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  1. 4:49
  2. Popstar792
  3. Korra wh and I are talking. I'm trying to see if I can talk him out of the things he's doing to TDL.
  4. He says he spams because it's funny.
  5. 4:53
  6. TheKorraFanatic
  7. Frankly, I don't support talking to him at all. With a troll like him, just noticing his presence feeds him.
  8. 4:53
  9. Popstar792
  10. I reloaded so only my comments are showing now, I'll show you what I said
  11. Popstar792
  12. And you haven't answered my questions
  13. 1. Your age
  14. 2. How are Korra and Q evil
  15. 3. Why do you troll
  16. I just think that if Korra and Q are evil, you should stop going on their wiki and spamming and stuff.
  17. You don't need to spam and troll for fun or to get what you want. A feiend did something similar to what you did and he did it for 7 months. People finally decided they wanted to help him and show him that he could become a better person.
  18. And up to this day, he's a very respected leader and bureaucrat on a wiki.
  19. He used to cause wars when he got banned, spammed, vandalised, and made threats.
  20. I was one of those users who helped him stop doing the wrong things. And I want to help you, too.
  21. I know you're probably just a kid, and you don't understand, and behind the screen you might be laughing, and having fun spamming, but at the end of the day, there's nothing better than owning something and having a lot of good friends by your side. You deserve love and happiness. You don't deserve to do this stuff and be hated.
  22. It's a waste of your time to have hate for other users. If they made you mad, you could ask staff for advice or help. Because Q and Korra are mad because you keep spamming and vandalizing.
  23. The best advice is to just make a new account, ditch all the spam usernames, accounts, cut the vandalism out, and look around for wikis that are based on topics you're interested in. Then, edit there, help others, and eventually you'll make friends!  :) If you can do that, I would like to be your first friend.
  24. 4:55
  25. TheKorraFanatic
  26. Well,
  27. 4:55
  28. Popstar792
  29. (He hasn't responded to that long message yet, but before, he said that you and Q were evil and you guys never allowed him to make an account to edit TDL.
  30. He said he wanted to come back but you guys banned him.
  31. 4:55
  32. TheKorraFanatic
  33. He's not really a kid. He's either above or near the ages Q and I are.
  34. He's also been trolling since 2015.
  35. 4:55
  36. Popstar792
  37. Sad!
  38. How does he act like a little kid like that?
  39. He responded
  40. Loygansono55 WAVED AT A SOCKPUPPET
  41. nobody ever talked to me like that before
  42. 5:56
  43. Popstar792
  44. Really?
  45. 4:56
  46. TheKorraFanatic
  47. The first time he came to TDL, he legit brought 20 accounts to chat because he was attacking the wiki due to Q's presence there, as he did with any other wiki he noticed Q on.
  48. 4:56
  49. Popstar792
  50. sad.
  51. Why does he hate Q so much?
  52. 4:56
  53. TheKorraFanatic
  54. To be frank,
  55. 4:57
  56. Popstar792
  57. Yes?
  58. Loygansono55 WAVED AT A SOCKPUPPET
  59. im done now
  60. 5:57
  61. Popstar792
  62. What do you mean?
  63. 4:57
  64. TheKorraFanatic
  65. He's not mentally stable and he appears to have irl issues which have caused him to become a hate-filled person. He legit hates Q because Q and the other Mafia Wiki administrator disabled anon editing back in 2015, which stopped WH from editing on the wiki.
  66. So, he uses Q and now us as targets to release all of his hate.
  67. 4:58
  68. Popstar792
  69. I feel a bit sorry for him.
  70. He doesn't have to act like this.
  71. 4:58
  72. TheKorraFanatic
  73. Yeah.
  74. 4:59
  75. Popstar792
  76. Loygansono55 WAVED AT A SOCKPUPPET
  77. done talkin for now
  78. email me at westheater@gmail.com
  79. for anythin else or askin me to come on your wikis
  80. 5:58
  81. Popstar792
  82. Alright
  83. You're not going to spam, are you
  84. 4:59
  85. TheKorraFanatic
  86. Should be noted that he is a major manipulator and you shouldn't trust him at his word at all.
  87. 5:00
  88. Popstar792
  89. Ik.  ;)
  90. Popstar792
  91. Alright
  92. You're not going to spam, are you
  93. Just know if you ever want to talk to me, or you're feeling sad, you can pm me on cc or post a kind message on my message wall
  94. >:D
  95. "Korra and Q are evil. You shouldn't trust them. It's all a front."
  96. XD
  97. 5:02
  98. TheKorraFanatic
  99. Lol.
  100. Also, he can't really restart. His original account has been globally blocked and disabled, which means Staff doesn't want him having an account at all.
  101. 5:02
  102. Popstar792
  103. Well, I know quite a few globalled users who have come back to wikia and have changed their behavior.
  104. 5:03
  105. TheKorraFanatic
  106. I also why his account hasn't been banned yet, lol.
  107. Don't mention this to him, but I pinged them like an hour ago.
  108. 5:04
  109. Popstar792
  110. If I get globalled, I'll just make a new account and not mention who I'm a sockpuppet of. It worked it with account, and I never knew it before, but it's that simple. The reason why I was getting banned for socking in the first place was because I kept saying which account I was a sock of.
  111. Really? What did you say to him?
  112. 5:04
  113. TheKorraFanatic
  114. To who?
  115. I meant I pinged the moderators.
  116. 5:04
  117. Popstar792
  118. Ohhhh
  119. 5:04
  120. TheKorraFanatic
  121. *I also wonder why his account hasn't been banned yet, lol.
  122. Didn't even notice my typo, rip.
  123. 5:05
  124. Popstar792
  125. I thought you pinged Wh. And nope, I never mentioned anythin you told me. All I said was "If you want to go back to TDL, you need to show Korra and Q that you're going to change."
  126. Ane he said "They'll never let me back."
  127. 5:07
  128. TheKorraFanatic
  129. I think you should be encouraging him to move on from FANDOM, not to make a new account. He's been doing this since 2015, was actually given multiple chances to stop, tricked and lied his way through them and then went back to trolling when he got bored.
  130. 5:07
  131. Popstar792
  132. Maybe he's goot nothing to do.
  133. And I will. Thing is, ever know how a lot of mentally unstable people often are feared in real life? Maybe that's why he causes drama. Because he wants others to give him attention. (But yeah, trolling for 3 years? I can see he definitely has a problem).
  134. So he probably uses the internet as a way to make up for all the attention he hasn't received in his life.
  135. 5:09
  136. TheKorraFanatic
  137. ^
  138. If someone is going to talk to him, they need to encourage him to let go of this site and seek the help and attention he needs irl.
  139. 5:10
  140. Popstar792
  141. Yep. I think I need to chat with him more often and try to see if I can get to his soft spot.
  142. Loygansono55 WAVED AT A SOCKPUPPET
  143. alright
  144. 6:10
  145. Popstar792
  146. * Popstar792 hugs
  147. 5:11
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