg steak to another customer. He asks her to do "that thing".
  159. >Kanagi: If it's love, I'm not giving it to you. Since it wouldn't be right for me to lie.
  160. >Customer: Eh...?
  161. >Maid: I'm sorrrrr~ry, Master. Let me switch places with her for a teee~ny bit.
  163. She pulls Kanagi aside.
  165. >Kanagi: Mu? What's wrong?
  166. >Maid: Nagi-tan, we need to talk so wait here for a bit.
  167. >Kanagi: Understood.
  170. After the maid takes care of the customer, she comes back.
  172. >Maid: You know, Nagi-tan. This is a maid cafe.
  173. >Kanagi: ...? I know that.
  174. >Maid: If that's the case, could you act a bit more like a maid-san?
  175. >Kanagi: Like a maid-san?
  176. >Maid: Since we're maid-sans that serve our masters, we need to do things to make them happy...
  178. Just then, someone else calls for the maid. She takes the opportunity to demonstrate how to act like a maid to Kanagi.
  180. >Customer: Maid-san, let's play a game! Let's compete to see who can doodle on omelet rice better!
  181. >Maid: Sure thing~ Even if you are my Master, I won't lose, okay?
  182. >Customer: Ahaha, even I won't lose!
  184. She turns to Kanagi.
  186. >Maid: Got it? You're not just delivering food to them, but just like I did earlier, your job is also to make the masters have fun.
  187. >Kanagi: ...I see.
  188. >Maid: Do you think you can do it?
  189. >Kanagi: Yeah, I'm good at games. Leave it to me.
  191. A voice calls out from Reira and co.'s table and Kanagi heads off to respond to it.
  193. >Maid: ...I wonder if she'll be okay.
  196. >Kanagi: Sorry to keep you waiting, what do you need?
  197. >Reira: Ah...! She's...
  198. >Mito: Nagi-tan from earlier~!
  199. >Seika: ...........
  200. >Mito: Naaa~giii~tan! Let's play~!
  201. >Kanagi: Mu, a game? Understood. What would you like to play?
  202. >Reira: Ehh...!? So you'll do that....
  203. >Mito: Um, drawing! Ah...! Hold on a second! Hm, playing look that way, go[2] sounds good too~
  205. Just then, Kanagi catches Seika staring intensely at her. She (mistakenly) assumes that Seika's trying to having a staring contest with her. Kanagi accepts the challenge and begins staring.
  207. >Reira: W, What the!? Why are you both staring at each other?
  209. Neither girl replies and continues staring. Mito finally gets what Kanagi's trying to do. Meanwhile, Kanagi is impressed by Seika's skills.
  211. >Reira: Ehh!? Is that what this is...!? I, Is this really gonna be okay...
  213. Kanagi then thinks to herself that she's seen Seika's face somewhere before.
  214. Mito cheers them both on.
  215. Finally, Seika faints and her two friends freak out.
  217. >Reira: What'll we doooo...?
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  220. Chapter 4
  221. +++++++++++
  223. The other maid scolds Kanagi for causing a master to faint. She says she feels bad about the incident, but she wonders if her own face is scary enough to cause someone else to faint.
  225. >Maid: It's not like that. It's more a matter of her getting nervous and....wait! That's not the problem here! The problem is you're not like a maid-san at all. You make a horrible maid-san!
  226. >Kanagi: H, Horrible......I thought I was used to serving customers but...
  227. >Maid: At a maid cafe, just having good service skills isn't enough. A maid-san earns her value from being able to care for others. Understand?
  228. >Kanagi: ............I'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean by a maid's value.
  229. >Maid: ...If that's the case, it's better if you return to the kitchen.
  230. >Kanagi: ----!? T, That's not good!
  231. >Maid: ...But, if you can't do this, then it's better if you go back there. It's not like we're just messing around over here either.
  232. >Kanagi: That''re exactly right but...
  234. She thinks to herself how her current salary is making things a bit easier on her family. On top of that, the hours are more flexible, giving her more time to study and hunt witches than before. Kanagi says she plans on continuing to be a maid.
  235. The other maid thinks it'll be hard the way she is now. Then the manager shows up.
  237. >Manager: You're right... It's true, it'll be a bit of a stretch the way she is now.
  238. >Kanagi: Manager.
  239. >Manager: Onee-sama!
  240. >Kanagi: ...Onee-sama. I'd like to keep being a maid. For both my family's sake and my own sake, I can't afford to quit here.
  241. >Maid: ...But, Onee-sama, we can't let her keep going the way she is now.
  243. The manager agrees. He(She?) proposes a trial period. Kanagi will be given a week to improve as a maid. Naturally, her salary will stay the same too.
  244. However, if she doesn't do a good job, then she'll be sent back to work in the kitchen and her salary will be lowered.
  246. Kanagi accepts. The other maid does too, as long as Kanagi can satisfy their customers. Kanagi thanks the manager for the opportunity. He advises her to think very carefully about what she's lacking as a maid.
  249. ======================================================================================
  250. [1]= Onee-sama = older sister.
  252. [2]= Or in Japanese, "acchi muite hoi" (JPN: あっち向いてホイ), it's a follow up game to rock-paper-scissors. After a round of RPS, one person points and tells the other person to "look that way, go" while, the other person has to simultaneously guess and face a direction the former isn't pointing at.
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